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Logan White Interview – Part 3

Logan White Interview – Part 3

This is my last part of the interview, where I ask about Russ Martin and James Loney. You will find Logan’s comments interesting. Next week, you will see Jared’s part of the interview, where he deals exclusively with the farm system. He starts out his interrogation of Logan White by emphatically stating to Logan that Zach Lee was a bad pick! Wait until you hear it!

The lineup is starting to shape-up. IDJ2 is still in the running. We can talk about it or just read what Jon Weisman has to offer:

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7 Responses to “Logan White Interview – Part 3”

  1. ray guilfoyle says:

    excellent stuff….but he is saying all the right things about Loney. He can’t talk negatively about him assuming LAD wants to deal him at some point.
    I would love to hear what you can’t tell us.

    thanks again, and looking forward to the next video.

    Lee was a GREAT pick!!

  2. Bill Russell says:

    I wonder if Ned would answer these questions the same way? Well we’ll just leave Loney alone and see what happens.

  3. jWerthFan says:

    White’s too smart a guy to acknowledge to you or anyone else that Lames Loney [not a typo] is bottom of the barrel offensively among all 1Bmen in MLB. No way he can – or would – say anything negative, and get hammered like Coletti, Bowa, and Shaeffer did last year on Kemp. Instead, he finds a way to build up his defense. The old dogeroo, but you should know that’s what you’ll get by posing the question.

    I was surprised about his defense of Martin, however. It’s clear, once you have White in your corner, you really have to screw up royally to get him out. LW seems like a genuine good guy.

    The question I would have asked him? : ‘In the last 3 years, if you had one trade or signing to undo, which one would it be?’

  4. Bobby says:

    i agree with ray above: i’d love to hear some of the off the record stuff logan tells mark.

  5. Willie Mays says:


    He would not answer that.

  6. Mark_Timmons says:


    Willie is right – Logan couldn\’t answer that. It would make his boos (Ned) look like a moron. I have never asked Logan, but the whispers that I hear around the complex, tell me that he is not best buds with Ned anyway.

    Of the players that are gone, Logan told me last year that Carlos Santana was the one he would most like to have back.

  7. jason says:

    Loney can hit 10 homeruns for all I care. He still has to have a better OPS than being 22 best out of 26 MLB first baseman over the last 3 seasons.


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