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Just Stuff

Colletti also said he has no plans to trade first baseman James Loney or pitcher Chad Billingsley. If another general manager dangles a power hitter (Prince Fielder?) before Colletti and says the Dodgers can afford to trade Billingsley because they have four other starters, Colletti vows to just say no.

Good to know!

  • As it stands RIGHT NOW, Rod Barajas is the Dodgers starting catcher.
  • I think Jared is due to give us some wisdom on TOP PROSPECTS and maybe a Winter League Report?  What do you all think?  Quit hibernating and get to pecking, Jared.  We’re dying for some info…
  • Just waiting for the winter meetings to start….

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22 Responses to “Just Stuff”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    What I would like to see now — is an updated versions of:

    “How is the Dodger prospect / minor league system now”

    Go around the field:

    What does the system have in the way of CATCHERS


    If an injury happened in mid-May or June or Aug — what does our system have right how as: in-ready, almost-ready, shakey but will show up ready, etc.

  2. Bluenose Dodger says:

    I always enjoy Jared’s work on the minor league personnel.

    From my own perspective, our system is not really strong with infield players. We seem to be quite weak, IMO, at most infield positions, especially at catching and third base. We have a potential player at 2B (DeJesus) and SS Gordon, Lemmerman) but not any serious depth at that positions, yet. Our best first base player might be Jerry Sands converted from the OF.

    We have some pretty good depth in the outfield with Sands, Paul, Robinson, Songco, Brian Cavazos-Galvez, Blake Smith, but I feel pitching is our strength. This is the year for guys like Withrow, Martin, Miller, Gould, to get serious and join De LaRosa on the way up. When that happens and Zach Lee starts to be noticed our system will go from the middle of the pack to part of the upper levels. Our emphasis has been on pitching for some time so here’s hoping it soon pays off. Unfortunately, our strength has been at the lower levels for a while and is now moving up to AA. Hopefully some will make its way to AAA this year.

  3. Bobby says:

    which is precisely the reason to trade for a prince fielder (26 yrs old), or sign a beltre (31 yrs old and gives us a few yrs to develop another 3b).

    as much as i’d love crawford, i dont think we need to tie down all 3 outfield spots for the next several years, with the guys u mentioned coming up within the next couple years.

    in fact, signing beltre saves our farm system from being depleted, and allows loney to put up this year, or risk having sands take his job in 2012

  4. Jaydavis says:

    Why not make an offer to Belter—Ned still mad at Scott Bor-ass. Dodgers still lacking offense.
    Rather have Dunn and Harang.

  5. Jaydavis says:

    If Sand’s is giving any chance of playing in the Majors in 11, and Produces, would they trade Loney mid-season

  6. dtwdodger says:

    Bobby, it’s been rumored that the A’s offered Beltre 5/$64M and he wouldn’t sign and that he is seeking T. Hunter money, 5/$90M.

    If there is any substance to those rumors I don’t think you’ll see Beltre in Dodger blue. Would you pay that kind of money for him from the Dodger cash pile?

  7. Bobby says:

    he can ask for 5 and 90 all he wants. remember, boras/manny wanted 6 and 150 after his magic 2008. u saw what that turned into.

    let beltre ask for that money. he wont get 5 and 70, let alone 5 and 90!!!

    of course i wouldn’t pay him 5/90, but i’d wait him out to something reasonable.

  8. dtwdodger says:

    Here is something interesting found while reading an old article. It just shows how much things can change. At the time nobody thought Colorado would make that trade.

    Mark says:
    June 2, 2008 at 3:26 PM
    How about this?

    Dodgers trade the following players to the Rockies:

    1. Andre Ethier
    2. Chin-Lung Hu
    3. Andy LaRoche
    4. Jon Meloan
    5. Brad Penny
    6. Scott Proctor

    Rockies send the following players to the Dodgers:

    1. Clint Barmes
    2. Garrett Atkins
    3. Matt Holiday

    Would you do it?

    What about now?

    The only difference for the Dodgers going into 2011 if they had made that trade then, is that they would still be the same team they are today except without Ethier.

  9. Ken says:

    Overpaying for players is just like the housing bubble of the prior decade. Just because fools will speculate and pay over market for a house the offerred price is not market value, it is merely speculative value. The Market price of a house, business or player is seldom fair market value. The true value of a house is based upon the Present Value of the anticipated future rental income and capital appreciation. Unfortunately real estate appraisers are clueless, along with mortgage bankers and Sallie Mae, etc. When a sudden shortage of houses occurs than a “special” price is sometimes warranted. For instance when a person is renting a house while they are building a new home and the owner of the rental property informs the renter that the home will be listed for sale. Obviously if the renter can afford to buy the rental house he will pay a price over market to prevent the hassle of moving twice. Barajas was paid over market but that is just as much Martin’s fault as Ned’s. What would the fans be saying if Ned refused to sign both Martin and Rod and then no catchers were on the market?

    I would like to see Martin play 2nd base for the Dodgers in 2012. However, I believe thst playing 2nd base in 2011 would be extremely detrimental to his rehabilitation due to the amount of twisting required while playing 2nd. This would be a bad as Martin playing C more than one day a week. If Martin is wise he will sign a one year contract with the Dodgers and become a one year part-time utility player. Then he can become the Dodger’s version of Biggio.

    I suspect that Ned correctly concluded, based upon the facts available on 12/2, that Martin would not be healthy enough to play C during 2011 and that other teams will come to the same conclusion unless Martin’s healing process excelerates through 2/01/11.

  10. Jaydavis says:

    Make some type of offer 6years 66million.

  11. Bobby says:

    wow did wash overpay for werth?!!!! good for jason. he wanted money and he’s set for life.

    wash is clearly idiotic

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The Adrian Gonzalez deal now seems to be in jeopardy. If that deal doesn’t get done, then maybe Beltre returns to Boston.

  13. Roger Dodger says:

    6 years at 66 million for Martin. What is that for?

    Not as a catcher for 6 season.

    I do not give 66 million to a guy that might be able to play 2nd base.

    We do not even know if he can hit for an average any more. His power is to the warning track.

    Maybe a 3 year deal with 3 years club option (never heard of it, but would not want a contract for 6 years and he has to walk away from the game at some point).

    No surgery, but just some kinds of medicines, exercises, and hope. Are there so few major league baseball players lacking that the Dodgers have to chase the medical wagon !!!!

    Almost everyone here has said, at one time or another, his hitting as really fallen off the past several seasons. I have to see it start to come back up before I give 66 million.

  14. Michael says:

    Hey Buddy, ya got a spare $18 mil? That seems to be the asking price for has beens,once was and maybe wills for their services. Torii got it, Jeter got it, Howard got it, Beltre wants it and yes Werth got it, 7 years @ $18 mil. That is felony insane.
    I’ve always been pro-player and free market when it comes to salaries but this is becoming a bit too much. How in the world can anyone but a handful of teams even dream about signing these prima donnas. I sure as heck don’t think we have those kind of funds.

    It’s high time to ban Scott Borass and Bud Selig from baseball

  15. Bobby says:

    i think when he said 6 for 66mil, he was referring to beltre, and not j-mart.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If those are the prices, then it would seem that locking up Kershaw, Billingsley, etc. just might get a bit more expensive. And Mark may have been right. Barajas and Uribe may have just been symtomatic of the market.

    Hopefully, the ability of the Dodgers to spend continues to improve as they get closer to Dodger TV in 2014. Ticket prices are set for 2011. Maybe not Dodger Dogs. Parking? Maybe it’s time for McCourt to start thinking about naming rights.

  17. Jaydavis says:

    6-66 for beltre. Not Martin

  18. DRomo says:

    NO WAY IN HELL I WANT PRINCE FIELDER! I don’t even like the discussion of him coming to LA! The guy is a cancer. Spoiled child with a bad attitude! No thanks!!

  19. DRomo says:

    BTW: Werth for 7 years/$18 million? Freaking Boras! Wow! Bad contract. Werth is damn good but I don’t think he will see the end of that contract in Washington. Also Carl Crawfords price tag just went up!!

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    On some highlights, I have seen his tear into players. I do not follow him or know of his make-up — but the guy could do some damage to others if not held back. And I would hate to be the hold-back-guy.

  21. Bill Russell says:

    Prince is in the last year of his contract and is a Boras client. The Dodgers should stay clear of Prince Fielder unless they can get him cheap for one year and worry about 1st again next year.

    I heard Loney trade rumors this morning with 3 teams wanting James. The Cubs, Brewers and Nationals. Maybe something is brewing in LA.

    The Werth contract is crazy and he won’t make it to the end in Washington as Romo is pointing out. I don’t understand that move at all. Small market team throwing all their money at one player for 7 years.

    I also heard Matt Diaz mentioned as a possible platoon in LF for LA. It looks like Romo is on his game if that happens.
    Stay Tuned

  22. DRomo says:

    LOL, I have new inside sources BRuss! Good ones too.

    Hey, You going to Camelback this year?


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