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The Minor League System Is Not Broken

The Minor League System Is Not Broken

The Dodgers have an inordinate amount of young pitching prospects in the minor league system and fewer position players, but contrary to the “gloomsters and doomsters,” the Dodgers Minor League system is not barren by any means.  On person even wrote this comment:

Like I’ve said before on more than one occasion, the Dogs got nutten’ down on the farm. Our cupboard is bare and we’re stuck in mediocrity.”

Baseball America ranks them number 12 in talent, even if Keith Law has them much lower (as correctly pointed out by Brooklyn Dodger).  I thought that as Spring Training approaches I would discuss a few of them.

There are three, count ‘em, 3 position players who are likely within a year of making the show.  Those three are Jerry Sands, Dee Gordon and Trayvon Robinson.  I believe that Jerry Sands will be the Dodgers first basemen with a quickness, maybe as soon as THIS year and Dee Gordon will be in the majors by 2012, but  Jim Shonerd of Baseball America had this to say about Robinson -  “He’ll probably settle in as a solid .270-.280 hitter who gives you 15-20 homers.”  Could Robinson mess all the plans up and win the CF job as soon as this year?  It’s not likely, but you never know.

Ken Gurnick of reports that the Dodgers are having talks with the Rangers about Michael Young.  I would do this deal in a heartbeat: James Loney and Casey Blake for Michael Young! Oh, and the Rangers have to toss in $6 mil a year.

There are options at 1B:  Jay Gibbons, Jerry Sands, Andre Ethier, Carlos Delgado.  Think about it.  I like James Loney, but I think we have seen the best from him.  He could be very good in a smaller ballpark like where the Rangers play, but the Ranger already have two LH first-basemen, so maybe Jon Broxton would be the ticket instead of Loney.

On the other hand, Young would probably hit only 15-18 HR if he were a Dodger, but his career BA is .300.  Some have said that he’s Casey Blake with a worse contract.  Casey Blake is 3 years older and has a career BA% of .265.   Michael Young has had 7 seasons with over 600 AB’s.  Blake?  Not one!  Yeah, I’ve read all the stuff about how Blake is actually better than Young.  There is such a plethora of baseball statistics available that an astute blogger can argue either side.  I prefer to use my eyes.  I don’t care what the figures say – the eyes don’t lie.  Figures do!  Don’t be a lemming and march to the beat – use your eyes.

The Dodgers would be a better team with Michael Young than without him. That’s all.  Of course, I’d rather have Blake AND Young – Blake isn’t a chump!  The money is the question.  Can the Dodgers pay that?  Should they?  I think $10 mil a year for Young is about right.  We’ll see – I say it’s a 30-70 long-shot!  Do I think the Dodgers will get him?  In a word “NO!”

I also see people get their panties in a bunch about about the signing of Aaron Miles.  Calm down!   I mean, it’s a minor league deal and who knows?  Have you ever seen Carroll and Miles together?  I thought not – maybe they are the same guy… or not!  Oh, wait!  Miles is a switch-hitter, who did hit .293 once… a long time ago.  Still, you can use guys like this at AAA – I see Juan Castro retiring as a Dodger, in March and becoming an instructor or special assistant.

Also, here’s a guy who has dropped off your Radar:  Josh Lindblom – His velocity dropped into the high 80′s as he was made a starter last season (I TOLD YOU IT WOULDN’T WORK!) and he was brought back to the pen.  By season’s end his velocity was back to 94-95 and I look for a big bounce back year for him in 2011.  You could see him in the Ravine after the All-Star Break.  His stuff is THAT good!

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  1. Jae says:

    I think Keith Law always puts down the Dodgers. He probably tried to get a gig with them and was turned down at some point.

  2. DRomo says:

    I would love Young to be our everyday 2B. Sure his power numbers would go down but (like Mark said) he is a .300 hitter who could be a veteran leader. Loney would have to be in the deal which hurts but would be worth it with Sands waiting in the wings. We would probably have to part with minor league pitching as well. Texas does not need a closer for Broxton is out of the question. In fact their closer is better that ours in my opinion.

    Knowing that Ned will be hard pressed to add payroll especially Youngs contract I can see Texas insisting that we include talent from our farm system. They could use the replenishment considering the fancy manuveringthey did last season adding Lee, Molina, etc with zero budget just prospects.

    The question is who would we part ways with to get Young. I say it won’t happen. But who knows?

  3. Captain Loose says:

    “I would do this deal in a heartbeat: James Loney and Casey Blake for Michael Young! Oh, and the Rangers have to toss in $6 mil a year.”

    I’ll bet you would.

    …. why would the Rangers do it? They have Mitch Moreland at 1b. They don’t need James Loney. And nobody needs Casey Blake.

    We have a couple of guys that are just about ready? You say that like it is a big deal. News flash, every team has a couple of guys that are just about ready. Some teams even have some guys that are a whole lot more ready than our guys.

    Right now, at his current age, Young is about $6 million a year overpaid. I just read his WAR puts him worth about $10 million a year. I think that is a bit much for an aging player with a .795 career OPS, but, the stat heads say this so, who am I to argue with them? At 34, Young is moving past his prime, but still an everyday player that will probably still hit .280. On the right team, he can get 90 rbi’s. On the right team. His defense is…. not his strong suit. You guys sure you want to pay this guy that kind of money for the next three years? And, are you sure the Dodgers can stretch the payroll to accomodate him? Or… do they need to dump some salary to do this?

    I still don’t see it happening.

    • bluetrain says:

      I see trading for Young a way to get worse, his stats away from Arlington are far from a 10 mil a year player. ALso add in the fact Loney already plays a great 1b and has been getting 90 rbi a year, and much much cheaper while still heading into his prime years

      Youngs 10 year career splits all with Texas.

      home .322 .372 .487 .859

      away.279 .322 .411 .733

      This over a ten year span of 1508 games, not a small samle size, but reality . in a word, no!


  4. ken says:

    February is always the season for hope
    The plants are sprouting new flowers once again
    The bulbs are shooting sprouts up through the ground
    Little league practice has already begun
    Valentines Day is a few days away
    Pitcher and catchers report in a week
    So many things occur in February that renew our hope

    But there is NEVER a season for Delusion

  5. Dodgfan says:

    I agree with Mark, the only way this works is if the Dodgers manage to get the Rangers to pick-up $6M per year. As to his defense, I wonder if he’d be a better option at 2base? I also have to believe that they would not want Loney, as Moreland has been high on their radard for quite some time. A place where Loney could be a fit is in Houston; he is a local boy and that small stadium would make his power look much better. Casey Blake on the other hand, is a guy that Texas could use. He could play some 1base against tough LHPing, and serve as a super utility guy around the IF. It is a long-shot, but I believe Young has the Rangers in a real tough spot. His 10-5 rights will kick in May and he is clearly becoming disinchanted with the franchise.

    Yesterday I saw an iterview where Josh Hamilton seemed bummed about the idea of trading Michael Young. He described him as a clubhouse leader and someone he reaches out to for counsel. Although, I genuinely enjoy the quantitative side of baseball, no one can deny that there is a qualitative side of the sport that is often ignored by the statistical guru.

  6. Bobby says:

    i read that the rangers stud closer, neftali perez, is being converted to starter. so perhaps they would have a need for a closer.

    they dont need loney. i’d take mitch moreland over loney.

    michael young is more than solid, but his leadership and experience would be great for our young guys. nobody ever says a bad thing about him, and he’d fit absolutely perfect batting 2nd between furcal and ethier.

  7. Bobby says:

    oh, and t-rob winning the CF job in spring training is my #1 hope in march!!

  8. Mark_Timmons says:

    I wanted to hear someone else say it, but Mike Young brings a lot of leadership, which is sorely lacking on the Dodgers.

    What\’s that worth?

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Hi folks, we just returned from the South. And I mean “the South.” Like 20 days flying down the Chile, then on a cruise ship to Antarctica. And there was not news or sports.

    SO, can someone here bring me up to date on Dodger doings for the past three weeks ???? Thanks.

  10. RogerCraig says:

    Thames, Miles, Navarro ( maybe more than 3 weeks), Mahay and Frank is still hated!

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s really not just stats. Young most likely brings lots of intangibles that could make a huge difference. And it doesn’t hurt that he can hit, and brings some power. Even if his power is diminished by Dodger Stadium, keep in mind that the opposition’s power is also diminished by Dodger Stadium. As Einstein would say, it’s all relative.

    I don’t know what it would take for the Dodgers to get Young, nor do I know exactly what the Dodgers can afford. But as I posted yesterday, I think a starter in the deal is Casey Blake, since including his contract is part of the financial relief that the Dodgers would require. And Texas would be getting a player who could be a valuable piece for them, starting at the corners and DH, and off the bench. As for who the Dodgers would have to include in the deal besides Blake, I think that depends on how much additional money they ask the Rangers to pick up. For me, including Loney or Broxton is a non-starter, since that only creates new holes. I also wouldn’t include premium prospects such as Dee Gordon, Jerry Sands, or RDLR. I would include people like Belisario, Troncoso, and perhaps a minor leaguer or two like T. Rob, Withrow, Ethan Martin, etc. But really, that is a decision that the Dodgers would have to make based on their own evaluation of those prospects, and their ability to replace them. Dodger management has a lot better handle on their system as a whole than I do. So this is an instance in which I would defer to their judgment.

  12. Captain Loose says:

    Methinks some of you have overvalued Casey Blake. $6.5 million ($5.25 + a 1.25M buyout) for a soon to be 38 year old guy who immediatley becomes a back-up is a lot of coin. I do believe the Rangers can, and will, do better.

  13. Jaydavis says:

    Loney, Blake, Broxton and no cash exchanged. I rather have Loney

  14. Corey says:

    Not sure if anyone else saw the article about Russel Martin. In that article he’s asked about why he signed with the yankees even though the dodgers offered $200k more guaranteed. Martin said he wanted to go to the Yankees to be closer to home and play for the all time winningest organization. In the same article he again referenced not being in good shape the last two years and being bothered by distractions. So from his own mouth he admits the dodgers offered more guaranteed and he wasn’t in good shape and distracted by off the field issues. I say again, good riddance, he didn’t want to be hear anyway and Barajas, Navarro and Ellis will easily replace or surpass the paltry numbers that he had put up the last two years.

  15. Corey says:

    Here’s the link for the martin article. Makes me angry just thinking about him coasting for the last two years. And then jumping ship and initially saying it was because he didn’t feel wanted by the Dodgers, when he wanted out all along.

  16. lawdog says:

    “Like I’ve said before on more than one occasion, the Dogs got nutten’ down on the farm. Our cupboard is bare and we’re stuck in mediocrity.”

    Still trying to attack me by criticizing my summary of our farm from weeks ago and attacking the quote out of context to attack a strong man.

    Maybe I forgot to go through the few pitchers we do have on the farm with real prospects to be major players in that particular post. I don’t remember. But anyone who’s read me over the years or my minor league reports from years back knows that I’ve commented on the strength of the raw pitchers we’ve drafted. In fact, that’s the only “strength” on our farm teams. As far as position players go, we’ve got “nutten” on the farm.

    Why don’t you lighten up Timmons and at least quote me in context if you want to keep taking shots at me…

    I guess asking you to be fair and reasonable is like asking a a Palin supporter to use their brains.

    You make me sick Timmons. You are the worst kind of liar. One who takes someone’s statements out of context to allege and then attack a straw man, a straw argument that was never really raised by that person. Really juvenile bullshit man.. Put words in their mouth and suggest they’ve made an argument they never really made. Something the person never intended to say.

    I’m really tired of your crap.

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      The solution to your problem is Oh-So-Simple!

      • RogerCraig says:

        Just ignore him – maybe he’ll go away.

        I think he’s just trying to goad you into banning him, like he says you already did. Then he can say he was right.

        Very funny.

        • Captain Loose says:

          I don’t find it funny. These two go back many years. You new guys don’t know the history.

          And, the fact of the matter is, ldog was right about last year.

          Our farm has ‘sumfin’, but it ain’t what we need to move forward quickly. We have one in the top 50, other teams (Royals) have as many as 6 and the Rockies have 3. Organization of the Year? Nonsense. We have none in the top 30. Everybody in our division has at least one rated above Gordon. Maybe some of our guys move up after this year, maybe not. It would really be more comforting knowing that in the impecunious years that McGoo remains owner, we will be able to have guys step in annually and compete for ROY, like we usta did every year. Not gonna happen for a while and it likely won’t happen at all next year. Our Top 10 list seems to change every few months.

    • Glass Is Half Full says:

      Dude take your meds and relax……quit being so arrogant and assume everyone is attacking you…some of us are trying to forget you…some of us just don’t care what you think..sorry to bust youyr bubble….

      Dang…dude just go back to the other site and cuddle up to your Giant buddy and the other constant Dodger complainer…

      Dude you have a problem and it ain’t Mark….Screw the history..if you and Badger/Rory/or whoever don’t like it here…just go….your constaqnt complaining about Mark and other things mis getting real old!

      • Captain Loose says:

        Dude… Screw the history? No Dude, there is something that can get screwed – and it ain’t history……

        Dude….or should I say Wit Half Full, I don’t give a damn what you think. I have forgotten more about baseball than you ever knew. I will continue to say whatever I want here, including telling you to take a freakin’ hike. If you don’t like it, tough sh*t. If I don’t agree with someone, I am going to say so, so and your half a wit can stick it where the sun don’t shine….. dude.

  17. lawdog says:

    Thank you Captain Loose! I’m glad to see someone besides Roger Dodger and Badger actually read what I posted.

    As far as Timmons is concerned, I’ve got no use for an ass like him. Maybe i should send him a bill for the minimum wage for all those hours I put in every day for those months of the Minor League Report he asked me to do for him for free? What would you tell your minions about all that time I spent on your behalf? That I was forcing you to put all those articles up against your will?


    Pretend to be an innocent in this Mark. You are truly a piece of work.

  18. Dusto says:

    Prospects are non-contributing zero’s! They don’t mean nothing unless they are actually contributing to the success of the team. And these so-called minor league team rankings are perposterous. No team is down for more than 5 years (except maybe the Royals and Pirates) and no team is on top more than 5 years.

    When you take into account the amount of injuries, trades, successes and failures in a minor league system its almost impossible to “rank” any of the top 15 teams ahead of any other.

    In my opinion there are good and bad systems. And the Dodgers have a bad (or lower 16-30) system. But by the end of the year, they very well may have a good system (top 1-15). But no top 15 system is better than the other and the same can be said for the bottom 15. Anything beyond that and its just someones “opinion” on individual players.

  19. Captain Loose says:

    While in principle I think I agree with you Dusto, I do think the top ranked (top 25) are usually fairly accurate. Teams like the Royals, Rays, Twins, A’s… make the trades that bring in the talent, the talent gets to the bigs then they bolt for more money and the process starts all over again. That is why the Royals have 6 in the top 50. If you rank systems according to prospects ready to play in the bigs, the Royals system wins O of Y hands down.

    Last year we had some very good A players. While I am happy about that, I remain singularly unimpressed with our talent that is ready to step in and help the big club. Our second best “prospect” is a kid that hasn’t thrown a pitch yet. Excuse me, but that is just silly.

    I like Sands, Robinson and Gordon. I am hopeful they can step in and contribute. Is there a Ryan Howard or Albert Pujols in our system? No, there is not. What we have are a few guys that might make the team in a few years. In the mean time, we hope the platoon in left works, and that ELK come back.

  20. Mark_Timmons says:

    Well, there you have it. If Badger says the Dodgers aren\’t the organization of the year, that\’s all you need to know. I\’m sure Topps is busy getting ready to make a new announcement.

    Topps has been give this award out since 1966. In fact, the Biz of Baseball has the history right here:

    The Dodgers won it based upon the formula used since 1966 FAIR AND SQUARE, but since Badger says they shouldn\’t have won it, I\’m sure the rules will be changed.

    See, no matter what good happens, if someone hates McCourt, there\’s always an excuse.

    I agree with Glass Half Full. Screw History! Let\’s be logical and not beat a dead horse.

    Here\’s the deal: I get lots of e-mail from people who appreciate that I\’m not all gloom and doom. But, I ain\’t Pollyanna, either! If you want to revel in your bitterness, have at it. It\’s like eating poison and thinking someone else will die.

    It doesn\’t work that way…

    • Captain Loose says:

      Do you think I am the only one who believes this? Your posts suggest that.

      I don’t agree with Topps. I am not allowed that around here? I think that the organization that has the most talent at the top (topp?) of the minor league system should be considered the best. K.C. has 6 in the top 50. They will have good players in the Majors much more quickly, and more often, than will the Dodgers. It is my opinion that that stat is more important than how many A league players you have that win Player of the Month Awards. Now, if those A league players do it again at AA and AAA they will get my attention… and the attention of teams looking at our talent in trade scenarios.

      And it DOES work THAT way.

  21. Give it a Rest says:

    Damn! Here we go again. Was this Lawdog bullied as a kid? Please stop polluting this website. You are one arrogant person. You attacked me. I did this. I did that. I should charge him. You’ve been saying the same crap for the Past month. Either do it or shut the F&$@K UP. The reason you continue to come back here is cause you get the attention you lack at home. Nobody here takes you seriously and Mark, if you do decide to pay him make sure it’s not a lot he sucked at it. Or do us all a favor and just ban him.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      I\’ll say this one time:

      1. Lawdog wanted to write for the blog;

      2. I told him it was FREE – no pay;

      3. There were problems.

      As an attorney, he knows better than to try and charge me.

      Out of respect, I won\’t talk about his work and I\’m done with all this nonsense!

    • Captain Loose says:

      “Nobody here takes you seriously”

      Evidently YOU do or you wouldn’t get so heated about it.

      Give it a rest is a good idea. Ignore him or present reasonable debate, but pouting about it doesn’t help.

  22. Mark_Timmons says:

    BTW, I think that the Dodgers are somewhere 12-15 in best farm systems right now, but they have a bunch of youngsters who are very close.

    Baseball America said the following when asked how many Dodgers should be in the TOP 100 Prospects:

    \”I\’d say the top three should be safe bets to make it. I\’d be a little surprised if it\’s more than that but wouldn\’t completely rule out Withrow, Webster or Sands.\”

    So, it could be three, but three more are close.

    I will say that this is a year that could make or break Logan White. There are a lot of players who some perceive as \”underperformers\” – it could change or NOT!

    De La Rosa













    Make a cogent argument that any of those couldn\’t be in the TOP 100 next year. And, I didn\’t even list Aaron Miller, Garrett Gould, Kyle Russell and others.

    • Captain Loose says:

      “BTW, I think that the Dodgers are somewhere 12-15 in best farm systems right now”

      So YOU don’t agree with Topps either.

      Damn, sometimes you drives me nuts. Talking out of both sides of your mouth often makes it difficult to know exactly where you stand. You did the same thing in your arguments about Bush. You don’t like him, but you voted for him – twice. We have the best organization in all of baseball but as such it’s ranked maybe 15th best.

      Cogent argument? Around here?

  23. ken says:

    Juan Rivera anyone?

  24. Mark_Timmons says:

    Isn\’t he an NFL Head Coach?

  25. Young’s home/road splits:

    It’s hard to look past those splits. At least Blake is only around one more season. It makes more sense to save the money/prospects than to use the resources on a trade for Young.

    • Captain Loose says:

      “It makes more sense to save the money/prospects than to use the resources on a trade for Young.”


      I would like to see Uribe over there. And in my world that means DeJesus wins the job at second base. I would LOVE for that to happen in ST. Do I think it will? I can’t answer that on the grounds that it will cause trouble around here.

      • Mark_Timmons says:

        Captain (Badger),

        For a guy who is generally pretty smart, you just don’t seem to get it. You can say what you want, as long as you can support that position. You know – have a take and do not suck!

        When someone says: “Like I’ve said before on more than one occasion, the Dogs got nutten’ down on the farm. Our cupboard is bare and we’re stuck in mediocrity.”

        Well, that’s just totally ridiculus!

        I don’t believe that DeJesus will win the job at 2B either… but he could and I’d like to see that.

        Dustin disageed with what I felt about Young and has a good argument. I happen to think think that Young’s value is more than stats, but what he says is true.

        When you say stuff that’s not true, then there’s a problem and I or someone eles will take you to task.

        The truth is an absolute defense. Let me give you some examples so you can understand.

        “Matt Kemp is a bum.” Opinion – you can feel that and say that, but if you say it over and over, you will be challenged.

        “Matt Kemp really underperformed.” Truth – you can’t agrue with that

        “Frank McCourt is a scumbag.” Opinion – you don’t really know although you hav an objective opinion.

        “Frank McCourt probably has spent all he can on free agents. I can’t see him signing Young.” Truth. The truth will set you free.

        Feel free to give your opinions, but don’t beat that horse until it\’s deader than a mackerel

        Dustin used to make sweeping statements that were opinion. His post above is “spot on” and who can disagree with it?

  26. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Regarding Russell Martin in the the article linked above by Corey, In one breath he’s claiming to be in the best shape of his career, and in another says the following: “The first thing is to get health back, and then I’ll see where I’m at.” Really Russell. So you’re in the best shape of your life, but just not healthy yet. That makes a lot of sense. I’m starting to think that Martin might be a head case. I’m getting the feeling that he might not be missed.

  27. Captain Loose says:

    I doubt the recent Martin will be missed. Sure would like to see the one we had a few years ago.

    I think the health issues he is referring to are his hip and his knee. In that Yankee lineup, hitting 8th, surrounded by great players, he should do just fine. I look for him to hit around .270 with a typical .360 OBP. His defense will improve if his legs come back.

    Mark, when have I not provided the stats to support my position? Yes, I think McCourt is bad for the Dodgers, and the reasons are all in evidence. You choose not to read them, instead pointing out what has gone right for the Dodgers in the last 7 years. I choose to point out where they are now, not where they have been. As for the prospects, geez man, you are all over the map. Organization of the Year is valid for an organization that is the 15th best? Makes no sense to me. Have a take and don’t suck? That take SUCKS!

    I don’t get it? I think I do. Last year I told you that the Dodgers on field might just end up reflecting the ownership fractures and sure enough it happened. I get accused of being negative and not getting it when in fact – I was right! Being right has disadvantages around here.

    I am again on record. With the current construction of this team, I do not think the Dodgers have enough to win the N.L. pennant. I have given the reasons….. and they are in line with what many experts are saying as well. You don’t like what I am saying because it doesn’t jibe with your wishful thinking. Tough. I am entitled to my opinion. If I am wrong, I will stand up and admit it. Will you?

  28. RogerCraig says:

    He just does not understand, Mark. I think everyone else gets it.

    Maybe he just does not want to understand.

    • Captain Loose says:

      Subjective comment Roger. Don’t you get it? You need to come in with a take and don’t suck. Give all the reasons why you think I don’t get it.

      I am not the only one who thinks the Dodgers, and Dodger ownership, are not where they should be, but I seem to be the one you guys want to come after. I can take it. So, go ahead, support your opinion.

      Just don’t suck.

  29. RogerCraig says:


    You only like the issues which support your position and you ignore the things McCourt has accomplished to help the Dodgers. You do not like it but the Dodgers were the Topps Team of the Year. Is there an ownership problem? Yes, even Mark says so, but EVERYTHING you say is slanted your way. You refuse to see anything positive. Not everything is negative. Mark is a glass half full guy, but he is not oblivious to what is happening. I feel that you only want to see things your way. It is like what you said on the other thread about Dessens. He had a good year last year, probably his best one, so you jump on that, but the rest of his career is very spotty at best.

    There, how is that, with all due respect?

  30. Captain Loose says:

    “you ignore the things McCourt has accomplished to help the Dodgers.”

    Not true. I DO fully acknowledge what the Dodgers have accomplished while being owned by McCourt. I never did like him, and I have given all the reasons why. I also think that the Dodgers were going to be successful whoever was the owner. The players were there. Then Manny fell into their lap and magic happened. What else has McCourt actually done? Much of what they did was just superficial PR. And, we now know they were using the Dodgers as their own personal ATM, and we now know they, and the Dodgers are buried in debt.

    “but EVERYTHING you say is slanted your way.”

    That’s how you see it. You just don’t like my opinion, and you are entitled to that.

    “Mark is a glass half full guy,”

    You think I don’t know Mark? He and I have gone around and around for over a decade. And, we have watched games together and broke bread together. I have met his wife (she could do better and he knows it). Don’t try to lecture me on my relationship with Mark.

    “I feel that you only want to see things your way.”

    I see. And you DON’T want to see things YOUR way?

    On Dessens….”He had a good year last year”. Yes, he did. And, he had a good year in ’09 too. In limited use, he was… very useful. Can he do it for a third year in a row? Maybe. But, I say again, he is a minor league signing. This is the kind of thing EVERY team does EVERY year. You hope he still has some left in the can, if not? no biggie.

    Thank you for your “respect”.

  31. Native Angeleno says:

    Not bragging, there are writers here who know a lot more than i do about the details of the boys down on the farm, but i’m probably the only one who’s seen these guys play in Chattanooga.

    Which is a lovely town of pretty ladies btw.

    De La Rosa: potentially very good, with complete-game arm strength, tho his BBs will frustrate his every admirer.

    Dee Gordon: very fast to the ball and on the bases, but just as shaky on D.

    Trayvon Robinson: No great shakes. He could blossom, but at the moment, he better be a fast bloomer.

    Jerry Sands: the least impressive of the bunch.

    These Dodgers are not ready for prime time. Bubby is closest, imo. I prefer de Jesus and X Paul as the candidates most likely to comprise enough of a complete package to stick at 2nd and left, and i’m pulling for them—to get the ABs in Glendale to show they can, what with the detritus Ned has thrown on the roster, all of whom also must get their ABs.

    As for touting Miles as a good sign with nothing to lose, and the rest of the gunk of the day signings, give me a break. I think these guys are Mr Ned’s way to eke the player payroll up from $95 to $100 mill, $500 grand at a time.

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