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Let’s Call a Spade a Spade and An Ace an Ace

Let’s Call a Spade a Spade and An Ace an Ace

I’m tired of hearing that Clayton Kershaw isn’t the Dodger’s Ace, but might be soon.  That total bull!  Let’s compare him to the Ace of the World Champion Giants (I hate that in my mouth).  Discuss this no more.  Clayton IS the Dodger’s ace!  Period!

Kershaw 13-10 2.91 204 212 81 1.18
Lincecum 16-10 3.43 212 231 76 1.27

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28 Responses to “Let’s Call a Spade a Spade and An Ace an Ace”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, you are half right. HE IS the ace of the Dodger staff, but would not be the Ace on some other teams. He is outstanding young pitcher in the majors, but not the best yet.

    If the Dodgers had a #1 ace, and Clayton was #2, it would be better for him right now in his career.

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    He could have been the Ace on MOST of the major league teams last year… and He will probably be better NEXT year!

    Next year, he could get his first Cy.

    This guy is going to be sooooooooooooooo awesome!

  3. Mark Timmons says:

    I agree with Jon Weisman who said that Kershaw was better than the Giants ace in 2010.

    • Badger says:

      Compare him to Matt Cain instead of Lincecum.

      • Kershaw is an ace…..and he is YOUNG……but some Dodgers fans would rather spin negative. Before the 2010 season, we heard fans saying he didn’t pitch late into games….but he did just that in 2010.
        The wins will come in 2011.

        • Badger says:

          “Before the 2010 season, we heard fans saying he didn’t pitch late into games…”

          that’s because before last year he didn’t pitch late into games.

          And, what is your definition of “late”?

          • Kershaw pitched 7 innings or more in 15 of his 32 starts, and pitched 6 innings or more in 25 of his 32 starts….not bad.
            I define late as 7 innings or more…but for him to pitch 6 innings or more in most of his starts is solid.

  4. Bill Russell says:

    The Dogs have other holes to fill. Of course it would be nice to bring in Cliff Lee to add to the pitching staff but the funds aren’t there. Fill 2nd and LF and add someone to help Broxton and Kuo. Or better yet, trade Broxton while his value is high and bring in some help. I agree with Mark, that Kershaw is our Ace this year. Dunn is horrible in the field whether in LF or at 1st he is worst than we are accustomed to in LA. The stats lie, just like they did with Broxton last year. Peace

  5. lawdog says:

    I’m suggesting Dunn as the FA signing with the big bat that we need because we just might be able to sign him despite McGoo’s financial woes. He wanted to come to LA before he signed his last deal and because he’s less than stellar with the glove and strikes out so much, we might be able to get him without breaking the bank.

    We’re desperate for a power hitter to go with Ethier and hopefully Kemp. Dunn has the bat. And we can live with his strike outs since he walks a lot and has a decent OBP which is more important than strike outs anyway. How is a strikeout any different than a cannon shot line drive caught by the shortstop except that it looks uglier?

    And we’re used to having defensive liabilities in left. Manny might have been the biggest joke to every ply left in Dodger Stadium when you considered his defense. But Pierre wasn’t much better with his pop gun arm and his lollipop throws to the cut off man. We did pretty well when those two were stepping up offensively, didn’t we?

    We can’t just go into next season hoping someone will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of last season to provide us with that third power hitter in the lineup. Blake is done. Loney is okay offensively if you don’t need him to hit more than 15 home runs a year. Nobody else in the lineup is going to step up and hit 30 hrs except Ethier and Kemp (in a good year.)

    So I suggest we live with Dunn’s defense to get that third power bat, sign the Japanese player and maybe take a flyer on Andy LaRoche. But we’re still going nowhere if we don’t get another pitcher with the ability to be a real ace.

    Kershaw may rise up and be that pitcher next year, but even if he does become our Lincecum we’ll still need someone better than Bills and the rest of the motley crew if we want to contend with the Giants. Obviously, we’ll need to gamble a little on a guy as we haven’t got the jack to pay a Lee to come in and pitch for us.

    We’re going to have to gamble on someone who’s affordable and just might turn out to be a diamond in the rough. I like the look of Brandon Webb if he’s recovered from the injury to his pitching arm. Since he throws primarily a sinker, he’s more likely to come back completely to his old form since he doesn’t have to throw in the mid to high 90s to be effective.

    Webb’s main pitch has always been his sinker. Webb himself said he probably uses it at least 80 percent of the time, and it used to be closer to 90 percent. Along with Roy Halladay’s, it was often considered the best such pitch in baseball. He also features an excellent changeup which comes in around 84-85 mph. Webb also throws an excellent curve that comes in around 72 mph so he’s got a good array of pitches and has a good chance of coming all the way back to his Cy Young form. If nothing else, he’d give us HOPE. That’s something we’ll have little of if we stand pat with the starters we have.

    So that’s it. Sign Dunn, the Japanese infielder (who could play 2nd, ss, or probably even 3rd), take a lark and sign LaRoche and hope he unseats Blake and then go get Webb if his arm is sound. Then I can feel hopeful that we’ll really contend.

    Stand pat and we’ll stink it up next season. :shock:

  6. Badger says:

    We cannot afford Dunn and Nishioka. That’s about $30 million right there.

    I think we might just wait a while and see which way the wind is blowing. Gives us more time to argue the details of how bad things aren’t.

  7. lawdog says:

    Dunn is coming off a contract which paid him $10 million per for 2 years. He could probably be had for Lilly money because of his warts. Nishioka–I’m not sure about. I read somewhere that he’d cost $4-5 million per year for 4 years but I don’t know if that includes what it would take to get his rights in the auction with his Japanese team. In any event, it looks like it might be Blake money to get him locked up.

    It’s because these guys have warts that they can be had for less than the elite FAs and I like the fact they might come to LA and have career years. It provides a little hope. I need hope to keep my attention. If we go in to next season standing pat I just won’t be motivated to pay that attention to the team.

    Same principle applies to looking for a “gamble” like Webb to shore up the rotation. I think he’s more likely than not going to return to being a very solid starter, thanks to the fact that he’s a sinkerballer to begin with. But we probably can get him for a little more than what we’re paying Lilly for a couple of years–or build in a bunch of incentives that are back loaded. If we could get Webb for 2 years at $13 million per we suddenly have all 3 guys for a little more than the $30 million Badger suggested Dunn and Nishioka will cost.

    As long as McGoo can backload some of that, I think we could do it and we’d have an interesting team that just might go deep into the playoffs.

  8. Bill Russell says:

    I agree with Badger that Dunn isn’t coming. He’s not worth the money. I’d rather have Werth or Crawford if we are shelling out the big bucks. I watched Dunn single handedly lose a game last year playing 1st base. He booting two ground balls in the same inning and dropped a throw to 1st. I’ve watched him play the outfield and feel he is worse then Manny. Just my opinion. The Giants had less power than us last year and found a way to win the WS, so I can do without the 30 Homers from Dunn. But again as Badger points out, we won’t have to across that bridge. Rogers theory makes more sense of bringing in another top of the rotation pitcher, but we could never out bid the Yanks. KC isn’t going to give away Zack Grenke. What reliever is out there that we could go after for the 7th inning? And what 2nd baseman can we get our hands on? Why is Hudson not sticking on any teams? I hear the Twins don’t want him back. The wind will blow in a LF as Badger points out. Ned had better get started, only a few more months until Camelback.

  9. Bobby says:

    you people are depressing me!!

    thank god for beer

  10. lawdog says:

    Problem is, the Giants had a #1 starter and 3 number 2s. We don’t have anything that comes close except for Kershaw and maybe Bills.

    We can’t afford to get shut out 18 times or so like we did last season. We just can’t stand pat and compete. Beer does make it easier to bare. ;)

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t understand the fascination with a Japanese player that no one has seen, and just finished with a career year in Japan. Maybe he turned a corner in 2010 and will continue to stand out, and maybe not. I’m simply not going to hope we get him or hope we don’t. I simply don’t know, and it’s likely neither does anyone else on this blog. I’m sure the Dodgers have evaluated him, and maybe they like him and maybe they don’t. Is he the next Ichiro, or is he the next Kaz Matsui? I don’t know, and chances are neither does anyone else. Could be that Ivan De Jesus is just as good, even better.

    And I agree with Mark and Jon Weisman that Kershaw may well be as good or better than Lincecum. He just hasn’t won any Cy Young’s and therefore doesn’t yet have the rep. But his numbers in 2010 were pretty much across the board better than Linceum’s. Better ERA, lower hits per 9, and if I remember correctly, I believe he held hitters to a .214 average vs. .243 for Lincecum. In fact, I believe that in 2009 he held hitters to a big league low of .200. And he’s four years younger than Lincecum. And without looking at the stats, I think that Billingsley matches up pretty well vs. Cain. Especially after he straightened himself out following a rough start.

    And I prefer a solid hitter with speed in the outfield over the one-dimensional Dunn. No doubt Dunn gets on base a lot, but I imagine there are also times when he clogs the bases. A speedy outfielder who can also throw, would cut off or chase down a lot of balls in the gap and down the line. Want the starters to go deeper into games. Well, a better defense that keeps them out of jams and minimizes the number of pitches they have to throw will do just that. And as much as I would like to have Crawford, I would also be satisfied with an outfielder that can play right and allow Ethier to move over to left. Ethier has a good arm, but it’s not a cannon. And he’s also not the swiftest of runners. Whereas his arm is OK for right, it would be superior in left.

    I also think this # 1 thing is overrated. Although I think Kershaw is about to become a # 1, I’m OK with the fact that he’s at least a # 1.5.

    I’m not a huge Colletti fan, but I’m amazed at the impatience of those who think he should have done more by now. Just about every big free agent is still unsigned, and there have only been a few trades. We’re not even at the winter meetings yet. Although they weren’t good signings, when did we sign Pierre, Jones, and Schmidt? December at the earliest, and probably January. In fact, in 2004 the Dodgers didn’t acquire Milton Bradley until just before opening day. There’s still plenty of time, and likely there will be things happening. Like I’ve said before, let’s hold off judgment until the process plays itself out.

  12. Bill Russell says:

    Brooklyn, I couldn’t agree with you more. LD, (In my opinion, Dunn gives away almost as many runs as he scores). And Bobby, beer just makes you pee. For depression break out the Jack Daniels. I got too much time on my hands today. Spending the weekend at the beach in the rain.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Regarding that # 1 thing again. Didn’t the Phillies have two # 1′s in Halladay and Oswalt? Some would argue that Cole Hamels gave them a third # 1. What did they win in 2010? And I’ll forget about the Cardinals with Carpenter and Wainwright, because they had other issues.

    Having a # 1 is nice, but it’s not a guarantee of anything. Even # 1 Cliff Lee lost in the World Series.

  14. Badger says:

    I say again…. compare Kershaw’s stats to Cain’s stats. Cain was better than Lincecum last year. He was 13-11 with a 3.14 ERA, a 1.08 WHIP, .221 BAA and 223.1 IP. I wouldn’t compare Bills to either Cain or Lincecum. Well, I guess you could if you really wanted to. You could compare Ortiz to Lincecum if you wanted to.

    Kershaw is our best starting pitcher, so, I guess that makes him our ace. I have said for two years now, he is still a distance from how good he is going to be. As most of you know, year before this last one, I was a proponent of low pitch count, fewer innings for him. He seemed to be ok with 200 IP last year. I would just hate to see a Kerry Wood, Stephen Strasburg, Mark Prior situation with Kershaw. It’s a proven fact that excessive pitch counts in young hard throwers increases chance for injury. But, Kershaw seems to have gotten through the work ok, so, yep, he’s our ace.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I would compare Billingsley to Cain, especially if you take into account that Billingsley was a whole different pitcher in the 2nd half. More the guy we remember before he started having problems midway through the 2009 season. Yes, Cain’s stats are better, but not by all that much. In fact, not so much that Billingsley couldn’t conceivably close the gap.

    Billingsley has a career 3.55 ERA vs. Cain at 3.45. Billingsley has a career WHIP of 1.353 vs. Cain at 1.218.

    In the second half of 2010 Billingsley had an ERA of 3.00 vs. Cain at 2.91. Billingsley’s WHIP in the 2nd half was 1.167 vs. Cain at 0.931. And in the second half Billingsley had a .219 BA against vs. Cain at .203.

    Cain’s numbers are better, but certainly not by a huge margin. And I said that “I think that Billingsley matches up pretty well vs. Cain. Especially after he straightened himself out following a rough start.”

  16. Badger says:

    OK. Career comparisons made.

    Last year Cain was better than Billingsley. They are the same age. If you had your choice, who would you take?

  17. Mark Timmons says:


    You will see why….

  18. Badger says:


  19. Roger Dodger says:

    What I have said in the past and I say again. Getting a #1 pitcher, takes the pressure off Kershaw as he IS getting better and better. I believe if he is the best the Dodgers throw out there in 2011, and he has a few so-so outings, and his command is an issue — he has to back down a bit, find himself, pressure mounts and he is not where he should be.

    Folks, being one of the top 2 or 3 or 4 pitchers in all of major league baseball is not easy. Media, fans, games you start are against the other teams #1. The pressure get much tougher.

    Lawdog, I agree with you. Sign this guy from Japan. Take the risk. It is only money.

  20. lawdog says:

    Cain is much better than Bills. And frankly you guys, I’m not all that wild about Dunn or taking a chance on Nishioka. I’m just looking at possibilities that might actually happen. We’re not going to go get elite FAs. McGoo wouldn’t spend the money even if he had it. I’m just looking at possibilities that might happen so I look at potential stars with warts who will be affordable to this nearly bankrupt franchise.

    Nishioka hit .350 last year and is slick with the glove. He might turn out to be a bargain. Dunn will probably hit 40 hrs this next yer and he hit nearly .300 most of the year before tailing off at the end. He still had a .350+ OBP which is excellent for a power hitter. And i don’t care what you say about his fielding, no one could be any worse in left field than Manny was–and contended when Manny was hitting for power.

    Webb also might be a veritable bargain because he was out with the bum arm for a season.

    All I’m trying to do is look at plausible alternatives that could actually happen that would make us potential contenders once more. Standing pat isn’t going to get it done. And we can’t afford the truly elite FAs.

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    You will be right in the end Lawdog.

    But I have a new idea for McCourt He should do what a few other CEOs have done in the past. Some out and state that he will personally work for a total of 1 dollar for the entire year in 2011. One dollar. That he will put his salary back into the club for salaries. That he will personally see that the Dodgers have a really competitive club on the field. That he wants to win and help bring in several more players to do just that. That he expects those making the roster to work their butts off and play as a team.

    And it not — Jeff Kent is coming back as a coach to get the job done.

  22. chucky says:

    Face it boys, you rotation is set, Kershaw, bills, lilly, kuroda and either Padilla or Webb (which I think is a great idea). You will have Loney on first, Furcal at SS, either Martin or Bajaras as catcher with Kemp and Either in the outfield; these are givens. Now who plays 2nd, 3rd and LF. I am thinking a cheap free agent at second (I hear Uribe is being talked about) with Carrol as backup for 2nd and SS. At 3rd you will have blake as a backup OR platoon with someone (or maybe again a free agent Beltre??? NO WAY).

    You have to make a move at 3rd and LF but who???

    Bullpen is basically OK with maybe one free agent signing somewhere. I have to redo the salary thing but I do not see this team with a salary of $100mm, maybe $110mm or again NO playoffs.


  23. Bobby says:

    i dont see the fascination with some japanese guy nobody has ever seen before and who’s only had 1 good year.

    i’m guessing the japanese leagues are like AAA+? meaning higher than our AAA leagues but not quite mlb?

    ivan dejesus jr was our minor league player of the year in 2008, broke his leg in 2009, and came back last year and had a good year. he just got thru hitting about .330 in the AFL.

    if anything, save the cash on that posting/salary for the japanese player, let IDJ play 2b for $400,000, and use that money on beltre or some other free agent.

  24. Bobby says:

    p.s. really nice article on espnla a couple days ago about IDJ, as well as our 7 top prospects from the AFL. i can’t seem to attach the link, but if you go to espnla, you can find it. well worth the reads


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