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This Is Really Bad News

This Is Really Bad News

I cannot believe it!

Excellent Defense

This is horrible news.

How can this happen? 

This is not what needed to happen.

I had it all figured out:

James Loney vs. Kim Ng

James’ Agent would say “Yes, he doesn’t hit a lot of HR, but he’s like Mark Grace.”

Kim Ng would say “Please, James Loney couldn’t carry Mark Grace’s jock and here’s why…”

James’ Agent would say that “he’s a clutch player who has a Gold Glove.”

Kim Ng would say that Loney was an “underperforming, overpaid loser.”

The arbitrator would rule against Loney and for Kim and LONEY WOULD BE REALLY PISSED!

He would show the Dodgers they were wrong.

He would play like a man possesssed and hit .320 with 30 HR and 120 RBI…

Except that the Dodgers and Loney settled and he signed.

Compliancy reigns and Loney will continue to underperform.

That sucks!

It really sucks.

Ned, you should haved trusted Kim to “rock his world.”

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16 Responses to “This Is Really Bad News”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Watch Kim Ng take a G.M. job soon, with another club — and trade for Loney.

  2. Captain Loose says:

    Slow news day in Dodgerland. This was predictable.

    “He would play like a man possesssed”

    Really? Loney? Somehow, I just don’t see that happening.

  3. the truth hurts says:


    I cant wait for the slow roller to second base over and over and over and over………….a very poor mans mark grace

  4. Bill Russell says:

    Stay Positive. We can always hope for a bad hop on that roller to 2nd.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Loney shouldn’t and likely doesn’t need an arbitration case to motivate himself. Last year’s 2nd half should be enough to have gotten him sufficiently pissed, and determined to have a big year. Hopefully, he got the same wake-up call as everyone else on the team should have.

  6. ken says:

    Now all the Dodgers need is to sign a left handed batting practice coach to throw to Loney and Ethier and the Dodgers should be able to win the World Series.

  7. Bobby says:

    that’s ron mahay’s job

  8. Willie Mays says:

    You still have that punk Lasorda!

  9. Bluenose Dodger says:

    I think it is always best to avoid arbitration. This way both sides give something and damaging things aren’t said or done.

    I defintely don’t think James was complacent last season nor satisfied with his performance. He has one more year of arbitrationa and then free agency. If you figure he is only playing for the money, then he has more than enough incentive with free agency looming. You said compliancy reigns, Mark. I didn’t quite follow that. I expect that means for management and James.

    Up until now James doesn’t compare all that badly to Mark Grace. To maintain the comparison his OBP must get better. It is my contention James does not have to be a home run juggernaut to be a valuable Dodger. His OBP, assisted by walking more often, are the keys for me. Mark Grace only once hit as many as 17 home runs in a season, but I know many posters aren’t satisfied with Mark Grace power numbers.

    James had a down season last year. He will have a much better one this year. I will stake my baseball reputation on that. Well, I actually don’t have a baseball reputation. But, if I did, I would stake it on James having a good year, a Mark Grace type of year with improved OBP in 2011.

  10. Tarball says:

    Too much “inside-out” in Loney’s once potent swing . . . . . gotta’ start “pulling” a bit more.

  11. Captain Loose says:

    Good take Bluenose.

    It is possible to compare anyone to anyone. Comparing Loney to Grace is interesting, similar size, same lack of power, good strokes, good fielders…. well, Grace was actually a great fielder. But the thing about Mark Grace that most remember is he broke in, stayed in and continued to get better with age. For some reason, it took Loney two years to stick and… he has regressed. The same regression thing happened to Martin, and maybe even Kemp. What was it? Eh, maybe it can all be blamed on Bowa.

    I look for all of them to have better years. Loney should be able to hit .290 with 15 home runs. He IS that good. Whether or not he cares enough is the question. Same with Kemp.

    I guess we’ll see their “want to” this year.

  12. Bluenose Dodger says:

    Tarball – I agree. I love hitting to the opposite field, as Loney does often. But he doesn’t have power to all fields, IMO, and hits too many ground balls to the left side. I have stated a number of times that I think Don Mattingly worked with James to get him to go the opposite field, thus reducing his power numbers. I would like to see James use the middle and right side of the field more often

  13. ray guilfoyle says:

    this is GOOD news….one step closer to Jerry Sands at 1b

  14. Harold Albert says:

    Why the obsession with Mark Grace? In his first 4 years with the Cubs (ages 24-27) he averaged .298 with 9 HRs and 75 RBIs, while Loney (ages 23-26) has averaged .290/14/90, and Grace played half of his games at Wrigley! Loney will only be 27 this season, give the guy a break!

  15. Captain Loose says:

    “Why the obsession with Mark Grace?”

    Because of his OPS+ and WAR numbers during those years.

    But I have said before I don’t think Loney is our problem. In the right lineup, he would hit .290 with 15 HR’s and 90 rbi’s every year, and I would take that. It’s not like we are paying him Pujols money.

  16. MillaBlue says:

    I just don’t see any fire in Loney. 1B is too valuable a position to lack power in this league. I think he will be a left fielder if not a platoon guy if he repeats last seasons performance. In another uniform.


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