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Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves
  • I have a hunch that James McDonald and Andrew Lambo for Octavio “Don’t Tell Me” Dotel and Tony Jackson, the Sportswriter from Arkansas, could go down as Ned’s biggest blunder.  I’m just sayin’
  • Jerry Sands is putting it together.  He was sent to the AFL to work on his batting eye and he has delivered (80 AB’s 17 K’s 15 BB).  His power is there and he could rise rapidly.  He has played mostly 1B in the AFL and I think rumors of him playing 3B, were just that.  He has seen action at 3B 11 times: when he stepped on it while on his way to score a run.  I really can’t see the Dodgers putting him at 3B, but I’ve been wrong before…
  • Scratch Uggla off your want list.  The Marlins got two players who both can be very good and are under team control for a long time.  That’s what they do:  they dump a guy who is no longer under their control for two younger players.  Not a bad gig!
  • Hiroki Koroda could have probably doubled or tripled his contract if he had elected free agency, but he wanted one more year in LA and it is a good deal for both sides.
  • The Dodgers rotation is solid.  Now, they just have to find a gem for #5.  He could come from within…
  • James Loney’s time with the Blue could end rapidly… and soon.
  • I would say that Scott Elbert has resurrected his career.
  • Rumors, rumors and more rumors…

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36 Responses to “Rants & Raves”

  1. Badger says:

    Interesting piece here on Loney.. be sure to read the posts following it:

    I still have hope for Loney. I don’t know what it will take to light the fires, but if the new coaching staff can get through to him, he could finally have his break out year. He has too much raw talent to waste it. Even after such an off year he still carries a .288 career avg., has 268 RBI’s the last three years and is only 26. Maybe a new organization is exactly what he needs.

    I too like the Dodgers rotation, but, I’ll say the same thing I said last year – I don’t see a lot of finishers on this starting staff. Kuroda and Lilly will not get 200 innings. Kershaw might, and Bills might, but where are the guys who get complete games, or go deep every time out. There were 42 pitchers in MLB that got more innings than did our best – Kershaw. I see the pen getting a work-out again next year. And, I hope you are right about Elbert. We could use him.

  2. Ken says:

    McDonald yes, Lambo no.

    Sands is allegedly playing 3B in the instructional league. Watching him pass Mitchell on the debt charts. (Maybe worth bringing up next Fall.

    Uggla – That was a salary dump trade that the Dodgers never could afford.

    Kuroda just got most of this off sseason’s deferred comp. B of A is watching you Frank.

    If Frank gave Kemp an extension the Dodgers would be wearing RED.

    If a #5 starter comes from within then that says alot about the salary budget. Try to sign Padilla for $2.5 mil plus incentives.

    Elbert never had a career because he was always a thrower, which can work through AA and subtimes AAA but not the MLB. Now that he has realized this and added some pitches maybe he is a pitcher. I dobut that Torrid or Noney Butt taught him anything.

    Loney will get traded to a team that has a good batting coach and we will all think the trade was worse than the one mentioned above. The Dodger coaches already got through to him and convinced him to ruin his swing.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    It will take the sharp mind of a GM to re-tool the Dodgers for 2011.

    1) I would keep Loney for the reasons Badger said above.

    2) The Key is this == what does it take to get a new 3Bman and LFielder and also strengthen the catching department???

    If it takes a trade, then it is either prospects and the Dodgers do not have many, or it takes a player like Loney and or Broxton to do a trade. OR, the free agent way. OORR one of each, trade and Free Agent. Catch 22 – you do Free Agent, you give up a draft pick.

    Loney is the Mark Grace of our time. Face it, last years Dodger team all basically played like it did not matter. Maybe Loney was caught up in that.

    But if Ned trades Loney for a LF or a 3B — then, he needs to make another move for a 1Bman. Do not even suggest, Mark, the Blake/Gibbons as the duo 1bmen for 2011. That is OK in Pittsburgh and KC but not the team of Jackie Robinson.

  4. Badger says:

    I think if Loney is traded, the move might be to sign one of the many FA 1b out there. Who is the best fit in L.A.? Carlos Pena migh be cheap….. but, Adam Dunn anyone?

    Or, how about a real bombshell…. bring back Paul Konerko.

  5. Mark Timmons says:


    Am I missing something? As far as I know, Sands has NEVER played 3B.

  6. Mark Timmons says:


    … and Aubrey Huff was a waste. If we had a power-hitting 3B or LF, I would live with Gibbons and Blake at 1B. They might surprise…


    Pena won’t be cheap, but he’s an option.

  7. lawdog says:

    I’d keep Looney for the reasons Ken mentioned.

  8. lawdog says:

    Isn’t Konerko 67 years old now? I liked him in his prime and was upset when we unloaded him for nada. But I think he’d be coming back to LA for easy money and retirement.

  9. dusto says:

    Loney has reached his peak. Maybe move him for Kenshin Kawakami.

    We certainly don’t need a left fielder as Ethier should move to left (being the worst RF in baseball each of the last two years).

    Between the current starting 4, 3 of them were in the top 15 in WAR last year. The bullpenn should bounce back with a competent manager. But we have 3 guys capable of closing out games.

    Middle relief will be easy to find, as usual, and the only serious holes we have are at 1st and right. Blake will likely become a bench player that gets regular time at third, first, and possibly in the outfield. I suspect that Blake will partially platoon with Gibbons in LEFT (which doesn’t agree with me personally). And I’d much rather find a center fielder, moving Kemp to right and Ethier to left.

    My pick in Nyjer Morgan. The guy is capable of 3-4 WAR and will only cost 450k next year. Anyone that is willing to throw a bat at a Philly fan, I’m a HUGE fan of!

    Sign Dunn and were set.


  10. Bobby says:

    i think the best option for 1 yr would be derek lee. he’s a vet. he’s a better glove than loney and would give us better offense for a year, until sands is fully ready to take over at 1b.

    that is, if we can trade loney for anything of value, and i’m not sure that we can

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Want more innings out of our starters? How about getting them some run support. Part of the reason they don’t go deep into games is because the games are always close. Actually, all four of our starters were at or near 200 innings last year. Kershaw = 204.1, Kuroda = 196.1, Lilly = 193.2, and Bills = 191.2. If they’re all healthy in 2011 I see no reason why they can’t all go 200 innings. But to do so will probably require more run support so they don’t have to be removed in the middle innings due to a paucity of runs, even though they’re pitching well. And having the benefit of an occasional blowout would also help.

    I too still have hope for Loney, but I would trade him, but not for Octavio Dotel, or the like. And if he’s not going to bring back a lot by himself, then he can be packaged, or possibly be used as the wild card in a three way deal. But if Loney is traded, who replaces him this year. It’s not Sands, so it has to be a player acquired via trade or a free agent. Konerko would be nice, but likely too expensive, and he might want more years than the Dodgers would be willing to give, especially if they’re thinking ahead to Sands in a year or two.

    And Mark, you’re right about the rumors. Maybe Loney is a rumor that will never happen.

    Now that the Dodgers have addressed the major part of their pitching needs, perhaps they will begin to focus more on trades and increased offense in the coming weeks, or months.

  12. Badger says:

    Good ideas Dusto, but I don’t know about middle relief being easy to find. Ask the dbacks about that. Their pen blew their season for them. I would love to have 4 starters that are capable of going 8. Not every time out of course, but it sure would be good for our pen to to have a couple of starters log 220 innings. And our holes are left, C, 3b and 2b. You like Carroll as an everyday 2b? Maybe. I still like him off the bench. As of now, we still have Loney and I don’t consider him a hole. Blake is though. And, who is the catcher on this team?

    Konerko will be 35 in March and is coming off 39 HR and 111 RBI’s. He seems to be a real work horse, not missing much time during his long career. Of course, coming to L.A. could change that. I just thought it might be a good PR move. And this team needs a whole lot of good PR these days.

  13. “Scratch Uggla off your want list. The Marlins got two players who both can be very good and are under team control for a long time. That’s what they do: they dump a guy who is no longer under their control for two younger players. Not a bad gig!”

    Huh? Infante, a career utility player, is a free agent after the season and Dunn is a nice bullpen arm, but that’s about it.

    In terms of value, it’s a pretty terrible trade for the Marlins. They could have gotten a lot more from another team. They seemingly took the first deal they were offered.

  14. Mark Timmons says:


    The fact is, the Marlins had no leverage. If they had traded Uggla last year, they would have gotten a lot more, but any team that trades for him knows that he is going to want a big contract. The Marlins offered 4 years at $48 mil and he turned it down. He’ll likely want a 5 year/$65+ mil deal. The Marlins lost all leverage.

    You think all the GM’s don’t talk? If the Marlins could have gotten more, I guarantee they would have. These guys have each other on speed dial and I guarantee that Florida called every other GM and said “I got an offer of Infante and Dunn for Uggla. You got something better, and Oh, he’s going to want a 5 year/$65 mil deal?”

    Explain how you could get more when you have a situation like that…

    The Braves now have to figure out how to sign him, but he should do very well in the ATL (not including the iron glove, of course). I personally think he would not have flourished in LA – lots of shots to the warning track…

    For the record, Uggla is seeking 5 years/$71 million!

    • I don’t dispute your point about the money. But the Marlins would likely have benefited more by keeping Uggla the entire season with the potential to compete and letting him go in free agency (nabbing two potential first-round picks in the process).

      Then again, they could have explored a trade at the trade deadline when teams would be looking for that bat to put them over the top or add to what they already have.

      A way to get better value now would have been not to rush to trade him. Hell, we’re not even at the Winter Meetings and one of the best trade chips is already gone — and for what amounts to peanuts. They weren’t going to non-tender him.

      I’d be really interested to see if the Dodgers were even an option (i.e. Did Ned even talk to the Marlins?).

  15. Badger says:

    That’s what 100 runs, 33 home runs and 105 RBI’s costs these days. He is 30, he stays in the same division and doesn’t have to face Atlanta pitching, so, he should have 4-5 years of ‘more of the same’.

    As for who they got back…. I don’t know, looks good to me. An All Star infielder and a left handed reliever with 1.89 ERA in his rookie year.

    • Ray says:

      Infante as an All star was a travesty….and Dunn walks alot of guys…..not good for a reliever.

      • Badger says:

        Travesty? That’s a little strong isn’t it Big Ray? He was the third best hitter in the league. He earned it. He is 28, has played every position on the field except C and 1b and he can hit. I would take him in a heartbeat.

        Yeah, Dunn walks a lot of batters. But, in his last year at AAA, and his one year in the bigs, he has struck out 91 in 66 innings. And even with his walks, his ERA is outstanding. I would take him as well.

        Say, are you any relation to little ray? Your posts sound a lot like him.

  16. GoNzO says:

    Glad to hear about your hunch Mark. I think most of us had that hunch the day we found out about that trade. Nevertheless, we agree. I personally think this trade will come back and bite Ned in the arse. I can see lambo turning into a Matt Holliday type player. Yeah the kid is a tool, but he can rake and when he gets it were going to wish we had him. Ditto for McDonald maybe even more so. Our 5th starter is going to be pitching in PIT and will develop because he is going to get playing time and growing pains that will earn him pretty good contract when the Pirates can’t afford him.

    I’m not saying they’ll be superstars but very VERY solid ball players.

    • Ray says:

      Gonzo-MAtt Holliday is a superstar….and Lambo will never be another Holliday.
      Lambo has issues, and if he doesn’t grow up, he will be out of baseball, or a AAAA player….like Joel Guzman.

  17. Ken says:


    Rumor is Sands is playing 3B at Camelback. Re: dept chart I was talking about them only as utility players.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “…and Lambo will never be another Holliday.” “Never” is a very strong word. If the kid has the tools, and reaches another level of maturity within the next few years, there is no telling what he might achieve. Yes, he may continue to get in the way of himself, but that’s not inevitable. Life is not all black and white, in fact, it’s mostly shades of gray.

    I’ll go back to Josh Hamilton as an example. It wasn’t long ago that he was considered a wasted talent with no hope of redemption.

    In fact, there were people who thought Holliday would “never” hit outside of Coors Field.

    And the Joel Guzman thing is ridiculous. The point is not how good or bad he is, but how much he might have brought in return when he was more highly rated as a prospect. Perhaps, when his value was perceived to be greater than it actually was, he could have been packaged to get more than Julio Lugo. The point I and others have made is that the Dodgers have not extracted the full value out of their prospect currency. They devalue that currency before anyone else, and as a consequence get very little in return.

    And I make no prediction about his ultimate success or failure, but it would seem that the book isn’t closed on the 26 year old Joel Guzman. Seems that during this past year he hit 33 HR in AA, with a respectable .279 average. Maybe there’s still some life in him yet.

  19. Badger says:

    EVERYBODY thought Guzman was the real deal. Even ESPN thought he was going to be another Cabrera or JuanGon:

    I have no idea if Lambo will ever make it to the bigs, but I can state with absolute conviction he will have a better minor league career than one Anthony Jackson. And, once McDonald got to a place that knew what to do with him, he starts 11 games and chalks up a 3.5 ERA and a 1.3 WHIP in them. Advantage Pittsburgh.

  20. coloblue says:

    Loney based on seeing the fangraphs..tells me 2 things…
    1. trade for anybody who adds value to roster…..or prospect to a team that needs 1bman.
    2.dfa him..Loney is just ave at best…our team lacks punch and HR capablility..we more than he can deliver.
    If we DFA Theriot ( for sure) and trade/dfa Loney we clear up about $8m of cash to use for power guy and a guy like Padilla.
    Right now we have payrol of about $102 per truebluela..dfa/trade theriot saves another $8 giving us maybe $16M to spend..IF our payrollis $110M.

    power guys like Beltre…Dunn etc will cost us $12-14m/y and multiyr contracts.. beltre–4/5 and Dunn at least 3..
    Dunn is on lower $$ end vs Beltre..Dunn for $12M allows up to bring Padilla back.
    My choice is clear $$ of Theriot and Loney and get some decent quality in power guy and #5SP.

  21. Bobby says:

    i cant imagine that ivan dejesus jr, making $400k, won’t equal or surpass the production theriot will give us at 2-3 mil. theriot needs to go elsewhere.

    i’m gona guess loney has some value to teams, and would be a trade candidate more than a non tender candidate. its not the end of the world if he comes back, but we would need pop at 3b or elsewhere to compensate for him.

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    As I’ve said before, I would trade anyone for the right return. But I wouldn’t be all too quick in trading Loney. He clearly took a step or two backwards last year, but I sense that if he’s traded, it’s a deal that a lot of us would regret. Maybe I’m hanging on too long, but I still think there’s power in there, and I’m absolutely convinced that his poor approach at the plate this past year just requires adjustments, which I’m guessing he’s already aware of. And I also get impression that he’s a player that Mattingly likes, and would be reluctant to part with.

    As I see it, for the Dodgers to win this year they need bouncebacks from Kemp, Ethier and Loney, and upgrades at 2B, 3B, one outfield spot, and behind the plate. Maybe De Jesus is the answer at 2B, and I have no idea who will be behind the plate, at 3B or the outfield. Maybe even Martin has a comeback inside himself, but I’m not counting on it. Whatever the case, getting this team back to its winning ways is a tall order, and I see no reason why Loney can’t be a big part of that.

    Meanwhile, the talk is that Arizona is looking for bullpen help, and that their shopping Justin Upton among others. It’s got a snowball in hell’s chance of happening, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could trade Broxton to the D-Backs for Upton. I’m not holding my breath, but it’s a nice thought (and that from a guy who still believes in Broxton). Heck, I’d even consider Stephen Drew, who could probably play 2B, SS, or 3B.

    Okay, back to the real world.

  23. Ken says:

    Ned obviously does not know what to look for because all he does is finds other people’s junk. Maybe he should get a job at TSA.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This report speculates that the 26 year old Anthony Jackson will be reporting to one of the Dodgers’ single-A affiliates. Hey, you never know. He’s fast, and maybe a late bloomer. It’s happened before. What, I’m not allowed to grasp at straws?

  25. Badger says:

    Hey, Maury Wills didn’t get to the big club until he was 26. Maybe we got another Maury. Maury Jackson. Good point though, it cost us Dotel, McDonald and Lambo for a Single A player. It just keeps getting worser.

    Geez, I had forgotten about the Podsednik deal. Two more prospects down the crapper. Worse, more worse, and then more worser. When and where does it stop?

  26. Roger Dodger says:

    Someone tell us about Warren Spahn . . .

  27. Tarball says:

    Loney has to quit “inside outing” his swing, and return to pulling the ball. It’s disgraceful to see what the Dodgers have done to his once beautiful swing.. . . opposite field flyballs on pitches middle-in! C’mon, James, go back to “pulling” a bit more!

  28. Badger says:

    Good point Tarball.

    I think the school on it is basically there is a time to pull and a time to go up the middle/away. Used to be, if you have the count in your favor, look middle in and drive it. If you are behind in the count be prepared to protect. I have no idea what they are teaching now, things are just so much different than they usta was. My philosophy was always look dead red on the first pitch and if the pitcher is stupid enough to throw it down the middle on you make him pay. It may be the best pitch you see in the sequence. But, I see Dodger hitters taking that pitch all the time now, so, my old school ways are a thing of the past.

    But, having said that, the best left handed hitters in the game can all go away when they need to. I would hate to see Loney lose that by trying to pull the ball. But, I think your point is valid.


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