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Genius or Insanity?

Genius or Insanity?

We have all wondered about Matt Kemp’s regression last year. 

  • It was the low and away sliders, right?
  • It was Rhianna, right?
  • He didn’ t listen to the coaches right?
  • He had his head up his wazoo, right?
  • He wasn’t concentrating, right?
  • He’s a bum, right?
  • He’ll be a superstar, right?

Well, Chad Moriyama published a blog post that was longer than War and Peace at TrueBlueLA.  I am amazed at the amount of research and thought that went into this piece.  I mean, I have never see this amount of thoughful analyis on anything in baseball recently. 

I don’t really know Chad, but I can tell he’s a bright guy and a gifted writer, but after reading his post (and I read every word, well not the words over 5 letters because I can’t sound them out very well), I have concluded two things:

#1 – We both think the same thing about Matt Kemp:  “Who the hell knows?”

#2 – The dude is either insane or a genius. 

I’m sure I’m not qualified to comment, because I tilt toward one side rather strongly.

Here’s the difference between Chad and I:  He gives you 1,000 things to comtemplate and no conclusion.  I give you nothing to contemplate and my conclusion. 

Fifth Amendment!

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23 Responses to “Genius or Insanity?”

  1. ken says:

    The problem is obviously his focus.

  2. Bootz says:

    If it isn’t this year, it will be next. I don’t see Kemp lolly gagging on a contract year.

  3. Bill Russell says:

    If Kevin Malone was the GM, he would make a Ted Lily / Casey Blake trade to Texas for Michael Young.

  4. Captain Moose says:

    I read that too. Posted what I thought about it. Sure, it was an excellent analysis and brilliantly presented. But, I still have the same conclusion I always had … Matt Kemp looks at strike one down the middle and swings at strike three low and away. I would pitch him the same way the league does…. throw strike one (he will look at it) and then go high and tight low and away. Until he changes his approach, he has shown he can be pitched to.

    As for losing focus.. isn’t that obvious? The guy was 25 last year, dating a super star entertainer with a lot of lights on him… and most of them were still on around 5 o’clock in the morning. When an old geezer like Bowa called him out on it, he got pissed. Then Colletti called him out on it and his youthful stubborness got him further in the hole. I don’t believe it takes a degree in psychhology to figure this one out. We were all young once. Sometimes it takes people a few extra years to mature.

    Will he do it this year? Many are counting on it.

    Jed can make that trade for Young Bill. But it won’t happen because it will cost Jansen and Robinson, plus we take on all the contract. Blake is worthless to anyone, and Lilly is needed to get close to 200 IP of 4.0. We need that out of every starter.

  5. Mark_Timmons says:

    I agree with “Who Goosed The Moose” on this one.

    Lilly is an essential part of this team. How about the Dodgers take on all of Young\’s salary and the Rangers take Blake and Broxton?

    Throw in the X. if needed.

  6. Mark_Timmons says:


    1. Furcal SS

    2. Young 2B

    3. Ethier LF

    4. Kemp RF

    5. Loney 1B

    6. Uribe 3B

    7. Barajas/Navarro C

    8. Gwynn, Jr. CF

    KKB closes. (Kuo, Kenley, Belisario)

  7. Captain Moose says:

    Do you really think the Dodgers will take on Young’s contract? I don’t.

    From MLB Rumors above:

    “Broxton blew a four-run lead against the Yankees on June 27th, throwing a career-high 48 pitches in the inning. He was never the same the rest of the season.”

    Well…… duh.

    And, from the comments on it:

    “Seriously, how in the hell did Joe Torre leave him in to throw 48-FORTY EIGHT pitches people-in an inning? How do you leave him in to blow a 4 run lead and throw FORTY EIGHT pitches in an inning?”

    Not only did Joe leave him in that game, he used him again twice within 5 days for a total of over 90 pitches. Dumb and dumberer.

  8. RogerCraig says:

    Torre had him Proctorized

  9. Bobby says:

    right now i have no plans to attend opening day.

    but if we go get michael young, is it OUT THERE TO BE HAD…..

    i will meet you gentlemen in the parking lot for pregame beers on me!

  10. ken says:

    Dodger organization report regrding home grown players:

    Position starters – 2.5 of 8 – .313
    Bench players – 1.5 of 5 – .300
    Starting Pitchers – 2 of 5 – .400
    Relief Pitchers 3 of 7 – .429

    So the Topps Dodger organization is currently best known for developing relief pitchers. WOW!

  11. Captain Moose says:

    From Cots:

    09-13: $16M annually (total of $15M deferred)

    That is 48 millllyun dollars for a 34 year old with a career .795 OPS. As much as I wish we had him instead of Blake… that ain’t gonna happen unless Texas swallows the contract.

    We need to get some guys on their way up, and then plug in a REAL thumper when he comes along. I doubt it will be this year, not with the team we have now. But……

    we have some real potential that exists in the middle of our order right now. It won’t be enough, but, I say again, if we are in this thing come July, we check the lots for the expensive used sports cars and trade our numbers 1 and 2 best prospects, along with Blake, Loney, Broxton, Padilla, Bellasario….. pick from a group of players the trading team could plug in now and……. away we go.

    This could be Frankie and Jed’s last hurrah. If somehow the Dodgers remain close for the first 4 months of the season?…. I think they will go for it – the future be damned.

  12. Chucky says:

    I have followed Chad since he started his website as “Fire Ned Collett NOW!” He is a genius but does have issues focusing (as we all do).

    Now for the Dogs; I see them winning 84 games with good years from Kemp, Either and Uribe. I see the patoon in left getting over 20 HR’s and I see Kershaw as the ace with 16 wins.

    At 84 games we MAY make the playoffs but let’s face it, the Dogs HAVE TO write off this year due to the deferral money with a complete rebuilding next year (as we will know if Kemp, Either, Loney and Broxton will be real). We will need to rebuild the starters, SS, 3B (or 2nd base however you want to look at it) and catcher. Basically the whole team. YOU WILL HAVE SALARY ROOM though.

    I think we need the great Dodger minds to look at the 2012 free agents and “dream” about what we should do.

  13. Mark_Timmons says:


    I have no trouble focusing.

    What did he say?

  14. Mark_Timmons says:

    Steelers 39

    Packers 42

  15. Captain Loose says:

    Packers 27 Steelers 24.

    84 sounds reasonable to me. Last year the O/U was 84 1/2. This year we have better pitching, but so many offensive question marks.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    108 wins. All it requires is FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS.

    I’m either a genius, or insane. Take your pick.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Maybe both.

  18. RogerCraig says:

    It’s a fine line …

  19. DRomo says:

    The Rangers would have no need for Broxton. Tey have a lights out closer. They would however take pitching or minor leaguers to restock thier depth. Either way this deal is not happening (for Young).

  20. Bill Russell says:

    The Rangers wouldn’t be too picky on who they get for Young. They need to shed a large contract without eating too much of the $. The only reason I thought Lily might be a fit is because it would be an easier sell to the Ranger fans and his contract is $33 million for 3 years. Blakes contract would be an easier dump for Texas or less money to swallow. The combined salaries are pretty equal for the upcoming year.
    I wouldn’t want to trade Lily because I think he’ll pitch great this year but putting Padilla in as the #5 and adding a huge bat to the lineup would be nice. We would need to find someone for long relief but, it’s not going to happen as Rome’s points out.

  21. Bill Russell says:

    If we got Young, he could play SS next year or relief Raffy this year. Something for Ned to think about.

  22. Captain Loose says:

    I follow your reasoning Bill but I agree with both you and Romey – Young ain’t happenin’ in L.A..


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