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The Thot Plickens

The Thot Plickens

Everyone saw this coming – According to Bill Shaiken of The LA Times, Frank McCourt has severed ties with the crook, ‘er attorney who “doctored” an agreement between Frank and Jamie:

Frank McCourt has severed ties with Bingham McCutchen, the law firm whose attorney drew up the faulty agreement that could cost McCourt ownership of the Dodgers.

McCourt parted ways with Bingham late last month, after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon threw out an agreement that would have given McCourt sole ownership of the team. The Times confirmed the split on Friday with three people familiar with the matter, none of whom were authorized to speak publicly about it.

Neither Steve Sugerman, the spokesman for McCourt, nor Claire Papanastasiou, the spokeswoman for Boston-based Bingham, would comment.

Legal analysts have suggested McCourt might sue the law firm, claiming its actions cost him the team. Generally, McCourt would have one year from the time Bingham stopped representing him to sue, said Michael Dempsey, a Century City attorney specializing in legal malpractice.

Dempsey said it would be “highly likely” that the sides would have reached an agreement to waive that one-year limit, since the McCourt divorce litigation could extend beyond that.

Such an agreement would preserve McCourt’s right to sue — and ultimately could spare Bingham from a claim of liability if McCourt can secure ownership of the Dodgers, in court or in a settlement.

This is another card that Frank has “up his sleeve.”  Could he negotiate a deal with them to help him pay off Jamie?  He’s a tricky son of a gun.  I have an idea we haven’t heard the last of this.

What does this all mean?  Tell me…

Dodger News:

  • Ken Gurnick of has a good Q & A today.
  • I know everyone is underwhelmed at the signing of Mike MacDougal.  I have even seen people blast Ned for it.  That’s silly – don’t forget that the Dodgers have to stock the roster at Albuquerque, and occssionally, only very occasionally, you get lucky.  I live in Indy, which is also a AAA city and we see these “retreads” all the time.

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11 Responses to “The Thot Plickens”

  1. ken says:

    Put Broxton, MacDougal and Hough in a field house for a month and two all-stars just might emerge. Just get a new grip.

    Attorney – Either the agreements and exhibits were a conspiracy by Frank and Jaime to defraud their creditors or the attorney committed malpractice (in my opinion). Do any of the attorneys at Bingham McCutchen even practice family law in California? Their documents did not demonstrate that they knew very much about California Family Law. Their firm website does not even list family law as one of their practice groups. OOPS!!

  2. Willie Mays says:

    That’s why the Dodgers suck.

  3. Bill Russell says:

    Silly Willie go wipe your eyes, you say things in here that makes a Dodger fan cry.

    Your team got very lucky in two thousand ten, It’s a whole different year when this season begins.

    So don’t be a dick and please stay away, or move to the city where you can be Gay.

  4. Bill Russell says:

    disclaimer (not that there’s anything wrong with it)

  5. Rory says:

    I think you can be gay anywhere Bill. Except Mississippi. Haley Barbour won’t allow it.

    (seaking of Barbour… check out what was said about him here… it’s hilarious… )

    “Either the agreements and exhibits were a conspiracy by Frank and Jaime to defraud their creditors”

    that’s got my vote. Why didn’t Jamie see that other thing when it was written up? She is supposed to be a lawyer. Wouldn’t you notice language like that ken?

    When we first started talking about this, I tried to tell Mark what I knew about divorce law in California (it sucks for the guy if he was the bread winner) but, he just wanted to wait until all the hatchets fell. Well they did and what do you know? it came down just like some of us said it would. Now, it drags on, just like some of us said it would, and only the lawyers win. Yawn……

    and we are left talking about MacDougals and platoons.

    Thot Plickens. Great character actor. Loved his performance in Dr. Strangelove.

  6. Mark Timmons says:

    Here’s the way I see it. The Judge ruled that the agreement was invalid, so that leaves Frank with a few options:

    1. Appeal it;
    2. Re-frame the argument and attack it a different way; or
    3. Sue the law firm who represented you for malpractice.

    It appears to me that Frank is going to move towards #3.

    • ken says:

      Another sticky wicket.

      Are the damages actually the fault of the attorney if Frank waives his right to appeal?

      If he appeals, then does he have to wait until the appeal is over to sue the attorney? If he waits until the appeal is over, then has the one year statute of limitations for suing an attorney run?

      Should he try just doing 1 and 3 simultaneously? The longer Frank appeals these cases the higher the value of the Dodgers becomes because the closer he gets to a cable network.

      Commissioner Gordon obviously called both Frank and Jamie a liar in his opinion. Maybe he is a Dodger fan and will rule in a manner that allows Bud to force them to sell. A terrible ruling for Frank will allow Jamie to be a co-owner, or gives Jamie the right to a significant portion of the value of the Dodgers, and then neither will be able to afford to buy out the other’s half. Either person buying half may just allow Bud to force a sale by both of them. Giving Frank everything will create consternation by the fans for many years.

      If Frank waits too long, then the owners and the players union will have time to negotiate a new Debt Formula and make sure that marital settlement debt is specifically counted as debt that will allow Bud to force a sale. Do not be surprised of Frank and Jamie MUST co-own the team for decades in order for either of them to keep the team.

      Can we just get this mess over with?

  7. Bobby says:

    pujols says he’ll veto any trade.

    there goes my fantasy of trading for him to start the year

  8. SpokaneBob says:

    Willie, You must be the same guy who opened the champagne during game six against the Angels and cost the giants the series.

  9. Rory says:

    Mark, if the opportunity for litigation appears on any list, it immediately goes to the top. This thing drags out on it’s own. And you can be assured the teams of lawyers will encourage these two morons to keep slugging.

    St. Louis already knows the value of Pujols to that franchise. They are not stupid enough to pull a Piazza like move and trade him away. I see maybe less years, but the same amount of money…. let’s say 7-8 years at $30 mil. The fans know ticket prices will go up, but, that’s the price you pay for the best player in baseball.

  10. Bill Russell says:

    MLB Rumors has a post that states that A. J. Pierzynski was very close to signing with the Dodgers before the White Sox swooped in at the last minutes and resigned him. They are also reporting that at least three other teams are offering Eric Chavez more playing time than the Dodgers. The chances don’t appear to be very good about landing Eric.


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