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Two Reasons Broxton Has To Go

Two Reasons Broxton Has To Go
Jon Broxton continues to insist he is not hurt, even though hie velocity is down about 5 MPH. To me, it is amazing that no one else saw this coming. I know a “deer-in-the-headlights look” when I see one.  Yet, there are a litany of excuses and alibis to cover J-Brox’s large butt!  I told you for years that he was not a closer, even though he had a modicum of success, and now here were are.  You can disagree with me and play fantasy baseball or you can deal with the reality that Broxton HAS to go.  The Dodgers cannot go into next season with $7 million dollars committed to someone who could very well be a middle reliever.  That is a bad allocation of resources for a team that has recently been very proficient at allocating bad contracts.
One of two scenarios exist with J-Brox:
  1. He really is  hurt, although he says he’s not.  For that, he has to go.  If he’s so stupid as to pitch hurt and cost his team wins, he is a true Knucklehead; or
  2. He’s not hurt physically.  Let me spell it out:  He’s M-E-N-T-A-L-L-Y injured.  For that he has to go.

So, if he’s hurt, he has to go and if he’s not, he has to go.  The common denominator – he has to go!  Maybe he can get it together somewhere else.  He’s a good dude.  I have no issues with him personally, but baseball is a bottom-line business, and the bottom -line is the Dodgers cannot afford to keep him based upon “hope.”  My only fear is that no-one will take him for 7 mil.  I will say this:  If the Dodgers have to give him away, they will be better for it.  Imagine what they could have gotten for Sherrill and Broxton in the offseason.   Maybe J-Brox can end up in his home state.  That just might be the ticket.

I would love to see the same thing applied to Blake and Furcal, but I can’t see anyone taking either player.  All we can hope for is a turn-around by them (which I doubt).

THINK ABOUT THIS - This is a very long-shot.  There are rumors that the Cards won’t be able to sign Albert Pujols.  I am generally not in favor of long-term deals, but Albert may be an exception.  If he goes on the trading block, would the Cards consider James Loney, Jon Broxton (Dave Duncan might turn him into Mariano Rivera) and Russ Martin, plus a couple of TOP PROSPECTS for Albert?  If (BIG IF) he were to go on the market, I would be in favor of an 8 year/$200 million deal for him.  Pujols at #3, Ethier at #4 and Kemp at #5 would be a nice middle.

BY THE WAY – I expect Kemp to get his head on straight over the winter and Andre to get healthy (he had a lot more problems than just his pinkie).  Look for big years for both of them.  I would just like to see a BIG BAT added at 1B or 3B or OF.  Let role players fill the other spots.


  • Interesting article about what Selig may have up his sleeve:
  • If you think Don Mattingly is upset his son was traded, you are wrong.  He asked for it.  Preston needed a fresh start and both he and Donnie knew it.   Preston had no future with the Dodgers and had went from being a SS to a 2B to the outfield.  He has shown little power, so his opportunities as an OF are limited.  Don Mattingly said. “He had kind of fallen off in playing time and to do this for him at this time was a gift for him.”
  • Jamie wants $400,000,000 plus a piece of the team.  Frank is offering $100,000,000 and a kick in the rear.  I think she is delusional.  She’ll keep playing her cards until the last minute and then cave in.  I think it will be a deal in the vicinity of $130,000,000.
  • Jared has a very good report on the Dodgers A Prospects today.  With all the struggles by so many young pitchers one has to ask:  Do the Dodgers have the right person in charge of their farm system (De Jon Watson) and do they have the right pitching instructors? Something is very, very wrong!  I am not passing judgement – just questioning what is obviously a constant thread which runs through the Dodgers farm system.  It’s more than co-incidence.

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5 Responses to “Two Reasons Broxton Has To Go”

  1. Badger says:

    Broxton’s problems have all come in the second half. So while your at it, you might as well add Kemp and Loney to the “Have to Go” list as Kemp is hitting .226 and Loney .211 in the second half. And why not throw Ethier and Blake in the mix too? They both tubed in the second half.

    Why not just admit that this team failed as a team. The only guy in our lineup that hustles and scraps and does everything possible to beat you is Jamey Carroll. The rest of those guys all went up there looking like Juan Castro’s.

    If they decide to do so, I doubt the Dodgers would have any trouble trading Jonathan Broxton. Of course, they will have to eat some of that contract, but considering where the Frankenjamie Freak Show stands, they might do a lot of that.

    Albert Pujols a Dodger? Anybody else want to state the obvious on that one?

  2. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    At this point, I think Broxton is at best a give-a-way in a trade. No one is going to trade a top notch player on the up-swing for him. Other teams must conclude that if the Dodgers were willing to trade Broxton, then there is probably something wrong in him.

    Don’t be surprised if they keep him, heal what ever is physically wrong, and work on his development. Key: good relievers do not grow on trees, and when they do, most do not stay there for long careers as key guys. Remember Eric G.

    2011 could well be a very difficult season. If McCourt still owns the teams — and money is an issue . . . a very difficult season indeed.

    Some of you are counting on 5 or 6 or 7 players comzng back as all “Comeback Players of the Year.” Probably not going to happen. Probably at best will they be able to sign some middle-ground free agents. Why? 1) limited funds to compete with the other teams, 2) not many top players will want to come to the Dodgers. The Dodgers are not the team or organization they once were.

    I have not looked, but I have the feeling that the traditionally bottom rung teams (KC, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington, Seattle, Cleveland, etc.) have a better and deeper farm of players than the Dodgers. Because they have had more top picks over the past number of years.

    I agree with Mark, that maybe there IS something wrong with just how the Dodgers instruct, move players long, and develop the minor league system. Maybe . . .

  3. Badger says:

    Some of us have seen this coming for a while now. Marginal trades, bad contracts, an owner tied up in court – and now it’s gone public how he was using the team as his family’s ATM – personally I am not surprised by how dysfunctional the front office is.

    I am however disappointed in the play of the team. I thought at the very least, they would all play for themselves, padding stats looking for the huge payday – even it came from somewhere else. Most all of them are still under team control, so that could still happen next year.

    It would appear that we have no A prospects. Perhaps a few of them could step it up next year, but one has to wonder if the entire organization is looking around going “what the f’ is going on here?”.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if many of our minor league instructors leave. Like Roger just said, the Dodgers are clearly not the organization they used to be.

  4. Bobby says:

    brox probly needs to go to a minor market team where he can avoid pressure and just do his job.

    doubt he can handle ny, philly, boston if he can’t handle LA

  5. Ken says:

    Next spring is the time that we just might find out whether a team can actually go to arbitration and then DFA a player on the last day of February while only paying a small percent of their salary. Sure it will bring the wrath of the union down on Frank but his image is so tarnished he just might do it, if the MLB agreement does not prohibit same.

    Broxton needs to pitch in Atlanta, so that the good ole boy small town kid can go home to momma 81 nights out the season, As I said in Spring Training!

    Kemp has Mike Davis eyes. He has all of the signs of a person with diminishing depth perception. Believe me I experienced all of the signs. Even I, with very little depth perception, never bailed out on a pitch a foot from my body and then yelled at the ump when he called the pitch a stike. Pitches inside by 6 inches – He thinks that they will hit him! LOL Balls hit straight at him – slow reaction because he has no idea whether they are going to land over his head or 30 feet in front of him. The faster an object is moving the exponentially greater adverse effect a lack of depth perception has on the person’s ability to judge the objects flight. Even I could see where the pitches were going and once limboed under a pitch thrown at my waist, amazing. Glassses do NOT correct poor depth perception, they only get rid of the blur. Poor depth deception is compensated by reacting slower, not seeing the spin on the ball and therefore not knowing what the pitch is and therefore always guessing. Kemp swings at a type of pitch so often that is not thrown that when he guesses correctly it is like a miracle.

    Narcissists do not know how to cave.

    Next year Rancho will have a higher attendence than Dodger Stadium, at least if you only count happy fans!

    Problems in the farm system? Only one of the three deparment is doing their job, as I have been saying!


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