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Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves
  • Deferred payments?  According to Jon Weisman, the Red Sox are paying Manny nearly $2 mil a year until 2027.   I guess Frank is not the master of the deferral.  Imagine that…
  • Could the Dodgers sign the Bill Hall of 2006?
  • The Dodgers act like they are serious players  for Greinke.
  • Again, the Dodgers have assembled a nice array of instructors for the minor league operations.  Herges and Reed can’t hurt.
  • Eric Owens as minor league hitting instructor might be a very good move.
  • The Dodgers are better right now than this time last year.
  • I wonder if Russ Martiun signs for less than the Dodgers offered?
  • Adrian Beltre – where are you?

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51 Responses to “Rants & Raves”

  1. ODRC says:

    Huge difference between how the differed payments effect both teams. 2 million is but a small percentage of Boston’s overall payroll (they can afford it), Manny’s nearly 8 million along with the money owed Jones, Pierre, and Schmidt this year represents some where around 15% of the overall payroll of the Dodgers (a team that is already under funded). Kind of funny to use Boston as an example, when they show what it takes to be a big market team year after year.

  2. Bill Russell says:

    The newest gem is Juan Castro back at the magical age of 38. I thought Jamie Carrol was the backup at SS.

  3. DRomo says:

    Jody Reed is back?!

    Something you all might have forgot: Jody Reed was offered a big (relative to the time) contract extension from the Dodgers. He turned it down and went on the free market. He eventually signed for less in Milwakee. The Dodgers went after the best NL 2B that season Delino DeShields….you know the rest of that story.

    Bottom line is if Reed had stayed and signed the deal the Dodgers offered Pedro would have stayed in Dodger blue for most of his career.

    The Grienke rumor is interesting, you have to believe that it would cost us Billingsley, and honestly I would take that deal. It is an upgrade.

    Mark, let Adrian Beltre go. You are the only one mentioning him and the Dodgers in the same breath. Besides the fantasy you have that he wants to come back (while all evidence, points to the contrary) he is a Boras guy who will cost us more than what we should pay for a guy who has had 2 good years. Who ever signs him will regret it until his walk year. That seems to be when he shows up.

    You have to believe Ned is not done dealing. Say what you will about the man he is always trying to improve this club!

  4. Bobby says:

    and i thought the barajas/ellis/navarro competition was gona be the best of spring training.

    now there’s hu/carroll/castro!! mannnnn i can’t wait

  5. Badger says:

    It’s gonna be a dog fight Bobby. Maybe we should all meet up in ST and watch as the fur flies for the back-up battles.

    Maybe not. It cost money to go there, lots of it in fact, and I am not throwing a dollar McCounterfeit’s way. You guys go. Let me know how it turns out.

  6. lawdog says:

    I wouldn’t mind getting Beltre to play third. He’s got that big right handed bat we need and his defense is stellar. Besides, what are we going to do, sink with our old Geezer Blake? I’d like to think we at least have a chance to compete at the beginning of the season.

    Or was the plan to move Castro to third? Yeah, that’s the ticket! Play Castro at third and Gwynn in left. Then watch us lose 100 games next year. :roll:

    I don’t expect uncle McGoo to invest any more of his sportin’ money in the team. Besides, Beltre is too young to be signed by McGoo. He’s not yet over 35. Does he geeze when he rounds second? I suppose we could sign a premature geezer but one must be very careful not to disturb the rest home atmosphere in the clubhouse. You can’t be too careful these days when it comes to team chemistry, eh? :mrgreen:

  7. Bobby says:

    ya i wont be spending any money on mccourt either (until he sells the team or brings me an impact superstar).

    hopefully somebody streams that blockbuster battle for the backup catcher and the hu/castro brawl for backup infielder for me

  8. Bobby says:

    good news: tony gwynn jr has passed his physical and is officially a dodger!!!!!!

  9. Ken says:

    Politics, Politics, Politics.

    Maybe Politics was the real Dodger problem last year. Frank had hired his peeps, Jamie had hired her peeps and some of them were still politicin during 2010. Now that the Jamie purge is over, all of the admin staff and coaches are Frank’s choice.

    New Manager.
    New Coaches.
    Reorganized minor league staff
    Reshuffled admin staff.
    New mentor for Kemp.

    The politics should be over because now there is a one party system in the Dodger organization, Frank’s. If they are not all in one accord then maybe Frank should buy a minor league team in Siberia or Korea!!

    I for one will give Frank the Dictator until Cinco de Mayo before I call for Pancho Villa to start the revolution.

    The team is not what we want, but like Romo said Ned is probably not done dealing. Don’t know the odds on Ned’s hand, but I hope that he does not go bust. Too many players (4-6) are out of options, so therefore we know that Ned MUST make some moves via releases and new signings, and/or trades. The news may move slow now but hey Ned outsmarted the market by doing must of the required deals before the big boys ran up the cost of free agent contracts. If there is 1 signing a month between now and ST then that is all good.

  10. Jaydavis says:

    Prince Fielder + Beltre = real line-up
    If not, I hate to say it. I would love to see Uribe playing 3b and Carrol on 2b

  11. lawdog says:

    Pancho Villa???

    Did you mean Pancho Padilla Ken? He’s got a gun you know… :mrgreen:

  12. lawdog says:

    Fielder and Beltre would be sweet. Realistically, we’ll be more apt to hit the lottery than see McGoo part with the bucks it will take to sign either one long term. I suppose he could backload a 1 year deal for 25 years like Mark sez the Red Stockings do all the time… :roll:

  13. AnewBlueDay says:

    DRomo – if the Dodgers get Beltre — the Dodgers will be a better team.

    I am a bigger supporter to bring in Beltre than Mark. I was beating his drum when he was in the minors as I saw him play here in San Antonio in 1998 when he was 19. He was great!!

    And, if Fielder is traded for — that really makes a tough lineup. Moves the Dodgers from a nice team to a power. More fans would show up.

  14. Jaydavis says:

    McGoo is gone. Maybe, just maybe he’ll want to win before he leaves. Dodgers don’t have to sign Fielder long team. Just go for broke. if it doesn’t happen this year, oh well.
    Ned works hard, but doesn’t take enough chances. If you don’t gamble, you will never win.

  15. Badger says:

    Why the Fielder talk? Does somebody know something?

    He figures to make somewhere around $14 million through the arbitration process this winter and will be a free agent after the 2011 campaign. Does that really sound like an investment McBorrow can make right now?

    We are in the Castro Gwynn Hall market. We are already well over $100 million, how do we add contracts the size of Fielder and Beltre? I don’t understand this thinking. They are both Bora$$ clients. Did McGoo find a partner I haven’t heard about?

  16. AnewBlueDay says:

    Badger, I am tried of the McCourt way of doing things. I want to try the Yankee / Red Sox way for a day or two. So go get Fielder. Plus, if there is a fight during a game — he cleans house out there. Mark like those kind of guys.

    Since Manny stopped hitting, the Dodgers have stopped hitting. We need a couple of bashers.

    Because it is not going to happen with Blake or Carroll or Loney or
    Mitchell or Gibbons or Gwynn or Paul or Robinson or Castro . . .

  17. Michael says:

    I too would like Beltres’ bat in the line-up. Perhaps the best chance we could hope for is that he doesn’t get the contract he wants and signing him to a one year deal so he could roll the dice in next seasons FA market.
    P.S. I don’t want to burst anyones bubble here but Adrian did commit 29 errors last season. I suppose that is something we could live with but I wouldn’t neccessarily call it “superior”.

  18. Badger says:

    Yeah Michael, I agree. When I saw that he actually got a GG I was surprised because he isn’t mentioned in the group of stellar defensive third baseman. And I read this:

    “The 2007 season wasn’t one of Beltré’s better defensive years statistically. In 2007, he tied with Brandon Inge for the AL lead in errors by a third baseman, with 18, but Beltré ranked second in the league in assists, total chances, and range factor. He also had the lowest fielding percentage of all third basemen in the league, .958. Beltré was awarded the Gold Glove award.”

    Very strange. And last year his fldg. % was even worse at .957.

    But, he is Mark’s favorite player, so, he has that going for him.

    He is a Bora$ client and will cost somebody over $10 million. What are the realistic chances we get him?

  19. Badger says:

    Roger….. Manny did something to this lineup. Just having him there caused everybody to hit better. How that is replaced? Beats me. Maybe our three remaining (KLE) are the players they were last year. Hope not. To compete, we need them to ALL have career years.

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    This afternoon I put MY NAME on the free agent fan list — would you believe that nine teams are interested in me becoming their fan!!!

    Not sure when and where I will sign, but I am holding out for . . .

  21. Bill Russell says:

    I’m sure K.C. and Pittsburgh were be bidding hard for your fanship Roger. Just hoping that you might buy a ticket next year.

    All kidding aside, I wonder how Clint Hurdle will do in Pittsburgh?
    I wish him well because he appears to be a class act. Without La Roach, D. Young, and the Duke, He could be rowing uphill in 2011.

    I believe I heard that Jon Heyman said the Dodgers were the most improved over the winter meetings. If I heard that right, (and I may not of) I want what he was drinking or taking. Is there such a thing as Blue Acid?

  22. Michael says:

    Sure Roger, you could change your name to Faye Ray?

    Just kidding but in all honesty after the 2009 season my allegiance was tested and I considered defecting. In the end I decided that I would rather be a dissapointed Dodger fan than a happy Yankee.

  23. Badger says:

    Most improved? Organization of the Year?

    I don’t know. I must be missing something. The Braves, Rays, and Rangers have pretty good organizations, and the Red Sox landed a couple of players that might just help them get better.

    The Dodgers were under .500 last year, and they really have no one in the minors that will step into the starting lineup next year. We have nobody really in left field, a SS that may or may not play 130 games, a 2b with a career .300 OBP, catchers who don’t hit, a third baseman that should be on a bench somewhere and Kemp, Ethier and Loney…..

    we do have some pitching so, maybe that is what he is talking about.

  24. Roger Dodger says:

    Michael, I remember a few years ago, on one of the Dodger boards (Badger, you probably remember this) — one guy said that he contacted several clubs (front office) and said he was a FAN FREE AGENT — and one team sent him a team jacket, hat, and some other stuff — and he said he was changing to that team.


  25. Badger says:

    Do you remember who it was? I can’t recall.

    The dbacks are not a bad group of players for which to root. I like their manager, and they now have a quality GM. Towers built some very good teams in San Diego. Maybe I can get them to send me a jacket. I already got a hat on “Hat Day” and it’s actually a nice one.

    I can root for two teams. Just not the gints. ooooh I hates the gints.

  26. Bobby says:

    tj simers article linked here is maybe his best work ever. he’s basically speaking for most of us!!,0,2176382,full.column

  27. Jaydavis says:

    This probably means nothing, but Beltre still owns property in LA

  28. Badger says:

    Simers speaks the truth, though I am sure Mark will call him a hack.

    The only thing I take issue with is Uribe being fat… he is not. He is built like a linebacker from what I hear. But, he still has a career .300 OBP and a .730 OPS, both below league averages. And last year he hit his career high 24 HR’s. What are the chances he does that again.

    It would appear there are a lot of easy outs in that lineup.

    I believe Simers does speak for the majority of Dodger fans.

  29. Ken says:

    Simers is a moron. The Dodger payroll is not limited by the divorce it is still limited by the marriage and the acqusition and lifestyle debt load. (Ned is not lying he is spinning while speaking a true statement that is not relevant and therefore meaningless) Any reporter that can not understand how the MLB agreement and the Dodger financial information that has been placed into the public arena are related and disclose the truth is a moron. Until the divorce is over, the debt is significantly repaid, the Cable deal is done, and/or a new owner arrives the Dodger fans should stop being front runners and deal with the reality of the situation. The Dodger performance is up to the players to have another 1988 miracle season. The Dodger personnel are paid enough for the responsibilitiy for the season outcome to be on their shoulders. Otherwise be content with being disappointed.

  30. Wayward Son says:

    I have been following everything this off season, and after reading between the lines, which one learns to do with the skill of a Swiss watchmaker after so many off seasons, here is what I have come up with.

    The Dodgers plan/strategy for 2011 is to play like the Giants/Padres. Superior pitching, mixed with solid defense, a patchwork lineup from day to day to keep guys ‘fresh’, and hopefully a dinger here and there. They are not looking for small ball this year, evident by the very low OPS of the entire team put together so far. That was done with purpose. They are looking for mediocre to plus HR potential (Uribe, Blake, Gibbons, Barajas/Ellis/Navarro, Loney, Hall (TBD). All of those guys have 15-20 HR potential. And then they are banking on Kemp & Ethier to play up to their potential this season (30+HRs, 100+RBI).

    So while the 2011 Dodgers will not be the most exciting team to watch (like the 2010 Giants/Padres), the idea is that they can grind out a season and come out on top by riding pitching, defense, and the occasional long ball.

    One last thing. Let’s all hope and pray that Castro does NOT make the team out of spring training!!!!

  31. lawdog says:

    Ken: What you’ve said about the 2011 being on the players to pull out a 1988 miracle and “contend” misses the real point. Could the 2009 Rams win a super bowl if the scrubs just worked a little harder to pull the championship out of their collective asses?

    The Dogs, as they are now aligned will be lucky to break .500. If we go 81-81 we’ll be doing well with this roster.

  32. Badger says:

    I think that is a positive spin on what they HOPE will happen. Like I have said many times, Kemp, Ethier and Loney must play everyday and play well. The starting pitching had better hold up all year as well. If all parties have career years, this team could win 90+.

    Simers is hardly a moron Ken. He is where he is because he is a terrific writer, often controversial but never moronic.

    How can in one sentence you say the Dodgers are not limited by the divorce but in the next sentence say they are limited by the practices of the parties involved in the divorce? Kind of splitting hairs aren’t we? The Dodgers are limited – period. We are again missing out on the guys who would make this team a powerhouse because we just don’t have the money to do it. Why? Because the McCourts have used it all up and are in debt up to their ear lobes. And Boston doesn’t care if Crawford is overpaid, they don’t pay him, the 3 million+ fans who pay over $100 a ticket to see the Red Sox play do. My guess is that the Red Sox will remain in the black all year. That is one strong, entertaining looking team. Kind of like the Yankees.

    Castro. Isn’t that THE indication of where the Los Angeles Dodgers find themselves now?

  33. lawdog says:

    Simers hits the mark with this column (I can’t speak for his others):

    Read the list out loud of off-season acquisitions as I did to Colletti the other day: Jay Gibbons, Ted Lilly, Jon Garland; Tony Gwynn Jr., Juan Uribe, Vicente Padilla, Rod Barajas, Dioner Navarro and Hiroki Kuroda.

    “Which one of these is not a stiff?” I wanted to know…

    Just to be clear here, I think the Dodgers are stockpiling garbage when they should be acting more like one of the game’s top franchises located in one of the country’s top cities.

    I think Dodgers fans have come to accept a lower standard of player when it comes to their team, management counting on it and knowing Dodgers fans will keep buying tickets…

    As for players on the field, Colletti says the Dodgers were in the mid-80s last season, and will be in the mid-90s this season. So shouldn’t Colletti be dismissed immediately if this is the best he could do with the extra money?

    Why can’t the Dodgers act more like the Red Sox and Yankees when it comes to improving their teams…?

    Colletti says he had a phone call with Matt Kemp and now believes Kemp will be a much better player this season. I guess Colletti spent more time with spiritual healer Vladimir Shpunt than any of us knew.

    Colletti says the Dodgers underachieved last season, so they will be better this season. He says the players who were here last season need to be a little more focused. And he says the newest Dodgers make this team better than what it was last season.

    I just wonder what he’s telling his friends at the Giants.

    • is lawdog TJ Simers double? seriously….which one is not a stiff? Kuroda, Garland, Lilly and Uribe are hardly stiffs…..and lets not forget what Padilla did two years ago in STL in the NLDS clinching game….he DOMINATED Pujols and Co. on their home field.

      These guys are FAR from garbage. Hell, if LAD signed Cliff Lee….the top Free agent this season….you would be spewing your negative thoughts for signing a 32 year old pitcher to a 7 year deal.

      Ned is telling his friends at the Giants that LAD can win the division in 2011 with the improved starting rotation. This division is VERY winnable, although the negative nellies here seem to think the Padres, Giants and Rockies have improved this offseason and will duplicate their 2010 win totals…while the Dodgers-who have improved the most-will remain a 4th place team.

  34. lawdog says:

    When Ned says the Dodgers were in the mid 80s last year you have to wonder if he was talking about their median age, don’t you think?

  35. Badger says:

    Yeah, what did he mean by that? Mid 80′s? Did he not see the standings at the end of the year?

  36. Bobby says:

    to be fair to ned, lilly, kuroda, and uribe aren’t superstars, by they are NOT stiffs.

    gwynn, castro, barajas, gibbons could be called stiffs, but not the other 3. the other 3 are actually going to help us this year.

    bottom line is, these uribe types are good to have on ur team when they’re complimentary pieces. however, this is LA, and we need impact stars. if we did trade for a fielder, or sign a crawford or cliff lee, none of us would have any worries about juan uribe.

  37. Badger says:

    Well said Bobby.

  38. lawdog says:

    Right on Bob! We’re mediocre, but best we not throw the baby out with the bath water!

    Uribe, Lilly and Kuroda are not stiffs. Neither are Gibbons or Barajas when you think about it. But we have way too many stiffs on the roster to hope to compete in 2011. That’s just a fact of life.

    McGoo and the Dragon Lady must go!!! :shock:

    • You;re hilarious…..why watch the games in 2011….you have it all figured out.

      • Badger says:

        and you just come by every third day or so to kneecap someone.

        Most fans are frustrated ray. You and Mark seem to be happy where the Dodgers find themselves. I have seen your work elsewhere on the blogosphere, do you also have press box access?

        The Dodgers should be one of the premier franchises in all of sports and they most certainly should be at the top of the baseball world. They are not, and many say the reason is our ownership.

  39. Ken says:

    The damage to the Dodger’s long term fiscal health occurred prior to the filing for divorce. Thus the divorce is not even an “Foreseeable Result Caused by Unforeseeable Intervening Forces”.

    Take it away LD.

  40. Badger says:

    “The damage to the Dodger’s long term fiscal health occurred prior to the filing for divorce.”

    OK. Got it. You’re right.

    Trying to understand the FRCUIF gives me a headache so, I’ll leave that to you lawyers.

  41. Michael says:

    In all actuality the damage to the Dodgers long term fiscal health occured the day Frank bought the Dodgers.
    To compete with the HIGH-HEELED BOYS you need one of two things. MONEY[Phillies, Nationals] or a TV DEAL. Mr. McCourt has niether.
    He was in over his head from the getgo.
    So in conclusion, until the ownership [whomever that may be] has one of the above, we cannot afford to shop at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. Once in a while though, you can get a really good deal at WALMART.

  42. Jaydavis says:

    Mark, Can you pass along Tony Jackson’s FB and twitter account? Tony’s column on Espn hasn’t been updated in a long time. Tony is post news daily on FB and twitter

  43. lawdog says:

    Of course Ken. The Dragon Lady has to be unforeseeable intervening force. McGoo has some ‘splainin’ to do…

  44. Badger says:

    There seems to be two sides of the debate, though the anti-McCourt side is more vocal, and I would believe much larger in number.

    What the Dodgers are hoping for is a rebound from Kemp, Loney and Ethier, Uribe to repeat last year’s performance, Gibbons to feel so lucky to have a job he works his ass off and plays as well as he did last year, for Furcal to stay on the field for 148 games, for Blake to be better, for Broxton to return to form and for the starting pitchers to all have 30+ starts with a collective ERA under 4.

    IF all that happens, the Dodgers have a chance in the West. To expect all of that to happen is living in Fantasyland.

    But, who doesn’t like a trip to the Magic Kingdom?

    I hope the McCourts sell. But, I also hope every Dodger has a career year.

  45. Blueman says:

    I just heard the Dodgers have offered Adrian Beltre a 3 year contract worth 33M. Pending a physical.


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