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A Friendship May Yield a Superstar

A Friendship May Yield a Superstar

It turns out that Davey Lopes and Dave Stewart are best friends.  Matt Kemp’s agent is Dave Stewart.  The Davey Lopes hiring looks to me that it was done with the idea of Obi Wan taking the young Jedi Kemp under his wing to teach him the power of The Force and to show him how to avoid The Darkside.

Davey Lopes bring a lot to the table, but perhaps nothing more important than helping young Kemp become a Jedi Knight who can unleash his mighty power.

May The Force be with you!


Dylan Hernandez – LA Times

Tony Jackson – EspnLosAngeles

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29 Responses to “A Friendship May Yield a Superstar”

  1. Ray says:

    I just read that….love the signing of Lopes….Kemp will have a huge season.
    cue the negative spin……

  2. Ray says:

    looks like comments are closed on the previous thread, so this is to respond to BAdger who said:
    “One step at a time. We need to get the ownership thing straightened out, we need a left fielder, we need a second baseman, we need a better third baseman, we need a 5th starter, we need our bullpen to recover, we need our minor league system to improve, we need 3 million people to show up again…… the list is long. It’s all possible of course, but reality is screaming that this is an organization in need of restructure.”

    All in due time…the hot stove has just begun. The Winter Meetings are right around the corner….Ned has more money to spend this year, but you don’t believe that, so he will get us our left fielder and 5th starter and 3rd baseman. Patience.

    The 3 millions fans-isn’t that a given?
    Ownership-we have an owner. I don’t like the mess he is in, but it is life. As long as he is true to building a winner, I am behind him. Actions speak louder than words…..lets see if Ned does have more money this offseason.

    It is safe to say “what could go wrong, went wrong” for the Dodgers in 2010. That is all behind us. Don;t assume that is what will happen in 2011.

    Everyone thought the Padres and Reds were also rans before the 2010 season. I told friends that the Reds could battle for the division. They did and won. I told friends the Padres were better than they were in 2009….and they were.

    Not saying I am right all the time….but I have this feeling. We HAVE restructured the coaching staff….ad the rotation. THe lineup is next.


  3. Badger says:

    Not everyone said the Reds would not contend. People who were paying attention knew they had some good players, and a good manager. The Padres were a surprise, but I was one who said they would improve. I also said the dbacks would be better, and had it not been for a bullpen meltdown they would have been. I also said the NL West would be extremely competitive and the Gints and Rockies would be very good. Most laughed at my predictions, but, I was right.

    I do believe Kemp, Loney and Ethier will have better seasons. I do believe we have a more competent coaching staff. Our starting pitching is good, but I think other staffs are better. I also believe the owner is in trouble and not very well liked right now. That could change too.

    I have been around a long time Ray. I don’t assume conclusions to anything. I look at what IS, and then I comment on it. The idea that believing your team will win will actually help your team win is childish. That isn’t positive thinking, that is wishful thinking and there is a difference. Go ahead and wish for your portfolio to double this year and see how that works for you.

    I look at the Dodgers the same way I would look at a business plan. Last year we had a group of players who fell off the table at the same time. What caused that? We can go round and round about it, but I think it starts at the top. Good leadership is essential in any business. I think Joe Torre lost this group mid season. Our owner has his nuts in a vice. When that situation resolves itself, we will have a clearer idea of where we go as a business.

  4. Mark Timmons says:

    I think the view about Frank McCourt inside the world of baseball is dramatically different that the view of most fans and many sportswriters. The Dodgers didn’t cut payroll to below $50 million – in fact they are increasing it. They are adding “respected” coaches. They have already signed on of the first and biggest free agent deals and still people aren’t happy. They paid way over slot on Zach Lee.

    You create your own reality in my opinion, but that’s not mine.

  5. Ray says:

    and pounding on the team for EVERY move they make is freakin annoying. It’s like Groundhog day here everyday…..

    As for wishing my port to double this year…..give me a break.

  6. Badger says:

    I don’t know if it is worthy of analysis, but this is interesting. Note the number of gints on the list:

    Come on Ray, think positive. “My net worth will DOUBLE this year!”

    “The Dodgers didn’t cut payroll to below $50 million”

    Nobody said they would Mark. But, if the Dodgers are deemed “community property”……… what do you think will happen? I mean, after months of appeals, what do you think will happen?

    Does anyone know how season ticket sales are going?

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, your last file you started and then closed for comments — I just want to add to that —

    I was one, in Spring Training last season that said the Dodgers would only be .500 at best in 2010. But I have not said that this season.

    Badger asked me the other day, what I thought for 2011.

    I cannot do that until I see what the other clubs are doing. Their rosters, injuries as well as the Dodgers.

    But I think all of us know and feel that the Dodgers will be better than last season. Now, what about the other teams. From the realistic side, Kershaw can win many game 9-1, and loose some 1-0. Just depends on the other teams, other pitchers, and Dodger hitters.

  8. Harold says:

    I always start the new season when the old one ends. That is, when we are eliminated from further play. I always start with a feeling of excitement, since 1952, and optimism. I always think we might win, but am realistic enough to know that in some seasons it won’t happen. I felt that last year, as the Manny balloon had burst the previous year. He was brought in to do wondrous things, which he did for a couple of months in 2008. Makes no difference now. The train is on a new track.

    On the new track, I think what Ned does is important to the roster, the guys on the field, but also needs to demonstrate a real effort to build a winner. That’s in the heads of players and fans. So far, so good – a revamped coaching staff, Zach Lee signed against conventional wisdom, Kuroda (#3), quick move with Ted Lilly (#4). I thought the Lilly deal was one year too long but it was swift and decisive. It seems to indicate a determination to get it done and perhaps a bigger payroll. Now, I would like to see one more big move, not a series of little ones, like Theriot or Podsednik or Dotel, etc. A big move – a big bat in LF, 3B, wherever. We know the dollars aren’t unlimited but one big move seems to be doable.

    Like a number of posters I would like to see DeJesus given a shot at 2B. I believe strongly that we do not become competitive consistently until we expand our core of youg Dodgers, especially pitching. Hopefully in the next two years some of our young arms progress to the MLB level.

    I have been reading a book penned by Bill Plaschke. It’s titled – “I LIVE FOR THIS! Baseball’s Last True Believer” I expect most Dodger fans know who that is, none other than Tommy Lasorda. It is a laugh out loud book and fills you with optimism or at least restores some of the Dodger Blue that might have leached out of us last season.

    I’m looking forward to the off season and something exciting to happen. Maybe 2010 was what was needed to get us back on track.

  9. DRomo says:

    I hate to be negative but this needs to be said. This “young” crop of kids had a hard time dealing with the old school vets in 2007. Guys like Kemp , Loney, and Martin had issues with the guys like Nomar , Gonzales, and Kemp. Grady Little couldn’t deal with it so he was shown the door. Torre, Bowa , & Schaefer couldn’t deal with them so they left.

    At what point do we start to think maybe Kemp & co. are the problem? I really like Matt Kemp I think besides the raw talent he presents himself as a good fan friendly guy. But he needs to get it together NOW or just go away. Only Kemp can hold Kemp back. Stop the excuses, stop blaming everyone else. Put up or shut up time.

    Is it spring yet????

  10. Badger says:

    Good point Romey. There was contention between the young guys and Bowa, and who knows, maybe even Torre. Ethier got hurt, Manny got gone, Loney looked drugged….. all of that is behind them. I hope they look all look in the mirror and accept responsibility. We’ll see.

    I do agree with H that each new year opens with hope. I don’t like our owner, never did, but that doesn’t necessarily stop play on the field from unfolding in a positive way. I don’t believe payroll will increase all that much, but it doesn’t have to to have a competitive team. What needs to happen is good decisions need to be made. Also what needs to happen is for Furcal to be healthy all year, Loney, Kemp, Broxton and Ethier to rebound and all four starters to have good years. With Blake, DeJesus, Gibbons and Barajas in the lineup…. looks like a lot of outs to me. The big three need to kick some serious ass for this team to compete in the West.

    The Lilly contract will, in my opinion, be an anchor starting next year. This deferred policy is, again in my opinion, unhealthy for development and progress. Just take a look at payments on our payroll for players long gone. No other team has to do that. Certainly not to the degree the Dodgers have done it.

    We still have needs. Maybe we get them filled, maybe we don’t, but at this point it is WAY too early to have a clue about next year. Many of the best teams don’t have that problem. There are a half dozen teams in the NL that KNOW they will be good. I think we will, but I certainly don’t know it. Too many if’s on this team right now.

    • Ken says:

      WOW I too agree with Romey

      Good choice of words Badger – Faith is for God and Hope is for Dodgers. Everytime I see someone use the word Faith in regards to the dodgers I wonder if they actually venerate the Dodgers, or God forbid Frank. Badger, I also do not believe in Faith movement, otherwise know as Name It, Claim It, and Blame It.

      Avoid the Darkside? Kemp needs to avoid the Dark Bsck Side.

      • Badger says:

        When you have blue glasses on, things don’t always come into focus. I took mine off when Fox bought the Dodgers.

        Faith movement. A lot contained in that. Depends on how you define it I suppose. I believe in karma. I have lived long enough to know it definitely comes back around. I also believe Frank McCourt is wrong for the Dodgers. But, he is here, so we must deserve him.

        I have some more “negative” words to throw at you guys. The gints just signed Huff to 2 years at $11 mil each. I don’t think he repeats his numbers from last year. He will be back closer to his career averages of .280 with an .800 OPS. He scored 100 runs last year. He never did that before, so he won’t do it again.

        I predict he will be overpaid. Hows that for some positive negativity?

  11. Mark Timmons says:

    Aubrey Huff gets 2 Years/$22 million!

    Wow! That’s a lot for someone his age, with his up and down career.

  12. lawdog says:

    Just wait until next year!!! We’ll get ‘um next time!!!

    (How’s that for positive thinking?) :mrgreen:

  13. Bobby says:

    Coach Lopes was just on am 710 right now. Great interview!! If you missed it, i’m sure u can go to 710′s website and listen to the podcast.

    he really does wanna get the guys movin on the basepaths.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And that’s one of the reasons I don’t think it’s critical to obtain an outfielder who hits 30 or more HR, as long as it’s someone who has speed, plays superior defense, and can provide 15-20 HR. With the right horses, this team will be running more, and more successfully in 2011. I also believe that there is a good chance we will get additional power out of Kemp, Ethier and Loney. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind adding a 30 HR guy, but it’s not an absolute necessity. An upgrade at 3B would certainly help, and we’ll just have to see about 2B.

    I also think the pitching looks to be in pretty good shape. We begin the year with Lilly, and also with Kenley Jansen. That has to count for something. Who knows, maybe Belisario will even report on time.

  15. ESPNs Jason Grey on Jerry Sands:

    ‘ve gone back and forth about the Dodgers’ Jerry Sands, who hit .301 with 35 homers between Class A and Double-A this season. He actually turned out to be a better defender than I expected, at least in the outfield, playing both left and right and making some solid plays. I liked him less at first base. I was on the fence about how I felt about his bat for much of the AFL, as I saw him have trouble with his timing and getting his bat started at times, and questioning how well he could handle major league quality breaking balls. I asked other scouts how they thought, and got some varying opinions, (much like I did with Mitch Moreland during the AFL in 2009). I’ve come around on Sands. I liked his approach, his ability to go the other way with some authority with the ball on the outer half, and his ability to get power without overswinging. I think he can stick as a starting outfielder in the big leagues with solid on-base and power stats.

    and Grey on Lambo:

    Lambo is still a dead-pull fastball hitter that will struggle against big-league breaking stuff, and I can’t see recommending him.

  16. Ken says:

    If the Dodgers truely want to run in 2011 they better start running now. I remember in Rugby practice we used to run 40-50 30 yard dashes a day. Do these multi-millionaires have the dedication to do that? I doubt it and that is one of the reasons that I dog them. Maybe Loney did last year. In between sprinting take a little batting practice against Loggys.

    I wish that the young Dodgers had the attitude and character of Kuroda.

    LD – I am waiting until next year to see if more than 10% of the Dodgers can run a mile in under 6 minutes. That should be the maximum time for a full-time player that wants to play more than 120 games a year.

    Huff – Now we see the real cost of a WS ring to the team. Go budget busting Giant management and not be able to sign above average role players.

    Ned – Help the new manager and start the VISA application process tommorrow.

    I want a real number 4 pitcher in teh #5 slot for $5 mil before the Dodgers sign a LF or 3B or C.

    Frank – Congrats on the D.I.V.O.R.C.E. that is final today.

  17. Mark Timmons says:

    Joe Torre couldn’t handle Kemp. Bowa couldn’t handle Kemp. Don’t put that on Kemp, put that on the guys who couldn’t handle him.

    Does anyone know about D-I-S-C?

    If you do a personality profile on a person, a high Influence Person can work for a High Dominance Person, but not vice-versa!

    I could handle Matt Kemp, but not everyone could.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Pay attention. Nobody said that Lambo was a lock to be a successful big league player. The argument went like this. Lambo had shown enough talent in his professional career to be worthy of at least being held onto for the likes of Octavio Dotel. His worth, whether traded by himself or packaged in a larger deal had the potential to garner a lot more, especially given that McDonald was also included in the deal. I suspect that the Pirates would have willingly given Dotel away to save whatever salary he was receiving. They were going nowhere in 2010, and Dotel was certainly not part of their future.

    And despite what Jason Grey said, Lambo was described by Baseball America as being a “pure hitter”. He has issues, no doubt, but his trade value, especially if packaged, was worth more than the useless Dotel.

  19. Brooklyn,

    I disagree obviously. Maybe others here should pay attention, as I wouldn’t be surprised Lambo was a throw-in in the deal. Plus, with Trayvon and Sands, Lambo has no future in LA.

    • Badger says:

      “I wouldn’t be surprised Lambo was a throw-in in the deal”

      Say what?

      Lambo has no future in L.A.? What, they don’t need hitters there? And, if he has no future, why not use him in a trade for, oh, I don’t know….say…. SOMEONE WHO DOES HAVE A FUTURE IN L.A.?!

      little ray, I really shouldn’t be, but I am surprised by your stubbornness. By himself Lambo had better stats at AA than did Anthony Jackson, the guy we ended up getting in the deal. And Lambo is only 21. Jackson is 47. Throw in McDonald, a Major League starter that did very well for himself once he got out of the L.A. mess and that deal REALLY STINKS! The Dodgers should have done better. Bad deal by jed clampetti.

      Brooklyn is, of course, right.

  20. Bill Russell says:

    You gotta love Troy’s video’s…..

  21. Mark Timmons says:

    Long time….

    How you doing, Troy?

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    I was #103 to watch the video above — but could only make it 1/2 the way through and clicked it off. My dog started barking and Monty does not bark.

  23. Badger says:

    Classic Troy.

    And what a great looking family you have there! It would appear you have some fun at that house.

    The video was so good, even the animals loved it. Roger’s dog was just trying to sing along.


    that’ll be stuck in my head all day…….

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Plus, with Trayvon and Sands, Lambo has no future in LA.”

    I’ll forget for the moment about Lambo’s actual value on the trade market. And I’ll concede that Sands appears to be a promising prospect (but by no means a lock). But Robinson? Yes, he is a prospect, and yes he has shown progress in the last couple of years. But after 6 years he has yet to advance beyond AA. I expect that he will advance to AAA this coming year, and perhaps he has an outside chance to play in LA. And after a nice start in AFL he ended up hitting .250, 1 HR, 7 RBI, 6 SB. Lambo ended up the AFL at .274, 4 HR, 23 RBI, 0 SB. Lambo is a year younger, and hit .330 in the AFL last year.

    Maybe Robinson will carve out a nice big league career, or perhaps he just becomes a AAAA player. Trayvon is by no means an elite prospect, and there are questionable parts to his game. It may well be that Trayvon Robinson has no future in LA.


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