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Left, Right, Up, Down, Black, White, Correct, Wrong

Left, Right, Up, Down, Black, White, Correct, Wrong

Numbers are absolute!

Numbers don’t negotiate.

Numbers are reliable.

Numbers are predictable.

Numbers don’t waiver.

Numbers don’t change.

Numbers are quantifiable.

Numbers can prove anything.

The problem is that many bloggers and sabermetricians are using numbers on people!

I heard “Jamie Carroll was a bad signing because…..” Silly boy!  You are trusting numbers.  The guy is a” people”.

People of all things cannot be defined by numbers… BECAUSE PEOPLE CHANGE!

People aren’t absolute.

People negotiate.

People aren’t reliable.

People aren’t predictable.

People waiver.

People change.

Using a number to quantify a people isn’t always a good thing.

Maybe it’s right 50% of the time.  So is random chance.

I read all the numbers.  I buy Bill James and Baseball Prospectus.

I just realize that while numbers don’t lie, things happen outside of baseball and inside of baseball that affect how a people plays – both to the good or the bad.

Enjoy the numbers, but don’t worship them.  You will be disappointed.

Yesterday didn’t happen.  3:05 PDT Game Time Today.  Catch it on  I’ll give you a hint – Ely’s coming!

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7 Responses to “Left, Right, Up, Down, Black, White, Correct, Wrong”

  1. Bobby says:

    that really confused me. i need more coffee.

    game is on tv at 12pm in LA!!!

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually, I was never on the bandwagon of those who didn’t like the Jamie Carroll signing. I looked at his “numbers” and found that he was about a lifetime .275 hitter, and that he hit about .348 with RISP. Those seemed like nice numbers to me for a utility guy.

    But you’re right. Numbers alone don’t tell you everything. The human factor is definitely more than a little relevant. Or to put it another way, absolute numbers don’t guarantee absolute results. Of that I am ABSOLUTELY certain. Besides, anyone familiar with Einstein knows that’s it’s all relative.

    Game is on at 3:05 pm EDT. I think Mark might need that coffee. Game is scheduled to be carried on cable on the MLB Network.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Correction. Game is on 3:05 pm ET, not EDT. Daylight savings isn’t until March 13th. I might need some of that coffee too.

  4. Bobby says:

    i still dont love blake at the 2hole, but the dude is a pro, and u can’t hate on him. he plays hard; all u can ask.

    i think for a week or 2, if a starter goes down, ely will be the guy called up. if it’s a long term thing, then maybe its one of the kids?

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Kemp is in mid-seaon mode. Two run single. Great.

    Not a full house in Camelback today. Looks like many empty seats.

  6. Jae says:

    Duke Snider dead

  7. bluetrain says:

    Same, by bad,same same,great, bummer!


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