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The Usual Good News/Bad News

The Usual Good News/Bad News

Good News: The Dodgers scored 14 Runs on Saturday.

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Bad News: The Dodgers opponents scored 27 runs on Saturday.

Actually, it’s not that big of a deal.  It’s Spring Training and stuff like that happens.  I only go ballistic when it happens to J-Broxton because I am irrational like that (actually, I’ve always been consistent in saying that Brox sucks), and I like the sound of irrational.  However, I just may be the lunatic you are looking for (Billy Joel).

Lilly got hammered, but I’m not concerned with him so much.  He’ll be ready when the bell rings.  Mahay and R-Tron also got hammered, and Mahay is slowly pitching himself out of contention.  Blake Hawksworth will make the team.

  • Trent Oeltjen was 2-3 with a Home Run and is hitting .364.  I would assume that he’s not in contention for a spot, but he has attracted some attention as of now.
  • Juan Uribe went 2-3 which should be comforting to most Dodger Fans.
  • Andre Ethier had 2 hits and 3 RBI
  • Tony Gwynn, Jr. was 3-3 with a stolen base which gives him six for the spring.  He is hitting .360, but if he could just hit .270 he would be a huge asset.  We have to pay attention to this.  He would be a game-changer at the top of the lineup IF he gets on.
  • Tim Redding gave up 4 runs in 4 innings – John Ely is currently in the driver’s seat for the #5 spot.
  • Sands could hit 10 more HR’s and he will still go to AAA.  How long he’s there – that all depends upon him and whoever is playing LF!
  • Casey Blake’s back is sore.  Make of it what you will.
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13 Responses to “The Usual Good News/Bad News”

  1. Bobby says:

    i think i’ve said enough times i want sands starting in LF.

    however, who cares what i say. it looks like tony gwynn has figured something out. 6 steals in 6 attempts in 2 weeks is pretty awesome, and if he can hit, he’ll bat 2nd and really ignite stuff for us!!

    so, for now, i’ll agree that sands goes to AAA (unless loney severly injures himself), and that gwynn gets majority of playing time in LF and bats 2nd.

  2. DodgerDude says:

    I think Sandman will be our 1B in 2012,Dude.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    So, Sands at first in ’12, Gwynn in the outfield, those three guys behind the plate, Furcal plays when he is healthy, Blake is in and out of the line up, and and and

    At some point, the Dodgers (Ned) needs to address having some real major league players that produce in the line up.

    The only way I see this happening without a major trade — is for Kemp to be the Kemp we thought he would. For Etheir to not need Manny to be in the line up to take pressure off of him. For Loney to just hit .310 with a wee bit of power.

    And for the entire line up to stop this, “and it’s it little ground ball to the second baseman, and he’s out.”

    I have been away for a week, without TV or radio — and I see that the pitching has been a mess. Down to 4 starters from the blueprint plan. Some of the pen guys getting lit up. Honey baby, speak to us. What are you doing to fix this?

  4. Mike S. says:

    I’m rooting for Trent Oeltjen. He has that unreal speed and energy, and seems to be a really good guy. And it looks like he can play–we will see. He will certainly begin the year at AAA also, but keep your eyes on him.

  5. DRomo says:

    I agree with Mark here. Sands will start in AAA. Even if he comntinues to impress here in the spring, the biggest reasons are he has options (he can still be sent down) and why start his arbitration clock. You have Gwynn, Thames, Gibbons, Kapler already as big league options that can fill the role. Sands will get plenty of ABs at AAA to stay fresh and will be up with the big club before the season is over I have no doubt.

    I have to say I was totally impressed with this kid when I saw him. He is BIG!! But he is quick on his feet and suprislingly fast. I saw him during infield drills and he looked like a natural at 1B. I have a feeling that is where we see him when he does come to the big leagues. Loney should have a fire under his butt this year because his replacment is a phone call away!

    Not enough attention is being paid to the running game Donnie is putting together. These Dodgers are active on the basepaths.Maybe it is Lopes’s return to LA or Donnie’s style. In interviews Donnie makes a lot of Mike Scioscia references. Maybe he really wants to reselble the Angels style (which used to be the Dodgers style) of running and great pitching? I like it.

    Putting pressure on the defense/pitching should create opportunities and holes for other hitters. Gwynn looks like he should start. I like him as a #2 hitter with all that he brings but I understand why Blake is getting the nod. Look for Gwynn to be our leadoff guy this season when Furcal makes his annual DL trip around May or June!

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    DRomo, I feel that privately, the Dodgers figure that Furcal will land on the DL even more than once during the year, and need a guy like Gwynn to fit in there.

  7. RogerCraig says:

    Cut to Opening Day

    1. Furcal
    2. Gwynn
    3. Ethier
    4. Kemp
    5. Money
    6. Uribe
    7. Blake
    8. Barajas

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Can we assume that Loney is “Money” in the bank?

  9. Jae says:

    I would not be surprised if Loney hits .255 with 6 HR.

    Neither would I be surprised if he hit .300 with 25 HR!

  10. RogerCraig says:

    I prefer to call James “Money” instead of Loney.

    I predict he will be the Dodgers’ MVP in 2011

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    Double dip on the TV today. Chance to watch the Dodgers lose 2 on the tube.

    It is only Spring Training — but Kemp looked terrible in the early game today.

  12. Willie Mays says:


    I would trade you anybody on the Giants for Kemp. He’s the least of your worries. I live in Phoenix and he has looked excellent all spring. One bad game and he gets thrown under the bus?

  13. Bobby says:

    not sure if anyone watched the cubs game today, but RDLR started and went 2 innings. he has some really good stuff!!

    i think he went 2 ip, 1 hit, and 2k. really looking forward to watching his progression this season


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