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Position Players Report Today

Position Players Report Today

Of course, we already know that quite a few of the Dodgers position players have already reported, but today is the day they are officially to report and tomorrow is the first official workout.

I now have my itinerary - I will be at Carmelback Ranch from March 18th to the 24th. I’m staying at the Peoria North – Glendale Holiday Inn Express.   I just bought a new Cannon D7, so hopefully you will see some spectacular photos. Ialso  know that Billy Russell will be there during that time, as well as Jared and Roger Dodger.

Here’s a place I strongly recommend while you are there:

The Gym Grill and Bar located at 9611 W Camelback Rd Ste 101   Phoenix, AZ 85037.  In addition to all the regular bar food and beverages, the owners are from New York and make the best New York Style Cheesecake I have ever had!  Awesome!  Tell them I sent you!

Dodger News:

  • Ken Gurnick of gives us a in-depth look at one Blake Hawksworth, who I feel is quite likely to make the team.  According to Gurnick, there are a couple of things to keep in mid with Blake:

As a rookie in 2009, Hawksworth went 4-0 with a 2.03 ERA in 30 relief appearances. He struggled last year when he made eight starts and 37 relief outings, going 4-8 with a 4.98 ERA.

“As a starter he was throwing 90 [mph], 91 and out of the bullpen 94, 95,” said manager Don Mattingly. “Sometimes a guy thinks when he’s starting he has to pace himself. Out of the ‘pen he’s more aggressive and attacking. We feel that’s where he fits best.”

Good reliever, struggling starter – big difference in the speed of his fastball.  Looks like he’s taking Jeff Weavers’ spot.  With the other BeSorryO reliever not in camp, Hawksworth’s chances just got a lot better.

  • Steve Lyons answers Five Questions about the Dodgers of 2011.  Some pretty good stuff…
  • Dylan Hernandez says that Raffy has been working out since November and is looking forward to a good season.
  • Tony Jackson says that Donnie Ballgame has the jitters.  Uh, okay!  That’s good… I think!
  • Kobie won yet another All-Star MVP as the West beat the East 457 to 391 – very little defense.

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10 Responses to “Position Players Report Today”

  1. Ken says:

    Lyons is great – He always speaks his mind and more often than not he is correct.

    “the boring dud of a team they were under Joe Torre” – Classic!

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Don has the jitters. He thought all winter on what he wanted to say as all the players gather together in camp on the first day, however he has the jitters about talking in front of his players. Not sure what this tells us, but it’s being reported in the local newspaper this morning.

    Come on Donnie, ride that bike like you have been riding it for years.

    • Bill Russell says:

      I’m a big Steve Lyons fan also. Hopefully Raffy can stay heathly this year. It’s the heathly cycle year for him I think. (Contract year)

  3. Voldomer says:

    I met Lyons last year in the breakfast line at a Camelback-area hotel. He seemed like a very nice guy.

  4. Michael says:

    I am so jealous or should I say poor. Must be almost like Dodger heaven and really hope everyone has an experience to last a lifetime. Hopefully one of your pics off that new D7 is of Mark getting bearhugs from Badger and Lawdog. We are special in our own way, “Everybody is a Star”.

    I know they have a blogger night during the season where you get carte blanche, but do you receive any special perks or access during spring training?

    With all the talk of Loney hitting a gazillion HR and other deficiencies with our offense the real key is Raffy. If he stays healthy, I like our chances.

    P.S. Is is just me or doesn’t Furcal seem a lot older than 33

  5. DodgerDude says:

    Raffy is 66.

  6. SpokaneBob says:

    I’d like for Raffy to stay in the line up, but I don’t want to see him get 600 at bats and vest the option for 2012. Maybe the scheduled rest that Donnie plans for Furcal will allow him to stay
    healthy AND prevent him from getting the 600 ab’s.

    I want the team to get a little younger. Dee Gordon and/or T-rob could add some youth and much needed speed.

    This from one of the links that Mark posted above.

    Furcal said he intends to help prospect Dee Gordon, who is in major league camp and could one day be his replacement. He said others did the same for him.

    “When I was in Atlanta, Walt Weiss and Ozzie Guillen helped me out a lot,” Furcal said. Of Gordon, he said, “He’s a good player. I don’t think he needs much.”

  7. SpokaneBob says:

    From an interview with Gordon on the Dodger site: When people talk about your defense, they always bring up two things — your great range and the high number of errors you make. How do you respond to the criticism about the errors?

    Gordon: You know, numbers don’t lie. I have [made a lot of errors]. I’ve made them on tough plays, and I’ve made them on some plays where people say, “Hey, I’ve seen you make that play before.” … I promise it’ll be a different scenario this year, though. I’ve been out here [in Arizona] working that out. I’ve been finishing and finalizing my defense, and I feel like I’m ready to go.

    [The errors] were mainly me. It was me learning. If I get to a ball I should get that out, but just because you got to it — just because you caught the ball, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get the out. Don’t give him second on a bad throw. Let him stay on first and then get the double play instead. That’s something I’ve been learning. I’ve been learning the game, the speed of the game, the timing the different plays. I’ve been learning a lot out here, and I’m ready for a good 2011.

  8. Bobby says:

    actually if furcal does get his 600 at bats (which means he’s healthy, and likely has a good year), i doubt he takes that option.

    he’ll be stuck at 1 yr, $12 mil, with a chance to get hurt again. i’m sure he’d rather decline the option, and go find himself a 3 year deal elsewhere.

    either way, i seriously doubt he’s here next season. plus, if we suck hard this year, i’m sure he’ll be traded anyway.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Hey, everyone hopes for a good season, this time of year.

    What can turn the Dodgers around is this: Matt Kemp start hitting the ball more often. Because he swings and misses so much.

    The other day, MLB Channel was showing the Top 100 Players Right Now — and when they got to Jose Bautista of the bluejays — they had made a collections of some of his hits. Bam, wham, ding, dong, hit, hit . . . the guy had 54 HRs last season and 124 RBIs.

    See, I think that Kemp can do the same. And if he does, the league better watch out.


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