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It All Comes Down to 3B

It All Comes Down to 3B

Dear Ned,

You are a nice guy.  I mean, you are approachable, straightforward and honest.  I really mean that.

However, the facts are that you have made a few bonehead deals.

I won’t elaborate because I really don’t want to rub your nose in the dirt, but dude, you have made some really boneheaded moves.

OK, iId be remiss if I didn’t give you credit for some good moves too.  Andre Ethier comes to mind, and I am sure there are others.  But I digress.  Look, the Dodgers didn’t make the playoffs in 2010, and I know that you have a lot of respect for Joe Torre, but this is a “bottom-line business.”  Joe should have been gone shortly after the month of August started. Come on, Man!

I think that your legacy as the GM of the Dodgers will depend upon what you do with the 3B situation. Casey Blake is not an everyday 3B anymore.  Yeah,  he’s  a good guy (great guy, actually), but he’s best suited to be a sub.  Look, you have options in LF whether anyone wants to admit it or not.  I mean Jay Gibbons could hit 25 HR there.  The a X-Man could be a force and so could Sands or Robinson.  IDJ2 is worth a shot at 2B, and what issues there are at catcher can be remedied in any number of ways.

It all boils down to 3B.

Casey Blake is not an option and I can live with James Loney at 1B.  88-90 RBI is not great, but it ain’t chump change either.

3B is the problem.

I could list all the candidates, but there’s only one you need to remember.

That’s Adrian Beltre.

5 Years

$15 Mil per Year.

That’s the deal.

If you do that, you will have  job next year.

If you don’t, well maybe your old buddy, Brian Sabean will need another special assistant.

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10 Responses to “It All Comes Down to 3B”

  1. Badger says:

    Dear Mark…

    Nice letter. Succinct, penetrating yet respectful.

    Adrian Beltre might be an upgrade at third base. Heck, I think Adrian Balboa would be. But we saw what Beltre did in a pitchers park up in Seattle. Couldn’t we expect more of the same in a pitchers park in L.A.? Well, yeah, there was the one year down here. He is a career .275 .328 .720 hitter. I just read the A’s offered him the contract you just offered, so, wouldn’t it cost me more?

    And my last question…. where am I gonna get the money?



    • I don’t think Ned could come up with a rebuttal that logical. He’d probably have to throw something in there about leadership and being gritty/scrappy, even though Beltre is neither.

      I’d love to get Beltre back, but it doesn’t make sense money wise for the Dodgers (which is unfortunate, to say the least).

  2. DRomo says:

    The love affair between Mark and Beltre will never die. That ONE good year will always stick in his heart.

    Nevermind the fact LA was on his no trade list while he played in Seattle. I am sure Adrian would love to come back. (Rolling my eyes)

    5 years at $15 million is reasonable though. However I just don’t see Adrian ever coming home.

  3. Bill Russell says:

    With a large amount of positions to fill and short amount of money to spend, I see 3rd base being the lesser of the problems. We need a 5th starter, we need a catcher, we need and LF fielder and some that don’t buy the IDJ2 option would say that we need a 2nd baseman. I also believe that we need bullpen help. We are already paying Mr. Blake for the 2011 season. Yes his offense sucked last year. However his defense was stellar. 3rd base is not the position for a defensive specialist (I do understand), but if he hit’s .270 with 15-20 HR’s, I wouldn’t consider that to be the burning need. I am simply not spending all the money we have to spend on Beltre and using Blake as the bench squad. NEXT

  4. Badger says:

    I agree with Bill. We have a third baseman already. He is what he is, and all of us would like David Wright numbers down there, but, it ain’t happnin. Casey Blake IS our third baseman.

    We still don’t have a clue what the budget really is. There is some news on the Divorce front, but, nothing concrete. A new mediator is urging the parties to settle, suggesting again that not to puts them both in jeopardy. Frankenjamie have proven to be pretty stubborn on the settlement front, so if this doesn’t work, it could go to the end of the year. It looks like Gordon is giving these two donkeys plenty of time to do the smart thing….. hope it works.

    In the mean time…… we wait.

  5. Jaydavis says:

    I never understood the Casey Blake trade, nor am I a fan. Casey wasn’t much of an upgrade over DeWitt. I love how Ned gets praised about that trade how Blake help get Dodgers to the Postseason. Yeah right, would of happen without him. Last year Blake, BB 48, SO 138
    Im in love with Beltre too I enjoy watching him on the field. I don’t know about 15million maybe 12 million the sad thing is Ned won’t even ask, or make an offer. The Dodgers don’t have the money to sign him, so we can only dream.

  6. Ken says:

    Stating that Kershaw IS an ACE is a misstatement of fact and objectively wrong.

    Stating that Kershaw is the Dodger ACE is subjectively irrelevant and merely a comparison to mediocrity.

    Stating that Kershaw may be an ACE in 2011 is probable.

  7. chucky says:

    I floated this roster before but now things are getting interesting (ARE YOU READING COLLETTE?).

    Things NED needs to do before Christmas:
    * Get approval to raise salary to $110mm (excl deferrals)
    * sign or go to arb with Loney, Kuo, Martin and Billingsley
    * memo: sign Billingsley to long term contract NOW (forget arb)
    * Offer arb to Rod Barajas BUT NOT Scott Podsednik
    * DFA Theriot and Sherril (PLEASE)
    * Sign 5th starter (Padilla or Webb)
    * Sign Johnson as OF BU(if healthy,if not go internal PAUL or Sands)
    * Look for another good old setup man (if not sign Weaver again)
    * Look for some home-runs (with new LF or 3rd base)

    As Mark said this could be 3rd base but may be LF. We need more power offense and we will not get that from Catcher, 1B or Blake.

    Pick your poison; big time, expensive FREE AGENT at 3rd or LF but get someone who hits HR’s (sorry Crawford). We need someone who is guaranteed to hit more than 30 HR’s.

    2010 Roster:

    1 1st Loney 5.0 Arb
    2 2nd Carroll 2.3 or DeJ
    3 ss Furcal 13.0
    4 3rd Blake 5.3 or spend 15 for Beltre
    5 c Martin 5.0 Arb or sign before
    6 lf Werth 14.0 IF spend on beltre go with Gibbons
    7 cf Kemp 7.0
    8 rf Ethier 9.3
    9 IF res DeJesus 0.5
    10 OF res Johnson 1.0
    11 OF/IF res Gibbons 0.4
    12 c Barajas 1.5 sign

    1 SP Kershaw 1.0
    2 SP Billingsley 5.0 arb
    3 SP Iilly 7.5
    4 SP Kuroda 12.0
    5 SP Padilla 5.0 may sign for less, WEBB?
    6 CL Kuo 3.0 arb
    7 RP Broxton 7.0
    8 RP Jansen 0.6
    9 RP Troncoso 0.6
    10 RP Bellisario 0.6
    11 RP Monasterios 0.6
    12 RP Weaver 0.8 or another setup man??
    13 RP Elbert 0.4


    Subject to change based upon availiable of 30 HR’s.

    PEACE to all this holiday season.

  8. Badger says:

    Take Werth out of that powerful Philly lineup, put him in with those guys above, I wonder if he would be as good? Oh well, don’t believe it matters much. I doubt we get him.

    We are already at $102 million for next year, and $100 million for the following year, depending on who it is we keep or let go. And if we let guys like Martin and Theriot go, they have to be replaced by somebody, so it would have to be a cheap replacement (Belliard type) and that won’t improve the club.

    Maybe the new staff can coach these guys up and turn this thing around without going after the $18 mil a year slugger. Hope so anyway.

  9. Bobby says:

    chucky, you want someone this team that is GUARANTEED to hit 30hr, and you think adrian beltre is that guy?!!!!

    u do know that his career high, aside from that ridiculous 48hr year, is 28?!! he’s hit 30+hr once in his career, and he’s gona be our guaranteed slugger?!!

    dude averages roughly 25hr a year. casey blake for hit 21, 18, and 17 the past 3 yrs. i cant pay 15mil a year for 5 yrs for a guy who may hit 7-8 more hr than casey blake!!

    beltre has the talent to continually hit 30, but he’s never proven that he can. guaranteeing him $75mil is overpaying for what he’s done. and it’s very likely overpaying for what he will produce.

    that all being said, i hope we sign him because he will lengthen our lineup, but not at 15mil/per!


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