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The Return of R-Tron

The Return of R-Tron

A few weeks ago, Ramon Troncoso was not  a part of the Dodgers’ Master Bullpen Plan, but that has now changed… dramatically!  So far this Spring, it looks like R-Tron will be a key part of the Dodgers’ bullpen as a set-up man.  He has rediscovered his sinker and has been “light’s out” this Spring.  With Belisario out (maybe forever) and Padilla not likely to return until June, unless R-Tron really screws up, he’s on the team.

I think it’s likely that the Dodgers will carry 12 pitchers, and barring injury, I am fairy certain that these are the twelve:

  1. Kershaw
  2. Billingsley
  3. Lilly
  4. Kuroda
  5. Garland
  6. Guerrier
  7. Hawksworth
  8. Troncoso
  9. Jansen
  10. Kuo
  11. Broxton
  12. Mahay (LH specialist – Elbert has mental, ‘er mechanical issues to work out)

A sore arm, pulled hammy or some other malady could affect how this shapes up, but I can see that happening.

That’s my take.  What’s yours?

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32 Responses to “The Return of R-Tron”

  1. RogerCraig says:

    I had hoped that Scott Elbert would be the situational lefty out of the pen (other than Kuo, who is more of a closer), but his control issues frighten me. Blake Hawksworth could be a big surprise. I have seen him in relief in the past and he has excellent stuff. This team has pitching depth and what about Rubby?

  2. Willie Mays says:

    I still think our starters are better than yours and that fat boy closer of yours is a big coward!

  3. Mark_Timmons says:

    Hey Willie,

    Shouldn\’t you be in school today? I\’m going to report you.

  4. DodgerDude says:

    What about the offense? It doesn’t look that good to me.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    The Giant starters could loose a lot of games 1 to zip. And some 6 to 1 when then pen blows up.

  6. Michael says:

    Historically the Dodgers are pitching rich and this season the tradition will continue. I always thought Coso would be on the team and if the last spot and second lefty out of the pen goes to Mahay, it will have to do until/if Elbert gets his head screwed on straight.
    Unfortunately historically speaking the Dodgers have always been somewhat lacking on the offensive side of the ball. If the early indicators mean anything, this could be a very long season.
    The Dodgers are dead last in all of baseball in OBP, SLG and tied for last in BA with the LA imposters, a whopping 100 points below the PODS.[.326 to .226]
    Of course this could dramatically change if Uribe would get his 1st hit this spring and Dre what his second.

  7. the truth hurts says:

    mark really?

    our pitching staff?

    how about our hitting staff? boy we are bad.

    actually passed up on ole kershy in a fantasy league, is he going to win any games with our lineup?

    I am terrified of watching this offense, but dont get me wrong, I am “hopeful”

  8. Mark_Timmons says:

    The truth,

    I do think the pitching will be good to maybe great. The offense will carry us as far as KLE can elevate their games.

  9. MillaBlue says:

    I have an idea, build a retractable dome. I’m tired of being a “pitching team” in a “pitchers park.” It doesn’t work.

    Furthermore, this is where sluggers come to die. I think free agent hitters stay away from the Dodgers so their numbers won’t fade 33%.

    It’s time to take a serious look at the park. It’s beautiful,it has rich heritage, but it’s so yesterday. We haven’t been a legit contender for decades and this park isn’t helping!

  10. DodgerDude says:

    That’s good point, Milla!

  11. I’m sure if they wanted they could move the fences in…We aren’t getting a new stadium…that’s for sure!

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And that means pitchers love to come to LA. And last I heard, baseball is mostly about pitching, pitching, pitching, and more pitching. Besides, it’s all relative. Whatever effect the ballpark has on hitting, it’s the same for both teams. If the Dodgers’ offense is stifled by the park, the same can be said for the opposition.

    And if hitters stay away from the Dodgers, then they must also stay away from the Padres and Giants. And pitchers, of course, stay away from the Rockies and D-Backs. Besides, the ballpark didn’t keep Ethier from hitting 31 HRs in 2009, and getting off to a great start last year before the injury. And even in a bad year, Kemp managed 28 bombs last year, with probably a good number of those coming at home. Didn’t seem to both Manny pre-suspension. And post-suspension he was bothered wherever he played.

    I also wish that people would stop complaining about the offense in spring training. It’s early, the regulars have played on an irregular basis, and history should inform us that spring training results are meaningless when the real season begins.

    I’m not sure that Mahay will be in the Dodger pen to begin the season. Either I read it or heard it the other day that Mattingly isn’t in love with situational lefthanders. I think he also mentioned that Mike Scioscia has had bullpens without any lefthanders. Elbert may well open the season in AAA, or maybe he’ll suddenly find himself and open the season in LA. But if he doesn’t, don’t be surprised if Mike McDougal opens the season in LA. Whatever the case, assuming that Padilla returns healthy in May or June, someone will be departing to make room for him.

    • the truth hurts says:

      I also wish that people would stop complaining about the offense in spring training.

      Come on Brooklyn, you were a fan last year right? you watched the most painful lineup in the league try to score a run right? You saw 21st in offense, 27th in HR’s, 24th in slugging. You saw Kemp decline, loney decline. This team had no motivation, I am not sure they do now.

      The additions of gwynn jr, thames, and uribe doesn’t exactly make me jump for joy….

      why would i not complain about the offense in spring training?

    • MillaBlue says:

      Spring training? How about the last 20 years? This ballpark doesn’t gain an advantage of any kind. If so we would, well, win something.

  13. DodgerDude says:

    Uh, because maybe history doesn’t always repeat itself.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “why would i not complain about the offense in spring training?” Simple, because it’s SPRING TRAINING.

    Oh, by the way, the Dodgers scored 7 runs today.

    As regards motivation, nothing I’ve heard indicates to me that this team lacks motivation. But motivation really isn’t something can see or hear. It comes from within, and I haven’t yet figured out how to read what’s inside a person. Are they motivated? We’ll find out in due time.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Wish I had thought of that one!!!

  16. Michael says:

    I only brought it up because of the great disparity compared to other teams that are also in spring training.

    I am more than elated with todays showing. Uribe is off the snide, X-Man went yard and what can I say about Jerry Sands? This team needs the Sandman that I am seeing.

    Other positives include Jr. is batting over 300 and running amok,Thames has 3 doubles and Loney is a go.

  17. Mark_Timmons says:

    Hey Guys,

    I like the dialogue. People are expressing their views. Agreeing and disagreeing without being disagreeable.

    You all have takes and you do not suck.

    This is a new ERA at LAdodgerTalk.

    Happy Days Are Here Again!

  18. Mark_Timmons says:

    The Truth Hurts,

    While I don’t always agree with your opinion, I respect it because you also show respect.

    That’s the key!

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, I have been pounding the lack of hitting this spring. Yes.


    I hear you that the regulars have not played that much — that that is true of other teams.

    But what I look for, is for the regulars when they do play, to at least hit the ball hard. For the minor leaguers getting a chance — to show what they have. Because, frankly, some of them just might be up this or next season — or even in a trade.

    Sands came though today with the big hit, and is hitting .462. He is doing his part.

    Paul is .214. Robinson in center, .200. Uribe $1.00 even. Sellers .091. Furcal .154. De Jesus .231. Blake .111. Ethier .125. and so on . . .

    I am not worried — just really wanted to see the guys hungry to hit like they were excited to play this game.

    Maybe today can can continue, like with the 11 hits today.

  20. Willie Mays says:

    Dodgers Suck!

    • Bill Russell says:

      Willie, I respect your oppinion but you’re in the wrong room bro. Therefore you suck. Get another hobby. How about them Golden State Warriors?

    • MillaBlue says:

      One question. Why?

      Seriously bro. Why are you here? It’s um, embarrassing for yourself.

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Willie definitely didn’t go to school today. Guess that explains why his posts never rise above a 4th grade level. And I’m guessing it’s OK to be disagreeable with the interloper.

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    Say hey Willie — I know a great Giant fan on another Dodger board — and he comes in there to contribute. He never name calls. He reflects on both his Giants and our Dodgers.

    We would love to have you contribute here in this place. We all love baseball. We need to talk baseball.

    You guys had a great finish last season. Best of luck to you this season. Folks will be gunning for your team. That way we can all see if it is real.

    So welcome to the table. What do you have to say . . .

    Oh, my Giant friend on the other Dodger board — I have been to three games with him on three different trips to S.F. over the last eight years. And I even bought him lunch one time. See, good things can come from fans getting together over — baseball.

  23. the truth hurts says:

    thanks mark. I respect everyones opinion, even myself sometimes!

    I just cant seem to give this offense a free pass as much as I would like to. would I love to be wrong? of course.

    mark, I dont look much at stats and when you say, broxton doesnt have “it”, I completely agree……i just dont think this offense has “it” either. I painstakingly sat through way to many games last season and wanted to throw my tv out the door for lack of runs and lack of character on this team.

    I am very “concerned”….but I understand everyones “optimism” because it is a new year and spring training is among us…….

    just prove me wrong dodgers!

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    From the little I’ve seen of Jerry Sands in games this spring (TV and I’ve been impressed with his presence at the plate. Seems like he goes up there with an idea of what he wants to do, along with plate discipline and bat control. Chances are that he opens the season in the minors at either Chattanooga or ALBQ. However, if he opens the season strong, there’s a chance that he could be in LA sometime between May and July. That was pretty much the case with Ethier, Loney, Kemp, Billingsley, Kershaw and probably others I’m not thinking of right now. It was definitely the case with Buster Posey last year.

  25. DodgerDude says:

    I heard de jon watson say he would start in AAA

  26. Ely's Coming, Better Hide your Heart says:

    Kim Ng leaving the Dodgers to become VP of Baseball Operations. Tweeted by Ken Gurnick… story should be up on pretty soon I guess. This is sad, but not overly surprising

  27. Ely's Coming, Better Hide your Heart says:

    Sorry, Sr. Vice President of Baseball Operations of MLB

  28. Mark_Timmons says:


    You are a weird-looking dude!



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