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A Letter From Frank McCourt

A Letter From Frank McCourt

Dear Dodger Fans,

Can I count on you?

I have been reading this blog for quite some time along with what many of you say about me, and then I read want Mr. Simers wrote in The LA Times yesterday.  I slept on it overnight and decided that you all were right.  When Mr. Simers said “Why can’t the Dodgers act more like the Red Sox and Yankees when it comes to improving their teams?” I was crushed, but Good News!  I took it to heart and have decided that the Dodgers will become the Red Sox/Yankees West.  I will dole out these big contracts.  In fact, I’ll get Cliff Lee and Adrian Beltre TODAY, if you want.

However, it’s a two-way street.  I am going to have to implement some big changes and so are you. OK, the first thing is that you can’t keep coming in at around the third inning and leave in the seventh.  I saw all the taillights leaving the stadium on what was the biggest single play ever in Los Angeles Dodger history in 1988.    I mean, to create the atmosphere that the Red Sox and Yankees have, you fans have to come early and stay late.  Are you willing to do that?  If I have to make some changes, so do you, and if you come early and stay late, it means more food and beer sales, which gives me more money to pay these free agents. Oh, and while I’m at it, I have to raise the alcohol prices to match the Red Sox and Yankees.  I’m just sayin’…

Alright – we are on the same page.  You are going to get there early, stay late and maybe get a little rowdy in the process.  That would be good. I’ll just mention the next thing in passing – no big deal – but if I’m going to operate like the Yankees and Red Sox, then parking has to double (you know I understand Red Sox parking) and ticket prices will have to increase 260% so that we can be on the same level as the Yankees and Red Sox. You do want those free agents you have been clamoring for, don’t you?  Oh, and we really need you to put butts in those seats every game, so I’ll expect a sell out each home game, OK?

Well, we are getting there aren’t we?  Just two more small matters and we’ll get this all wrapped up.  The Yankees had their stadium built by the city of New York, so I want the City of LA to buy Dodger Stadium for just $600,000,000.  I mean, that’s a great deal.   I will keep the real estate around the stadium and build “Dodgertown” so that I can have the additional revenue from the bars, shops and restaurants and the Dodger Hall of Fame and an Amusement Park.  That will be an additional source of income that will give me another advantage over the Evil Empires.   I will be able to pay Jamie off and build a “world-class destination with the money.

Finally, I am going to ask Fox to rescind their TV contract so that mine can start right now.  I know that when they see what big plans I have, they will capitulate.  No problem!  That will be so awesome and put me on a level playing field with the Yankees and Red Sox.  I can hardly wait!

As you know, the Yankees currently have $450 million of revenue while the Dodgers only have $270 million of revenue.  The Dodgers spend a higher percentage of their revenue on payroll than the Yankees do.  This will level the playing field.  If you keep your word and pay double for parking and the  260% increase in tickets as well as showing up early and staying late, while buying lots of suds and Dodger Dogs, I will give you a $190 million payroll and we will win this thing.

Do we have a deal?  Can I count you in?

Love and Kisses,


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  1. Ken says:


  2. Roger Dodger says:

    All Dodger fans look for 2011 to be a better season than the last one. More excitement, more wins, players with up seasons and all.

    But so far, the roster does show (as pointed out in the last threat here) just how bland the roster really is. Is there any one of the new comers so far, that other teams would have gone to the bank for — to fight to get them??? Not really.

    As good as the Rangers are with a hitting lineup — they are now talking about getting Beltre.

    If there is no big bat for an outfield position added to this team now — and if K, L, E and company do not have career years — I can see that some of those teams finishing with worse records in 2010 will play better than this roster.

    Even looking at the starting 5 pitchers for LA in 2011 — as I have said before, they can be beaten in big series against other teams with their starting pitching.

    Facing SF, Phillies, Atlanta, etc. will not be easy.

    Solution, have the league or the law — have McCourt sell, and hire a new GM thus drawing the line in the sand for the start of a new day – season – era.

  3. Badger says:

    Not So Dear Sir…….

    “In fact, I’ll get Cliff Lee and Adrian Beltre TODAY, if you want.”

    No you won’t. More lying is not going to help your cause now Frankie.

    What do you care how long we stay at the park? 3.5 million of us show up every freakin’ year and are all willing to pay your exhorbitant parking fees and a couple bucks extra for tickets if you get the right players. We are also willing to pay $16 for a warm beer and a cold dog if we are watching winning baseball.

    And here’s something else to stick in your Boston buns, there may be a lot of people who leave early to avoid the traffic (especially on those nights the Dodgers are stinking the joint up) but there are more people staying in their seats every night than there are people who show up at Fenway.

    Just do your job and let us do ours. Or better yet, sell the team and go back east where you belong.


    The Fans of L.A. – who have been supporting you and your wife’s inflated lifestyle for too damn long.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    McCourt is an example of “new money,” as opposed to “old money.” New money people many times do not know how to use, handle, and deal with “real money” — and they make many mistakes.

    And Frank has made many mistakes.

    On leaving early and staying later — he only wants that to be able to see more stuff at the ball park. It is money again.

  5. Bobby says:

    I’d love to know the parking situation at fenway park. do they have 1 lot where everybody parks? being that the park is in downtown, i’m gona guess no.

    ill guess that the official fenway park/redsox parking lot is expensive as hell, like staples center. however, i’m guessing that people can park at other private lots for much cheaper.

    dodger stadium is very different. total apples and oranges comparison here. fenway also holds 37,000 people, not 56,000 people.

  6. Bill Russell says:

    Rangers moving agressively on Beltre. Do I smell the Yanks landing Cliff Lee?

  7. Bill Russell says:

    BTW, to all the lawyers out there, Can Frankie sue Mark for this letter? I sure hope not, he has bigger fish to fry. If he did however, we may get better drinking water at Dodger Stadium.

    • Ken says:

      Why? Mark’s creative response is intellectually consistent with his “Letter to Frank McCourt”. They incorporate the wisdom to balance the rights and responsilibiites of the team and the rights and responsibilities of the fans.

      Yes the McCourts have made a lot of mistakes but now the fans just have to live with the mistakes and hope for appropriate remedies. Remedies take time so everyone needs to be patient. If the fans want a miracle then they should talk to a supernatural force that can create a miracle. Posting on a Blog will not energize a Blog to create a desired miracle.

  8. Badger says:

    I beg to differ Ken. If a fan pays over $100 to take his son to a game, he has the right to leave whenever he wants.

    I ask again, what does McGoo care if people stay to the end? The money is already in his pocket.

  9. Badger says:

    And one more thing? Hope for appropriate remedies? Hope?

    How about we all just stay home until appropriate remedies have been applied?

  10. FRANK says:


    I must say that you are comparing apples to oranges. LA Fans are “fair weather fans.” Boston sells out regardless of the standings. The Red Sox team owns the bars and restaurants around Fenway and gets money for various parking venues, which are MUCH higher than Dodger Stadium.


    While it is a fans right to come late and leave early, the $100 ticket is in Boston and they come early and stay late which means that the concessions are much higher, to say nothing of to the energy from the fans. If people stay to the end and come early, I have more money in my pocket.

    Why did the NFL leave LA? Because of fans who came late and left early and fans who didn’t come. In Boston, fans love the Sox, no matter who owns them. In LA, we have a bunch of elitists who think they are entitled and yet they pay 1/3 the price of the average ticket in Boston and still bitch that the Dodgers aren’t like the Sox.

    Well duuuuhhhh, until Dodger fans act like Red Sox Fans, you never be Boston West!

  11. Michael says:

    You are correct, like I pointed out yesterday, MONEY and/or TV DEAL is a requirment to compete with the other major players.

    I can’t understand your reaction to any negativity to McCourt. Simers and Plashke are hacks. A number of your long time personalities[myself included and the fan base are all wrong because we don’t see it like you. It really reminds me of the infamous speech “either you’re with us or…”

    From being around here for the last 3 or 4 seasons, I know that at times you have thrown gas on the fire, to make us talk. If that is your motivation I would have to say you really know how to stir up the nest.

    Frank has done a commendable job with what he has. Sure, we could easily win the division but whoopee. Since we don’t have the TV DEAL until 2013 and signing Bill Hall ain’t going to light up the ticket coffers, what’s the problem with dreaming about an owner who has BANK.

  12. chucky says:

    I DO NOT want to be Boston West!!!!

    We are the Dodgers, we have a storied history based upon developing players from within. We are family oriented and LA oriented (even if it means we get there late and leave early).


    by the way, we are not the Giants either (hear that NED).

    All this angst against the owner, he has done so much and YES he does not have the revenue base like the Yankees and Red Sox but he has a family oreinted product that legacy is to be community oriented by keeping price down and be a big market team but priced like a small market. You accomplish that by developing from within.

    Lately our quest for winning immediately has led us to giving away the talent and goign for free agents and now we talk of a $190mm salary.

    Everyone take a big breath and think about what the Dodgers are (and were) and stop talking about being the West Coast version of the Yankee or Red Sox.

  13. Badger says:

    Frank you must think we fans are idiots.

    Since you have no idea what you are talking about let me splain somefin to you…….

    Two tickets to a Dodger are as much as $100 a piece. Too costly? Go sit out in the AYCE pavillion where the total cost is going to be $97. Or you can sit with the seagulls for $12 a piece, plus parking and food. Might as well stay home and watch on cable… oh wait.

    Boston fans are different I’ll give you that. But Dodger fans could be just as loyal and there would be more of them if we got you out of town.

    And don’t talk about the NFL leaving Los Angeles. You are from the east coast and don’t know what the hell you are talking about. The NFL didn’t leave L.A. Georgia did, leaving millions of Rams fans in the lurch.

    I still am hopeful Matt Kemp becomes the star that matches his natural talent, and that Loney and Ethier have good years. I also hope Furcal stays on the field, our starters all get 30+ starts, Broxton returns to form, Blake finds the fountain of youth, Gibbons plays like the ‘roidal Gibbons did and Uribe repeats his last year numbers. All of that could happen.

    Or not.

    But I don’t like McCourt, never did, and his over the top lifestyle on borrowing now, letting other people pay for it is what I see as a glaring example of what is wrong with this country. Enough.

    We need an owner that is solvent. Yeah, he is likely go be as big an ass as McCourt, but at least let’s get one like Cuban or Jerry Jones in there. The Dodgers should be the class of the National League, and for the time being they are also rans, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    I say again…. ENOUGH!

  14. AnewBlueDay says:

    Ned goes after Giants again . . .

    “The Dodgers signed Eugenio Velez, according to the team’s Twitter feed. They also announced minor league signings of Juan Castro and J.D. Closser.

    Velez, 28, was non-tendered by the Giants earlier this month even though he wasn’t arbitration eligible yet. He owns a .256/.300/.388 line in 678 career plate appearances. He’s logged time at all three outfield positions as well as second base. This year the speedy utility man hit .302/.353/.439 at Triple-A. Velez comes much cheaper than the other infielder the Dodgers signed away from the rival Giants, Juan Uribe.”

  15. Badger says:

    I saw Velez up close and personal.

    He leads the league in skinny.

    Good fit. He hit .164 last year but does have a career .300 OBP.

  16. Jaydavis says:

    Hey Frank
    Manram = BP = fans showing up early. Than you’re going to have to open the gates earlier
    Gagne = 9th inning excitement
    Madduxs = sold out seats and Madduxs was at the end of his career.
    Fans love to see Super-Stars Follow the Lakers lead.

  17. DRomo says:

    You are 100% correct. Stars put butts in seats.

    That is why I am super excited we have Eugenio Velez! Now I can hardly wait to get to Camelback Ranch. I hope he doesn’t ever get a chance to play RF (on Ethier’s day off) People in the All -U-Can Eat Pavillion will probably try and feed the poor guy.

    “He leads the league in skinny.” Hilarious!! Badger that is the best thing I have read on this site in weeks.

  18. Bobby says:

    another brilliant former giant ned picks up.

    i’m waiting for the news of kemp/kershaw to sf for rowand/zito

  19. DRomo says:

    It isn’t terrible guys they are all on minor league deals. If the guys don’t perform they are cut. Big deal.

    It isn’t a big signing but it is an option.

    Anyone else wonder if Jamey Carroll will get a shot at the 2B job? Why not and put Uribe at 3B? Carroll was MONEY last season for us.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m always amazed how year after year the signings of players to minor league contracts results in ridicule by fans. It’s standard practice every year by every team. It doesn’t mean that these players are seen as centerpieces. They’re signed as role players or for depth at the AAA level in the event of injuries.

    Right now I’m looking at last years Baseball America Super Register, which includes stats through the 2009 season. Prior to last year, Eugenio Velez had a lifetime big league average of .264 in 571 AB. Yes, he’s a toothpick, and has struck out far more than he’s walked (K/BB ratio of 98/32), had an OBP of .305 and SLG of .396. But he also had 30 SB, 29 doubles, 14 triples and 6 HR. Of his 151 lifetime hits, about one-third (49) were extra base hits. And he’s a switch hitter who can play both the outfield and infield. I would think that he’s at least worth a look-see, and at the very least has value as AAA depth.

    The off-season isn’t nearly over. Other free agent signings and/or trades are still possible (most likely probable). Save the ridicule for later.

  21. AnewBlueDay says:

    I hear ya Brooklyn. Players to fill out Spring Training and all.

    But the folks here are waiting for a super hero to arrive in at least a Chevy.

    Since the Dodgers are not an elite club any longer, maybe this is all we get. Crumsssss

  22. lawdog says:

    Mark get sued for saying unkind things about McGoo??? Hell, if McGoo was going to bring a lawsuit against someone for saying “unkind things” about him. I’d have been first on his list. Why do I not lose any sleep over it? Besides the point that Ken made about “creative free speech”, a public figure doesn’t have the same rights as a person who is totally private in this regard.

    For example, if I want to call Brittany Spears a whore, besides the fact that the “truth” is a defense to a libel suit, the fact that she’s a public figure gives me more license to say nasty things about her than would be true if she was an ordinary person.

    For example, if I said my neighbor’s wife was a whore, she could sue me. If I said the same about Cher her suit would be FUTILE.

    And I don’t think Frank would unleash his $500/per hour lawyers on an old man like me when it’s clear that collecting any judgment assessed against me will be collected on that old: “Dollar down, chase me me around!” principle.

  23. Bobby says:

    lawdog, even if u lose, u could tell him you’ll pay him in deferred payments till 2030

  24. lawdog says:

    Damn, that was a very informative post if you’re looking for living examples of the law… :mrgreen:

  25. lawdog says:

    Yer right Bobby. Hey Frank? How about I pay that $200 billion dollar judgment in $5 dollar monthly payments? You’ll be set unless I die!

  26. Bobby says:

    besides, your $5 will help pay for:

    1) frank’s haircut
    2) ned’s mid-season acquisition of pat burrell

  27. lawdog says:

    Think about this for a moment. We’ve now signed Castro and Gywnn who are obviously just defensive late inning replacements which leaves us with 24 real players on the roster. Assume 11 0f those will be pitchers, most of whom are f the most obviously mediocre kind. That leaves us 13 real position players, 8 of whom must start. Are we serious about competing with a real bench of 5 guys?

    It’s enough to make a Mariners fan out of me!!! :shock: :roll: :mad:

  28. Bobby says:

    for those listening: ned is about to come on espn710 LA with steve and john!

    i hope he discusses in depth the navarro/barajas/ellis competition

  29. Badger says:

    Good humor going on here today. Gotta have it these days.

    Velez is going to be 29 next year, so, if he was really going to do anything in the Majors, his other team would have probably hung on to him. He had four years of Major League time with the gints and they gave up on him.

    I don’t mind the minor league signings, I understand the process, but how many of them do we really need? We have had 28-32 year olds at AAA every year for a long time and never really use them. I don’t think we have any real plans for Castro or Velez, though I could be wrong about that. If Furcal goes down, and Gwynn/Gibbons fails, we might go with Castro and Velez, but, if that happens might as well bring up Sands and whoever to fill the holes.

    OK, back to football.

  30. Bobby says:

    Phillies are the “mystery team” still pursuing cliff lee.

    mannnn, we could only dream here in LA,……….

  31. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Jay Gibbons was 33 last year, and we used him. If you don’t have young prospects ready to make the jump to the big leagues, then it doesn’t hurt to have some of those veteran types at the ready. But it’s true, they usually don’t get used, and if they are, they’re usually not very effective. But that’s why they’re no longer worthy of anything more than a minor league deal. Doesn’t hurt much to have those guys. Might help, probably doesn’t.

  32. Ken says:

    The Dodgers need all of those geezers at AAA because the player development geezers fail to teach the kids how to develop their skills to a level that will allow them to be promoted past the AA level, unless of course they are traded before they get to AAA.

  33. Bill Russell says:

    Lawdog, Frankie wouldn’t sue Mark for unkind things said, Frankie would sue Mark for writing a letter in his (Frankies) Name. You know, acting like it’s him.

    I’m just trying to figure out how to get better drinking water at the Ravine. Bottled water is $5.00 a pop, and the drinking fountains come directly out of the LA River.

  34. Mark Timmons says:

    “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm. If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what’s said against me won’t amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference.”
    - Abraham Lincoln

  35. Roger Dodger says:

    Not sure if that was Ol’ Abe, or Leo the Lip, or Lefty Louie, or Mrs. Robinson.

  36. Badger says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to put the guys who already played at AA at AAA and just have them be the ones you call up? I mean, I am happy for Hoffman and Lindsey, but, did they do a thing to help? At least a 24-25 year old, if given a taste of the show, might actually have a future there.

    Gibbons was different. He was a guy who already had very good success at the MLB level. Of course, it was done with drugs, but, he at least knows what the bigs are all about. Those other guys are career minor leaguers. It’s rare any of those guys ever suddenly break out. Yeah, I know, somebody will give me an example, so, if it’s remotely possible, let’s invest in it.

    We need some big league bats. And, we have a lot of AAA players right now. There may be more than a couple that make the Opening Day roster.

    Of course, there may be a miracle in the making as well. OK Frankie, time to make your move………

  37. Bobby says:

    it might have been eugenio velez

  38. Ely's Coming says:

    Phillies just signed Cliff Lee. Oswalt, Halladay, Hamels and Lee. Pretty impressive

  39. Bobby says:

    im blown away by philly’s commitment.

    im sorry, i can’t hate on them for trying that hard to win for their fans.

    i’m so jealous.

  40. Ely's Coming says:

    They get players to take less money to come and play with them. Halladay and Lee both took less to sign. They’ve created a culture in that organization that every team in the league should be envious of

  41. Scott says:

    Frank I will forgive you of everything you’ve done, if you get someone like Beltre. Getting him back would be a miracle. We just need that big bat in our lineup. Getting rid of Loney and Broxton for Fielder wouldn’t be so bad ether. Along with the rest of LA whatever it takes to win a championship is fine with me. Just stop being so passive and tell your GM to go after the big guns.

  42. lawdog says:

    McGoo’s theory: If you can’t afford to sign truly elite players without ti taking a big bite out of your lifestyle, the just sign a bunch of geezers who looked good somewhere in their past. The fans won’t notice, even if we only win 80 games. As long as we don’t lose 100 games, the fans will come just like lemmings running over the cliffs. Thank God there’s a sucker born every minute, and thank God most of them live in southern Caliornia, an easy summer evenings drive to Dodger Stadium… :mrgreen:

  43. Badger says:


    Anyone willing to bet against the Phillies? Not me. Their fans must be celebrating. And, season tickets are probably sold out.

    Yep, there are examples of teams that are getting it done and getting it done right. The Dodgers are not one of those examples.

    Are there still people who are willing to back McCourt? No doubt.
    But this could be the year less than 3 million suckers show up. If that is the case…… it could signal a sale.

  44. Bill Russell says:

    Sucker – One that sucks especially a breast or udder.

    You learn something new about yourself almost everyday.

    New Years Resolution
    2011- I will not suck a breast or udder.

  45. Roger Dodger says:

    The Dodgers play the Phillies 3 games in June in Philly — then play the Phillies 3 games in Dodger Stadium in August.

    Wonder how the pitching match-ups will be in those 6 games???

    Maybe Donnie will try for 3 total wins, and do it backwards. Match up our #3 against their #1 and so on.

    But wait — at this point, on paper, the Phillies really have at least four #1s on their staff.

    Take my hat off to the Phillies. They spend money to make their team better every year. The only weakness is presently in the outfield.

  46. Badger says:

    Not suck a breast? Udderly ridiculous Bill. No man should make that committment.

    You left off a couple of definitions:

    victim, chump, dupe, fool, gull, patsy, sap, stooge

    The Phillies are doing it right.

    Interesting read on the Phillie ownership:

  47. DRomo says:

    The Phillies now have 4 starters that the Giants beat in the post-season.
    Aren’t we planning on being better than the Giants? Think positive guys.

    So long Russ Martin. I hope you have a bounce back season or enjoy getting booed mercilessly in the Bronx. Honestly replacing a Yankee like Posada is not going to be easy and to be honest I think you will regret going there.

  48. Roger Dodger says:

    So Russ Martin is a Yankee. Good for him.

    Lots of warning track fly balls there in Yankee Stadium. He best go for the line drives and all the other stuff that has been suggested for him to do with the bat.

    Starting catcher for the Yankees. Well, how do you do !!

  49. Bill Russell says:

    Things balance out. It’s sad seeing Russell become a Yankee, and I’m happy that the Yankees got shut out on the top tier FA Market.

    Russell will be able to buy golden plated twizzers with his money.

  50. Ken says:

    Did Lee sign with Philly because of money? No! He signed with Philly because their C is 10 times better than the Yankee C.

  51. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually I believe the new Yankee Stadium is noted for being a HR friendly ballpark.

    Martin is not replacing Posada (who will turn 40 in August). Posada has been penciled in as the DH in 2011. Martin will be competing with Francisco Cervelli and the Yankees #1 prospect Jesus Montero. In the end, it’s probably a one-year contract, and chump change for the Yankees to find out if they hit on a bargain or not. If Martin plays, and is successful, he will be happy. If not, he won’t be, and wouldn’t be, in those circumstances, anywhere he played.

  52. DRomo says:

    Martin will end up as a multi position guy. Regardless of his stats he just was never a fundamentally sound catcher. I loved how hard nosed he was but he needed a change of position. I wish him luck.

    I guarantee you if we have a decent catcher Bills will be better and Kershaw will reach his potential. Right now we still need a real full time catcher!

  53. DRomo says:

    Was anyone else hoping to see Cliff Lee on TV announce he was “Taking his talents to South Philly…” Just wondering

  54. Bobby says:

    i think i heard eugenio velez say he’s taking his talents to chavez ravine

  55. DRomo says:

    Well just like I mentioned earlier, ” guarantee you if we have a decent catcher Bills will be better and Kershaw will reach his potential. Right now we still need a real full time catcher!”

    Bengie Molina is on our radar. Say what you will about this fat boy he is a winner, great for young pitchers, and would be great to split the job with Barajas. Maybe even get more out of Navarro?

  56. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The Dodgers are often compared to teams like the Yankees and Red Sox with respect to their budget vs. other large market teams. Well, Philadelphia isn’t exactly a small town, but their payroll is about $150 million compared to the so-called INCREASED Dodger payroll at $110 million, or thereabouts.

    Dodger Stadium has a seating capacity of 56,000, whereas Citizen’s
    Bank Ballpark has a seating capacity in the 40 thousands. However, given that Citizens Bank is more modern, I’m guessing the Phillies (as is the case of other teams with newer ballparks) derive considerable revenue from private suites, which I don’t believe is the case with Dodger Stadium. I’m not sure if the Phillies are part of any regional network.

    Until the Dodgers either get a new, deep pocketed owner, or begin to derive more revenue from a regional network, a new or modernized ballpark, and perhaps even from naming rights, they are not going to be able to compete, even with teams in lesser cities than LA. And just to get the record straight, Dodger TV is not ticketed for 2013, it’s 2014. McCourt gave FOX exclusive TV rights for 10 years (2004 THRU 2013). That means that a Dodger TV network cannot begin operations until 2014. Maybe by 2013 the Dodgers will be able to begin to anticipate increased revenues. But probably not until then, unless we get new, well-heeled ownership with big dollars to invest, and the time to wait for their investment to blossom.

  57. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, on HRs in new Yankee Stadium — I know right field has a bunch of HRs there, but not sure about left field.

    Right center is 385 feet, and left center is 399 a bit deeper.

    Center is 408.

    Looked, but did not find a chart of balls hit where . . .

    Saw this:

    Andrew Marchand of says that Yankee Stadium this year has yielded just 13 home runs in the first six home games compared to last season when it gave up 25 home runs during the same time frame.

    Nobody knows why, but Marchand has a few theories including:
    The average temperature has been seven degrees cooler (63 to 56) on average for Yankee home games.

    The average wind speed is four miles per hour faster this year (7.8 to 3.8) and the wind direction has changed from left-to-right field to a trajectory blowing in from left field.

    Marchand also brings up the possibility that taking down the old Stadium could have contributed to the lack of home runs, but nobody knows for sure.

    Shortstop Derek Jeter’s put it best in regards to the home runs at Yankee Stadium, “You hit the ball, it will go out.”

    and this:
    NEW YORK (AP) — Yankee Stadium wasn’t that much of a home run haven this year.

    There were 223 homers hit at the second-year ballpark, down from a major league-leading 237 last year. The Yankees hit 115, according to STATS LLC, a drop from 136 last season.

    “I can definitely tell that the ball is not carrying as well as it was last year,” the Yankees’ Mark Teixeira said before Sunday night’s 4-3, 10-inning win over Boston completed the home schedule. “Center field to right-center is really dead compared to last year. There are balls you hit out there that you think at the very least are going to hit off the wall and you’re going to get a double, and they’re dying at the warning track.”

    Last year there were home runs in 80 of 81 regular-season games, all but in the Washington Nationals’ damp 3-0 win on June 18 that started after a 5-hour, 26-minute rain delay.

    There were seven games without home runs this season: a 5-3 loss to the Los Angeles Angels on April 14; a 5-1 win over Texas two days later; a 4-1 victory over Baltimore on May 4; a 4-3 win over Houston on June 11; a 4-0 loss to the New York Mets on June 18; a 6-1 loss to Toronto on July 2; and a 7-1 victory over Kansas City on July 23.

    “Guys obviously adjust,” Yankees reliever Joba Chamberlain said. “You don’t necessarily pitch away from your game. But you pitch a little different. That could be one thing — guys just made adjustments here.”

    While the ballpark last year easily surpassed the record for home runs at old Yankee Stadium — 215 in 2004 — it failed to approach the major league record of 303 hit at Denver’s Coors Field in 1999. Still the Yankees set a major league record last year by homering in 73 home games. This year they went deep in 63.
    Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona didn’t see much of a difference.

    “I think right field is scary,” he sad even before Alex Rodriguez’s two-run homer in the seventh off Daisuke Matsuzaka cleared the wall in right-center. “I’m not here enough to know. I just know I get nervous when their hitters are up.”

    Yankee Stadium’s home-run barrage was most pronounced early in the 2009 season. An average of 3.5 homers per game were hit before the June 18 game, and the figure dwindled to 2.5 per game for the remainder of the season.
    This year’s average of 2.75 at Yankee Stadium is down from last year’s 2.93.
    “It just plays the same,” New York’s Jorge Posada said. “The field doesn’t change from one year to the other. We just hit more homers last year.”

    And pitchers are doing better. There have been 1.91 home runs per game in the major league this season, down from 2.07 last year.

    “Maybe it’s just the pitching got better this year. It may not be the ballpark at all,” Teixeira said. “The pitchers as a whole in the league have really stepped it up this year.”

  58. Michael says:

    “The Dodgers could operate like the big 3 too if they had an owner worthy of their brand” Ken Rosenthal
    Everyones a hack.
    Hack Wilson
    Latest odds [NL West teams only] for winning the 2011 WS
    SF 12/1- 2010 was their year,they won’t get the bounces this time
    COL 20/1- On paper the cream of the crop in the West
    SD 30/1- The little engine that couldn’t and now who’s on first
    LA 30/1- I thought we were at least better than an Adrian-less SD
    ARI 80/1- May be the suprise team. Every season has one.

  59. Badger says:

    If Martin passes the physical, I give him a great chance to be the starting catcher for the Yankees. And if he is, in that lineup he will get a lot of strikes. Could be a great year for him.

    What do we get in return? The opportunity to sign Dioner Navarro?

    If you were drafting your fantasy team today, would you take Martin or Barajas?

    Interesting piece on the home runs at Yankee Stadium. Why were talking about that? Because of Martin?

    Ken, I think Lee signed with the Phillies, not the Yankees, because of the Yankee fans spitting and throwing beer at the Rangers wives. Had nothing to do with who is or isn’t the catcher.


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