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Quit Being A Robot

Quit Being A Robot

[This is a Rant]

Stinking Critics

For quite a while, I have  heard that the Dodgers wouldn’t spend any money.  That they were broke.  That McCourt was too cheap to pony up for any free agents.  Then, he has Ned go out and get some Free Agents (more than any other team to date) and now we hear that Ned has overpaid.  We went from won’t pay to overpay in seconds!  And the stat geeks (I’m going to start calling them robots) are the worst of the bunch.

They actually think that Ned just paid Barajas $3.25 million for the heck of it!  I have read that they believe no other team would have paid him that.  When I read stuff like that, they lose all credibility with me.  Robots who write stuff like that have probably never managed any more than their comic book or baseball card collection.  They have no clue what reality is.  They just pour over all the statistics and pine away for the guy with the best OPS.

Stats are important.  Every baseball fan knows that.   That’s why we consider them, but I would advise you not to “bow down” to them.  Stats are not them end-all, be-all.  Let me give you an example:

Player A:  Goes 2-4 in a game with a HR and two RBI which his team loses 13-4.  He hits a 3-run homer with the score 13-1.  He has a batting average of .500 with 3 RBI.  No bad.

Player B:  Goes 1-4 in a game with a 2-run home which wins the same in the bottom of the 9th inning.   He has a .250 batting average with 2 RBI.

Which player do you want?  The stat geeks, ‘er robots, would take Player A – look at his OPS!  But, Player B made a difference.  Player A just padded his stats by hitting a HR when the game was out of reach and there was no pressure on him, whatsoever!  Player B won the game, but his stats are not as good.  Consider the stats, but also your your eyes… and your gut!

Do you really think Ned gave Barajas $3.25 mil when he didn’t have to?  You are insane!

Ned wanted Barajas for several reasons:

  1. He is a HR hitter who can change the game in one swing;
  2. He is a solid catcher (forget his CS% last year);
  3. He is an excellent “clubhouse guy” for a team that needs more of those guys;
  4. He has been-there, done-that; and
  5. He wants to be in LA!

I think we will find out soon enough that the Dodgers were just matching the Red Sox offer to Barajas.  I think he can catch 80-100 games and hit 15-20 HR’s and stabilize the catching position.  I think AJ Ellis will not be as exposed if Barajas is on the team.  I also think there is a good chance that Russ Martin re-signs for about $4 mil plus incentives.

Statistics?  Schmistics!

If you looked at the stats, you would have said that Tony Hsieh should have sold LinkShare for the $1 mil he was offered in 1994.  It wasn’t worth that.  Instead, less than 3 years later he sold it for $265 million.  The same Tony Hsieh (pronounced Shay), as the CEO of Zappos, sold all of his personal property and put it into a failing company that sold shoes.  SHOES!  Anybody can sell shoes!  The stat geeks would have railed against him (no valve, they are bankrupt, no chance).   In 2000, Zappos did $1.6 million in sales.  In 2008, they did $1 billion in sales AND in 2009, Amazon bought them for $1.2 billion dollars!  No statistic could have predicted that.

I read the stats, but I am really weary of them and the guys who cite them ad nauseam. Most like have never really ran anything, or been anything.  They are simply critics, who come to the battlefield after the battle and shoot the wounded.

See, what the Robots don’t understand is that 25 men with passion can defeat a great army of trained soldiers.  There is no stat for passion, desire, “want-to” or “can-do.”  Ted Lilly, Juan Uribe, Jon Garland, Hiroki Kuroda and Rod Barajas wanted to be in LA for various reasons.  They had a passion to play in 2011 for the Dodgers – never minimize that!  Give me some guys who want to play together, who have a passion for being where they are and for the game and I’ll deliver you a winner!

“It is not the critic who counts. Not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause. Who at the best, knows in the end the trimph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, at least falls while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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58 Responses to “Quit Being A Robot”

  1. Bobby says:

    love it

  2. Dusto says:

    I read the first paragraph of this and labeled it “trash”.

  3. Mark Timmons says:


    Then you must be a critic. Congrats!

    I have an idea: Get your own blog and show us your stuff!

    Oh, by the way – YOU CAN’T STAND THE TRUTH!

    You couldn’t support your position, could you? Since you labeled the first paragraph trash break it down to me and justify your position with HARD FACTS or I will just have to conclude that you are a “blowhard critic.”

  4. Ely's Coming says:

    Maybe one of the stupidest posts I’ve ever read. We spent 3.25 million dollars on a below average catcher. Unless Barajas is making $500,000 a year and gets 2,750,000 in incentives if he cures cancer…. this is a bad deal.

    I don’t care how much money the Dodgers have… whether it’s Yankee money or Royals money. All we ask is you spend the money you have WISELY. If the Red Sox were willing to offer Barajas that contract, what do you do? Let Boston have Barajas.

    There are other catchers out there we couldve spent that money on, like Olivo

  5. Ely's Coming says:

    You would spend 3.25 million on a part time catcher?

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is trash !

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    Ely’s Coming,

    Your name says it all. It used to be “Haeger” and I’m stupid?

    That would hurt if it had some thought behind it!

    You do mean the Miguel Olivo who has a lower OB% than Barajas and is fatter and made $2.5 mil last year? That one?

  8. Mark Timmons says:


    You are gutless!

  9. Anonymous says:

    You make the point that stat-happy bloggers have never managed anything. With all due respect, what, exactly, have you managed?

    • anon2 says:

      Don’t ask that. He’s going to start talking about his water company, and while that may be a successful business, it has nothing to do with anything regarding baseball.

  10. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I don’t think your stupid. I think this particular blog post is stupid. You’ve written a lot of things I agree with… I just don’t think this is even remotely close to your best work.

    If I’m not mistaken, most contracts are decided by past performance. Rod Barajas got a 3 million dollar raise on one months work.

    I’m all for heart and grit, but you don’t overpay for it.

    I was Haeger because I thought he would be great. He wasn’t! I don’t blindly follow anyone or anything. When circumstances change, my views and opinions change as well. If Barajas hits .300 with 25 hrs and 90 RBI’s… then i’ll admit I’m wrong. But as of right now, based on Barajas past performance as a major leaguer. He is not worth what he’s going to make…. and to think otherwise is extremely shortsighted.

  11. Mark Timmons says:

    1. Feel free to disagree, but you may have to eat those words. I’ll remind you.

    2. I have been managing and training managers (in business) for over 30 years and if you think baseball is different, it’s because you have never managed anything.

    3. Stats are important, BUT they are not EVERYTHING! Re-read what I say!

    4. Get back with me after the season on this. I went through this same kind of thing last year with Jamey Carroll. The stat guys were enraged that the Dodgers would give him a 2-year deal. Look how that turned out.

    5. All bets are off when you have a guy who WANTS to play for you.

  12. Tony says:

    Mark, Keep up the good work. Your detractors have no argument. They are just critics, like you say!

  13. Dodger Dude says:

    More like bitches

  14. Bluenose Dodger says:

    Oh, by the way – YOU CAN’T STAND THE TRUTH!

    I love that movie – “You can’t handle the truth!!”

    Would I love to have a better pitcher than Ted Lilly or Jon Garland. Yes I would. Would I like to have seen them paid less? Yes I would. Would I like a better 2B player than Uribe or better catcher than Barajas? Yes I would. Would I like to have seen Uribe, especially, paid less? Yes I would. Would I like to see the world perfect? Yes I would. It isn’t. It’s what we make it.

    Same for the Dodgers. They aren’t perfect but they are what Ned and Mr. McCourt has made them. They provided money when there was none, according to most posters on most blogs. What has been accomplished?

    Zach Lee signed – a potential top 5 guy drafted twenty-seventh.
    Coaching changes made to reflect our direction. Gotta love the addition of former Dodgers – Lopes, Wallach, Hansen
    Kuroda signed for a year. The man is a horse, a warrior, a throw back to the real man pitcher.
    Lilly – a good #4, maybe better on a lot of teams.
    Garland – a good #5, maybe better on a lot of teams.
    Uribe – got some pop and good D.
    Barajas – still some pop and a good team player.
    Blake Hawksworth – something for Theriot. Possibly a good reliever.

    What else has been accomplished? As Mark indicated, we acquired guys who want to be here. Kuroda, Lilly, Garland, could all have probably gotten more by holding out. Uribe could have gotten the same with the Giants. Barajas with the Red Sox. Our rotation is complete. Is it the best in the world? No. It doesn’t have to be as long as other things fall into place. In the play-offs we need three good starters. We have them.

    And – Ned goes to the winter meetings next week dealing from a position of strength. Others can come to him, or not if they choose. He doesn’t have to outbid teams, chase teams, wait long into the winter to complete the roster, panic, deal from desperation (JP), etc. He can focus on a couple of needs – perhaps a reliever, and I hope a bigger bat for LF.

    I expect him to trade for a bigger bat if one is to be acquired. Possibly still sign a FA reliever – Crain, Guerrier – someone like that.

    Are all the deals great? Probably not but overall they are good. I like that Ned has been aggressive, decisive, focused and has money to do things. I like that he has picked up players who have not lived on the DL.

    As a friend on another blog quite often tells me – you can’t have it both ways. Same here – we can’t call Mr. McCourt a penny pincher, then scream about contracts when they are awarded. Well, we can ,but it is not very productive.

    And yes, I would love to have Cliff Lee, Adrain Gonzalez, etc. but our needs were such that we have to fill a lot of spots, probably at least seven, not one. Also our experience with long contracts has not been a good one.

  15. Glass Is Half Full says:

    Dusto…we’re waiting!

  16. Glass Is Half Full says:

    Bluenose…otstanding post!

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    Well now, this is an interesting thread today. Looking over some of the words, I see:

    too cheap
    worst of the bunch
    lose all credibility
    You are insane!
    Statistics? Schmistics!
    They are simply critics, who come to the battlefield after the battle and shoot the wounded.
    I read the first paragraph of this and labeled it “trash”.


    I will just have to conclude that you are a “blowhard critic.”

Maybe one of the stupidest posts I’ve ever read.
this is trash!

    I’m stupid?

    You are gutless!

    I just don’t think this is even remotely close to your best work.

    Feel free to disagree, but you may have to eat those words.
More like bitches


    Gee folks, where is that Holiday spirit !!!!

    My take, McCourt has given Ned some money and interesting contracts for players, to make the Dodgers appear to be moving forward — and Ned is spending the $$$ to field a team.

    Let us wait until he is done. It will either be:

    “Well done, Ned.

    OR “Just a bit, medium rare.”

    OR “Do you have some stake sauce to add to the meat?”

    OR “I wanted fish, not beef.”

    OR “Hell, Ned can’t cook.”

    OR “I need some tums for the tummy to get this meal down.”

    OR “This is a great feast, the plates are full, looks good, tastes right. And look at what is for dessert.”

  18. Bobby says:

    when we trade for prince fielder, then people will finally be happy

  19. Ty says:

    One of the dumbest posts ever. Thank God there are other writers on this site because this article is awful

  20. “Player A: Goes 2-4 in a game with a HR and two RBI which his team loses 13-4. He hits a 3-run homer with the score 13-1. He has a batting average of .500 with 3 RBI. No bad.

    Player B: Goes 1-4 in a game with a 2-run home which wins the same in the bottom of the 9th inning. He has a .250 batting average with 2 RBI.

    Which player do you want? The stat geeks, ‘er robots, would take Player A – look at his OPS! But, Player B made a difference. Player A just padded his stats by hitting a HR when the game was out of reach and there was no pressure on him, whatsoever! Player B won the game, but his stats are not as good. Consider the stats, but also your your eyes… and your gut!”

    This argument holds no water. Have you ever heard of small sample size? Even “robots,” as you have so eloquently deemed them, would chose player B for that game, but not necessarily for a season’s worth of production.

    “Do you really think Ned gave Barajas $3.25 mil when he didn’t have to? You are insane!”

    Yes, because he set the market. The only other team to be interested in Barajas was Boston (faint interest it seemed), yet Ned felt compelled to give Barajas a $2.35 million raise from last year’s salary? Based on what, a good few weeks? What a joke. He bid against himself. And if he had just offered him arbitration, like he should have, Barajas would be making significantly less and this wouldn’t be an issue.

    He also didn’t have to give Juan Uribe a $21 million contract. Colletti foolishly set the market on that one by himself.

    “1. He is a HR hitter who can change the game in one swing;”
    - I wouldn’t exactly call a guy who hits a HR every 26 at-bats a “HR hitter.”

    “2. He is a solid catcher (forget his CS% last year);”
    - He’s a solid backup catcher, that’s for sure.

    “3. He is an excellent “clubhouse guy” for a team that needs more of those guys;”
    - That’s fine (see response to No. 5).

    “4. He has been-there, done-that; and”
    - The words Ned Colletti lives by, even though Barajas hasn’t been “there” since 2002 and has all of nine postseason plate appearances. But he has a 1.333 OPS in the postseason, so the “robots” should actually be happy…

    “5. He wants to be in LA!”
    - That’s all well and good, but he should be in LA for something closer to $1.5-2 million, not $3.25 million.

  21. Bluenose Dodger says:

    In the final analysis, in my opinion, our success depends more on Matt, Andre, James, Clayton, Chad, Brox, Kenley, then it does on the guys we acquire. They are add ons to the nucleus. If the nucleus implodes offensively like last year, the add ons won’t do it for us offensively. If the nucleus hits as we expect, the add ons will make a good contribution. Uribe and Barajas haven’t been signed to lead the offense, but to complement it.

    Clayton, Chad and Kuroda are the heart of the staff. Lilly and Garland need them to have good seasons to add on to their success.

    Regardless of the roster, success depends on a number of factors. Factors, such as avoiding the DL, hitting better with RISP, having a good BB/K ratio, guys having career years (Giants in ’10), starting pitchers going deeper into games, team play, playing with heart every game, every at bat, every pitch, other teams having down years for whatever reason. It isn’t easy.

  22. Bobby says:

    bluenose, 2 awesome posts in a row.

  23. Bluenose Dodger says:

    Thanks Bobby and Glass Is Half Full.

  24. Corey says:

    I know that I like Barajas behind the plate and at the plate better than R Martin the last two years I watched him. Barajas is going to be paid less than Martin and will hit more than 5 home runs, hit for the same average Martin hit for the last couple years and probably have less passed balls. The only downside I see is Barajas will steal less than the 5 bases that Martin stole last year (the sb total is just a guess).

  25. Bobby says:

    i guess i’m confused as to barajas’ salary.

    did he really only make $500k last year? or was that all that WE paid him, and the mets paid most of his salary?

  26. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Good post.

  27. Dusto says:

    Then, he has Ned go out and get some Free Agents (more than any other team to date)…

    Simply saying that we got more doesn’t mean that the team is any better. The Dodgers likely had more holes to fill than any other contending team in the NL. Ned has targeted some of the best Free Agents available and paid a premium to have them signed before 2011. Any good negotiator can wait out the market and find talented cheap alternatives to fill the holes on a team while also paying the premium for ELITE talent. Thats the difference between Ned Colletti and good GM. He has targeted good free agents and paid the premium for them, yet we still lack ELITE talent. But saying Ned has signed MORE than anyone else is simply saying he has collected more filler players than anyone else. What you are doing is tying a bow on a pig and telling us to worship Ned and McCrap.

    While statistics are “robotic” in nature, they are also a reliable judge, particularly for the everyday fan, to rate the quality of a player. Anyone who has ever been around a “cohesive” team can tell you that that team is only cohesive because they are winning. Any team that isn’t cohesive is a team that is usually losing. The big fear for any organization is a losing team that is cohesive while losing. That means they dont mind losing. They are content to just sit back and let the bad times roll.

    As for me, I will always be critical of Ned Colletti. As a fan, thats my JOB. If I decide that Rod Barajas is ok for 3.25 million, despite everyone in the world calling it an overpay, then I am just one step closer to becoming a Pirates fan. Not by choice, mind you, simply stating that the Dodger organization as a whole more resembles the Pirates than an actual winning organization.

    Mark, you can take your shoe sales projection to Al Bundy. It makes no sense at ALL. Certainly, no one would ever predict that a new shoe company would turn into a multi-billion dollar company. What we can predict is the current companies in the market. And to relate it back to the Dodgers, what we can predict are the current players in the free agent market. Rod Barajas is a back-up catcher, a good one too, but no backup should get paid more than one or two million a year. Even if Ned would have just offered Barajas arbitration he could have paid less than 2 million most likely.

    Ned has turned into one the worst businessmen in the baseball community. He can’t go a month without saying, “Well, that may have been a mistake on my part. But in the end, we got our guy.” The Dodger organization is worse off with Colletti than without, and the fan community is worse off with you than without… You sir, have reached the “Bill Plaschke douche crap bottom feeder say anything I want to get people to read my B.S.” level in writing. At some point in time, your going to have to just jump on the train and admit that Ned is a terrible GM.

    • Dusto-LAD has no elite talent? what is Kershaw, and Brox before the 2nd half of the 2010 season? what is Kemp? Ethier? you are blinded by one bad season where many of LAD’s hitters had terrible seasons.
      Ever think Kemp will bounce back in 2011? Ethier? Brox?

      Ned has done a GREAT job this offseason. And frankly, I like the Barajas move….not crazy about the money he got…..but he has more power than Martin….who really has done what the past few years? well, he found out on Thursday.

      Its so easy to hide behind a fake name on a blog and bash the blogger. Why don’t you start your own blog since you have all the answers.

  28. Dodger Dude says:


    Rhymes with “jackoff”. Before Mark tells you, the whole world now knows you are an idiot!

    How does that feel?

  29. Dusto says:


    At least I know I have outsmarted you and Mark.

  30. jsaid says:

    How do you only get two RBIs in a game where you hit a three-run homer?

  31. Jaydavis says:

    Good point mark

  32. Dusto says:

    Oh yeah, just to make my point a little clearer, Aaron Harang, a pitcher better than Garland, just signed with San Diego for 3 million.

  33. Corey says:

    dusto not sure where you can come up with Harang being better than Garland…… Harang last two years 12-21. 4.21 and 5.32 era. 10.3 and 11.2 h/9; 1.3 and 1.3 hr/9; 2.4 and 3.1 bb/9; 7.9 and 6.6 k/9 with a whip of 1.411 and 1.585
    Garland: 25-25 with 4.01 and 3.47 era (2.72 with lad); 9.9 and 7.9 h/9; 1.0 and .9 hr/9; 2.7 and 3.9 bb/9; 4.8 and 6.1 k/9 with a whip of 1.402 and 1.315.
    He’s also pitched more innings both years and career records are 81/87 with 4.33 for harang and 131-114 4.32 for Garland.
    I don’t see where Harang is better.

    • Dusto says:

      Weel done, point made. I know at on point in time Harang was a staff ace. It was many years ago. But last year Garland was a .8 WAR player over ~200 innings. Harang was a .9 WAR player over his ~150 innings. Certainly Garland has greater depth simply because he will likely pitch more innings, but Harang will have a greater value due to his contract being what it is. Were going to pay a 5th starter 8 million bucks and a back-up catcher 3.25 million. PLUS, there is a good chance that Harang bounces back from last year by moving to the NL West. This is what I was talking about in “my rant”. Finding valueable players for cheap, so we can have the funds to add an ELITE talent.

  34. Ken says:

    Lousey Managers create Robotic players.

    Lousey Posts entrap bloggers.

    Bluenose should have been allowed to write the article yesterday, Priceless!

    The Dodgers were broke until Frank received the mediation settlement offer. Bud can grant exceptions from the consequences of the MLB debt formula if there are other economic factors that are brought to light that show that a strict adherence to the MLB debt formula is not in the best interest of MLB. cf. how Bud handled the Rangers. Doh!

    Black or white thinking is for robots. Chronological and decision tree thinking is for wise people.

  35. maybe Ned KNOWS what he was doing trading JOSH BELL-from Buster Olney’s blog today:

    There’s another team floating around trying to convince top free agents to take their money — the Baltimore Orioles, who tried and failed to sign Victor Martinez and then Adam Dunn. Baltimore has a young third baseman on the cusp of reaching the majors in Josh Bell — but at this stage of their reconstruction, maybe the best thing the Orioles can do is acquire the best players possible and worry about where they’re going to play later. If they made a deal for Beltre, they could slide Bell over to first base. They already are deep into trade talks with the Arizona Diamondbacks for Mark Reynolds, so it’s evident that Baltimore is not devoted to the idea of playing Bell at third base in 2011.

    just saying…..give Ned credit

  36. Roger Dodger says:

    Minor league prospects are just that — no sure thing they will just keep move along, get to the majors and handle major league pitchers.

    Old timers remember Steve Bilko — here is some info:

    He was a home run-hitting first baseman of the 1950s and early 1960s who enjoyed his greatest fame with the Los Angeles Angels of the Pacific Coast League from 1955–1957. His greatest year came in 1956 when he won the PCL’s Triple Crown with a .360 batting average, 55 home runs, and 164 RBIs.

    He also played for several major league teams, including the Los Angeles Angels of the American League in 1961 and 1962, but never enjoyed the success that he had with the PCL Angels in the 1950s. As an original Los Angeles Angel (American League version), he became the first player to play for both Los Angeles MLB teams.[1]

    Bilko was listed as 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) tall, and 230 lb (100 kg), and was nicknamed “Stout Steve” during his career because of his ample girth.
    During his brief stay with the Cubs, announcer Bert Wilson placed Bilko at the end of what he hoped would be a soon-to-be-famous double play combination of Ernie Banks, Gene Baker and Steve Bilko. His name for that trio was “Bingo to Bango to Bilko”.

    Here are his stats:
    Minor League (parts of 13 seasons):

    HRs — minor league – 313
    RBIs — minor league – 854
    Hits — minor league – 1,667
    Average – minor – .385

    Major league (parts of 10 seasons):

    HRs — major leagues – 76
    RBIs — major – 276
    Hits — major – 432
    Average – major – .249

    The list of players like this — endless.

    • yes, but there were some here that posted that Ned made a terrible trade dealing one of the LADs better prosects-namely Josh Bell-well, time has passed and Ned looks a little smarter today, don’t you think?

  37. Mark Timmons says:

    Trying to explain something involving common sense to some people is like trying to explain dry skin to a fish.

    It’s a waste of time.

  38. Bluenose Dodger says:

    In my rant yesterday, I completely neglected one important ingredient in our offense. Maybe he is the most important ingredient. He is our shortstop. More than once it has been written that as Raffy goes, so goes the Dodger offense. A big job is to get Raffy through the season without being a standing member of the DL. Three times in his five year Dodger career he has had over 600 plate appearances. But – for a fair number, I don’t think he was totally healthy and didn’t perform like a healthy Raffy. His stolem base stats would suggest that. His health is another key to our success this year.

    At one time I suggested that he be switched to third base so the throws to first would be more straight on and there is less ground to cover. He certainly has a third base arm.

  39. Mark Timmons says:

    On my Player A and Player B scenario: It was not intended to be just one game. If that same thing occurred over the course of a season, Player A would have better stats, but Player B would be more valuable. The point is that stats don’t explain everything. They are important – I utilize them – I probably have more books on statistics than any of you. I just believe and will continue to believe that statistics do not define a player’s value.

    How many of you have actually spent much time in a major league locker room? The dynamics inside those walls contribute to a teams winning chemistry more than statistics.

    I am not privileged to the information on Barajas, but several factors are in play here, not the least of which are that he wanted to play in LA, he did well in his small sampling in LA, the Dodgers didn’t want to be without options at C considering that Martin was uncertain. I am confident that Barajas is worth $2-2.5 mil, because catchers tend to get paid in that range, but IF YOU REALLY WANT THAT GUY, then is it so awful to pay a little more – to pay what the Red Sox were willing to pay?

    I think it’s argument for argument’s sake. It’s not that big of a deal. I believe that if Ned adds the right hitter, we could go into the season with Barajas and Ellis as Catchers and do very well.



    When right, Harang has better stuff, but therein lies the problem. He is injured a lot. He hasn’t started 30 games in 3 years and has only done that 3 out of 7 years. His career ERA and Garland’s career ERA are nearly identical, but after having ERA’s in the high 3.00′s in 2006 and 2007, his ERA’s have climbed to the 4.00′s and 5.00′s in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Garland has been pretty consistent throughout his 9 years as a starter with 9 consecutive years with 30+ starts and double figures in wins.

    But, I guess you have out-smarted me. You are a legend in your own mind.

  40. Mark Timmons says:


    I like that idea. Too bad Gordon isn’t ready.

    Maybe Hu’s on short…

  41. Mark Timmons says:

    BTW, I once asked “Bluenose” to write some columns, but he declined. He is an astute writer.

    Finally, Giants fans were moaning about their signings last season. Many wrote that it was stupid to pay Aubrey Huff $2.2 mil! HA!

  42. Bobby says:

    let’s for a second assume barajas really should have gotten 2.5mil, instead of the 3.5 mil we gave him.

    does anyone here really think that extra million is going to prevent us from acquiring cliff lee or carl crawford?!!

    for all the whining we do about not spending money like a team in LA should, now that we (perhaps) overspend a bit to get the catcher we need, we all complain?!! it’s not like we overpaid him by 10mil. its 1 million dollars, and it will not prevent us from doing anything else that we need to.

    im looking forward to ned acquiring prince fielder and signing him to a 6 yr extension.

  43. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I want Raffy to stay healthy and have a good year. But at the same time, I’m hoping that Raffy doesn’t reach 600 plate appearances, since that kicks in his $12 million option for next year. Judiciously giving him days off will limit his plate appearances, but maybe has ramifications if the player, his agent, or the union determines that he was held out of games with the intention of not allowing him to reach the required number of plate appearances. So it might be helpful if he finds himself on the DL awhile.

    Raffy at 3B works for me. So does Raffy at 2B and Uribe at 3B. Raffy’s strong arm would come in handy on double plays. Anyone remember Manny Trillo’s arm from 2B?

  44. Mark Timmons says:

    Manny would hurt your hand with his throws.

  45. Bluenose Dodger says:

    Mark – I appreciated the offer to write a column or columns. At that time we were driving from the east caost to the west coast of Canada so were busy for a month or so. After that I thought about it
    and really felt incapable of actually doing it. Yesterday’s shot is all I have and it was prompted by the position taken by some posters that I don’t share.

    If I ever have something that I feel could be worthy of a lead post, I will let you know and offer it up. I don’t think some folks really understand or appreciate what it entails to write a column as often as you do.

    • so true….I blog at at fantasy baseball site….and there are nights where it is tough to come up with new ideas for posts….keep up the good work Mark.

    • Dusto says:

      Ranting on a rant…

      As much as I hate this article, I like to think that it inspires the human mind to think a bit outside the box (or at least the stat-box). I understand the need to take into consideration the heart of players rather than just the talent. The entire point of most of this analysis is to be able to judge the value of our team. And being considerate of others opinions will help us all to gain a greater understanding of baseball. We may never have the ideal team (certainly not as long as Colletti is around), but we may have a good enough team one day to win a world series. It doesn’t have to be a perfect team, just one thats good enough to get to the playoffs to at least get a chance at a world series. I’m not sure that Barajas is that “good enough”, or an injured Garland for that matter. But on paper, I think this team has a chance at being better than lasts. Over 27 million spent, to say that this team is “only” better than last years doesnt necessarily mean that they are better than the Giants. We still have moves to make and I hope that they are better than the ones we seen thus far.


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