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Misery Loves Company

Misery Loves Company

I am often accused of being an optimist.  I see a glass half full, when others wee it half empty.

Some say that positive thinking is overrated.

Some say that they knew the Dodgers would be a .500 team last year and they are predicting that the Dodgers will be a .500 team in 2011.

That say I am delusional.

They wonder what the value of positive thinking is.

I am going to share the secret of positive thinking with you:

From October of one year until August or September of the following year (if the Dodgers are eliminated from the playoffs, I am happy and upbeat.  If they are eliminated in September, I am miserable for about a month… until we start planning for the next season.

You naysayers are miserable all year.  Misery loves company!  Pile on!

Being happy 90% of the time beats being sad all of the time.  Deal with it or join my bandwagon.

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One Response to “Misery Loves Company”

  1. Mark Timmons says:

    Don’t Worry. Be happy!


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