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Shocking News

Shocking News
  • No, it’s not shocking to me that Ned Colletti says the Dodger Payroll will increase this year. I have been telling you that for quite some time. What is shocking is that Badger, Roger and Lawdog were recently spotted in a swimming pool, plotting my demise.  Shocking, isn’t it?  The undercover photo is attached.    You guys will have to dream up some new material.

    Plotting My Demise

  • The LA Media is loathe to write anything that paints McCourt in a good light, but a couple of things that Steve Dilbeck of The LA Times wrote say a lot:  ”Lilly, who was born in Torrance and still lives in California, said he was aware of the ownership issue hovering around the franchise but felt good about the team’s direction” and “Colletti confirmed owner Frank McCourt had given him a payroll budget for the 2011 season. Because  Colletti said he didn’t have a number after the season ended, this is progress.  ’We know where we’re going,’ Colletti said.  ’It’s up from a year ago, but that’s all I want to tell you.’’’ Spin That Negative Nellies.  In conclusion Lilly said: “I believe this organization can do something special and important, and I want to be a part of that.’’
  • The Rangers are really demonstrating that maybe some “hungry” players can beat the” best team money can buy.”  That’s why I say that long-term deals for many players frequently don’t pan out.  A team with a $64 million payroll is beating a team with a $213 million payroll.  It’s the old story that it’s not what you pay, but what you get that’s important.
  • The Yankees will have Pettitte (I think he’ll retire) and Vasquez come off their books this year, who make a combined $23 mil.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they will offer Cliff Lee $150 mil/6 years.  I can’t see anyone beating that.  I sure wouldn’t pay that even though he is a great pitcher.
  • If I were the Dodgers, I would try and sign Takashi Saito.  He can serve dual roles in the pen and he could probably be had for less than the Dodgers paid George Cheryl this year.
  • The $33 mil/3 year deal is a pretty good deal for an accomplished starter.  It also allows him to be traded in the third year.  I’m on board with it.

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29 Responses to “Shocking News”

  1. Badger says:

    I asked you to throw that picture away.

    I think maybe you guys who are McCorpuscle succuphants (my own word – like it?) are missing the point of what we nellies are saying.

    It is a well known fact that the McCourts borrowed their way into the Dodgers and have been living the high life while charging themselves rent, spending 150 grand on haircuts, hiring strange psychos, using our money to fly in their private jets, giving their kids unearned payroll money and having sex with their employees. They are without question unlikeable greaseballs that have sucked money out of our team. That fact aside…. all I am saying is that we have to wait to see how this divorce plays out and where McCheesey borrows from next.

    Payroll is going up from $92mil. Oh goodie. I still say if we had a solvent owner, you know, one with his own money, the L.A. Dodger payroll should match that of the Red Sox, White Sox, Phillies, Mets, Tigers, Cubs… if not the Yankees.

    So be my guest and settle. But, if you ever clear your lips from McCourts butt, you might have a different view of things.

    Have a nice day. And as Bill likes to say……. peace.

  2. The term Lyndon Johnson used to describe those who didn’t believe the lads in Viet Nam would be home for Christmas back in 1966 was “Nervous Nellies”. In fact, I remember a political button for some obscure Congressman whcih stated: “I’m another nervous Nellie for _______ (whoever he was, I forgot.) I think he was from New Jersey.

    Anybody know how much we had to pay for the services of that crafty old left handed geezer we just signed for 3 years or is that the #33 million for 3 years you referred to at the end of your article?

    It’s funny how McGoo didn’t want to offer Wolfie arbitration because he might accept it and here we offered a 3 year deal to a guy who has about the same stuff (good off speed but a very pedestrian fastball) and is about the same age.

    He didn’t want to risk having to pay Wolf $12 million for one year but he has no problem paying the older Lilly $11 million for 3 years???

    Sounds fishy to me. Methinks (like the Dog of Law) that McGoo’s real motive when it came to Wolf might just have been the fear that he would turn arbitration down and he’d have to pay for 3 first round picks last season instead of just the one he “earned’. Has anybody seen Cliche Man lately?

  3. chucky says:

    Now things get interesting. According to Cot last year had a payroll of $102mm with $5mm in deferred. this year we have $21mm in deferred (you got to pay the piper sometimes) so how are they going to answer that question? I gave a payroll idea in a prior post of $118mm ($139 less $21) will the dodgers figure the increase in payroll based upon total payout (plus deferral) or increase the payroll because the deferral MUST go up? With the same 97m in roster payroll of last year PLUS the $21mm in 2011 deferral payroll without adding anything is already at $118mm.

    This sounds a little number crazy (numbers are what I do for a living) but it might be the way McCheap is looking at things with the double talk of Collette.

    With a roster payroll of $97 million what is the roster. My earlier estimate overpaid Lilly by $5mm, so I am down to $139 – $21 deferral – $5 or $113. that is only $15mm above this year’s roster payroll. Maybe we will resign Kuroda and Werth????

    by the way I love the idea of resigning Sato

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Saito is probably worth a look, even at 41.

    Looks like he still brings something to the table, and if used judiciously he could be valuable. And he probably wouldn’t be overly expensive. In addition to serving dual roles (I would think the 7th, 8th and 9th innings), he might be able to take some of the load off of Troncoso and Belisario. And with that good slider of his, maybe he’s just the guy Broxton needs to re-gain the touch for his slider.

    And I know I’m the only one mentioning it, but I think the Dodgers should consider signing J.J. Putz. He pitched well for the White Sox this past season, and he’s someone that Broxton has sought help from in the past with respect to the splitter he’s never actually employed in a game (at least a game that counted). Putz always had a reputation for having one of the best splitters in the business. If the White Sox don’t re-sign him and he’s available for the right price, I think he could be worth signing.

  5. Saito wouldn’t come back to the Dodgers anymore than Jason Werth would after we unceremoniously showed them both the door a few years back and McGoo would probably want them to defer 95% of the deal until 2020.. We need to keep the discussion real. We can fantasize about trading all our scrubs for stars or signing players that will command $20 million per year, but that ain’t real, particularly the expensive FA part with McGoo at the helm.

    This team will remain SOSAD until McGoo is run out of town on a rail after first being tarred and feathered.

  6. Whoa Nellie! says:

    I read Saito has a shoulder issue. 41 with a sore shoulder?

    Perfect. Sign him up.

  7. McCourt Basher . . . says:

    Just do not like the guy, his wife, and and and and and anything about this guy. He needs to be forced to sell by the judge, commissioner, or or or or or just leave town.

    The Big Basher

  8. C’mon basher. Don’t hold anything back! Just say what’s on your mind!

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    I would wear a bag over my head too if I said the outrageous things you three have said. I wouldn’t want anyone to know who I was either, but I am betting everyone can guess anyway…

  10. Nelson You doesn't has to call me Nellie says:

    It’s not like anyone is trying to keep secrets Mark.

    Bag over my head? I think you know me better than that.

    But, I am sure there are some embarrassed enough about what the McMucus’ have done to our proud franchise that the bags could be considered.

    And little ray is the one who initiated the sophomoric crap with his “Negative Nellie” comment…….. so…staying with the childish banter…….. HE STARTED IT!

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Why don’t you all just end it?

    And as Mark said Bill would say…peace.

  12. Nelson You doesn't has to call me Nellie says:

    End what?

  13. Badger says:

    Yeah, end what? It’s just some friendly banter between people who see things COMPLETELY differently.

  14. I didn’t know it had even started already…

  15. lawdog says:

    Say what? Did Mark just insult me again? :shock:

  16. lawdog says:

    Or am i just being delusional again??? :mrgreen:

  17. lawdog says:

    Organize the rallies, kiss the babies, beat the drums — Magic Johnson for Dodgers owner [Updated]
    October 20, 2010 | 2:14 pm
    How do you start a campaign? As Jamie McCourt could tell you, it ain’t so easy.

    This, though, is different. No campaign funds required. No cheesy TV ads needed. Could even be devoid of partisanship.

    Magic Johnson for Dodgers owner!

    OK, might require a catchier slogan. “Put the Magic back in the Dodgers,” or maybe “To be Frank, Magic would do a better job.”

    Of course, there are times when it seems two rocks and a bat donut could do a better job.

    Perhaps you heard, but Magic is suddenly flush with cash. Like more than $100 million, which is approximately $100 million more than Frank and Jamie McCourt used to purchase the team in 2004.

    Magic just sold his 4.5% interest in the Lakers and 105 Starbucks. A source told The Times’ Brad Turner that Magic was not necessarily looking to purchase an NBA franchise, but was positioning himself to purchase something “in sports.’’

    Like a baseball team? One Los Angeles sporting icon buying another? Positively dreamy.

    The initial problem here is, regrettably, that the Dodgers are not for sale. Not yet, anyway. And very possibly they won’t be, but should the judge who is mulling over whether to declare the divorcing McCourts co-owners decide to go the Solomon route, all bets are off.

    Now I am talking the Lakers’ retired No.32 buying the team, and not the Dodgers’ retired No.32, Sandy Koufax. So maybe you think Magic doesn’t know baseball.

    But he does know winning. He didn’t know diddly about coffee or development or movie theaters or hamburger joints or urban funds either. How’d that turn out?

    He knows how to organize, educate, delegate and inspire. Sounds like a breath of fresh air to me.

    Magic not only has cash, he has stinking wealthy friends. If it takes $800 million or a billion, he could get it done.

    Magic loves a challenge, and right now, the Dodgers are the Mt. Everest of L.A. sporting challenges. Check that; guess that would still be the Clippers.

    Whether they recognize it or not, the McCourts have a miserable image problem that hiring their 27th public relations guru is not going to vanquish.

    They could sell, split the proceeds, take their millions in equity and run. Go buy another villa or private plane. Just go.

    And with Magic, the Dodgers would gain instant prestige and needed credibility. Somebody get this campaign rolling.

    [Updated at 5:45 p.m.] Ah, now Magic tells The Times’ Broderick Turner — guess he gave up on Brad Turner — he doesn’t want to buy the Dodgers but would be interested in bringing an NFL team back to Los Angeles.

    That’s OK, the campaign is early. First job: win over Magic.

    – Steve Dilbeck

    And Mark sez I’m delusional???

  18. Badger says:

    Magic for owner? The Dodger fans should be so lucky.

    No, I am afraid we are stuck with McLessticles.

  19. from Keith Law’s Twitter account

    Scouting director Tim Hallgren is leaving the Dodgers to join the Tigers in pro scouting. Logan White will take over Tim’s duties.

  20. Ken says:

    Back loaded contracts do not result in final year trades.

  21. Bill Russell says:


  22. Badger says:

    little ray… McLessticle isn’t name calling. Neither is McGoo or any of the others. They are just clever plays on the owners name.

    Now when Mark calls somebody a moron, I consider that name calling. And ldog believes Mark called him an idiot or a$$hole or something demeaning. I think Mark has used that name before in here, but I don’t believe he directed it at anyone in particular. He usually just says things like “if you don’t see it the same way I do, then you are all idiots and morons.” And I also believe he says things like that to light it up in here.

    McCourt is no idiot. Look at the lifestyle he was able to squeeze out of the Dodgers. That took some real finagglin’. However, he has been exposed in court. You should read some of what is going on in there, it’s enlightening.

    I consider Palin in the same category as I do Limbaugh – neither is a real leader, they are just entertainers, making a buck on those morons that actually believe what the two of them are spewing.



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