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Get Ready

Get Ready

February 16, 2011 – Dodgers pitchers and catchers report

February 27, 2011 – First spring training game vs. Angels and Giants

The Sporting News has the Dodger Minor Leaguers ranked like this:

  1. Kenley JansenHis maturity on the mound and his ability to command his fastball are as much at the root of his success as his raw stuff.”
  2. Dee Gordon – “Has plus defensive tools across the board at SS.”
  3. Allen Webster – Calls him the organizations “most polished pitching prospect
  4. Zach Lee – “High-level athleticism is quite apparent.”
  5. Rubby De La Rosa – “…no question he has the strongest arm in the Dodgers’ system
  6. Aaron Miller – “His 92-95 MPH fastball and sharp curveball are major league pitches.”
  7. Trayvon Robinson – “Has pure CF Tools on defense.”
  8. Jerry Sands – “Has mashed the ball everywhere the Dodgers have put him.”
  9. Chris Withrow – “Still gets rave reviews from scouts for his mid-90′s fastball, power curve and smooth delivery.”
  10. Ethan Martin“98 MPH fastball and power curveball.”

Allen Webster #3?  Very interesting!

From the same source, they quote a MLB scout as saying the following:

“There were two big events for the Dodgers: in re-signing their own pitchers and also adding Jon Garland, they go to spring training with six legitimate starters, which gives them excellent depth; and they don’t have the baggage of Manny Ramirez anymore.  Ramirez seemed to be a problem with his attitude and selfishness.  A high-paid verteran should be a leader in a positive direction.  He wasn’t!”

Is losing Manny “addition by subtraction?”

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18 Responses to “Get Ready”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    It looks like the farm could produce some players for us very soon. This could get very exciting. I don’t follow the farm as close as I should but is Dee Gordon a Major League SS or is he better suited for 2nd? Just curious on everyone else’s thoughts.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    From reports I’ve read, Dee Gordon has off the charts range at ss. He still makes too many errors (37 last season, and 13 in Puerto Rico this past winter), but that’s not unusual in young shortstops. This from Gordon in a Baseball America article: “That was one of my biggest things that I went to Puerto Rico to learn: to slow the game down. All the fields there are turf so the ball comes at you quicker. In the minor leagues, I was rushing through the baseball a little bit, making a few senseless errors. And some of the guys, they showed me, ‘Hey you don’t have to make a spectacular play every time. You don’t have to force it.’ I learned a ton down there.”

    From what I’ve read and seen of him, I get the feeling that Gordon is a kid with his head screwed on straight. I expect that by this time next year he will be ready to replace Raffy at short. It’s also intriguing that even though he’s the son of former big league pitcher Tom “Flash” Gordon, he didn’t start playing baseball until his senior year of high school. Prior to that, his primary interest was basketball. He’s a gifted athlete, who should get a lot better at baseball now that it’s his primary focus.

  3. Jaydavis says:

    I’m getting ready for March 3rd-7th

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Nice piece at Dodger Thoughts today.

    Good to hear that there is a renewed emphasis on international signings. That Colletti openly admits the shortcomings in this area during the past several years is both refreshing and encouraging. It’s a step (maybe even a giant leap) in the right direction.

    Says up above in MLB Trade Rumors that Michael Young has requested a trade. I am not suggesting that the Dodgers offer a package of top prospects for the 34 year old Mr. Young (35 in October), but it certainly probably wouldn’t hurt to inquire. Perhaps in lieu of having the Rangers pick up a large slice of Young’s remaining $48 million, the Dodgers could just include Casey Blake’s contract, and be willing to pick up the lion’s share of what remains of Young’s contract, and thereby preclude the need to include premium prospects. Blake is not Young, but in a limited role he could probably be of value to the Rangers with part-time work at the corners, at DH and off the bench.

    The signing of Aaron Miles to a minor league contract is just probably insurance.

  5. Mark_Timmons says:


    That was an excellent piece by Jon. I thought that Ned was very candid, but I have always felt that he was not a guy who gave you a bunch of B.S.

    Color Blue,

    Not many people post when the Dodgers are ranked #12 by BA – especially after they say the Dodgers have NO PROSPECTS!


    • ray guilfoyle says:

      tell’em Mark. Ned also said that Zach Lee, yes that Zach Lee, could be in the Dodgers rotation in 2012. At least that is how I read it. maybe he meant 2013. Either way, he could follow the track Kershaw was on.

    • Captain Loose says:

      So….. what is it? … Organization of the Year or 12th best? I just don’t see how it can be both.

      And who was it that said the Dodgers have “NO PROSPECTS!”?

      Whoever it was should be BANNED from this holy Blue place!

      • Mark_Timmons says:


        You are right, of course.

        The KC Royals are the organization of the year.

        Yeah, that\’s the ticket.

      • Mark_Timmons says:

        Try this one:

        Like I’ve said before on more than one occasion, the Dogs got nutten’ down on the farm. Our cupboard is bare and we’re stuck in mediocrity.

        I think you know who wrote that…

        • Captain Loose says:

          Yeah, I do. I kinda forgot about that. Obviously you haven’t. I think maybe he was just a tad upset at the time. I don’t think he really believes the part about the cupboard being bare. I KNOW he believes as long as McGoo owns the team, we will be mired in mediocrity. Many believe that.

          I don’t believe the cupboard is bare either, but I do think, like our current power ranking being in the middle, or farm system is in the middle too. I have no problem with a 12th ranking. As you know, I don’t buy the Organization of the Year stuff.

  6. ken says:

    7 pitchers and 3 possible position players. WOW

    I prefer Miles over Castro. No sense having DeJesus riding the pine.

    Sir John wins the writing contest again today.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually, between Jon and Chad Moriyama we’ve had some really good writing over the last several days. If the Dodgers play as well as those two gentlemen wrote this week, a championship is inevitable.

    If the Dodgers carry 12 pitchers (likely), then there’s room for only five bench players, one of which is a catcher. That leaves two more spots on the bench for Gwynn/Thames/Gibbons, Carroll, and one more spot for Castro/De Jesus/Miles. I might even be forgetting someone, or things could happen before the season opens to change this scenario.

    If memory serves, I believe I previously mentioned that the Dodger farm system was ranked #12 by BA, while at the same time being ranked #23 by Keith Law. At least I said something to that effect.


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