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The Old Bull & The Young Bull

The Old Bull & The Young Bull

There’s an old story about an old bull and a young bull. 

The old bull and the young bull were standing at the top of the hill overlooking a paddock of many gorgeous young heifers. The young bull said, “Let’s charge down the hill, knock over that fence and service one of those heifers each”. The old bull wisely replied, “Why don’t we saunter down the hill, open the gate, take a sip at the water trough and then service ALL of those heifers?”

Ned Colletti is the “old bull.”  Hopefully, he’s learned from his mistakes and realizes that this is not a sprint.  It’s a marathon.  The Dodgers need a LF or 3B who can bring some power to the team, but “dope-fiend moves” are unwarranted.  Ned is letting the game come to him. 

Many people said that the Dodgers should have went after Carl Crawford.  I totally disagree.  Does it make sense to give a guy who has an OB% 10 points lower than Juan Pierre a $147 mil contract?  Please…..  I predict that the Red Sox will rue the day they did that.  Can you say JD Drew?

Ned has his eyes on the Beltre situation and if warranted (at the right price) he can swoop in and take him at a bargin, but if Moreno wants to overpay, then that’s OK.  Let it play out! 

Realize one thing:  the LF or 3B situation may not play out until February or maybe even July.  Maybe the solution is “in-house.”  Sit tight Ned, there will be some opportunites soon enough.  Some prospects the Dodgers have will be hot, and teams will want them.  Broxton may be hot and in demand or maybe it will be Jansen or Kuo.  Sit tight and then saunter over and get your man.

The team with the biggest budget doesn’t win it all.  The smartest team wins it all.  LAST YEAR, it was the Giants.

Realistically, if the Dodgers are going to be better next year, it will take a re-surgence of Kemp, Ethier and Loney.  If that happens the Dodgers will be in much better shape.  If it doesn’t, the it really doesn’t make much difference who’s in LF or 3B.  As much as the Uribe acquisition has been criticized, he fills a void and provides insurance, in that he can do a credible job at 3B, SS or 2B.   If this is the team that goes to Spring Training, then the best we can hope for is that Ivan DeJesus, Jr. steps up and siezes the 2B job with a hot spring.   He has a potential .300 bat (with little power) and is a plus defender at 2B.  This would allow Uribe to play 3B and potentially set up a platoon in LF with Blake and whoever (Paul or Gibbons), or Gwynn Jr. could give the Dodgers Gold Glove defense in CF.  If DeJesus could cut it at 2B, I would not be afraid of this lineup at the start of the season and then see what becomes available:

  1. Furcal  SS
  2. DeJesus  2B
  3. Ethier  LF
  4. Kemp  RF
  5. Loney 1B
  6. Uribe  3B
  7. Barajas/Navarro  C
  8. Gwynn CF

DeJesus would have to be able to put up a .350 OB% to be #2 and the 3, 4, 5 and 6 hitters would have to produce.  Let’s just say that the 2011 Dodgers are a “work in progress” and that progress will be determined by how well the Three Amigos do:  Kemp, Ethier and Loney.  Therein lies the Dodgers best shot at a title.

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27 Responses to “The Old Bull & The Young Bull”

  1. Ken says:

    That’s a Lot of Bull!

    Rumers are that Leach is the odd 41st man out.

    Well at least the Dodgers might have a very good AAA team.

    Any talk about Lindblom for next year?

    Beltre is demanding 6 years from the Angels.

    If all of the owners and agents are rich Republicans who think that inflation will take off next year then that is one of the explanations for the monster contracts being signed this year. If real inflation takes off next summer then watch the kids start counting their arbiration awards. On the other hand hopefully inflation will not go above 5% before 2012 contracts are offerred.

  2. Badger says:

    2011 will be a year of gridlock. Those guys who run things are so polarized they won’t get anything done. Does that mean inflation? Eh, who knows. It does mean devaluation of the dollar so.. yeah, probably.

    But, like Mark mentioned, if the Dodgers don’t get rebounds from the ELK, they are going nowhere. Yeah, the team with the highest payroll doesn’t always win the Championship, but they are always in it. And, they are usually exciting enough to put BIS wherever they go. Watch what the Phillies do in attendance this coming year. Fans will be lining up to get those tickets.

    Left field? Well, if the Dodgers find a thumper somewhere, that move will come out of left field cuz I sure don’t see one hanging on the end of any vines.

    That lineup above has a lot of outs at the bottom of it. The Dodgers are better than they were last year… but how much better? The weren’t even .500 last year, so… .500 next year? Yeah sure, they could improve by that much.

    Unless the ELK come out smoking, I don’t see 3.5 mil showing up next year, and that spells trouble for McGoo.

    • Ray says:

      The Phillies have sold out something near 100 straight games now….and they raised ticket prices by $2-5, thus the reason they could afford Lee….

      • Badger says:

        I am very well aware of what the Phillies do at home, as I am the one who has posted the attendance numbers and referred to them several times. Even with raised ticket prices, they will again sell out, as fans will be standing in line to get any available seats.

        Take a close look at the road numbers. What I am saying is that fans everywhere will want to see the Phillies. They already are one of the best drawing road teams. I say that 89% number goes up.

  3. “The smartest team wins it all.”

    False. The team that gets hot at the right time wins it all. Lots of teams make smart moves yet don’t end up winning it all. It’s a marathon until the playoffs… then it’s a sprint.

    “Ned has his eyes on the Beltre situation and if warranted (at the right price) he can swoop in and take him at a bargin…”

    Do you have anything to back this up or is it pure speculation? It’d be great if he did, but I seriously doubt it. His track record doesn’t make this a likely scenario.

  4. lawdog says:

    With the exception of Beltre, all the FA thumpers are already gone. But what? McGoo worry?

    Hell no!

    He’s got Tony Gwynn Jr. to play left field. What’s wrong with all you nervous nellies? The fact we have no third baseman who won’t geeze his way to first base, assuming he even makes contact with the baseball once in a blue moon, a wing and a prayer in left, a prima donna in center, no real #1 pitcher and 3 #4s, a shortstop who can’t stay healthy, a second baseman who had a career year and hit .248 for the Giants last season, a slugging right fielder who went down the toilet when he hurt his lil’ pinkie finger and a first baseman who’ll be lucky to hit 10 hrs, together with a geezer catcher who couldn’t hit his way out of a paper bag. I ask you, what do we have to worry about? Odds are VERY GOOD we’ll win at least 63 games and avoid the ignominy of losing 100 games next year. If McGoo draws more than 2 million fans he should count his lucky stars.

    “The playoffs? Are you kiddin’ me??? The playoffs”? We’ll be lucky if we win another game.

  5. Jaydavis says:

    I’m going to be disappointed if a Beltre does not get done. All he’s asking for is 6 years. Dodgers owe it to the fans and Beltre.

  6. Bluenose Dodger says:

    The Dodgers do owe the fans, IMO, but do not owe Beltre anything. He chose to leave.

    The real truth is, and I like this, the ELK, and Raffy have to be significant players. If they aren’t, then we won’t get to the prom. We will be better this year with a repeat of last year’s offensive production, simply because of our pitching. But without those four hammering the ball we won’t be good enough and will again be disappointed.

  7. Dusto says:

    I’m pretty sure that Colletti is one of the Heifers and certainly not a young or old bull. Especially when you consider that he is filled with Bull. On more than one occasion he has been “serviced”.

    Though I finally agree something you have produced, your starting lineup (having Dejesus and Gwynn start is whats best for this team), I can’t agree with the thought that Crawford is a mistake for any team. He is an ELITE defender. He is the Ultimate Juan Pierre. If there is anything that Juan Pierre could aspire to, it is Carl Crawford! The fact that no one has described this signing as a failure, but you, is a simple sign that you are wrong again.

    I’m also not so sure how many fans were actually clamoring after any of the top free agents available.

    Again: this article directly contradicts what you wrote a few weeks ago about the Dodgers signing the “most” free agents to date, before the winter meetings. This would paint Ned Colletti in the “young Bull” light. My sentiments about him being a heifer remain.

    If Ned was an “Old Bull” he would have waited out Ted Lilly, Juan Uribe, Matt Gurrier, Jon Garland, and Rod Barajas; and been able to sign them for much cheaper. If that 45 million was 35 million or even 40 million, we’d have all the more money to sign a true bat for this lineup, Beltre is all that is really left.

    I do like having Uribe at third and Dejesus and Gwynn actually starting. Both carry a good eye and that is what this team needs. Moving Ethier to left and Kemp to right is a necessity of the highest order and inserting Gwynn in center adds, minimally, 2 wins to this team. Thats our best team right now. If Mattingly plays our best team is another question. Especially when, in all likelyhood, Colletti is calling the shots. I’d imagine Uribe starts at second, Blake at third, and some free agent in left. (my bet goes to Podsednik, not that I agree with any part of that, but it is the “Colletti way”).

    Just my 2 cents.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    Lawdog, have another drink and tell us another good one.

    I hear ya on the possibilities for next season. Looking at a possible glass half empty: I could see Furcal out a bunch of games, and just a below average hitter another bunch of games.

    I can see the catching situation all hitting well below .240 with just a few HRs and not holding runners (with the help of sloppy work by some of the pitching staff).

    I can see LF or the continual talk of the 3rd outfielder — just being there with no Manny kind of numbers. Pitching around Ethier and Kemp. Thus, that 3-4-5 spot just below average.

    I can see some of the middle relief as up and down, and getting plastered a lot.

    YET — I can also see it all coming together as some of the new coaching staff communicates and gets through to players. I can see a re-alined pitching staff with strong outings almost every game, and top notch relief work.

    Ned has done a lot so far this off season. Just not any of the really big names. Some nice players, but the big cats have gone elsewhere.

  9. coloblue says:

    Mark if you take your lineup and put Blake in LF most of time and have Gwynn come in for def purposes etc . You end up with a decent lineup if we don’t get someone decent for LF .
    Why waste the extra $$, save it for CBills and give him a 3 yr deal before arb is over.

  10. Badger says:

    Good points Dusto… but I think it’s important to note that those signings you mention, though true they could have been had for less with some patience, were done quickly to increase season ticket sales. Did it work? I have no idea as I haven’t been able to get any solid information on how many people re-upped. I still say that it is up to the ELK – they pound the ball, the Dogs start out quickly, we might see 3+ mil show up again. We start the season with Mover’s lineup above, and our 3 horses stall at the gate, the people will bail on Frankie McGoo.

    “The Dodgers do owe the fans, IMO, but do not owe Beltre anything. He chose to leave.”

    Well said Bluenose. It would appear that the Angels really want Beltre. Why wouldn’t he go there if they offer what he wants?

    Ldog… I think we have one number 1 and 4 #3′s. That is IF Garland and Kuroda do again this year what they did last year. Bills could be a #2, but it’s important that a #2 gives you 30+ starts and 200 IP.

  11. Bobby says:

    you guys are all failing to point the big news of the day:

    the dodgers just signed scott nestor!! the old bull is at it again!!

  12. Ken says:

    RD – Roger That Objective Perpsective

    Badger – AAA will be a great team in 2011! Maybe the AAA team can scrimmage the MLB team in ST and we will see who is better.

    Angels pull offer to Beltre. No Bull.

  13. Ken says:

    And to keep the Dodger 2011 salary budget in the correct perspective – Only 25% of the Dodger players will earn more from Frank than Jamie’s requested Annual Alimony from Frank!!!

  14. Badger says:

    Ken, that stat alone makes you an automatic finalist in the Poster of the Year Award.

    FYI, I give one out annually and so far I am the only winner.

    Angels pull offer? Hmmm. The door is open. Work your magic Jed. 6 years, $60 million – $2 million a year for the first 4 years, and the rest of it coming in equal yearly payments of $2 million for 26 years.

  15. Xave says:

    Hi guys, off-topic here: my roommates and I built Sandy Koufax’ perfect game out of gingerbread. Being Dodger fans, thought you’d enjoy it:

  16. Anonymous says:

    Read a good one today. Members of congress should have to wear NASCAR patches. Meaning, patches from the corporations, companies, organizations that give them money — because they will have to speak and vote with them in mind and sometimes on orders.

    So, it would be like going to a sporting event with folks wearing jerseys of their team, hats and all.

  17. Badger says:

    No Dodger news so it’s time to take some shots at Congress? Spector sure did. Good for him.

    Would love to participate in all that, but, rules are rules.

  18. chucky says:

    doesnt anyone remember the first time beltre was here? all we were was frustrated. he has had two great years both contract years. I am not that excited about him for 6 years or 5.

    that being said we still need a thumper who can hit 20 homers. we are talking trade, ned will attack the farm system again and get something going.

    what about the return of MANNYWOOD? yes I know he can barely walk but does anyone have a better idea(yea Gibbons/Gynn WOW that excites me)

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Gibbons/Gwynn excites me more than Mannywood. Putting present day Tommy Davis in left excites me more than Mannywood.

  20. Badger says:

    That’s because Mannywood is DOA.

    It was pretty exciting out there for a few months. Gwynnwood? Eh, not so much.


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