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Tony Jackson’s Take

Tony Jackson’s Take

Tony has an interesting perspective on the Dodgers.  Remember that he’s around Colletti, Mattingly and the Dodger brass everyday.  

Here’s his take for the Dodger offseason:

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6 Responses to “Tony Jackson’s Take”

  1. Badger says:

    Interesting take. He thinks the Dodgers will non tender Martin, and it is my opinion somebody will suck him up in a hurry. What he has accomplished in such a short career is worth the risk for a healthy club.

    “It is going to take more than the money owner Frank McCourt put into this year’s payroll to turn this thing around. There are strong indications McCourt will increase that figure, although it isn’t clear by how much.”

    Since Tony didn’t, can someone tell me how he arrived at this conclusion? What does he know that the rest of the literate world does not? Is he just another Mountain-Mover-sky-is-always-blue positive thinker or does he know something that he is not saying?

    He includes Lilly in the rotation. That means that he thinks the Dodgers will cough up the “Wolfesque” contract that most of us believe it will take. OK. Hope he is right.

    Gibbons, Johnson, Theriot, Padilla, Podsednik, an iffy Furcal, Blake, Sherrill, Monasterios – not exactly a list of names that fill me with confidence. We are now chasing the Gints, the Pads the Rockies and with the trades the dbacks made, and the picks they have next year, they could get healthy quickly…… I just don’t know. I believe Loney, Ethier and Kemp could rebound. Not sure about the rest of this group.

  2. Why would the Dodgers, or any team, give MARTIN a raise after the season he had this year and last. He doesn’t deserve to be given a raise above $5mm-no way. He will be non-tendered….easy decision.
    I hope TJ is right about Lilly too.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This from Fanhouse (see the MLB Trade Rumors link “Odd and Ends….” at the top right of this page.

    ‘A teenager who was guaranteed $5.5 million two months ago, Dodgers prospect Zach Lee seemingly is hungry to earn that money.

    “His work ethic is unbelievable,” Dodgers farm director DeJon Watson said of the team’s first-round draft pick from last June.

    Lee, who had a football scholarship to LSU, “really gets after it in the workouts,” Watson said. “He’s at the front of everything we do.” Wednesday at the team’s training site in Arizona, Watson watched Lee throw two scoreless innings with a fastball that spanned 90-94, plus a good curveball and a pretty good changeup.

    • The son of a former big leaguer is creating buzz at Dodgers instructional games and workouts.

    “James Baldwin is a guy to keep your eye on,” Watson said of the 18-year-old drafted in the fourth round last June. “He’s a guy who’s going to pop up quickly.” Baldwin, whose father James was an All-Star pitcher 10 years ago for the White Sox, struck out in half of his rookie-league at-bats yet batted .274 with 17 stolen bases in 46 games. “He’s going to stay in center field,” Watson said, citing the 6-foot-3 athlete’s speed and instincts.’

  4. Ken says:


    Deferred comp is debt especially in the current loan covenants with B of A.

    MArtin – The Dodgers let Rod play for weeks (his successful tryout for next year, and then let Ellis play most of the last 2 weeks of the season (his successful tryout for next year). Right or wrong, and based upon budget constatints the Dodgers will keep Rod and Ellis, and release Martin. Martin is expendable based upon his decline, their budget and his probable arbitration award.

  5. Badger says:

    Ken, are you saying that the way McCourt intends to increase payroll is through deferred comp? I think I more or less assumed that would be the only way he COULD do it, but Tony wasn’t specific as to how in the world this was going to get done. Is McFuture spending the t.v. money already?

    Andruw Jones rode his roid year numbers into the sunset with an enormous contract from someone stupid enough to think he could do it again. Others have too. I still say, if released, Martin will get a multi-year deal with someone, pending a physical. If we release him, I’ll bet he goes somewhere and gets it turned around.

  6. lawdog says:

    I think Martin will go somewhere else and finish his career as a journeyman back up. He’s toasty! :shock:


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