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The Dodgers Didn’t Lose

The Dodgers Didn’t Lose

Of course, they didn’t win either.  6-6 was the tie after 10 innings.  Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all.

Depressed and Impressed

It’s risky business to try and evaluate a player based upon the microcosm of one game or even the four games I will watch here at Camelback Ranch.  However, there are some plays that seem to solidify a players’ grip upon a roster spot or reveal his character or demonstrate his ability to deliver (or not) in the clutch.  Today, the Dodgers played some amazing defense which practically nullified the nine hits given up by Hiroki Kuroda.  If Ramon Troncoso had done his job, Kuroda would have only given up one run.  Troncoso continues to depress me without his sinker. If he can’t throw the sinker he used to, he can’t be on the team.   He looks like an arsonist.  However, I also saw some things that I really liked.  Players who impressed me included:

  • Marcus Thames impressed me with his hitting, base-running and with a stellar sliding defensive play in LF.  Maybe he’s not the statue we thought.  He also looked lighter on his feet in running the bases – he used to look really heavy-footed when running.  Now, I’m not saying he’s a freakin’ gazelle, but he’s better than advertised in the field.  I have a feeling it will be Thames who is the everyday RF…
  • Aaron Miles drove in the first run (which was Thames) with a nice piece of situational hitting and played a solid 3B, even starting a nice double play.  He also had a diving play at 3B, taking an extra-base hit away and throwing out the runner, followed by nice double in the ninth.
  • Juan Castro just seems to seize the day (arrrgggahhhhh) had a two clutch doubles, scored a run and played a solid SS in a short sampling.  He also had a sharply hit ball in the hole at SS which was ruled and error, but it moved the runner.  He could have scored the winning run if he hadn’t ran all the way from 2B to home plate with a piano on his back.  He went from Hero to Goat as he was gunned down at the plate.
  • Scott Elbert pitched a solid inning and didn’t walk anyone while striking out one.  The Dodgers need him in the pen.
  • Jay Gibbons drove a shot in the deepest part of CF, but was robbed by Chris Dickerson (I mean really robbed) of a hit in the 10th inning.  It’s amazing how much better you can hit when you can see.

There are a number of players in camp here who are major league ready, major league willing, major league able and often, major league experienced… and they won’t make the team.  Kapler, Giminez, Oeltjen, Paul, DeJesus,  Paul, Navarro and Castro all come time mind.  Of those eight players, at most only two will make the team.  TWO!

Attendance is obviously down (42% for the Dodgers, 50% for the Angels).  Is this a Spring trend or a portent of things to come?

Tomorrow we get serious.

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3 Responses to “The Dodgers Didn’t Lose”

  1. SpokaneBob says:

    As of right now I would keep this team.

    De Jesus (Blakes spot until he comes off the DL)
    Paul (Gibbons spot..he can start the season at AAA or walk)

    Elbert (in Garlands spot until we need a fifth starter April 12th)
    Mac Dougel
    Trancoso (if he shows he is effective)

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Attendance wasn’t down yesterday. Over 12,000 at the game. They must have all come to see you Mark.

    Is Paul two players? Must be that the Arizona sun got to you.

    I agree that Thames appears to be at least serviceable in LF (you said RF, but I think you meant LF). If Gibbons is hitting, I don’t think, however, that Thames is “everyday”. But you never know.

    I sense that the Dodgers would prefer Gimenez over Navarro. But that begs the question as to whether or not Navarro’s $1 million is guaranteed. If it is, then I’m guessing he stays. It helps that Gimenez can also play 1B, but the Dodgers have plenty of those guys. I also like A.J. Ellis, but I’m guessing he’s pretty much guaranteed a ticket to ALBQ., if only because he has an option. Which brings me to another question. Does Gimenez have any options left? I’ve heard yes and no. Which is it?

    Gibbons’ shot to CF leaves me with some hope that maybe it was his vision, with a little flu thrown in. Aaron Miles also had some laser surgery over the winter, so maybe he’s seeing better also. I’ve always liked him as a hitter, so his performance doesn’t totally surprise me. Might be that the switch hitting Miles could take some playing time away from Carroll on occasion. And if Carroll starts getting old, maybe Miles replaces him long term. But that’s just speculation.

    If they can’t trade him, I’m guessing the Dodgers may simply bite the bullet when it comes to Paul. And I think Oeltjen might actually be ahead of Paul given his superior defense.

    Kapler’s playing well, so maybe….

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    As a National League fan over my many years– As being against the DH over my many years– And, as the N.L. just does not want to add the DH to their league– And finally, as it is thus really two different games because of DH and NO DH –

    I think something has to break here. Go one way or the other.

    Either the A.L. needs to drop it, or the N.L. needs to adopt it.

    I am tired of seeing the A.L. pick up players that play out several seasons in their league just for the bat in that they are no longer field worthy. Also, a few hitters have been in the A.L. and would have been terrible in the field meaning they might have been short lived in the majors.

    Like, the Dodgers might have kept a hitter like Manny just to DH. Or picked up Dunn moving him off the field in a season or two just for his bat.

    I wish the or a commissioner would make a ruling and make it happen, one way or another.


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