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Parting Shots

Parting Shots

As Jared reported, I am headed to Camelback Ranch.  I arrive in PHX tonight at 8:30 (that’s 11:30 my time), so I won’t go to Camelback until Saturday Morning.  Here are a few parting shots:

  • AS expected, Justin Sellers was re-assigned back to minor league camp.  That the Dodgers opted to send Jerry Sands with him is really no surprise either, but I have a hunch he will be back THIS year!
  • Miles, DeJesus and Castro as battling for the final IF spot – I still have no reason to think it won’t be Miles..
  • Jay Gibbons is back in the mix to make the roster after getting new contacts and pronouncing that he can see. “I CAN SEE!”  He also has a solid grip on reality, when he said. “I have to show I have some baseball ability in the next 10 days.”  I’d say you’d better show it in the next six days, Jay!
  • Matt Kemp – MVP Candidate?  I think so.
  • In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that the Dodgers have three (count ‘em 3) players who could (COULD, I said) be in the TOP 5 of MVP Ballots.
  • Oh, that would be Kemp, Ethier and Kershaw.  I’m not saying they WILL, but they COULD…  Think about it.
  • Hector Gimenez  has to at least be considered for a roster spot.  Could it be that they will let Navarro walk?  Stay tuned.  Ken Gurnick of has a nice piece on him.
  • According to Ken Gurnick, Darren Dreifort could be considering a comeback?  WOW!  Koufax is next…

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11 Responses to “Parting Shots”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    See you guy’s there on Saturday, I’m leaving in two short hours. As Vinny says “It’s time for Dodger Baseball”.

  2. DRomo says:

    Driefort a return at 39? Let me stop laughing here. Maybe as a pinch hitter?

    Gimenez is an interesting case. How is he defensivley? Navarro is outstanding with the glove and throwing out runners (I think). If the guy could only hit consistantly…

    I am not suprised that Sands was sent down right now. Like you said he will be back maybe sooner than later. Either way he needs staedy AB’s at AAA.

    Safe travels boys!! I can’t wait to see the pictures and reports.
    Be sure to support the Christina Taylor Green Memorial Fund while you are there. Purchase and wear a pin in her honor!

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Had my first biopsy this morning; the bone marrow biopsy. Not bad. Just a tweak of pain. 5 bottles of blood drawn yesterday. Now await the results. Next week should be the kidney biopsy. Resting this afternoon.

    This is the time to cut down on the roster and move to the 30 then the final 25. It will be interesting to see just who are the bench role players. And who will the 5th starter be. Or maybe several will try for that spot.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Sounds to me like Dreifort has a grip on reality, and though he would like to play, knows he can’t.

    All of those mentioned above “COULD” be MVP candidates. And Kershaw “COULD” be a Cy Young candidate.

    Gimenez? Who knows? Maybe.

    I haven’t been a big Gibbons guy, but it sounds to me as if he’s likely to stick. Mattingly has been quoted as saying, in effect, that you can’t hit the ball if you don’t see the ball. Not even Albert Pujols could do that. Thrown in the flu he had earlier this spring, and perhaps his lack of production is fully explainable. I still would prefer somebody else on defense, but if he and Thames can produce consistently with power, it might be something the Dodgers can get by with. And maybe Sands does challenge for LF later in the season. If Sands is used at 3B in the minors, I doubt if he would be polished enough at that position to even be considered to play there this year at the big league level. Maybe next year.

    If Gibbons/Thames can help provide the Dodgers with early leads, the starters and the back end of the pen do their jobs, and Gwynn is utilized often as a defensive replacement in the latter innings, it might actually work. The added bonus is having power on the bench late in games (and speed with Gwynn), and having hitters that can be productively used as DH’s against American League teams. Keep in mind the problems the Dodgers have had over the years in inter-league games.

  5. Bill Russell says:

    Just rolled into Phoenix. Glad to hear it wasn’t to painful Roger and I hope to see you next year. I’ll be heading out to Glendale in a few minutes to watch the White Sox against the Andy LaRoche lead A’s. Hopefully some of the Dodgers will be working out on the practice fields today. Hoping to run across Mark and Jared tomorrow. I’ll take Rogers pass if you have an extra. Go Blue

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Hawk was only winging it today, but Rosa was smelling great !!!

  7. Dodger66 says:

    If not the Dejesus for the final infield spot give Miles a shot anything, but another season of Juan no offenese Castro please!

  8. Bobby says:

    i think if blake is out for 3-4 weeks at least, then IDJ gets to start at 2b, and uribe goes to 3b.

    if it’s a small DL stint, then IDJ goes to AAA, and miles/carroll start at 2b

    i really like IDJ batting 2nd though. dude can hit!

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Just read this piece in the March 7-20, 2011 issue of Baseball America, which named Dee Gordon their Winter League Player of the Year. The author is Jim Shonerd.

    “In a year when few high-profile prospects headed south to play in Latin American winter leagues, one who not only played but excelled was Dodgers shortstop Dee Gordon, making him a clear choice for our Winter Player of the Year award.
    The winter leagues can be a difficult proposition for prospects. While the domestic minor leagues are more about player development than winning ballgames, the winter leagues are just the opposite—meaning young players can lose precious playing time if they don’t perform.
    Gordon never had that problem.
    Serving as the Gigantes de Carolina’s leadoff hitter in the Puerto Rican League, the 22-year¬old opened his winter season with six consecutive multi-hit games and rarely slowed down, ending the season with a .361/.396/.493 line in 144 at-bats.
    “It used to be players always went to winter ball, and now a lot of kids don’t want to go,” Dodgers assistant general manager and scouting director Logan White said. “He certainly wanted to go down there and get better.”
    The top prospect in the Dodgers organization, Gordon’s career has taken off quickly since he was a fourth-round pick in 2008 out of Seminole (Fla.) CC. He won MVP honors in the low Class A Midwest League in 2009 and skipped a level to Double-A Chattanooga in 2010, a meteoric rise considering he didn’t start playing baseball until his senior year of high school.
    Gordon hit .277/.332/.355 during the regular season for Chattanooga and was voted the Southern League’s most exciting player by its managers. The son of longtime major league pitcher Tom Gordon, he possesses electrifying athleticism and has developed his approach to take advantage of it.
    With a slight 5-foot-11, 150-pound frame, Gordon lacks any significant home run power, but that’s his only tool that doesn’t project to be at least average if not above.
    “Our development people have done a real good job with him as far as understanding the type of player he is and how to use his skills towards that,” White said. “Keep the ball out of the air more, keep it on a line drive, gap-to¬gap, use your speed.”


    Gordon finished the winter season tied for the Puerto Rican League batting title, while also leading the league in triples (six), tying for the lead in runs (26) and ranking second in slugging percentage despite hitting only one home run. He still has a few things work on, as he needs to be more efficient stealing bases after going just 8-for-15 over the winter, and continue to clean up his defense. Gordon has a strong arm and his athletic ability gives him outstanding range, but his inexperience leads to mistakes, and he made 13 errors with Carolina after making 37 for Chattanooga.
    Still, the Dodgers were impressed by his willingness to go down to Puerto Rico and how he recognizes where his game needs improvement. The organization values the experience hitters get in winter ball facing crafty, tough pitchers. Although Gordon walked only five times during the winter, he also had just 15 strikeouts and otherwise passed the test with flying colors.
    “Winter ball, for certain guys, is definitely a great learning experience for them because they’re going to run into veteran pitchers that know how to pitch and how to set them up,” White said. “They may not throw as hard as the guy in Double-A, but they certainly know how to pitch.”
    Then there’s the off-the-field aspect, which can be a challenge for young players unaccustomed to traveling abroad, getting out of their comfort zone and living amidst a different culture. The fact that Gordon was able to handle all those potential obstacles away from the ballpark and maintain his performance between the lines was definitely an encouraging sign for the organization.
    “I think the thing that helps him is the fact that he has a father that was a major league player,” White said. “So through osmosis and genetics he’s learned that a little bit, but still he has to be the one to go do it and he did.
    “I think it was just a real plus for him. He’s come back with a real sense of what he has to do, what he has to work on.”
    Gordon, a non-roster invitee to the Dodgers’ big league spring training, is expected to move up to Triple-A Albuquerque once the regular season starts. If he carries his momentum from the winter into the spring as the Dodgers hope he can, he could be following in his father’s big league footsteps before long.”

    Everything I’ve seen of and read about Gordon leaves me impressed that he’s a keeper, and should not be considered in any deals to acquire a power hitter, or whatever. Hopefully he continues at AAA to round off the rough edges, and is ready to take over for Furcal next year. And if Raffy somehow manages to get the 600 PA he needs to lock in his $12 million option of next year, well, we just cross that bridge if we get to it.

  10. SpokaneBob says:

    I am very encouraged by the rise and potenial of some of our minor league players. Dee Gordon, Ruby De La Rosa, Jerry Sands and Trayvon Robinson all seem to have the potenial to make a positive impact at the big league level. I would love to see Ivan De Jesus continue hit to the point that he gets the everyday 2b job until Blake can come back. He deserves a shot and I hope he takes advantage of it.

  11. ... says:

    Justin Sellers will be back out there in the bigs. who knows maybe it’ll be with a different club! but you will see him out there in 2011


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