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Just a Bunch of JYD’s

Just a Bunch of JYD’s

I am not a hater, so I congratulate the Giants (but I hope it’s another 5+ decades before I have to do this again).  

Hopefully, Ned has duly noted the recipe of Brian Sabean for success:

  1. Homegrown young pitchers named Lincecum, Cain, Baumgartner and Sanchez .
  2. Blend in a budding superstar like Buster Posey (Johnny Bench clone?).
  3. Then,  just stir in a bunch of JYD’s (junk yard dogs).

As Jon Weisman (this is a great read, BTW) pointed out earlier this week, Kershaw and Billingsley are already as good as Linecum and Cain, but Bumgarner and Sanchez are better than anyone else the Dodgers have.  Sabean’s biggest mistake was signing a pitcher like Barry Zito to a six-figure multi-year deal.  I am sure he regrets that immensely.  The Dodgers should be sure to avoid dumb stuff that.   Ditto on a player like Aaron Rowand – BIG MISTAKE!

The best moves that Sabean made were for JYD’s, like Huff, Sanchez, Ross, Uribe and others.

Here’s a great list of Ned’s Transactions which was nicely compiled by

Maybe the best move is to have Lilly as our Zito (a #5 and he’s better than Zito), and then plug in  youngsters in the #3 and #4 spots.  RDLR may be ready for one of those spots by the end of 2011 and the Dodgers have a bunch of suspects who could step up by 2012.

No long term deals for pitchers, Ned.

Logan, keep drafting those pitchers.


  • Any chance that Don Mattingley would consider Davey Lopes as bench coach?  It would be nice for him to return home and he’s no longer tied to the Phillies.
  • Look for Jon Link to challenge for a starting spot next season.  While I’m at it, I see good things in Scott Elbert’s future next year, as well.
  • Dee Gordon is SMOKING HOT in winter ball.  He is absolutely unconscious hitting about 5 times his weight.

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13 Responses to “Just a Bunch of JYD’s”

  1. Ely's Coming, Better Hide your Heart says:

    I’m a hater!!! Eff the Giants

  2. Badger says:

    It finally worked for Sabean. He has been trying this washed up veteran thing for years and with the exception of the Barroidal Bonzabol year, it hasn’t worked worth spit.

    It all came together and the Texas Rangers helped out by falling asleep at the plate.

    The gints will be back to earth next year. They will be good enough to compete for a NL West title, but, so will the Pads and the Rockies. Even the dbacks should be better, so, I don’t see this happening again.

  3. LA FAN says:

    Screw your “not being a Giant’s hater.” I hate the Giants. Screw Giant’s fan…Giants still suck.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Agree with most of your post. But Badger is correct about the “washed up veteran” thing. The Giants’ success owed as much to the Dodger meltdown as it did to their own talent level. They will go into next season with a very good starting 4. However, if they want to repeat they’re going to have to beef up their offense, and the bullpen as well. And it could well be that that’s what they’ll do. And hopefully the Dodgers do likewise to take care of their own weaknesses.

    Signing pitchers to very lucrative long term deals usually doesn’t work. Hasn’t worked too well for the Mets with Santana, the Giants with Zito, the Yankees with Burnett, etc. Probably would be a mistake for any team to sign Cliff Lee to such a deal, and not because of his World Series performances.

    I’m not all that sanguine about Link. Nothing about him really impressed me. But who knows, maybe he comes up with a new pitch. Right now he’s not someone I see in the rotation. In fact, if the Dodgers don’t sign another starting pitcher, I could even see Monasterios competing for a starting spot. I like him a lot better than Link, and I wonder how he would do if given the opportunity to get properly stretched out in spring training. I thought that most of his problems last year were the result of infrequent work, which never allowed him to get properly conditioned for starting. But I also see him as being a possible valuable piece out of the pen. I’m guessing his role (and he might open the season in the minor leagues) will be determined largely by what the Dodgers do between now and season with respect to pitching acquisitions. And I do see RDLR as a potential factor in the Dodger rotation next season, although I understand that he will likely begin the year in the minors.

    I also have hopes for Elbert, but I’ll actually have to see it before I get too excited. And although Furcal is our shortstop, it is conceivable that Gordon could contribute in 2011. Playing winter ball is probably like adding a half season of experience. But I’m sure there are still some rough edges that need to be smoothed.

    Right now I’m just glad the Series is over, and the off-season is about to kick-off. Maybe the Dodgers act early on, or perhaps nothing happens until December, January, or even later. Remember, in 2004 we didn’t get Milton Bradley until the very end of spring training.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Interesting to note that the Giants will be paying Zito $64.5 million over the next three years (see MLB Trade Rumors, “Giants Don’t Intend to Trade Zito”). That’s considerably more than the $18 million average annual salary for the full contract, which was obviously backloaded. In essence, during that time he will earn twice as much as Lilly. Here’s hoping that that contract puts a few constraints on the Giants.

  6. DRomo says:

    Funny how the veteran/scrap heap guys seem to work out better for Sabean and the Giants. This year guys like Huff, Burrell, and Freddy Sanchez were money for them. So here we are praising him for taking a chance and winning, remember that when Ned does the same. Of course if I know this crowd, you will all bitch about it anyway.

    So the next time we talk about how wonderful Kershaw and Billingsley are lets look North and see how successful young pitchers should be. It is put up or shut up time for Bills & Kershaw. Cain and Lincecum have rings and Cy Youngs in their bags. They have stepped up HUGE in the playoffs. We can’t say the same for our guys. No matter how we slice it they have scoreboard. YOU CAN ARGUE WITH SCOREBOARD!

    It is time to win. Until then, our roster/ orginization is second class and living in the past. I toured Dodger Stadium this past weekend and walked through the clubhouse, dugout, suites, everywhere. What I loved is there was a wealth of history. Pictures, memorabilia, trophys, it was great but they all are very old! There is nothing from the last 22 years worth seeing on the walls. Damnit, lets change that!

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    Being a hater is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die!

    For the record, most of the stuff I say about Sabean is tongue-in-cheek…. except for the part about growing your own starters.

    I would trade Broxton and Loney for Rasmus (I know St. Louis wouldn’t want Loney, but Houston would, and a 3-way deal would be possible). The Cards need a closer and Duncan could work his magic on J-Brox.

  8. Bobby says:

    i’m happy for my giant fan friends personally, but as a whole, i’m furious they won, and i hate them too!!

    time for us to step up and own this division like we should. thank god this free agency thing starts this weekend.

  9. SpokaneBob says:

    Giants did get lucky with their geezers this year, we did not.

    Thank You Giants! Watching last nights celebration should be all the motivation our guys need. And the fact that the Giants are now World Champions, elevates them to a position worthy of our hate and provides a needed revival of the best rivelry in baseball.

  10. GoNzO says:

    Mark, don’t you think that while the giant’s pitching was the engine that drove them to the title,the offense woke up at the right time?

    If Logan continues to draft pitchers where will we get that stud hitter? I know he doesn’t just draft pitchers,but the well is kind of dry on offensive porspects besides Sands. Or like Badger has said before, maybe our minor league instructors aren’t putting the kids over the hump. I don’t know but the Dodger organization and especially McCourt should be fuming and wanting to avoid this from happening again.

    I hate the Giants as much as the next guy but you have got to give credit where credit is due. These guys invoked their inner Florida Marlins and pulled it out. They played baseball the right way and most importantly they played with heart.

  11. chucky says:

    I have been dreading writing this but I know I must.


    It sounds funny to me as I say it and it even hurts a little. Somehow, someway they did it and I have to say I did not even have enough to watch any of the games (maybe a little to check the scores). I really think that this is the watershed for MLB. As we all knew it is a changing of the guard. The young studs are starting to take over baseball and the old vets are going to the wayside. The Giants had a payroll of $88 million (14 out of 30 teams) while Texas has a payroll of $76 million (19 out of 30). Payroll is not the judge of a good team (you hear that Yankee fans) it is the heart, it is youth, it is desire and it is LUCK. The Giants had (and have had) a great YOUNG pitching staff. This staff was developed mostly from within (no free agents). In fact the one problem the Giants have is the one free agent pitcher that they have to pay for the next three year who did not even make the payoff roster (Zito). In his defense he did pitch 200 innings this season but was it worth $20 million a year (shades of Manny).

    But let’s face it, they had a great pitching staff developed from within (mostly) but they also had a lot of luck (shades of 1988 and Gibson). What team wins the World Championship (again that hurts to say that) with retreads like Burrell, Ross, Huff and even Renteria (even though they are paying him $10 million). They do have a few GREAT young players in the PANDA and Posey but Uribe and Fonternoy? Sanchez does have a batting title to his name but come on.

    To win a championship you need luck so you can call the Giants LUCKY, LIGHTING IN A BOTTLE, but mostly you have to call them (at least for the next year):


    As is the beauty of baseball, all I can say is:


  12. lawdog says:

    Sanchez is already toast. He walked almost 100 batters in less than 200 innings this season. He has no control and he relied on his fastball to gt him out of jams. Now he’s lost his heater. In fact, a Giant fan friend of mine sent me an article from a bay area media source which included an interview with Dave Righetti, their pitching coach. Dave was real concerned about the 7th game if it came to that because Sanchez wasn’t going to prevail throwing a fatball between 85-88 mph, but that’s as hard as he was throwing.

    They’ve already shelved Zito so I guess they’ve given up on him as well. The Giants have 3 number one starting pitchers and a very good bullpen. The rest of the team reminded me of Mickey Hatcher and his stuntmen in the 88 playoffs. They won’t do it again. I guess the question is: Can you win another championship with 3 elite starters and a solid pen when you’ve got little else other than the best catching prospect in the national league?

  13. Badger says:

    Good posts today.

    Yeah yeah, congrats to the gints. They won it all. Nearly every break went their way, the Rangers bats all went to sleep and now the S.F. gints are the World Champions. Shall we talk blind squirrel’s here. And, can we now move on to more important business? and that is….. what the hell are we going to do?

    The gints pitching was #1 in the NL but they aren’t as good as the Rangers made them look. They got Lincecum, Cain, Bumgarner, we have Kershaw Billingsley Lilly. I am not all that impressed with Sanchez, but their pen is pretty good. Looking at their position players, other than Posey, is there anyone you would rather have than what we got?

    The Dodger/Giant rivalry is much more important to the older fans. Many of us can remember vividly two leagues with 8 teams in each, with the winners going directly to the World Series. Back then, the Dodgers Giants was a HUGE deal. Now? Not so much.

    Until I see something that changes my mind, I am still in the dump McCourt camp. Evidently we have no idea how the ticket sales went, but I suspect not well. Any money made from that will likely go toward debt servicing – including on going lawyer fees as these two unlikeable out of touch people continue to carve each other up.

    Payroll? Who the hell knows. It might take until Opening Day before we really know what next year’s team is going to look like.

    Not a great time in the life of Dodger fans.


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