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Spilling My Guts

Spilling My Guts
  1. The Ted Lilly deal is nice, but it better not be the best deal the Dodgers make this off season.  Shoot, it shouldn’t even be in the top 3.
  2. The signing of Chili Davis and Matt Herges to work as coaches seems to be ignored by the media and Dodger Fans in general.  That, and the fact that Logan White re-signed seems largely ignored by everyone.  I guess anything that might cast Frank McCourt in a good light doesn’t sell papers, and Dodger fans don’t want to hear about it.
  3. Wouldn’t it be something if the Dodgers 2B next season was Orlando Hudson?   He’ll be forced to accept a one-year deal.  You never know.  His beef was with Torre.
  4. Just say no to Ryan Theriot.  I’m a poet!  The reality of the situation is that the Dodgers need a leadoff hitter with a high OB%, and Theriot ain’t that guy.  I’d rather see Carroll or DeJesus at 2B all year than Theriot.  If Theriot can’t hit Number 1 or Number 2, he can’t be on the team.  End of discussion.
  5. Face it:  We Dodger fans like James Loney, but he’s in the bottom half of any conversation about first-basemen.
  6. The Dodgers need upgrades at 1B, 2B, 3B and LF – If they can fill half of those positions, I will consider it a success.  The rest can be filled from within the organization.
  7. Steve Dilbeck of The LA Times has an interesting piece on Frank McCourt being a sympathetic figure.  I, for one, am not sympathetic!
  8. How about solving one problem by platooning Loney and Blake at 1B?  Blake hit .314 against Left-Handers while batting only .222 against Right-Handers, and  Loney hit .222 against Left-Handers and .286 against Right-Handers.  It’s obvious that Blake hits Lefties better and Loney hits Righties better.  The Dodgers would have over $12 mil tied up in 1B, but it might be a good platoon.  Blake drops off the books next year and by then Sands should be ready.  If the Dodgers can’t trade Loney for some value, then I’m fine with the platoon at 1B.
  9. Adrian Beltre = $60 mil/4 Years.  Great Defense, Good Guy, Power-Hitter, Prodigal Son Returns, Sell More Tickets.  What’s not to like?  Crawford would cost more and so could Werth.  My sources say Adrian would love to return to LA, but I guarantee that Artie Moreno has his eyes on him too.  If Adrian goes to the Angels, it could be another PR disaster, but that’s not why you sign him.  You sign him because he’s an All-Star and would benefit the Dodgers in many ways.  That said, I would take Werth over Crawford because the Dodgers need more power.  Beltre and Werth would supply that.
  10. Nine Major League Teams had Payrolls over $100,000,000.  Only two of those nine teams made the playoffs.  More teams with payrolls under $100,000,000 made the playoffs than teams with payrolls over $100,000,000 and why do you want the Dodgers to spend more?   I think they should spend wiser!

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  1. Michael says:

    A wise man once told me, “Don’t believe anything you read, anything you hear and only half of what you see.”
    Just because someone prints or says something doesn’t mean that it is factual.
    Case in point, Adrian Beltre.
    I don’t want to be nit-picky here but 19 errors with a .957 fielding percentage isn’t exactly what I would term “great defense”

  2. Bobby says:

    1) chili davis and matt herges coming in as coaches is NOT big news, and none of us on this board are gona jump up and down over it. this is nothing to print on the front pages of the sports section. it’s not good news; its not bad news. its barely news.

    2) adrian beltre is the prodigal son?! he had 1 good year, and bounced. we hear different stories as to why he left, but he left after his good year. and you really think adrian beltre will sell tickets?!! PLUS we pay him 15 mil a year for 4 yrs?!!! no thank you. he can go sucker somebody else into giving him a multi-year deal, and being a solid/good player who’s not worth his contract, until the last year of that contract.

    3) actually not a bad idea of platooning blake/loney IF we had a real 3b.

    4) $100 mil payroll means nothing if 25% of that is going to deferred payments for past guys.

  3. Nellie Again says:

    1. I agree.

    2. What do Chili Davis and Matt Herges have to do with anything? And there is Logan White news? Hadn’t heard a thing since I heard he was interviewing for the Mets GM job.

    3. Yep. It would be something.

    4. Agree

    5. Loney? He hits .327 WRISP. What we need to do is get two guys in front of him with .400 OBP’s.

    6. You forgot the two starting pitchers. Upgrades everywhere? Dream on.

    7. Not buying it.

    8. See 5.

    9. Adrian Beltre. I guess we will continue to talk about him until he finally signs with someone else.

    10. How did those teams with payrolls under $100M manage to do it?
    I think maybe you should look into it, then write about it.

  4. chucky says:

    Here is a try with Salaries. Would McCheap increase payroll to $139m (with deferral) or $118 without.

    Sign Kuroda, Padilla, Werth, leave Martin and Blake, put Carroll at 2nd and keep Loney.

    13 pitchers and 12 field.
    2010 2011
    for ref EST

    1 1st base James Loney 3.0 5.0
    2 2nd base Jamey Carroll 1.6 2.3
    3 SS Rafael Furcal 9.5 13.0
    4 3rd base Casey Blake 6.0 5.3
    5 C Russell Martin 5.0 5.0
    6 LF Jason Werth 7.0 14.0
    7 CF Matt Kemp 4.0 7.0
    8 RF Andre Ethier 6.0 9.3
    9 infield Ivan DeJesus Jr. 0.4 0.5
    10 outfield Reed Johnson 0.8 1.0
    11 reserve Jay Gibbons 0.4 0.4
    12 reserve Xavier Paul 0.4 0.4

    1 SP Clayton Kershaw 0.4 4.0
    2 SP Chad Billingsley 3.9 5.0
    3 SP Ted Lilly 13.0 15.0
    4 SP Hiroki Kuroda 15.4 12.0
    5 SP Vicente Padilla 5.0 5.0
    6 Closer Hong-Chi Kuo 1.0 3.0
    7 RP Jonathan Broxton 4.0 7.0
    8 RP Kenley Jansen 0.4 0.8
    9 RP Ramon Troncoso 0.4 0.6
    10 RP Ronald Bellisario 0.4 0.6
    11 RP Carlos Monasterios 0.5 0.5
    12 RP Jeff Weaver 0.8 0.8
    13 RP Scott Elbert 0.4 0.4
    DEFERRED 21.3

    TOTAL 139.1

    This team will be another 75 win team and will not make the playoffs.


  5. Hey Mover! How did you get that picture of the leaders of the The Tea Bag Party at their latest press conference???? :mrgreen:

  6. T says:

    I finally agree with a lot of the things you said here. Loney/Blake platoon at first is fine by me just as long as they get some power at 3B or LF

  7. nellie's nervous little brother says:

    Not sure if chucky is being serious, but, assuming he is….

    $139 million? Man, you do have the right idea, but, current events say you have arrived at the wrong number. If all was on the up and up in Dodgerland there is absolutely no reason that the Los Angeles Dodgers could not support a payroll that large.

    But obviously all is not right.

    At this point in time, before we know how the judge decides, I can’t see it happening.

    And I think if the pieces were moved around, we could do a lot better for $139 million.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    Back very late last night from Montreal. That is a crazy hockey town. No more baseball there . . .

    Mark, you are right on with point #6 above. I was thinking it over on the flight last night — and most teams, even good teams — have one or even two weak spots in the lineup. May that be a great defensive catcher or SS or second baseman. The only problem is with a pitcher slot — that makes three weak spots.

    Right now, with the 40 man roster — it is clear to me, that the Dodgers need one more solid outfielder. May that be a left fielder, new center-fielder and move the other two guys around.

    Either a new 3b or 2b that is solid at the position and hitting.

    Even if just those two are filled: 1 Outfielder, 1 – 3rd or 2nd — that leaves just two weaker spots. The one not filled and catcher (as it is planned now). Yet, maybe even a new catcher could come in if ownership wakes up.

    Anyway, then those two soft spots that can be worked on to have career seasons.

    I think almost everyone here and in Dodgerland believes that Kemp, Ethier, Loney will all pick it up next season after what happened this season. And hope that Furcal can stay healthy most of the season.

    Then only the bench to strengthen and finally — pitching. Right now I see three starters with Kuroda as a possible fourth if he decides to stay.

    Forget Padilla as one of the 5 starters. Something is wrong there. I would say, as a 6th starter for fill-in and in the pen, but that is all with him.

    Forget Link or Ely or Monasterios as serious starters. Just go out and get a nice 5th starter. My opinion.

    I see that Ausmus is still listed on the Dodger roster.

    The Dodgers also have to deal one way or another with Russ Martin. He is a fan favorite, and the players like him (he grew up with most of the guys) — but he creates a problem.

  9. Badger says:

    I wonder how the young egos relate to Mattingly. Could it be that this team fell apart as a team because of tension in the clubhouse? Could it be that uncertainty in the owners box did in fact spill down to the field? There are a lot of talking heads, ok, hacks, out there pointing out what an embarrassment to L.A. the ownership is. If it gets straightened out quickly, maybe the players will feel better about the name on the front of the jersey.

    Or maybe not. It could also be that Loney, Ethier, Martin and Kemp are just in it for themselves. I don’t know those guys personally, but it sure is a weird coincidence they all tube in the same year.

  10. chucky says:

    My roster at the $139 million payroll is for discussion purposes. What leaves, what stays?

    Remember with the $21 million in deferrals we are talking only $118 million. If we say he will only spend $100 million with the deferral then we are talking a $79 million payroll for current players. Try taking out $39 million out of my list and you will see the POTENTIAL reality of our roster next year.

    Think do not sign Werth or Kuroda and substitute Johnson or Paul as your LF and Link/Ely or Monasterios as your 5th starter and Padilla as your 4th starter (with all the risk of injury).

    You are probably talking last place in the West.

    This was the point I was trying to get to.

  11. Badger says:

    I already did it chucky, and I agree with you 100%. This is an owner that likes to put his purchases on credit cards. It’s his modus operandi and has been for decades. Each year those contracts have to be paid.

    We don’t yet know what Lilly will cost, he has to pass the “physical” first. Wouldn’t surprise me if he fails it. But, say he makes around $10 million. Add that what Bills and Kershaw get, the raises that Kemp and Ethier will be getting, the $20 million the lawyers will be getting, the whatever Jamie McCougar will take, and Frankie McLessticles is going to go into a fetal cramp that could last until the t.v. deal is ready to launch.

    Wait and see. That’s where we are.

    • Ray says:

      wow-you assume he fails his physical. Negative nellies.

      Kemp and Ethier are signed through 2011…no raises this year, and LAD does not have to give Kershaw a raise, but should sign him LT at some point.

      • Badger says:

        Sometimes Ray I think you CHOOSE to be combative.

        No raises for Kemp and Ethier? Are you sure about that? So what you just said is that they will make the same next year as they did this year. You better check that one there Big Ray.

        I know about the raises Kemp and Ethier are getting, I am the one who posted them – more than once. Here I will post it again:

        This would usually be followed by a “reading impaired” comment, but I choose NOT to be combative.

        As for assuming Lilly will fail the physical, I did not say that. Yet another opportunity for the reading impaired comment – not going to do it. I just think the announcement of the Lilly signing, in the middle of the play-offs, was intently done to target the October 29th deadline, and McNonuts is hoping the announcement will get season ticket holders, at least the dumb ones, to leap forward with a purchase. It wouldn’t surprise me AT ALL if Lilly came up with some mysterious ailment that prevented the signing. I don’t anticipate that, but, with this owner? Nothing would surprise me now.

        • no, I am just surprised at all the negativity toward the Dodgers, in every single headline, move they make. Amazing.
          what you did say:

          “Wouldn’t surprise me if he fails it.”

          how should I read that? and how about the “mysterious ailment” comment above?

  12. chucky says:

    Lilly will get 13 -15, Collette always overpays.

  13. Mark Timmons says:

    Well, it is reported to be $33 mil/3 years, so it was much less than $15 mil, in fact, it appears that Lilly gave the Dodgers a hometown discount.

    I’m on board with that deal.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah, I guess. 190 innings of 4+ for $11 million. I guess that’s what $11 million buys these days. But, we need arms in the rotation, so, go get ‘em Ted.

      I wonder what Kershaw is thinking.

  14. and this from Dylan Hernandez on twitter:

    #Dodgers payroll will increase in 2011, GM Ned Colletti said.

    INCREASE!! let the negative thoughts begin!!!

  15. Badger says:

    “#Dodgers payroll will increase in 2011, GM Ned Colletti said.”

    OK. I’ll start it….. huh? Number Dodgers payroll will increase in 2011 Colletti said?

    And the second thing….. what did you expect him to say? He has that October 29th deadline thing staring at him.

  16. McCheapne$$$ says:

    Bahahahahahahaha are you a pillow bitter Mark!! Wassup with your hard-on for McCunt and Beltre…

  17. Badger says:

    The Times reports that the 2010 payroll was $92 million. They also say the Dodgers will try to get it back to $100 million. Mark, you should probably inform them they are wrong about the payroll numbers.

    But here is an article that you may actually like. Get all these guys and take the payroll from $92 million to $100 million.


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