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What’s Your Focus?

What’s Your Focus?

Look, I get most of my news from the media just like you do, but let’s face it, the media often has their own agenda and a BIG PART of that agenda is “ratings” whether it be selling newspapers, Internet rankings, TV ratings or radio listeners.  People are just interested in “getting the goods” on someone, particularly if that person is rich and/or famous.  Shock journalism is becoming a way of life –  ”It has been reported that Charlie Sheen has a suitcase full of cocaine and was partying with five adult film stars.”   WOW!

People eat that stuff up!  It sells.  It ups ratings –  and you are responsible for it due to your insatiable appetite for all the gory details.  You say that’s not you?  Good for you.  Maybe it’s not.  Maybe you are in the minority.  Maybe you don’t like that stuff.  I’m proud of you.  I turn the channel because I know that at least half of what’s being reported is a lie, and I really don’t care about the other half.  Besides, how do I sort out what is a lie and what is the truth?   

Now, you know at some point, I am going to steer this conversation around to the Dodgers.  So, here goes:  What’s your focus?  What do you see?  Look at the picture on the left.  There’s a little ink blot in the bottom right-hand corner of a pure white picture.  What do you see?  Some people focus on that ink blot and nothing else matters.  That blot, ladies and gentlemen is Frank McCourt.  I can’t disagree that he has put a stain on the Dodgers.  The divorce is nasty, decadant and really stupid.  I used to read all the goo for a while and I finally realized that nobody really knows what will happen.  It’s like watching a political debate, where both sides proclaim that they are the big winners!  The winner depends upon your focus.

Does that blot cloud your focus so much that you can’t see anything else?  I am truly sorry for you if that is your lot as a Dodger fan, because while I can’t deny that blot exists, 99% of that picture is clean and pure.  Yet, every post, every conversation that some of you have, focuses on the blot.  “But, it’s justified because it’s at the top.”  Ok, convince yourself of that.  I ain’t drinkin’ that Kool-Aid! 

In a little over a week, the pitchers and catchers report, but guess what?  Many players have been working out at Camelback Ranch or Dodger Stadium for weeks.  It was even suggested that the Dodgers were reporting a day or two later than other teams so that they could save expenses at Camelback Ranch, which is already a year-round facility with a full staff anyway.  The Dodgers could save by shuting it down entirely, by canceling the workouts at Dodger Stadium and by looting the major league team.  Your focus has clouded your judgment!   It seems that many of you look at stuff like a reporting date being a couple of days later than some teams, and automatically conclude that it’s “the blot!”  Please!  There’s no connection.

Now, this 2011 version of the Dodgers could tank – after all, they did last year didn’t they?  Or, maybe they could have a steely resolve to get back to th playoffs.  Some experts are picking the Dodgers to finish 4th, while others have them 3rd, 2nd  and 1st!  It’s all an opinion – some will be right, some will be wrong.  What’s your focus?  If it’s the blot, everything will look bad to you, or maybe some of you see the rest, which could be pretty good.  Let’s not forget that there can be “surprises” each spring.  To focus on the blot deprives you of the joy or spring.  I’m not saying the Dodgers will win it all… but they could.  This game of basball that that we all love is a game where amazing things happen… with regularity!   Look at the Giants. 

I see the blot – I wish it wasn’t there, but I won’t lose my focus.  Will you?

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9 Responses to “What’s Your Focus?”

  1. Bobby says:

    i’ve already told everyone i know that we will win the west.

    not dreaming. just reality, knowing sf isnt as good as the last 2 months of 2010, az is just ok, and sd is trash. col is the only one that is dangerous, especially if they got michael young.

    however, there’s no reason to think that kemp/ethier/loney can’t have a big year like carlos gonzales, who emerged from nowhere to almost win the mvp.

    i can’t wait!

  2. ken says:

    Focus – A localized area of disease or the chief site of a generalized disease or infection.

    Depends upon your definition.

  3. Bootz says:

    GQ voted Tim Linecum as one of the top 25 athletes ever? Good thing I never read that trash anyway. Get a hair cut hippy. Oh, and bow ties never were cool (that goes to all you NBA players also).

  4. Captain Moose says:

    When I look at that blot, I see a turtle with a gecko on it’s back.

    Do I need more therapy?

    I hear “focus” and I think “adjust”.

    It’s just baseball. A game played by a few hundred guys that are really, REALLY overpaid. And just because the owner of my team is an unctuous bedbug that should never have been allowed in the room does not mean I won’t still root for my team to beat the gints. ANYBODY but the gints.

    I have much to do yet in my life, and all of it consists of not giving any money to McCockroach. I’ll leave that to you guys.

    In the mean time…… I will adjust.

  5. RogerCraig says:

    Does anyone really think that all the owners aren’t cockroaches? Why single out one scumbag?

  6. Captain Moose says:

    “Why single out one scumbag?”

    Obviously it’s because this scumbag owns the Dodgers.

    We were all fine wondering if the guy was a douche, but when his sordid skivvies started flying in public, and we all KNEW the details of his unpropitious verses – it’s embarrassing man.

    Keep your dirty laundry where it belongs … in the back seat of your limo.

    The Dodgers should have Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez. Instead we have Susman and Boies. Yoiks……….

    hey… he asked.


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