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Now Is Not The Time

Now Is Not The Time

I seriously doubt that the Dodgers will sign another Free Agent or swing a trade at this juncture… nor do I think they should. However, I am not including Eric Chavez in this discussion, since he is already on the Dodgers’ radar.  It appears that the Dodgers have interest in him, and he would prefer to play for the Dodgers.  The only thing lacking is an agreement on the money… and maybe a commitment of playing time.

But, even with players like Vlad Guerrero still on the market, I prefer to see the Dodgers sit this one out.  If the Dodgers were in the A.L.  I’d say sign Vald as a DH, but last I checked, the N.L. didn’t have a DH, so there’s no place for a player like Vlad on the Dodgers roster.  He can’t play LF any better than I can.  In fact, I probably have more range.  He might have a better arm, but I have a better batting eye.

I think Ned may have a plan (at least I sure hope he does), and it may be the same plan I have.  I’m going to let you in on the secret, but I’ll probably I’ll have to “off” you after you read this.  Deal?  Here’s the plan:  Start the season with what the Dodgers currently have and see what happens. There it is – now you are a dead man!

Actually, that’s a pretty good plan.  Just like Manny Ramirez became available, another player will surface who the Dodgers could use.  The Dodgers have some nice pieces to trade, and if Jansen, Broxton, Kuo or Loney start out hot, a bevy of trade partners could surface.  Throw in some prospects with Loney and Broxton and you could get an All-Star 1B.  You just never know what will develop.  Maybe it’s an All-Star LF and Sands steps in at 1B.  Maybe it’s an All-Star CF and Loney stays.  There are more possibilities than I have time to consider.

Things happen on other teams and players become available.  Things happen on the Dodgers and players become available.  Who knows what can happen?  I don’t and neither do any of the real fish hacks.  My advice is this:  deal from strength, not weakness.

Look for a trade in the Summer.

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  1. dtwdodger says:

    I am nearly in complete agreement with your posted viewpoint sans the comedy.

    The part referenced below where you try your hand at comedy is hilarious!

    “He can’t play LF any better than I can. In fact, I probably have more range. He might have a better arm, but I have a better batting eye.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    If something good becomes possible, then by all means the Dodgers should act. Otherwise, I agree that sitting tight now until an opportunity presents itself is probably the best strategy. The variables are indeed, infinite.

    Sitting tight doesn’t mean that Ned isn’t on the phone everyday. And I doubt if he’ll do anything from weakness. And it’s not unusual for deals to be made near the end of spring training. Remember, the Dodgers didn’t acquire Milton Bradley until just before opening day in 2004.

    I don’t have a clue if Chavez will be any good, but I’d like to add him to the mix. If it’s a reasonable deal, I’m betting it gets done. If he’s looking for a commitment in dollars and playing time beyond what the Dodgers consider reasonable, then it’s probably dead. Given his health over the past few years, I’m guessing he, himself, would be better off playing on a less than daily basis.

  3. Bootz says:

    Like the point of view. I totally agree.

  4. Anonymoose says:

    I see you are coming around there Mark.

    One step at a time. McCourt can wait. His situation will be around for the full year.

    Tee it up, see how the ELK plays, hope for a fast start and make whatever move is necessary, and salary nuetral, at the deadline. Yep, good idea.

    Anybody have a clue how season ticket sales are going?

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    My position is the same.

    This team could be very good this year.

    We are stuck with McCourt, like it or not.

    It is probably going to take a year or two to play out, so let’s hope McCourt and Ned have a plan… and I think they do, but time will tell.

    I doubt that season tix sales are going well. Just a hunch, but no news in that area has to be BAD news!

    But, winning woud cure it all.

  6. ken says:

    I seriously doubt that the Dodgers have the money to sign any free agents including Chavez’s elevated price caused by the Dodger scouts drolling over him after the workout.

    OF – Milton Bradley might be available at a low price!!

    I do tend to agree with Berkman regarding Vlad.

    Ned’s plan is always to put the best team on the field, within the limtations of limited post distribution/debt payment resources, with marginal evaluation of players, and excessive hope and gambling regarding upside potential.

    I may have read once that season ticket sales are not required to be provided to Bud until the last day of February. Only good news is leaked early by management.

    2011 will be the final test for all of the special assistants and Mr. Mustard. Look for Frank to clean out the Player Development house after the 2011 season if the players do not rebound in 2011, and/or significant improvement in minor league prospects does nto occur.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    Regarding Berkman on Vlad, Does Berkman know anyone with a video camera? Or does he have a TV or read a newspaper. Berkman shouldn’t throw balls in glass houses. We will see his defensive plays this year in St Louis. Holiday in LF and Berkman in RF. They need Lassie to cover CF. Remember Lance – Less is more.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Anonymous (NOT “Anonymoose”) above is me. New computer. Forgot to add name.

  9. Bill Russell says:

    It sounds like the Jays are going to sign Chavez.

  10. Anymoose says:

    Anymoose is me. I like the name. And other than Mark, and the occasional post by Ray – who isn’t anyonymous in here? Anymoose will work. Anymoose’ldo. Ask Sarah. She never saw a moose she didn’t like, and want to put a bullet in.

    Mark I don’t recall you saying anything about waiting to see what happens early and then dealing at the deadline – or agreeing with those who suggested this IS the team we will be fielding, no Blake replacement, a platoon – no Blake, in lf, no big gun signing and no big deal trade until we know if it’s worth doing so in July – and I haven’t heard your yearly predictions of a hundred fortyleven rbi’s from Kemp and Ethier, 20 wins for Kershaw, and 96 wins for the Dodgers. If your position is the same, can we expect the same predictions?

    I just checked Bill James projections….. he is more optimistic on our players than am I, but, I’ll step out there now and get close to his predcitions……

    Ethier . 285 with 24 HR and 88 RBI’s. I am not sure who he is going to be driving in, but hopefully Furcal is in the lineup all year. There are no other lead-off men on this team, and there are no prototypical 2 hole hitters either.

    Kemp .280 with 24 HR and 90 RBI’s. As with Andre….not sure who he is going to be driving in, but hopefully Ethier scores 90+ runs.

    Loney .275 with 14 HR and 80 rbi’s.

    Uribe. He will do what he usually does only do it Chavez Ravine lite – .254 with a .306 OBP, 18 HR and 60 RBI’s.

    As for the rest of this lineup, if they all have productive years, and ELK do the above, the Dodgers will be competitive and win 88 games. (Shall we go with LUKE? as in Loney, Uribe, Kemp and Ethier? Those ARE the guys. USE THE FORCE LUKE…………)

    Who’s next?

  11. Anymoose says:

    How about FLUKE? add Furcal to the list. He is vital to the success of this team.

    Found this in a search here:

    maybe this is where I remember some of your projections for last year. Had you been right, the Dodgers would have won the West going away.

    • ken says:

      “I have a sneeking feeling that these guys will take their game to another level this year.”

      They sure did!! Straight to the basement!!!

      Nice research LOL

  12. Mark Timmons says:

    I didn’t really publish much of any number predictions last season and won’t be doing that either this season, at the risk of being as wrong as Bill James, Fangraphs or Baseball Prospectus.

    They publish their projections every year which are almost always wrong – few are on the money.

    I repeatedly said last preseason that Manny and Raffy could have very good years, IF they stayed healthy, and I was opposed to the signing of Manny and Raffy because of their ages.

    I will again predict that Raffy will be a key to the season. If he’s able to play 145 games, then the Dodgers should be solid at the top. That’s a big if!

    I don’t KNOW what Kemp, Loney and Ethier WILL do, but here’s what they CAN do:

    Kemp – .300/40 HR/40 SB/110 RBI

    Ethier – .300/40 HR/120 RBI

    Loney – .300/20 HR/100 RBI

    I’ll argue that they have that ability. I just don’t know if they have the want to or desire.

  13. Loose Moose says:

    I agree those guys have the talent to do something like that, but I too don’t know if they have the desire and committment to do the work required. And, those numbers just aren’t going to happen on a team that has the lineup the Dodgers do. There just aren’t enough high OBP guys up in front of our middle order for all of them to get those RBI’s. They need to be on a better team to do that. Even Furcal, in a good year, only gets on at .360. He is a career .350 OBP player. Who hits second on this team? Uribe and his .300 OBP? Gibbons/Thames/Gwynn at .320, Kemp .336, Blake .320, Loney .340, Barajas .300, the pitchers spot… the only guy in the starting lineup with a decent career OBP is Ethier. This is a very strange offensive team the Dodgers have put together. It could have some power, but you could also see a ton of solo shots.

  14. SpokaneBob says:

    Moosey, Let me know your address and I will pass it on to Sarah. The second spot will be determined during spring training. There is no Gibbons/Thames/Gwynn….It will either be Gwynn in Center or Gibbons/Thames in left.

  15. Bill Russell says:

    I’m sure that the offensive predictions for the Giants didn’t look too impressive last season. Pitch a great game and score a few runs could become a good formula. You don’t play the games on paper folks. Lets see how it shakes out in the spring.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    In 2010 Ethier hit .292, 23 HR, 82 RBI. So how does anyone come up with a projection of .285, 24 HR, 88 RBI, given that Ethier played hurt for just about the entire season after returning from his May injury? Is Ethier projected to be hurt again?

  17. Loose Moose says:

    Spoken like a true 2nd ammendment remedies supporter Bob. You and Angle. Shoot them all and let God sort them out. I wonder how Sarah would fare if the moose was armed?

    And, you are wrong about the lf situation. Gwynn is on this team and will be a late inning replacement for the guys we have out there that can’t play outfield worth a lick. And you need look no further than lf to find that platoon.

    Andre played in 139 games and got 517 at bats. I figure this year he will be in more games and get more at bats…. thus the higher figures. This ain’t rocket surgery, it’s just guessing. Let’s see your guess.

    So… if you guys disagree, throw some numbers out there. Or, is this still just a place to come and criticize other posters opinions and worship the McCourt owned Blue?

    I figure this team is seriously OB challenged. Do I have that wrong? If I do, then at the end of the year my predictions will be short. I am ok with that.

  18. SpokaneBob says:

    Wrong on both counts Mr. Moose.

    Wrong to assume that I would support “second ammendment remidies” when I was only making a joke in responce to your uncalled for shot at Sarah.

    As for as how the outfield situation shakes out, its just a matter of opinion and neither one of us knows for sure what will happen. I guess we will just to see how it plays out this spring.

  19. Loose Moose says:

    Sarah asks for all she gets. As does Angle. Both stepped into the political arena unarmed.

    As for your joke, ok, my bad, I get it. But, is it PC to talk about sending someone over to someone else’s house with intent to shoot them? I’m just asking. ’tis a touchy subject here in Arizona you know.

  20. MillaBlue says:

    Ya know Mark, I am not only happy but pleasantly surprised by the moves L.A. made this off-season. We are somewhat two deep at every position. Not exactly loaded up but I like the options.

    They went out of their way to get a number of good pitchers and with a healthy Padilla I say from 1-6 were about as good as it gets.

    We should be able to compete now and see how the market plays out eh? A few things I am keeping my eye on:

    Loney – Get it done and do it early because if not, I am ready to see the SandMan at 1B or someone through a trade with HR power.

    Left Field – Who is going to step up? No one? Then go grab one.

    3B – Is Casey done? Sure looks like it. We cannot go deep in the playoffs with weak hitting corners. Who the H has weak hitting corners anyway? It’s disturbing!


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