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Dope Fiend Move!

Dope Fiend Move!

Yes, I wanted Adrian Beltre, but not at anything close to 6 years and $96 million.  Nolan Ryan is insane.  Think about the last time the Rangers gave a 3B a huge contract… and he was a lot younger!  I think a lot of contracts handed out this winter will ultimately be deemed excessive and the teams who doled them out will be sorry.  I wanted Beltre, but not at a crazy price.  No thank you!  This is a dope-fiend move.  I’d argue that even at 32, Adrian Beltre would be worth a 5 year/$65 mil deal, but a deal like this is crazy.  Ask me what I really think…


Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe interviewed Larry Bowa, who blames Matt Kemp for his lack of a job as a coach.  In part he says of Kemp:

“He’s a five-tool player, but he’d bring you five tools on Monday and sometimes one tool on Tuesday. This kid can do anything he wants in this game. He’s got tremendous ability. He’s not a bad kid. It just looked like he had other things on his mind.

“I was trying to get him to see what he was doing or not doing. Some people call it ‘old school.’ I just call it playing baseball the right way. I’ve put on the uniform and played the hardest I could for as long as I could. That’s all I ever asked of anyone else.’’

Let’s hope he has baseball on his mind this year.  He’s been humbled, in more ways than one.  2011 could be the monster year we’ve been waiting for.  If Kemp has that monster year, it can’t help but carry over to Ethier and Loney.  Success breeds success.  I’d still like to see Lastings Milledge in Blue.  Then I could really like this team!
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  1. Badger says:

    Have to agree with everything you said here Mark. No way is Beltre worth that much… to the Dodgers. The stat heads that come in and out of here all said Beltre and his WAR made him a $16-18 million a year player but I sure don’t see it. I guess what I think don’t mean squat.

    One thing I will say is that Beltre needs to be slotted into a powerful lineup to have any shot at doing what he seems to do in contract years. Now that he has the last contract he will likely ever get, what are the odds he actually hits .300 with 100+ RBI’s? Well, in that lineup he has a shot. In ours, not so much.

    Bowa is of course right. But, maybe a younger coach is needed to get through to Kemp. Bowa expected his team to be ballplayers first and playa’s second. Kemp, for whatever reason, just didn’t see it that way. Maybe this year he will. All of our young guys are playing for the Beltre like contract this year. That will work in our favor… if they decide to put the game first.

  2. Ken says:

    How often can a MLB team file for bankruptcy?

    I just want a LF this month. Oh and a hair length rule.

    Bowa was right. Too bad that it is not politically correct to try to prevent the inmates from running the asylum. Torre – the psychiatrist who finally went nuts.

    Presumably the Angels now resign their DH.

    In any year did Dave Kingman ever K as much as Matt Kemp in 2010?

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Ken, maybe some of the Kemp K’s happened because he wanted to get back to the bench to make or receive a cell phone call from his beloved at the time . . . Other agenda.

    Boy, she sure had a lot of phone calls to handle.

  4. Dusto says:

    Jeeze how old are you guys?

    Bowa is dumb and I hate him. Just about as much as I hate Torre.

    • Badger says:

      Old enough to recognize ignorance when we see it.

      You need to read up on some history Dusto.

      • Dusto says:

        Here we go again!

        Don’t drop your cain, turn up your hearing aid and get out your Ensure, its gonna be a long night.

        • Badger says:

          Listen up kid, I am 62 and I’ll bet I can still outwork you. Just because people have a few years on them doesn’t mean they have lost their minds.

          Drop my cain? How old are you?

          • Dusto says:


            Harldy a kid. Come and try and work with me. We’ll see who can last out the day/week/month/year. In the end not only will I put up better numbers than you, but (and its pretty clear after reading the argument here) that I am much more mentally capable than you.

            I know first hand that people who have put on years have literally lost their minds.

  5. Bluenose Dodger says:

    For whatever reasons, Matt Kemp underperformed last year, in a number of ways – offensively, defensively, on the bases, etc. So did some of his teammates. Hopefully they all get that corrected.

    But on to the Bowa situation. No doubt in my mind that Matt needed to be kicked in the backside. No doubt Bowa’s assessment was pretty much right on. However, I contend that for Bowa to do it in the press is simply the wrong way to do it. Matt was not playing like a professional and Larry wasn’t coaching like a professional, by going through the media that is hungry to feed on any dessention on a club. Secondly, Bowa blaming Kemp because he doesn’t have a job is a junior high school tactic. Matt didn’t suggest to Larry that he go through the media. Maybe Matt answered right back in a negative way towards Bowa in the media. I don’t recall him doing that. In any event, Bowa has to look at himself to determine why he doesn’t have a job.

    I don’t think he was dismissed from the Dodgers because of the incident with Matt itself. My speculation is that Mattingly wanted to develop his own coaching staff and Larry didn’t fit the profile he is looking for. Mattingly also seems to want to distance himself from the Joe Torre approach.

  6. Mark Timmons says:


    Mattingly wanted Bowa, but Ned nixed it. I like Bowa too, but I think he may be too “old school” for today’s athlete. Hopefully, Lopes is a little more “hip.”

    Maybe it is Ned who wants to eliminate the Torre Connections.

  7. Badger says:

    Bowa is a guy who speaks to truth. I will never condemn a man for that. We need more of it, not less.

    Kemp’s immature behaviors and moronic on field play cost the Dodgers. He gets paid a lot of money to play a game. Take it seriously or hit the road.

    This isn’t old school vs. new school, this is do your freakin’ job or pay the consequence. Kemp f’d up. Bowa was right on the money.

    Lopes more hip? I doubt it. Maybe he is more reserved, but he grew up in the same baseball generation Bowa did. I played with a guy that was on that Philadelphia team and he told me about Larry Bowa -what made him a special player. Bowa got where got because he outworked everybody. If Kemp had the same attitude Bowa did he would be an All Star every year. Kemp doesn’t have “it”. He may never have that want to. And if so, he will never achieve what Bowa did.

    • Dusto says:

      Bowa might speak the truth, but it was the tact that he did it with (or lack their-of) that was so alarming. In any situation, if you have a problem with a person you dont go talking to other people about it, you confront them straight on. Bowa went straight to the press to say what he had to about Kemp.

      • Dusto says:

        I’m not sure what was so “immature” about Kemp; and that is the first time anyone has said that of him. Any time an old person calls someone young “immature”, its likely just a slanderous fickle name calling rant that is hiding more honest opinions.

        • Badger says:

          So, you are assuming Bowa didn’t go right to Kemp.

          Likely another miscalculation on your part. Bowa doesn’t shy away from anybody. Especially a younger underperforming primadonna like Matt Kemp.

          I think Bill has it right in his post below. Bowa probably got damn tired of being ignored by a butterhead like Kemp, and he spoke out. Stuff happens. But, I would take a player like Bowa any day of the week. You know you don’t have to ask him to work harder.

          • Dusto says:

            The fact the Bowa went to the press with this is bad enough. No one knows if Bowa went to Kemp or not, you included. Miscalculation on your part, not mine.

            Certainly Kemp was underperforming last year, no denying the NUMBERS, but why not villify Loney just as much? Why attack Kemp the way you have? Is it because you LOVE Bowa so much? By all accounts Loney struggled MORE than Kemp and Martin. Yet the guy still has a job?

            You call Kemp a “butterhead” but you have no proof other than a misguided old mans rant about Kemp not playing up to expectations. Again we see another old man filled with slanderous, fickle, name calling yet hardly having the mental fortitude to make such broad judgements. Its like asking a white 70 year old man from Tennessee to vote Obama.

  8. Bill Russell says:

    If Kemp could just find a girl next door kinda stripper to settle him down, the kind he could take home to momma, he could concentrate on ball. Baseball that is. He just needs to understand what’s best for his future. 10 years from now, money won’t come as easy as it’s coming right now. He’s got the talent, he just needs someone that can get that point across to him.

    How does that song go? Workin at the car wash, working at the car wash ya. Come on let me sing it to ya.

    I respect what Bowa did on the field, but it’s his way or the highway attitude isn’t going to cut it with the pampered players in todays game. He’s a bit of a hot head, I don’t think someone would dispute that. That’s probably why he’s not managing some where in the big leagues right now. Again, I agree with what he says, he’s just got to learn how to teach it.

  9. Bill Russell says:

    someone = anyone

  10. Bluenose Dodger says:

    “Bowa is a guy who speaks to truth. I will never condemn a man for that. We need more of it, not less.” – Badger

    I’m not condemning Bowa for what he said. In fact, I concluded his assessment of Kemp was “…pretty much right on”.I guess we call it the truth because we agree with it. However, I am definitely condemning the way Bowa did it. Some may think it is OK to use the media to say what you want to say, somewhat like using the court of public opinion, regarding someone else. I don’t. I say, man up, and tell the guy directly. By going through the media you simply set up divisions among people – teammates, fans. Going public is non-productive. I am also condemning Bowa for whining that Kemp cost him his job.

    If Ned wanted Bowa gone, he must have had other reasons. If one was to distance the team from Joe Torre, then that is a good reason. I am not condemning Torre either, just that Mattingly has to cut his own swath and put his own mark on the team, just as Joe did when he came in, and brought coaches with him.

  11. Badger says:

    “I say, man up, and tell the guy directly.”

    Do you really believe Larry Bowa didn’t go directly to Kemp? Really?

    He was probably asked a question by a reporter and spoke out. Knowing Larry Bowa, I would say that is exactly what happened. He was asked a question and he answered it truthfully. I see nothing wrong with that. Many coaches do this, to light a fire under a player. Phil Jackson does it a couple times a year.

    I say again, I have no problem with it.

  12. Badger says:

    Dusto, I could read you my resume, but why bother. You don’t listen, and you have no respect. Good luck accomplishing in your life what I have in mine.

    To believe that a professional coach, especially one with Bowa’s background, did not talk to a player first is just ridiculously naive.

    Bowa is a longtime confidant of Torre’s and was Torre’s disciplinarian. But his open criticism of Matt Kemp seemed to do him in.

    “If you can’t tell a player that he should be running out ground balls and how to play the game the right way, then why are you coaching?’’ said Bowa. “You can get someone off the street to be their friend. Sometimes you pay a price for being honest.

    He’s a five-tool player, but he’d bring you five tools on Monday and sometimes one tool on Tuesday. This kid can do anything he wants in this game. He’s got tremendous ability. He’s not a bad kid. It just looked like he had other things on his mind.

    “I was trying to get him to see what he was doing or not doing. Some people call it ‘old school.’ I just call it playing baseball the right way. I’ve put on the uniform and played the hardest I could for as long as I could. That’s all I ever asked of anyone else.’’

    Kemp’s agent, Dave Stewart, said at the time that he thought Bowa should not be allowed to speak on this subject. Imagine a coach not being allowed to speak his mind? Should he just hit fungos and keep his mouth shut?

    Bowa said he called three general managers he knew to see if he could hook on.

    “None of them called me back,’’ he said. “I thought there was a professional courtesy or something, but maybe it’s the way they do things now.’’

    Bowa isn’t ready to call it a career. He is pursuing a couple of other possibilities to stay in the game, directly or indirectly.

    Bowa is a gem the game shouldn’t lose.”

    Matt Kemp has a tremendous amount of God given talent. I hope this past year is an eye opener for him. Just showing up is not enough.

    • Dusto says:

      You can “rant” at me till your blue in the face, but Bowa still looks like the bad guy. Just because you are older and have a much longer resume doesn’t mean you are better than me at anything. And respect is earned, not doled out to the old. Come with something more than your opinion on these things and you can garner the respect you deserve. At the very least claim that this is simply your opinion and I can agree with that. Everyone is entitled their personal beliefs, right or wrong. But jump to conclusions without any evidence, and you cannot possibly get any respect from anyone.

      I’d rather have a coach who knows a thing or two about the game rather than just get angry all the time.

      Its like watching Jerry Stiller argue that his son was an actual superhero… MR. FURIOUS!

      • Dusto says:

        I guess what really ticks me off is the lack of respect for the team in general. This is the Dodgers, the team I love, and I think they should be respected. The name calling and general harassment are beyond the typical frustration.

        • Badger says:

          The team that you love? Geez, man, do you even have a clue?

          I have been a Dodger fan since ’59. Went to the ’59 World Series. I dreamed of playing for the Dodgers and actually had a tryout with them in June of ’66 – I did very well against 150 high school players from all over Southern California. They picked the top 30 out of that group and I was told by a scout there that I was one of them and if I did well in a game scheduled for July 20th in Dodger Stadium that I had a job in the rookie league in Florida if I wanted it…. I had already joined the Marine Corps, was leaving for boot on the 12th, so I couldn’t make the game. After surviving Vietnam, leaving the Marines, the Dodgers were no longer interested. Talk about disappointment.

          I don’t need respect from a youngster like you. I have already earned my stripes.

          And pay attention to my “rants”. I have a problem with the owner, not the Dodgers. When you have been a fan for as long as I have, and see what I have seen, maybe you will understand. Until then, your opinion means nothing to me.

          • Dusto says:

            Just like you, I dont care. I dont care how LONG you have been a fan, or what you think you are capable of because you once had a shot.

            Good on you for your service time. Certainly that is something to be respected and honored! But dont use it as a crutch to be considered a “voice that must be heard”. You are dead wrong on your talent assessment and opinions of players. AND no one is going side with Frank McCourt, so good for for joining the masses.

            I’m not willing to do the work to quote all the names you’ve called Matt Kemp, mostly because the list is vast and ever increasing, but also because its pointless. But this fact also seems to contradict your statements about problem with the players. I can understand when someone (a typical fan) can get frustrated with any player, but the name calling during the offseason and unwarranted baseless unfounded comments about Kemp ( or anyone ) are beyond typical frustration. If Kemp does better next year, I doubt its because of the relationship with Rihanna ended, but has more to do with a coaching staff that has his back, rather than throw him to sharks.

  13. Voldomer says:

    My impression too has been that Ned–not Mattingly–made the decision to part with Bowa. No doubt the Kemp situation is part of it, as evidenced by the addition of Lopes who has a positive relationship (presumably) with Kemp and Stewart.

    This seems very different, though, than saying Ned wants to distance the new staff from Torre. I see nothing to support that idea. Mattingly obviously is Torre’s protege, so no separation there. Also, Torre seems to have an open invitation to take a front office job.

    On another note, here’s two links related to Mattingly and a charity event in Evansville, Indiana, he has long supported:

  14. DRomo says:

    Don’t put it all on Kemp. Bowa has had run ins with players every stop he has made as a coach. I can’t say that I don’t like his passion or his old school approach. But the bottom line is he is not a winner as a coach. He flames out everywhere. That is just a fact. On a serious note I think he would do better as a minor league manager where the kids have less of a sense of entitlement. His message would stick with guys that will only play for him for a year or two. I think in LA after 2 years the guys either stopped wanting to hear it from Bowa or just knew they could tune him out because in the big leagues players don’t get fired…coaches do!

    As for Beltre signing for long term in Texas for ridiculous money: If you thought Scott Boras would settle for anything less 2 years in a row for his client, YOU are the dope fiend!! Now Texas will regret this move until Beltre’s walk year. He will be a slick fielding 3B with not much of a bat. Although playing in a bandbox will pad his stats. So much for him loving LA!! Would Ned dare dangle a young prospect for Michael Young? Hmmm? Young back at 2B and move Uribe to 3B? Blake moves to LF?

  15. Ken says:

    Young’s contract is too rich for the Dodgers.

    Hey Badger I have a problem with that guy Dusto but I don’t want to confront him directly! Can you confront him for me?

    Bowa is smart and emotional. Sometimes that does not go over very well. Especially with kids who have no idea what a “reasonably prudent individual” is.

    When the Dodgers hired Lopes the Dodgers did 2 things. They brought a very good coach back to the Dodgers and gave Kemp one last benefit of the doubt. If, or maybe when, Kemp trys to screw with Lopes, his agent’s best friend, then Kemp will be known to the entire league as a head case. As I asked months ago does Shannon Brown’s girl have a sister that Kemp can date?

  16. Badger says:

    The heck with Dusto. He’s just a kid. And he is like Kemp, you can’t tell him anything.

    Larry Bowa is from a different generation, a generation about which the young and entitled have no idea. He was a 5 time All Star, Manager of the Year and still holds some fielding records. When Kemp puts together a career that begins to touch that of Larry Bowa, then he too will have earned some respect. Having talent means little to me. It’s hard work and dedication that does mean something. But then, I too am from a generation that had to earn it.

    We shall see if Kemp has learned anything from taking a year off. Hopefully he recognizes what it is that is important and will go back to work. If not, then he joins the ranks of guys who pissed away a golden opportunity.

    • Dusto says:

      I guess you are saying we all should be mindless drones? We should just listen endlessly to whatever the old people say because it worked for them? Yet the game continues to change yearly. The trends and statistics will prove that adjustments must be made by players and coaches.

      Who is to say that Kemp just struggled last year, rather than loafed? Who is to say that he received good instruction rather than poor coaching? We don’t know that, and neither do you! I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt given his track record. He has been a gentleman and terrific producer in seasons past. Whereas Bowa has been run out of every clubhouse he’s entered and now no one is willing to give him a shot because of it. The facts tell the story.

  17. Badger says:

    “Who is to say that Kemp just struggled last year, rather than loafed?”

    Well, the L.A. Times writers said it. ESPN said it. His third base coach said it. The General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers said it. Other players have said it….

    but Dusto knows better. Dusto knows all.

    By the way, what have you done in your life that makes you such an expert? What accomplishments do you have that allow you to sit there and criticize others, just because maybe they have been around longer, done more, lived more, served more, seen more, traveled more, read more, viewed more games… are you a coach? Have you played the game at a high level? Are you a writer? Or you just a kid with a computer? Maybe you are more than you seem, maybe not. What are your credentials?

    • Dusto says:

      The LA Times, ESPN, and the General Manager on the Los Angles Dodgers aren’t the best sources here. All have a vesting opinion that live making important “sales”. I’m not sure I ever heard another player say that Kemp loafed.

      I never said I was an expert. I simply called you out for not being one and that your opinion was biased because you weren’t using factual evidence. For your information: I once scored 4 touchdowns in one game… So THERE!

  18. Badger says:

    Well, 4 touchdowns is a lot. I never did that. The most I ever scored was 2, but I did it 4 times. In college I played only defense, but was All Conference at a JC in Nebraska and recruited by Bob Devaney. I am sure that name means nothing to you. He is just another old guy.

    Look man, no one in here has anything more than an opinion, including me. I feel I know more than the average bear because I played a lot of ball and coached as high as the Junior College level, but that doesn’t make me an expert. I have been a die hard Dodger fan and followed them closely since I was 10 years old, so to hear a youngster like you act like I don’t deserve to have an opinion is just a little hard to take.

    4 td’s huh? That is a lot of touchdowns.

  19. Mark Timmons says:


    Quit fighting! I’m 57 and have never met Dusto, but I’ve met Badger and know I can whip him. I’m not sure if he can outrun me or not.


    Here’s what I know:

    1. Ned ABSOLUTELY was the one who didn’t want Bowa, but Don did! There’s no question about that.

    2. Kemp did not always hustle last year, but he hustled most of the time.

    3. Kemp has good parents and is not a head case. He’s a young guy who might have had a little elevated opinion of himself. It happens! I’ve been there. So has Badger. Dusto is there. No problem.

    4. My high school team didn’t have a football team and that was probably the only pro sport I could have played. My 11 year-old has scored 2 touchdowns in a game twice. Does that count as 4?

    We have a LH bat in the mix at 3B – Eric Chavez!

    No comment. Not enough information!

  20. Badger says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure you could whip me mover. I still got quicks, good feet, can strike quickly and am Marine Corps hand to hand combat trained. And if my first strike moves don’t work, I am quite certain I can outrun you. I still run pretty good for short distances. I am also doing a lot of yoga, lifting, and continued aerobics training for my Mt. Elbert climb this summer. I got mad skills.

    Dusto and I aren’t fightin’, we’re just getting to know each other.

    Chavez? I thought he was just trying out for the team?

    Bowa probably talked his way off this team. You know these days it’s the coaches that get the ax, not the players. Coaches don’t make that much money and can be replaced. You see this everywhere in professional sports. That doesn’t mean Bowa was wrong. I think now that Matt has his head out of Rhianna’s lap, he may be able to get it back in the game. Hope so. We are gonna need all of him this year to have any chance.

  21. Dusto says:

    “4 touchdowns” simply meant I’m nothing more than an Al Bundy. Certainly I haven’t had the opportunity that you have Badger.

    But its easy enough to read an advanced stat page and make a reasonable opinion on players. Lets not forget that the argument is Bowa v Kemp and Kemp has won, and for good reason.

    I never said you didn’t deserve an opinion. Just simply that I couldn’t respect it because your source was Larry Bowa.

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    i have been away most of the day and missed the fireworks on this thread. Interesting.

    “Who is to say that Kemp just struggled last year, rather than loafed?”

    I have been watching Kemp in Spring Training for all of his Dodger days, and he does loaf a bit. I think last year, when he stopped hitting the baseball as often, and kept striking out a lot — he got down on himself and the game of baseball.

    Earlier today, MLB Network had some film on the Big Red Machine and showed some of their games — some of it was because of Larkin — but wow, did those guy hustle. I saw the passion in some of those plays that Matt Kemp can only dream about.

    This past season, I bet when Kemp jogged to first base sometimes, and in the outfield . . . players and coaches on other teams just shook their heads and that kind of play.

    Kemp needs to get a little of Pete Rose – Kirk Gibson – Jackie Robinson (old guy) – Rob Dibble – in him.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m 64, which is why I know what George Bernard Shaw meant when he said “youth is wasted on the young.”

    I saw the Chavez thing. It’s good to see he’s working hard at API. Maybe that means something. But I agree, “not enough information.”

  24. Dusto says:

    I’m ready for a battle! … of wits. I’d never win an actual fight.

    Though I’d like to believe that Kemp did nothing but give 100% last year, I’m partial to Roger Dodgers thought that when Kemp struggled he lost heart. I don’t think he is knucklehead or a loafer. It sure would have been nice to have had a coach last year to help Kemp rather than demean him.

  25. Mark Timmons says:

    Let’s not forget that Ned was the first to throw Matt under the bus in the press. Both Ned and Matt need to learn from that. Ned was as culpable as Larry – it’s just that Ned was the boss.

  26. Badger says:

    Last year is last year. SO much went wrong, from top to bottom

    I am willing to just let it go – Kemp had an off year. Kemp didn’t run out some ground balls, Kemp loafed after a few fly balls, Kemp was keeping late night hours with a hot celebrity….Bowa, a guy that has been around longer and done more than Kemp, me, or Dusto, overreacted. Jed is Jed. nuff said about that……..

    It’s 2011. Time to put all of that in the rear view mirror.

    But, I can still outrun mover. I wouldn’t get in the ring with him, but in an open field with my new running shoes on, I like my chances.

    • Dusto says:

      No feeling like lacing up a fresh new pair of PF Flyers. Shoes guaranteed to make you run faster and jump higher.

  27. Mark Timmons says:


    I’m pretty sure you can outrun me. No matter what they say, a hip replacement slows down your running. That and being 57! I have been hitting the gym however and stopped drinking beer. I hope to be playing racquetball in a couple of weeks. I have dropped to 245 pounds from 262 and should be svelte 220 by Spring Training. Maybe we can race then! What is interesting is that on my last physical I measured 6′ 2-3/4″ when I used to be 6′ 4″. What’s up with that?

  28. Badger says:

    Sounds to me like you are taking better care of yourself. Good for you. As you know, I quit drinking years ago. Being a vegetarian has helped me keep my weight down – still at my college playing weight, though it is distributed differently. I got a buddy who is 72, had his hip replaced this past summer and is at this time skiing in Idaho.

    I still run the hills around here 3 days a week, though in the winter time it’s more difficult to motivate myself to get out there. In summer I have to get it done before 7 a.m..

    I won’t be going to ST this year. I am serious about my boycott of McGoo. As long as he is there, I am not. I felt the same way about Georgia Frontierre when she owned the Rams in Southern California.

  29. SpokaneBob says:

    Mover, you should have gotten the bionic model.

    “It’s 2011. Time to put all of that in the rear view mirror.”

    Right about that Badger. One of the best things about the game we love is that no matter what happened last year, it is now only history. It’s a brand new year and our team has bounced back more than once from down years. We have alot of talent here but as Badger and others have pointed out we need ELK to step up and drive the offense. There is a good chance that will happen if for no other reason than how they play this year will have an effect on future compensation.

    So lets concentrate on this year and look forward to spring training. I would bet it will be a better year than 2010.

  30. Bluefan says:

    On Kemp vs. Bowa, sometimes it is just a matter of coaching style not meshing with the player(s). I know for me, I played much better for coaches that built me up. Coaches, with let’s say a “football mentality” who liked to yell, piss & moan, always made me play worse. Mistakes, errors happen. They are apart of the game. If/when you make them, hopefully you learn from them and work on not making them again. I know when I made a mistake, having a coach get in my face about it, or call me out in front of everyone else, just made me tense up and lose confidence. You need to be loose and confident in this game to succeed.

    Now on Bowa, I’ve never had anything against him, he was a very good player and has a lot of knowledge. For those of you who watched him on MLBNetwork yesterday, he said some things that turned my opinion of him a little to the negative, especially concerning his “feud, verbal altercations, etc …” with Kemp. They were talking about Beltre signing with the Rangers and Michael Young publicly saying that he was willing to move off of 3B for Beltre. He said basically that as long as he was in the line-up everyday, he would play where ever/when ever they wanted him. Bowa first commented that Young had already moved twice (2B to SS after A-Rod/Soriano deal, and SS to 3B for Elvis Andrus) and that Young was being disrespected by the Rangers. He was then asked the question, either by Harold or Mitch, whether he would have moved off SS if the team asked him to. He flat out said “NO”. For all his talk about team and playing the game the right way, to say that IMO showed his true nature. Also, in each case, the Rangers did not just move Young around, they asked him, and awarded him very well to do so too.

  31. Badger says:

    Bluefan, did you ever see Bowa actually play?

    Bowa is old school. I have had both screamers and non screaming coaches, and frankly for me it was more about what was being said, not how it was said. That was just me. I appreciated coaches that knew what the hell they were talking about and just wanted me to be the best I could be. One of the best coaches I ever had was a hard nosed former LSU offensive lineman that was willing to get in your face. But, it worked, and when you got it right, he was the first to pat you on the back.

    And here is something else I know and something that maybe nobody here can relate to – the best Drill Instructors in boot camp were not nice guys who smiled a lot. They were there to harden you up and the best ones did just that. And it wasn’t done with warm fuzzies.

  32. Bluefan says:


    I never had the opportunity to see Bowa play live. I have seen him some on re-plays and highlights.

    From my experience the coaches who yelled never gave any praise. If I had a coach like your former LSU O-lineman, I would have been cool with that. I just had coaches who pointed out the negatives, which didn’t build me up or want to make me work harder. Just the opposite. I was so tight, intimidated and worried about making a mistake, that I actually made them more frequently. It also took some of the fun out of the game.

    By the way, to yourself and all other veterans out there … a very big Thank You and God Bless!

  33. Badger says:

    Thanks Bluefan… I appreciate your kind words.

    Bowa was a special player. I used to love just watching him take infield practice, he was smooth and never missed. He was solid at the plate, hitting over .280 almost every year and stole 20 bases 9 years in a row. He won a couple of Gold Gloves and set an all time fielding % for shortstops. He and third baseman Mike Schmidt made as good a left side infield and there was during that time, maybe ever. The man worked his butt off to be the best he could be. The friend I had that played with him said Bowa took a minimum of 100 grounders a day every day of the year. He was first on the field and last off of it. And, he was Manager of the Year once. It is my opinion that if Bowa said a player was dogging it, then the player was dogging it.

    He was something of a screamer, but only at guys who were loafing, or umpires who were lazy. I love guys like him.

    Having said that, I have no idea what is considered a “modern” coach. I am sure the younger players might prefer younger coaches as so many of the younger players don’t have a clue about history. e.g. – in college football I heard the winner of the John Mackey Award this year didn’t even know who John Mackey was – he had to google it. I find that infuriating. When I was a kid, I sure knew who the older players were. It’s history. Older players who have accomplishments should be recognized and respected for their acheivements. It’s like asking a kid who Abraham Lincoln was and he tells you “uh, I think he invented a car”.

  34. lawdog says:

    Wow! Some 29 year old whippersnapper comes in here and tries to start a virtual, bitch-slapping flame war with Badge, attacking him for bring older than dirt and suggesting he is wrong in his opinion about Mad Larry, our scapegoat third base coach from that dreary Joe Torre era,

    C’mon! That’s nothing to fight about Dusto. You’ve got to come up with something better than that. Hmmm… I know, I think I heard Badger say your mother works the streets in Burbank! Yeah, that’s the ticket! That’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it.

    Now, have at it Dusto! Take that lie i just told you and let him have your best shot… (That wasn’t your best shot that we saw earlier on the thread was it?)

    Mad Larry Bowa, eh? You know, I never liked Bowa but that goes back to his playing and managing days. I always thought he was a little too angry all the time and had a Ty Cobb mentality when it came to stealing bases. (Talk about an “old school kind of guy”.) I had the gut feeling that he wasn’t a rocket scientist when it came to the brains department. He must have slipped out of the room for a smoke just as God started handing them out.

    In any event, what Bowa did to Kemp should only be done by a coach or manager when the team has given up on him and is about to trade him. Even then, all his tirade accomplishes is to reduce Kemp’s market value. He beat Kemp up on his ‘tude and his performance continued to drop like a stone as a result and so did his value on the market. That’s just dumbass if you ask me.

    Only Phil Jackson can motivate his players by badmouthing them to the press. And Bowa? Well I know what Jackson is and the legend he will leave behind when he retires and I can say with certainty: “Mr. Bowa, you are no Phil Jackson.” :shock:

    Hell, Kemp wasn’t even a good third base coach. He coached third the way Earl Weaver (another oldie but goody, eh?) managed. Station to station and wait for a three run homer. But maybe he was just overly cautious because he knew the average age of our Dogs last season was 87 years old and had as much foot speed as he had as he often raced our base runners to home plate in the hopes that the catcher might tag him out and miss the runner. :mrgreen:

  35. Badger says:

    Looks to me like Bowa is one of those personalities that people are split on. You like him or you hate him. Don’t matter now…….. he gone.

    Let me ask you guys with sons something…. or maybe you high school coahces something (any in here?) you see your kid not giving a full effort – what would you do?


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