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The Lone Voice In The Wilderness

The Lone Voice In The Wilderness

I guess it is me against the world on this one, but as long as Frank McCourt is owner of the Dodgers, I am on his side.  I don’t know Frank McCourt and I probably wouldn’t like him if I did.  I have shook his hand and that is about it.  He doesn’t know me from Adam and I am fine with that.  Many Dodger fans have been begging for new ownership for a long time, but unless Judge Gordon does something way off the wall, JamieMcCourt is going to walk away with something around a hundred million, or less, and Frank McCourt will be the sole owner of the Dodgers.    The Dodgers are not broke.  $400 to $500 million is a lot of debt, but you are all thinking “in the box.”  You need to step outside the box and see what can be, not what is.

I don’t wish for new ownership because that is like wishing for a new President  RIGHT NOW!  It ain’t happening!  I deal with reality and the reality of the situation is that Frank McCourt is the owner of the Dodgers and probably will continue to be.  Get used to it!  It ain’t that bad!  Face reality –  this isn’t fantasy baseball!

We all know about the TV rights that will kick in for the Dodgers in 2013, but no one can really put a dollar number to that – is it $100 million or $50 million, or is it a lot more? I am convinced that Frank McCourt put his “Dodgertown as a Destination”  (maybe year ’round) on hold due to the economy, but also because of the divorce.   I look for him to partner with someone on that after the divorce is final.  There are so many other revenue streams available as well, including Stadium naming rights.  The Dodgers currently have about $250 million of income and that makes the $500 million of debt look bad, but what if that income improves to $500 mil a year?  Think about that.

I still maintain that Frank will keep a good product on the field.  2011 will be the toughest year, but I still think the payroll will be around $100 mil.  They will just hire a lower cost manager (Tim Wallach) and operate with different values.  The Weavers, Belliards, Blakes,  Carrolls, Theriots, Furcals, Ramirezs, Andersons, Ortizs and other oldsters are not the way to go.  Look at the Padres.  The 2011 Dodgers could be better than the 2010 Padres… who were supposed to be the worst of the NL West!  Next year, the bench could be half the age of the current bench!

The 2010 Dodgers are a much better team than the 2009 Padres.  Look what difference a year can make.  However, there are some tough choices to make.  Here are the facts:

  • The Dodgers are stuck with Raffy and Blake – Raffy will be playing for his “last contract” so maybe he can stay relatively healthy.  That’s Dodger Fan’s only hope.  They have to pray for that!  Maybe the Dodgers could trade Casey Blake if they paid half his salary.  I would consider that.  Maybe KC or Minnesota would want him (close to his home)?
  • The Dodgers are going to have to trade John Broxton and maybe James Loney.  Beliasrio, Kuo, Jansen, Lindblom and others can do as well – probably better.  Broxton costs too much (never mind I have an “irrational hatred” of the man).  If Loney goes, the Dodgers could then afford 2 Free Agents.
  • The Dodgers will have to non-tender Russ Martin, Scott Podsednik and Ryan Theriot.  Ivan DeJesus is a cheaper in-house replacement for Theriot (whom I like) and Russ Martin is playing too bad and is too hurt.  Keep Barajas and Ellis or add a journeyman. Podsednik is too old.
  • Sign One, or Two (if Loney Goes):  Crawford, Dunn or Beltre.
  • Sign Lilly for no more than Wolf made last year – $30 mil/3 years.

This could be your lineup next year:

  1. Furcal  SS (a wing and a prayer) – Carroll will be waiting in the wings
  2. DeJesus  2B
  3. Ethier  RF
  4. Dunn 1B
  5. Kemp  CF
  6. Beltre  3B (he would love to return to LA, but max would be $55 mil/5 years)
  7. Paul  LF
  8. Barajas/Ellis

By deleting Broxton, Kuroda, Loney, Martin, Theriot, Podsednik, Belliard, Anderson, Ramirez, Johnson, et al the Dodgers can afford to add Lilly, Dunn and Beltre and keep their payroll manageable.

I do agree with Jon Weisman on one thing:  THIS IS CLAYTON KERSHAW’S TEAM!

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25 Responses to “The Lone Voice In The Wilderness”

  1. Bobby says:

    sorry mark. this entire thread is based upon wanting/accepting mccourt to be our owner.

    i can’t do that. i want him GONE. and there’s no chance in HOLY HELL that we have a $100 mil payroll. This jackass’s plan the past 6 yrs was to LOWER payroll!!! and now he’s goin thru a divorce!!! adrian beltre? we’ll be lucky if we sign adrian from the rocky movies. adam dunn? better chance of that guy from brooks and dunn being our 1b.

    next year will be full of young dodgers (which i dont mind at all), and some old veterans who we could give a rat’s ass about.

  2. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, the Dodgers are the new K.C. Royals — as long as McCourt/s owns the Dodgers. Even the line-up you suggest above is a whimp of a line-up.

    Furcal will not play 162 games as a starter. Maybe not even 100 if history holds true.

    DeJesus at 2B, he would only be there because of the low salary. He would be lucky to hit above .240. Very lucky.

    Ethier is la-jit, but there is not much in front of him.

    Dunn at 1B will do his usual, 30 plus, and 120 plus. Plus a lot of Ks.

    Kemp poising as a CF — unless he can get his head straight. I hope he does.

    Beltre at 32B is my man. This is good.

    Paul in LF, he has problems in the field, and not proven at the plate in the majors.

    Barajas/Ellis — just about as weak in the majors as possible.

    This is a K.C. type line-up. A couple of nice players surrounded with cheap unproven players.

    Giant & Padre pitching will grind this kind of line-up and spit them out.

    You better come up with something better than is group.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I’ll admit that Broxton’s velocity seems to be down this year. Maybe it’s arm trouble we know nothing about, or maybe not. I’ve also noticed that Kershaw’s velocity is down this year as well. He used to hit 94 – 96 pretty often. I haven’t seen that this year. He generally works at 90-93, maybe an occasional 94 (although I can’t remember any). Maybe this years gun is just slower. I don’t have a clue.

    If Broxton is healthy then the only way I trade him is if I get a lot in return. Same goes for Loney. And if these deals are consummated, then the composition of the lineup might be lot different than what you’re projecting, since you don’t yet know what’s coming in return.

    Barajas/Ellis doesn’t exactly inspire me with confidence. I hope there’s a better alternative, unless of course the catching position is surrounded by thunder in the rest of the lineup.

    Beltre would be nice, but probably not $55 million over 5 years. That would take him to 36 years of age. Players perform well at that age, but not always.

    I believe that Theriot may be due a lot more money next year, so perhaps he will be non-tendered. De Jesus is a prospect, but I’m not yet ready to hand over the 2B job to him. I’d like to see his OBP bump itself back up to where it was in 2008. Maybe the low number of walks he drew this year is an aberration, maybe not. I think Paul in LF is a longshot. Trayvon Robinson could get a look (how about Ethier in left, Robinson in center and Kemp in right), and the acquisition of a player like Crawford or Werth could also change the equation.

    I don’t see Podsednik holding down a starting outfield job next year, and I don’t know if he would be open to returning as a 4th outfielder. However, if he is, at 35 next year, it’s a job he would be well suited for. And I understand why Jayson Werth would not want to return to the Dodgers, but stranger things have happened. I wouldn’t rule it out, and would include him on the list of potential free agent signings.

    You could be right about Raffy. Only time will tell. Whatever the case, he will probably need to get a day or two off each week to stay healthy. Maybe by mid-season, if Furcal falters, Dee Gordon might be ready to step-up.

    I still want McCourt gone, but I understand that he could be looking to a new revenue stream in the coming years. Actually, I believe the new networks kick in in 2014, but just knowing they’re on the horizon might increase the budget for 2013. As for naming rights, I’ve never understood why the Dodgers haven’t done that. They might even be able to keep “Dodger Stadium” in the name. You know, something like, “U.S. Water Systems Dodger Stadium”.

    Trading Casey Blake would be preferable to keeping him, although the Dodgers would be required to pick up a nice piece of the $6.5 million owed him for next year, plus his 2012 buyout. If a Loney or Broxton deal gets done, perhaps Blake could be packaged with a requirement that all or most of his salary be picked up. But doing so would probably lesson what the Dodgers get in return, so maybe it’s not a very good idea.

    How the Dodgers recover from this year will be largely the result of how players like Kemp and Ethier produce next year. And I’d have to see how the rest of the rotation fills out after Kershaw and Billingsley. Lilly by himself would not be enough. And don’t be certain that Kenley Jansen could just step into the closer’s role if Broxton leaves. It’s easier said (and I know you didn’t say it above) than done. Case in point was his outing against the Phillies on Wednesday. He’s got the arm, but we all know it takes more than that.

  4. Badger says:

    What Bobby and Anew said.

    Mark I think what you refuse to see is just how greasy Frank McCourt actually is. MLB had no business letting this guy in the door. He and his high maintenance wife have been using the Dodgers as their private piggy bank and it will take years to recover. What makes you think it will be any different once the t.v. money comes in? He is who he is, he ain’t gonna change his spots.

    $100M payroll? You are still living in Fantasyland. It’s already $88 million for next year and more the year after. Where is Frank going to get the money to raise it to $100M? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you are of the “borrow it now, somebody else will pay for it later” party. What is the interest on that debt he is carrying? Who in their right mind is going to loan this douchebag more money?

    I will let the comment about the President go, saying only this… thank God the last one is finally, mercifully gone.

    I have said it since 2004 – we need new leadership. We need somebody in that office that can run this ship without carrying a half billion dollar debt load.

  5. Mark Timmons says:


    1. Your grandkids and their kids will be paying for this President, but there’s nothing I can do about that – I have accept it – America spoke – they will speak again;

    2. You need to accept that the same deal exists with McCourt. Wishing won’t help. He may be greasy, but he’s the owner, and baring arrest or something crazy by the court, he will continue to be. Deal with reality. I am!

    3. I pay cash – I don’t even have a line of credit with my business, but BIG BUSINESS does that all the time. Just not my gig!

    4. It’s not $88 mil, if they do what I said.


    That’s not a bad lineup – Look at the Padres this year. Anything from the Catcher position is considered a luxury. DeJesus will be a solid 2B (not great, but cheap). He can hit .270 with little power and great D.

    KC has NO players close to the talent of Kemp, Ethier, Dunn or Beltre.

    Next year will be Raffy’s second year back from back surgery. That’s his best chance. When healthy, he can play. I would have never signed him, but maybe, the Dodgers can play him 140 games and he can deliver… Maybe!

    IF HISTORY HOLDS TRUE, he will play 125 games. That is his average.

  6. Badger says:

    1. the last Democratic president left a surplus. The new President took over an enormous debt load and two wars that were not funded. Hopefully, he can figure out a way to get these things actually paid for – he will do it alone as the Republicans are hell bent for him to fail. The first step is to eliminate the Bush tax cuts for the super wealthy. That was a colossally stupid thing to do, and any economist worth his degree knows that to be true. Sorry if that affects you, but, it does not affect what is left of the middle class in this country.

    2. I don’t have to like the fact that an underfunded Boston dipwad bought my favorite team. I think Bud was actually in on making this dumb decision because he didn’t want to see a Los Angeles Yankees situation. I am still hopeful that the judge will tell these two idiots to divide equally and the only way to do that is to sell this team.

    3. good for you. Now, if we can just force our politicians, ALL OF THEM, to fund whatever it is they plan to put through. Look, I have said many, MANY times, I don’t mind paying taxes, I DO mind my taxes going to pay for borrowed billions to fund illegal, immoral uncalled for wars against sovereign nations that did not attack us and I DO mind putting my tax dollars into the pockets of already filthy rich war profiteers and Wall Street bankers. Taxes are the people’s money, they should be used for the people’s good – roads, bridges, parks, education, health care, border security, etc. etc..

    Your proposals might end up saving a couple of million, probably not though. And, you don’t have a team that will compete. But, maybe that’s ok with you. I still don’t see 5 starters, the bullpen looks iffy to me and that lineup doesn’t have a .300 hitter in it. Maybe Ethier. Beltre will go back to what he has done most of his career – .260 to .270 – better than Blake, but, he won’t repeat his MVP-like numbers. Furcal probably won’t play a full year again, Paul? doesn’t fill me with confidence, Kemp looks like he wants out and Barajas is a #8 hitter.

    It still remains to be seen how this divorce will play out. It is time for the McCourts to do the honorable thing and sell the team, divide the assets and go their separate ways… but it won’t happen like that. They don’t know how to do the honorable thing – they don’t have any experience in doing the honorable thing.

  7. Jaydavis says:

    Look how things change in a year, Mark. Who’s going to give Frank a loan to sign these players?
    Beltre will never be a dodger again! beltre still bitter with management.

  8. DRomo says:

    Mark keeps saying Beltre wants to play here again, yet he kept the Dodgers on his no-trade list the whole time he was in Seattle!

    The more I see how much money Frank pocketed instead of putting back into the team the more I want him gone. I guess maybe that is what Mark doesn’t see. Some of us feel the hurt when we have to pay for all the games we buy tickets for every year and pay 15 bucks a pop to park at the stadium. Then we see the money was taken out and used to buy houses? Frank admits he planned to cut payroll to pay his debts? He can’t secure a loan for $25 million using the Dodgers as colateral? Is that a good owner for us moving forward?

  9. GoNzO says:

    According to MLB Trade Rumors Kemp wants a 6 yr. 66 mil contract. I say do it if he is in the team’s plans, but alas it says right over there————> that Kemp knows he won’t get it from the dodgers.

    Hey at least we have the same color scheem that the royals do. Imaginne how much better Logan White will draft form the top ten spots. Yeah!!!!! We’l be relevant in about 8 years. AWESOME!!!!!!
    Long Live McCourt!!!!

  10. Michael says:

    Mark and Badger remember the rules. NO POLITICS.
    I’m kind of having a hard time figuring out how trading Loney[3 or so million salary] is going to free up enough money for 2 free agents Crawford and Dunn, really?
    If you like Frank, well that is your perogative but I would have to believe a change in ownership would only be a positive thing unless of course Donald Sterling was the purchaser.
    What really riled my feathers though was naming rights to Dodger Stadium. Just the thought of it is revolting to me. I would like to think that some institutions [ Dodger Stadium, Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, Soldier Field] are above prostituting themselves for another buck. Farmer John Field at Dodger Stadium in the Chavez Ravine in[ the actual city of ] Los Angeles. Ca-ching $$$

  11. Badger says:

    Hey, it’s Mark’s blog. If he wants to blast a president, let’s blast the one who deserves it.

    When and if Frank wins the team outright, where is he going to get the money to sign free agents? There isn’t a bank anywhere that would loan this clown a nickel after this circus is over. Frank has already admitted what he has the Dodgers for – and that is to party like a rock star – and do it at the fans expense.

    I see how and why some people like Frank. This guy did it all without using his own money. He borrowed, he litigated, he borrowed some more, he litigated some more. Then he painted the house so everything looked ok, but he kept on using OPM, lived like spoiled royalty and all the while didn’t pay any taxes. That is folk hero status in some parties… I won’t bring it down to politics out of respect for Michael, but we all know which party works like that.

    The guy is proving to be even worse than I have been saying he is for the last 6 years. Time for him to go. There would be a very long list of candidates better than this creep.

    I hope the fans of L.A. revolt and stop attending games. That is about the only thing that would move Butt Sellout to do something.

  12. Bobby says:

    ya seriously keep the politics off this board. i’m sure some of us liked bush, and some of us thought he was an idiot. either way, on this board, WHO CARES!!!

    this is about the dodgers and thats IT.

    i also question signing beltre, unless it’s for 1 year. then we know he’ll be playing for a contract. otherwise guarantee an overpaid 3b with good D, and a .275 avg 20 hr, 80rbi. not worth 11mil a year for 5 yrs.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way, although I think McCourt might be tolerable as the owner after the establishment of his own lucrative cable networks, the road gettng there might be very painful in the years preceding their establishment. Besides, McCourt is a low life of the first order, and leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. He also needs to go very soon if only to change the current Dodger culture, and to make people feel good about this team (including the players).

    I don’t have huge problem with naming rights, but I can understand why some people do. And it’s true, the Yankees and Red Sox do just fine financially without it.

    If the team isn’t sold they might only dip a toe in the free agent waters, but not much else. And even if they are sold, nothing much is likely to happen until the sale is finalized, and that would likely drag into the spring, and possibly beyond.

  14. Badger says:

    I am talking about the Dodgers Bobby. McBorrowandspend has shown his colors, and they ain’t Dodger Blue. He has buried this franchise in debt so he and his lovely wife could live the high life.

    Believe what you want if it helps you sleep at night. But this stink goes on as long as this man is the owner.

  15. Bobby says:

    i wasnt directing at you badge; in fact i agree with you bout mccourt. (i’ll also bet you and i agree on the last 2 presidents as well)

    but from a broad level, i don’t think any of us should bring politics or religion into this board. we all know how that usually winds up.

    from what i’ve seen, the poeple on here really know their dodgers, and really love their dodgers. that we disagree on how to run certain aspects of it is bound to happen.

    either way, lets sweep the giants this weekend. if we cant go to the big dance, lets keep those bastards out of it as well.

  16. Badger says:

    oooh I hates the gints.

    Your point is a good one Bobby. Mark and I have been going around and around about these issues since Clinton was in office.

    Brooklyn I usually agree with your take, but I just don’t agree that McCourt will be tolerable as an owner. No matter what the court decides on these issues, McCourt as an owner has been exposed and damaged.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I understand, and I could definitely be wrong on that one (and I did use the word “might”). But McCourt is definitely damaged goods, and nothing would make me happier than his disappearance.

  18. Michael says:

    Badger may enjoy this; It is being reported that there are headless bodies in Arizona. I can certainly attest that this is indeed a fact and she is the guv. Might as well smile, like Mark said, wait til next year. Oh yeah, Happy Labor Day to all. Peace mAn]]]]]]]]]]

  19. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, I still say like K.C. Look, the Nationals have Dunn and they are nothing. Years ago, the Pirates had Ralph Kiner hitting over 50 HRs when it was rare then, and they were in last place.

    Another point, I do not like three weak or below .250 hitters in a championship type team. In this case it would be: Paul, DeJesus, and catcher duo.

    The IF game. IF Kemp did what we both had hoped for back in March, IF Broxton had gotten even better, IF Furcal had played more this season, IF the Dodgers had had 5 decent starters all year, IF Loney had more power, IF Ethier had not hurt his little finger, IF Casey Blake hit more in the clutch, IF, IF, IF — the Dodgers would have a six game lead.

    Now, the Dodgers can be spoilers. If they take the Giants on this series, it helps two other teams, the Padres for the West, and those in the Wild Card chase.

  20. Badger says:

    Thanks Michael – yeah, I heard about that. And I watched painfully as the gov made an ass of herself the other night. Did you see her trying to talk in that debate? One for the history books. I live in Sedona, which is it’s own little island in a sea of mindless red. Headless bodies. Must be lizards.

    A lot of IF’s Roger. You know Mark is always thinking on the positive side of things, even when it sounds ludicruous, he maintains his positions. Stubborn old coot. But, I like that about the guy. You never have to guess on which side of things he is going to fall.

  21. Idaho al says:

    Mark, Badger and Bobby–Keep politics out of this thread. If you want to talk politics, go someplace else. If this continues, I will go someplace else. I do not care what you think of any president or the governor of Arizona. What I care about is the Dodger baseball team. End of story.

  22. Badger says:

    Well, Youdaho al, bring something to talk about. It’s not like there aren’t people who would respond if you actually had something Dodger to say.

    How’s this……. hey al, I wonder, since every player on the Dodger team makes more than $250,000, do they all vote Republican?

    At least we slowed the gints down. I know how their fans are, having lived in Northern California for over 20 years – they live as much for Dodger losses as they do gint wins. And you can bet they are having a good laugh over the McCourt shenanigans.

  23. Bobby says:

    ya my giant and padre friends are laughing about this mccourt nonsense.

    what a joke

  24. McCheapne$$$ says:

    Bahahaha your stll sucking that Boston Dick…


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