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Frank McCourt’s Window of Opportunity…

Frank McCourt’s Window of Opportunity…

The Dodgers new President has a window of opportunity to deliver, but it is not forever.  In fact, it may end before November.

I have no clue what Frank McCourt is really like.  I shook his hand once.  Is he a greedy, egocentric, self-absorbed opportunist or is he a “regular Joe?”  I think the former is closer than the later, but if you believe the stuff TJ Slimers and Bill Plaschke write, you are really gullible.  Forgot the “knee jerk” reaction that you may feel coming on.  Focus on the fact that if Frank is a greedy bastard and needs to make money, then he knows that the best way he can do that is to put “butts in seats.”

This could be a good thing for Dodger fans.

On October 29th, the Dodger season ticket holders have to pay at least 1/5th  of the cost of their season ticket.

That’s less than 2 week away.

How do you do that?

There are a few ways:

  1. Make a trade for an impact player (kinda’ hard to do now);
  2. Sign some of your free agents; or
  3. Lock up your best young players with long-term deals.

Frank almost has to do at least one or two of the above.

Stay tuned….

Is He a Bottom-Dwelling Garbage Eater?

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3 Responses to “Frank McCourt’s Window of Opportunity…”

  1. Badger says:

    So, you read Simers column. Good for you. Not a lot of positive feedback from season ticket holders. “What are they buying” seems to be the operative question.

    The play-offs are going on. Isn’t there an MLB rule about waiting until after the World Series before signing Free Agents? If that is the case, the series starts the 27th, so……..

    trades? I really doubt it. Not until the winter meetings.

    I guess I’ll take door number 3. McDeficit will lock up Kershaw and Billingsley, and as Tony Jackson said last month “everybody else is probably fair game” but how can much happen in two weeks?

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t always agree with Mark (and that probably won’t change), but he gave me a demonstration tonight that he’s responsive to other people’s concerns. Earlier tonight I posted a link on another thread, originally thinking it was the Dodgers Bleacher Report that I receive in my e-mail. Well, it turns out I accidentally posted a link into my e-mail account. Fortunately I discovered my error quickly, and sent an e-mail to Mark asking that he delete my post. Within minutes Mark replied that the post had been deleted. Or as Mark put it, “DONE”.

    Not everyone would have acted so quickly, or even at all. So whatever one might think of Mark’s opinions and views, he is an honorable man. He immediately understood my concerns, and acted without delay to ease my mind. Mark is now officially on my GOOD GUY LIST.

    It’s interesting that Mark should mention locking up young talent with long term deals. That was exactly what one of the Bleacher Report articles was about. Steve Lyons wrote a piece urging that the Dodgers get Kershaw and Billingsley locked up to long term deals. And I agree.

    This year there will be a shorter wait for the free agent filing period, 5 days instead of what had been 15 days after the World Series. I also believe there is a news blackout during the World Series (maybe even the playoffs in general) that precludes teams from making major announcements that would draw away attention from the games. Things should probably begin to pick up in November, and heat up further in December and January.

    GM meetings are in Orlando, FLA, November 16 – 17.
    Owners meetings also in Orlando, November 17 – 18.

    November 23 – Last day for teams to offer salary arbitration to free agents in order to preserve their right to draft-pick compensation.

    November 30 – Last day for free agents to accept salary arbitration offers.

    December 2 – Last day for teams to tender 2011 contracts to players under reserve.

    December 6-8 – Winter Meetings, Lake Buena Vista, FLA.

    Unless McCourt tells him otherwise, Ned Colletti usually doesn’t do much (at least that I recall) early in the offseason. But if opportunity presents itself, or if Colletti is mandated to do so, I guess it’s possible we could see some early Dodger moves after the World Series. My best guess is that the market will likely dictate how fast the Dodgers can make player moves, with the exceptions being those players still under their control, and perhaps with those with whom they can currently negotiate (e.g., Lilly, Padilla).

    All in all it should be an interesting offseason. And I agree that the Dodgers cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. I’m not going to predict that the Dodgers will break the bank, but I do believe they will spend more than last year, and there will likely be trade activity.

    Mark, thanks again.

  3. Badger says:

    I agree about the market. It always does the dictating. I doubt the Dodgers will be able to make a splash when they want to just because they need to. Players and teams know what is going on and won’t do anything to help a desperate team. Free agents will test the market at the appropriate time, and as Brookln just pointed out, timelines exist and none of them point to October 29th.

    As for how much the Dogs will spend – how can anyone know? What if the court decides these two need to split their assets equally? Where does Frankie get the money to pay her off?

    Just read this over at DD:

    “The McCourts are doing to the Dodgers, what the Yorks have done to the 49ers, and what Georgia Frontiere did to the Rams…made them a laughing stock. Nobody benefits from that.”

    This is obviously serious business. The longer this goes on, the angrier the L.A. fans get. They are the ones that buy the tickets. I live in Arizona, I’m not even going to Spring Training. If the fans of L.A. decide they have had enough, well, not going to the games is the same as voting someone out of office. McCourt will be forced to sell. I can see that happening. I am not predicting it, I am predicting what physicist Per Bak described as “organized instability” in his sandpile theory. Every day is another grain of sand on the Dodger pile. Anything can happen.


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