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Dana Eveland? Yawn…

Dana Eveland?  Yawn…

At first blush, this looks like the Dodgers signed another pitcher for “organizational depth.”    Yawn? 

Not so fast!

Now, I am not saying that Eveland is the second coming, but I can say or a certainty that he IS NOT a starter.  Well, let me qualify that.  He might (BIG MIGHT), be a #5 and I guess the Dodgers could use a #5.  He was 9-9 in 2008 for the A’s with a credible 4.34 ERA as he started 29 games, but I still think he’s better out of the pen.

His fastball as a starter is 89-92, but like lots of relievers, he hits 94-95 out of the pen.  He has a nice fastball as a reliever and a good change.  His curve and slider are very average.

You never know what people are thinking, but I think that the Dodgers might just be looking at him in the pen.

He’s a prospect… for the pen.  Just remember that what you see might not be what you get.

As a reliever, I think he’s a guy who can throw strikes and get ahead in the count.  He works quickly and is very adept at changing speeds.  That’s often a recipe for success out of the pen.

He does tend to be a “fat boy” so reporting in shape is critical.  If he looks like David Wells in the spring, he’s toast!

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