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Logan White Interview – Part 4

Logan White Interview – Part 4

OK, you asked for it! I have been making you wait for it.

You think I was bad in dissing Jon Broxton in front of Logan?

Well, Jared disses Logan White by telling him that Zach Lee was a bad pick. Watch Logan jump over the table and pound Jared….

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6 Responses to “Logan White Interview – Part 4”

  1. bluetrain says:

    Such a very goood show. Love these interviews. Keep up the good work…

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Season begins tomorrow. Great . . . and

    . . . At 7 am I have to report to the VA Hospital here, for blood work followed by my Kidney Biopsy, and then lay flat till 6 pm (cannot get out of the bed because of bleeding concerns), stay the night, and supposed to go home about Friday noon if all if OK. This biopsy will tell them if the Amyloidosis has returned or not.

    So I will miss the beginning of the season. No wi-fi in the hospital. I will use my cell phone and check the scores on that little thing . . .

    Therefore — I here post my fearless predictions for the season. Now, this is not the usual prediction of the true winner –

    This is how I WANT the teams to finish — this is my favorite teams in each division.

    A.L. East
    Tampa Bay
    New York

    A.L. Central
    Kansas City

    A.L. West
    Los Angeles

    N.L. East
    New York

    N.L. Central
    St. Louis

    N.L. West
    Los Angeles
    San Diego
    San Francisco

    Talk with you all after the hospital work I have to face for the next couple of days.

  3. Willie Mays says:


    I’m crushed!

  4. Willie Mays says:

    … but good luck. I do not generally tell Dodger fans that.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    You hit the NL West on the nose

    Compared to what you’ll be doing the Dodger game is a non-event. Best of luck leading to best of health.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    I only heard about the Ethier talk of leaving, walking, traded, etc.

    But I wonder if he and his Agent are looking at the Dodgers and do not like what they see as the $$$ issues with Frank.

    Because what I am seeing, I do not have that inside knowledge, is that this team will not be strong in all positions because of the $$$. Ethier sees that.

    Also, with increases to some of the growing youth — and when the money does tap out — then some have to go via trades or like walk — like Martin.

    What else is there to know here? Frank does not have a money tree among those orange groves.

    Tonight, Loney does get the RBIs home, one way or another, with that dying swan blooper Texas leaguer small can of corn.

    Talk with you later on Friday . . . .


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