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Adam is Dunn…

Adam is Dunn…

… as the White Sox have allegedly signed him to a 4-year/$56 mil deal.  Ned was right not to pursue a DH.

I predict that the Dodgers will either tender or sign Russell Martin before the deadline.

Look for a trade at the winter meetings with DeJesus, Broxton and Loney being the centerpieces.

Adrian Beltre is still a possibility.

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20 Responses to “Adam is Dunn…”

  1. Dusto says:

    None of those things seem logical. Maybe a Loney trade, but he couldn’t have a high enough value to be the centerpiece of something decent in return. I propose a Loney, Martin trade for Ellsbury. Sign Berkman, Pierzynski, and Barajas; and were set.

  2. Bobby says:

    id have no problem with blake and/or something at 1b for a year until sands is ready in 2012 (if not sometime next yr).

    sands after all was voted best defensive 1b in his league?

    of course, i wonder what we’d get for brox/loney/idj…….

  3. Anonymous says:

    If Lomey doesn’t have valve how in the hell does Martin? You are nuts.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Agree about Dunn. There was a time when I would have welcomed him. But the more I thought about it the more I began to feel that the last thing we needed was a totally one-dimensional player. And I kept remembering all the times I saw him play against the Dodgers. He’s a hitter that can be pitched too. Which probably is why he doesn’t hit well with runners on base (at least that’s what I’ve read). He’s also slow, and a defensive liability (but I guess that all goes back to being one-dimensional).

    I wouldn’t venture to make a prediction about Martin. However, I imagine that the Dodgers are somewhat reluctant to non-tender him. Maybe he could figure as one of those centerpieces in a deal. Really too much stuff we don’t know. Hopefully the Dodgers are monitoring his physical condition, and have at least some basis to make a decision.

    I could see the Dodgers dangling the players you mentioned above in a deal. And I could see them not doing it. Depends on the return. Maybe you have some information that I don’t. And unless you have that information, it’s only speculation (which is probably part of why this or any blog exists).

  5. Dusto says:

    I may be nuts. But the Red Sox currently have a 4A catcher and a 39 year old Varitek backing him up. They are also short a 3B-man, given that Beltre is a free agent. Should they not be able to sign Beltre, they could very easily move over Youkilis and find a cheap 1B-man. Insert Loney and Martin as guys who are currently undervalued (deservingly) and possibly underpriced given their talent and we have a decent chance at a trade if we incude them both together. Though I know it is idiocy to think that Ned can pull off a deal like this, its something that I would consider. Martin certainly has value! He was still about a 2 win player last year. Loney is basically filler material and really couldn’t be a centerpiece given the depth of filler material at the position. Martin has value because of the lack of depth at the position.

    • Dusto says:

      AND… If the Red Sox are serious about signing Crawford/Werth, they’d be overmanned in the outfield. I wouldn’t expect Drew or Cameron to be moveable. And if all it took to fill their holes was Ellsbury then its a deal I’d look to make. It seems illogical… and it is. But it is a possibility. But trading Broxton isn’t near as likely.

  6. Ken says:

    Signing Lopes = GoGo Dodgers in 2011. Dunn does not fit in with the new Dodger team based upon pitching and speed. The dodgers need a speedy CF, moving Kemp to RF and Either to LF.

    Trade or DFA Martin today. Sign a veteran catcher today.

    Kemp hopefully started his vertical workouts and will cut back on his horizontal exercise this off season.

    Lopes needs a rail pass to travel to the position player’s workout cities during the off season.

  7. Bobby says:

    i think that’s the package that gets us prince fielder

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Hearing that the Dodgers are still pursuing Padilla, possibly to work out of the pen and serve as an emergency starter. I like the idea, since a ways back I suggested that Padilla might be an option in the bullpen. He still throws hard, and might throw harder in short stints out of the pen. I think at this stage of his career it’s role in which he could flourish.

  9. Michael says:

    I wouldn’t exactly classify Loney as filler material. He was one RBI off of the team lead last season getting nosed out by Kemps late season flourish. Over the last 3 seasons combined I would have to bet that James leads the Dodgers in ribbies.
    Totally elated that somebody else signed the human strikeout machine. Dunn don’t, he strikes out 43 percent of the time.
    Agree on trading Brox. Might not get what he is possibly worth but if he doesn’t make last seasons second half an abberation we won’t even get a bucket of balls.

  10. Bobby says:

    heyman or someone just tweeted that we tendered loney a contract.

    nothing bout j-mart yet

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    When I heard that Dunn when to the White Sox — I got this feeling that the Dodgers DO really need a big bat to come into the line up to put this team together.

    Not some AAA guy, or Ned’s old geezer type — but a ball knocker. Paul K. is out there. Or a trade.

    I do not want to push Kemp, Ethier to be the Dodger HR king. But to let them play to add to a big bat. They will do better.

    Just saw Loney’s name on the TV as tendered.

  12. Voldomer says:

    Padilla could be an absolutely nasty closer if health allows. This could be a brilliant move. If Mattingly would break the mold and use Padilla and Kuo as true co-closers, with Broxton pitching the 8th inning and Jansen the 7th, this could rival the good old “lock-down” days of Mota-Quantrill-Gagne, Sanchez-Mota-Gagne, or even Broxton-Saito.

    Mark, I hope you do have some inside info on Beltre. Sure, 2004 most likely will not be repeated, but still his departure for Seattle was devastating.

    After a year in which everyone knew the deficiencies heading into the season yet very little was done during the winter to address them, it is nice to see some deliberate action these days. I sensed the same thing in Glendale last year that Roger has express elsewhere–the 2010 team had no desire. They looked apathetic in spring training and never really woke from the slumber during the season. Clearly the players bear responsibility, but management set the tone. Ned is not afraid to roll the dice (for better or worse, and I normally think the former), so the blame rests elsewhere.

    I have soured enough on the McCourts to assume much of the present action is motivated by all those empty “no show” seats last season and the realization that this year the seats could again be empty but not already paid for. Maybe he got the message that Dodger fans aren’t like Cubs fans and won’t show up for the sights if the team is lousy. Maybe the Giants’ WS win was a wake-up call too. Surely the trial coverage is making it clear–finally–to the McCourts as to how unpopular they are. Maybe the realization that the team couldn’t just float into the postseason on the wings of Manny and Torre last year was an alert to plug the leaks. Regardless, I’m happy that there is a pulse again.

  13. Ken says:

    Gland we are not Cubs fan with $140 mil payroll and that team! Imagine what we would be posting!

    Sign Konerko and move Loney to RF

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Voldy, good to see you posting. You always have great insight.

    Did you make SBL? I went to the 16th Century in Montreal in Oct.

    If Beltre did come back and play 3b, it would help a great deal.

    What do you think about Paul K. coming back to LA? You have seen him play in Chicago a great deal. Or, are the Cubs going to bring him over? They need something.

    • Voldomer says:

      I did make it to Atlanta; had a presentation and chaired a session. The family went with me to SBL for the first time (thanks to changes to their school vacation calender), so that was nice.

      I rarely see the Sox play, so I haven’t seen Konerko in a while. I’m not for moving Loney, and I’d love to see people stop worrying about his power so he could recover the high average approach he had when he first came up.

      Sad news on Martin, but not unexpected. I was at the game in LA when he fractured the hip (Lilly’s first start). What a sad decline.

  15. Ken says:

    The Dodgers have non-tendered Russell Martin, George Sherrill and Trent Oeltjen.

  16. Bobby says:

    jmart will be werth part 2

  17. Ken says:

    The good news is that Ned now must sign 4 players to get to 40. Who will they be?

    Padilla, Martin or Barajas, Damon, Beltre, ….????

  18. Jon Ball says:

    Thank goodness the Russell Martin era is over and to smart alek Bobby saying jmart will go off like werth, that is bs. Werth sucks and got lucky that was god’s team, but only in 2008. Phillies are done, all the other NL East teams are getting better, pathetic.


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