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Ready or Not…

Ready or Not…

A little over a week ago, I predicted that this would be the opening day roster:

1. Loney – 1B
2. Uribe – 2B, SS, 3B
3. Furcal – SS
4. Carroll – 2B, SS, 3B
5. Ethier – RF
6. Kemp – CF
7. Thames – LF, 1B
8. Barajas – C
9. Navarro – C DeJesus
10. Paul – OF
11. Miles – 3B, SS, 2B
12. Giminez – C, 1B, LF
13. Gwynn – OF
14. Castro – 1B, 2B, 3B, SS ELLIS
15. Kershaw
16. Billingsley
17. Lilly
18. Kuroda
19. Hawksworth
20. MacDougal
21. ElbertCORMIER
22. Guerrier
23. Broxton
24. Kuo
25. Jansen

  • The  ones I missed were Scott Elbert, who was absolutely horrible after that, Navarro and A.J. Ellis who took Castro’s spot.  I know that Ned loves Castro, so I was surprised to see him go (not that I would have kept him).  Lance Cormier had a great spring and looks to be a solid addition to the pen.
  • I am starting to believe that Elbert is a Mini-Greg Miller.  Speaking of Greg Miller, where is he?
  • Logan White told me that Randy Keisler (who was signed at an open tryout camp earlier this spring) could really pitch and he did last night.  He struck out Ichiro and one other batter and retired all four batters he faced.  Nice!
  • RDLR – The Dodgers can’t keep him down very long.  This kid is ready.  What a display last night!  Garland or Kuroda could be a trade candidate – maybe even Lilly… after June!
  • Gabe Kapler will probably go to AAA.
  • Allen Webster struck out the side in the ninth last night.  This kid is not far off either.
  • The Dodgers have a bunch of arms in the minors and with Sands, Gordon, Robinson and a host of others, the farm system is looking pretty good right about now.
  • It was nice to see the X-Man make the team!
  • In case you were silly enough to believe all the “predictions” I made yesterday, here’s all that I predict: 91-93 wins. The pitching will be impressive.  Clayton will carry the torch and the pen will step up BIG TIME.  I also think the offense will surprise a lot of folks.  Let’s play ball!
  • I do believe that Matt Kemp will be an MVP Candidate and Clayton Kershaw will be a Cy Young Candidate.
  • Dylan Hernandez of The LA Times writes about about the Dodgers new attitude.
  • I also think that Andre Ethier should just shut up, put up,  and quit pouting like a little kid, just because Chad got extended and he didn’t.   So much for Don Mattingly’s idea that Andre could be a team leader.   The guy is not leader material.  All I can say is that he needs to step up and play ball.  JUST SHUT UP, ANDRE!

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16 Responses to “Ready or Not…”

  1. Bobby says:

    i really agree bout that keisler guy. i was wondering as well who he was; he had some solid stuff!1

    rdlr was electric. watching d-gord run out a ground ball to 2b is insane; he’s gona beat out soooo many to SS and 3b. IDJ looks like he’ll be a solid player for us, and that’s not a bad thing at all. webster had some good stuff in the 9th.

    but RDLR was amazing last night. he’s a little bigger than pedro, but his motion, and his stuff really looked like pedro. now please don’t trade him for someone like adam kennedy

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Play Ball!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Badger says:

    I have a 50 push-up bet with a friend who is a gints fan.

    Should I loosen up?

  4. Bill Russell says:

    How is Navarro on the opening day roster? I thought he was on the DL?

  5. Miguel says:


    I’m not sure how many times this has happened, but I’m willing to bet that the odds are in the realm of lightening striking the same person twice. But RDLR struck out the mighty ICHIRO twice, and on 7 freaking pitches! Ichiro NEVER strikes out. And he not only struck out but looked foolish doing so. Now Ichiro probably has the best balance of any hitter, and the best eyes, but RDLR made him look like a minor leaguer, totally over matched. His ball has so much life and movement on it. He not only strikes people out, he makes them look stupid doing it.

    There must be something else the the Dodgers management knows about him because after looking at his pitches last night I cannot understand why he’s not on the roster? Is it because they want him starting? And if that is the case them we’ll have some interesting trade chips in Garland and Padilla as Mark has predicted!

    Wow, I’m still blown away with his stuff! Fun to watch.

    The other thing I’m interested in hearing about is what is with this Corey Smith kid??? I’ve seen him belt two dingers now and he batted .600 this spring!!! He has so much power. Anyone have some background info on this kid?

  6. Bill Russell says:

    Replace Navarro with DeJesus and the roster is correct.

  7. Mark_Timmons says:

    I just saw that!

    Thanks Billy!

  8. Bill Russell says:

    Mark, would you still have won the pool?

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Looks like Corey Smith is a bit older than a kid. First round pick of the Indians in 2000, with a career .258 average and 172 HR in his long minor league career. Looks like another John Lindsay.

    I was watching the Seattle feed on last night, and there were no radar gun readings shown, although they did mention that RDLR hit 99. What impressed me most was his change. Mattingly’s characterization of that pitch as being “filthy” couldn’t be more accurate. The Dodgers said that they were sending him down to work on his breaking stuff, and I don’t have a problem with that. But if the opportunity presents itself, I don’t think they would hesitate to bring him up.

    I wonder why they would send him to ALBQ. to work on breaking stuff. I would think Chattanooga is a better place for that. But breaking stuff or not, his combination of a mid to upper 90′s fastball, and that filthy changeup, is all he probably needs. But he’s young, and did have a little shoulder tendonitis in spring training, so I have no problem in pushing the clock back a bit. I think this is one where I just trust the Dodgers talent evaluators, and assume that they have a lot better handle on when to bring him up or not. They know the player, and I don’t.

    And although I ultimately believe that RDLR is ticketed for the rotation, I also believe that he could start his Dodger career in the pen. A lot depends on how things unfold as the season moves along.

    I was happy to see A.J. Ellis open with the team. Maybe it will be temporary, and maybe not. I believe Mattingly values Ellis’ defense and his ability to work well with the pitching staff, and he’s not a bad hitter either. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Navarro ended up as the odd man out. But with five guys currently on the DL, there are probably quite a few moves (including trades) that will be part of the mix in the coming weeks. Rest assured, the team we see now will not be the one that ends the season.

    Allen Webster also impressed me with his change. I don’t think we’ll see him this year, but maybe not too far off into the future. And even though he gave up a HR, I liked Steven Ames’ stuff as well.

    Let’s hope that Scott Elbert isn’t Greg Miller. This year will probably tell us a lot.

    The catch that Gordon made on that soft line drive impressed me. I’m not sure if too many shortstops, if any at all, would have even reached that ball. The kid has off the charts range.

    Randy Keisler? I’ll believe it when I see it. But who knows, maybe I’ll see it. He’s 35 and has been around for more than a little while. Made his MLB debut with the Yankees in 2000. This isn’t R.A. Dickey who suddenly mastered the knuckleball last year.

  10. Michael says:

    I’m not worried at all by Andres’ comments. People should realize by now that he is standoffish and is more concerned with his own demons than having to worry about everyone else. He is what he is and is only motivating himself. Making 9.25 this year he knows that he has to produce. I imagine if he has to go to arb next season, with the pay scale progression like it is, he will ask for at least 12 mil so theoretically I’m sure he has some concerns.

    I’m going to go with 88 wins and down to wire for the division.

  11. Michael says:

    I sure like the season opening earlier than years past and finishing up in September. I was looking at our schedule and we have 16 Thursdays off this season, very odd.

  12. Michael says:

    You can “Google” KABC radio and get a link to listen to the pregame for those of us not in the local area. You can also listen to Vins call of the game.
    Go Dodgers!

  13. Michael says:

    Correction. You can listen to the pre pregame show. MLB cut off the feed.

  14. Rally Killer says:

    Gut check time.

    Here comes Babe, Paul Bunyans ox. Grab the Maalox

    Oh yeah, formerly known as Michael

  15. Bobby says:

    we’re 1-0 ladies.

    great game to watch though. lincecum is a stud, and clayton really was awesome today.

    time for bills to step up tomorrrow


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