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The Leader The Dodgers Need

The Leader The Dodgers Need

Of all the glaring weaknesses this year on the Dodgers (and there were many), the biggest weakness was the total lack of a clubhouse leader.  They Dodgers did not have a guy who could lead the calvary in a charge over the hill.  James Loney isn’t that guy.  Matt Kemp sure isn’t that guy.  Andre Ethier isn’t that kind of leader.  Raffy and Manny?  No, they weren’t that guy either.  Casey Blake?  Nope.  The closest guy was Russ Martin, but THE GUY who leads that calvary charge has to be able to talk the talk and walk the walk and Russell couldn’t deliver on the “walk side.”

For 2011, the biggest Dodger need is to to find a leader.  THE Clubhouse Leader.  THE GUY who can lead the calvary on a charge over the hill.  I have made a list of the traits that player has to have and here they are:

  1. He must be old enough to have been through the wars and situations associated with MLB, but young enough to sign for 4-5 years.
  2. He must be of a physical stature which intimidates people when he takes off his shirt.
  3. He must command respect.
  4. He must have already shown that he is capable of being one of the best players at his position.
  5. He needs to be a Gold Glove Caliber player, to walk the walk.
  6. He needs to have been a Top 3 MVP Candidate.
  7. He needs to be able to steal a base when necessary.
  8. He need to be coming off a good year.
  9. He needs to be a Free Agent who doesn’t cost any players.
  10. He needs to be former Dodger.
  11. He needs to fill a glaring need.

He needs to be ….

Adrian Beltre.

Give a big chunk of money to Beltre and then sign Adam Dunn.

Trade Broxton, DeJesus and Loney for Dustin Pedroia

Non-tender Martin, Theriot and Podsednik.

Offer Lilly arbitration (he won’t take it).

Let Kuroda walk.

Let Padilla walk.


  1. Furcal  SS
  2. Pedroia  2B
  3. Ethier  RF
  4. Beltre  3B
  5. Dunn 1B
  6. Kemp  CF
  7. Gibbons  LF
  8. Ellis/Barajas  C

Bench:  Blake, Carroll, Hu, Paul, Mitchell

The Dodgers can do this!

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51 Responses to “The Leader The Dodgers Need”

  1. T says:

    Dunno if you want to pay a lot of money that we don’t really have for a guy who was a huge disappointment in SEA. He’s having a very good year this year but will he do the same once he gets the multi year deal he wants?

    Why would Boston want to rid themselves of Pedroia? Why would they want Broxton when they already have a future closer in Bard? Why would anyone want James Loney?

    If we let Padilla and Kuroda walk and Lilly refuses arby then we are left with Kershaw and Billingsley in the rotation. That’s risky

  2. Beltre was a huge disappointment in SEA??
    2009-8-44-he played injured most of the year

    what’s not to like?

  3. Bobby says:

    the leader we need is carl crawford.

    i know we have no chance as we have no cash, but he’s a leader. he’s a team guy. and he’s an elite all star player who would become a superstar in a major market.

    wishful thinking. i know. but he’s the guy. beltre is NOT the guy. he’s had 2 impact seasons, and umm both in contract years. no thanks

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    You’re too quick to trade Loney. I watched Keith Hernandez and John Olerud when they played first base for the Mets. They made everyone in the infield better. In essence each was the anchor of the Mets infield. Loney and Dunn at first base is like night and day. If Dunn plays first for the Dodgers, expect a lot more errors from the entire infield. The infielders will simply not have the same confidence throwing to 1B. Loney’s overall defense at 1B is far superior to the lumbering Dunn. Just think of all the 3-6-3 double plays Loney starts. Loney even has the advantage of being lefthanded (Dunn hits lefthanded, but throws right). And which one of the two would you rather have scooping your errant throws out of the dirt? Yes, Dunn has more power and he’s more patient at the plate, but he’s also slow and a decided defensive liability. And despite being a disappointment on the power side, Loney does have 40 doubles. Maybe Loney will never hit for the kind of power I think he’s capable of, but I also don’t expect to see a repeat of his increased strikeout rate and the diminished walk rate that he displayed this year. The Dodgers need to add power elsewhere, and look for increased production from Loney, Kemp and others.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And by the way, the Dodgers just don’t need more power. They need more overall team speed. The last thing this team needs in another base clogger. And if the Dodgers can afford Adrian Beltre and Adam Dunn, then they can afford Carl Crawford or perhaps Jayson Werth (and yes, I know his issues with the Dodgers).

  6. Jaydavis says:

    You know Mark, you’re living in a dream. There is no way in hell we’ll have that kind of money to spend.
    The Dodgers need an owner from Los Angeles, coaching staff and GM.

  7. Badger says:

    Jay is right.

    “what’s not to like?”

    Plenty. Each of those years, hitting around .265 with a .320 OBP, rather pedestrian like numbers, cost the Mariners an average of $12.8 million. Ask the Mariner fans and they will tell you Beltre was a huge disappointment. They expected him to do every year what he did his last year in L.A.. He fell way short.

    Loney is not a problem. Our problems lie all over the organization but Loney is not one of them.

    I would take Crawford. But he won’t be coming here. Neither is Werth or Dunn. Not yet anyway. Stand by for more divorce news. We will have a better idea of of what our payroll will be after we know how this thing is going to be settled. As of now, we have a payroll of around $88 million and only two starting pitchers. If the McCourts don’t sell, but rather settle, we are likely going to wait until the cable deal is in place, or Frankie takes on a financial partner. There isn’t a bank anywhere that is going to loan that guy any money, and he has already stated is plans of reducing payroll and living the high life at the fans expense.

    Trying to figure out the on field Dodgers at this point is an exercise in futility. Look around the Dodgers right now, know who is going to be leaving to FA, then pencil in a lineup with who is left.

    • well, it was absurd to expect that when he never hit like that in his career. But, for me, he is one of the best at his position.
      i have to say I was very pissed that he left LA.
      Take a look at his stats and compare to others at his position…..he is stable, and he will not cost $12mm per year.

  8. SpokaneBob says:

    The leader you described (except for being a former Dodger) is the 1988 Kirk Gibson. If Crawford is a possibility, I would rather have him than Beltre.

    I agree with Brooklyn on Loney. I am OK with trading Kemp, but I keep Loney and Ethier.

  9. lawdog says:

    Kuroda and Padilla could safely be offered abiration and we’d get that many more quality draft picks to rebuild the minor league farm system.

  10. Badger says:

    Yeah, they COULD be offered arbitration.

    How much you willing to bet on it?

  11. mark timmons says:

    Padilla is not a Type A Free Agent, but the Dodgers might offer arb to him.

    Kuroda would probably accept it and Ned would have to decide if he wanted to tie up $13 mil for one year. He might, but Hiroki will be 36. Not sure if that’s wise.

  12. Badger says:

    Kuroda is going to be 36 next year, has never pitched 200 innings, has never started more than 31 games, never won more than 10 …. and you think he is worth $13 million?

    Well, fact is, you may be right. A reasonable offer would be $10 mil or right under it, which the Dodgers do not have.

    He’s gone.

    Lilly is gone.

    The Dodgers have 2 starters and 3 huge holes in the rotation. Obviously they will find somebody, but, nobody that will eat up 200 innings.

    I think Colletti is trained for geezers and that is where this team is headed. Maybe we need a moneyball guy.

    • love the optimism from Badger…..oh wait, that is not in your vocabulary. Why do you think LAD won’t spend money this offseason? tell me, after this disappointing season, that McCourt WON’T spend money?
      I see Lilly signing here… can write it down….and bash me when he doesn’t.
      BTW-are the LAD the only team with holes in their rotation? The Rockies will lose Francis and JDLR this offseason creating 2 holes in theirs.
      Step off the ledge.

  13. lawdog says:

    Someone should call the Miller Brewing Co. and have the black truck driver they feature in their adds come take away McBastard’s high life… :mrgreen:

  14. lawdog says:

    “Frank McCourt isn’t selling. Not now and not anytime soon.

    The Dodgers owner reacted strongly on Friday to former owner Peter O’Malley’s public call for him to sell the franchise amid what’s become an increasingly bitter divorce trial, saying he has no intention of ever selling the organization.

    “I have a very, very strong instinct that I’m going to own this team for a long, long time and then someday, God willing, my boys will own the team,” McCourt said, when asked about the growing public pressure on him to sell the storied franchise.

    “It’s probably going to happen until the [divorce] trial is over and that’s just the way it is. When people ask, I’m going to say the same thing and that is, ‘The team is not for sale, I’m not selling it. I’m going to own it for a long long time.’”

    “Of course, nobody wants to get past the personal situation more than me, but it really doesn’t impact the team and certainly it had no impact on Joe’s decision.

    McCourt said he was committed to spending “whatever it takes” to field a championship contender next season.

    “We’re going to have plenty of financial flexibility,” he said. “We’re going to do what it takes, just as we have every offseason, to bring the talent in here to win.”

    by Ramona Shelburne

    In addition to the $105 million the McBastards skimmed from Dodger revenues to fund their life style over the last 5 years, it came out in Frank’s testimony that they’ve also “borrowed” 100 million recently to help deray their personel expenses.

    From the Associated Press:

    “McCourt said he took out a $60 million loan on land around Dodger Stadium to help pay off the mortgages (on their multiple lavish houses bought for Jamie.). Court documents indicated the couple has taken out more than $100 million in loans from Dodgers-related businesses to fund their lavish lifestyle.”

    That’s $205 million over 5 years, tax free! I guess you can never be too thin or too rich, eh? :shock: :roll:

    41 million per year with no taxes paid should be enough to set anybody up for life, don’t you think? Not our buddies the McBastards. These people should be tarred and feathered and then run back to Boston on a rail! :mad:

  15. Badger says:

    Yep, they should be – and would have if we were still living in the 16th century.

    But we all know how these people do business. They can’t be forced out, unless of course people stop going to the games. And, do you think that will happen? I am not going anymore, but, I wasn’t going that much anyway. Last night there were over 41,000 at Dodger Stadium. What the hell for? To see the Dodgers get pummelled and embarrassed, again. In Tampa there were 31,800 that showed up. That team is far more exciting to watch than the Dodgers.

    The sheep just keep showing up at Chavez Ravine. And as long as they do, the McBastards will sheer them.

    • not every LAD fan is as optimistic as you Badger. some FANS stick with their team through thick and thin.
      I am a Chiefs fan who has gone through several very bad seasons the last 4 years, but thinks are looking up.
      It happens.

  16. lawdog says:

    Alas! ‘Tis true, Badger. And pity ’tis, ’tis true! :shock:

  17. Badger says:

    Just checked gameday… I see we are flush with some of that kick-ass starting pitching Mark is always talking about.

    Is this season about over or what?

    • earth to Badger-its been over. not sure where that comment is coming from.
      How well did Latos pitch yesterday>? Try 8 runs in less than 2 innings. It happens.

      • Badger says:

        Hey, Little ray, the season isn’t over yet. We have a week and half of potential embarrassment on the schedule. Our E # is 2. Lots could happen between now and when the season actually ends.

        And with the McCourts approaching $450 million in debt, the divorce not yet final, banks running the other direction, the team deferring contracts into the future, you remain optimistic (see, it is in my vocabulary) – well la de frikken da. How’s the view with your head that far in the sand? I have been a Dodger fan since 1958 – and you? Chief’s fan huh? Bummer for you. But I am also a Rams fan and suffered through the Madame Ram years, bummer for me.

        But I have never seen anything like the McCourt’s. I have watched as many uber rich have done some unscrupulous things the last decade, but these two are in way over their heads.

        However, in an effort to make peace here, I will give you this…. you could be right about Lilly. If the sheeple keep showing up at the stadium, McCheesey could convince Ted that he has the money for a long term contract, which he doesn’t, but he would sign him and…. you know what’s coming here…… DEFER THE CONTRACT!

        Ah, America. Don’t have the money? NO PROBLEMO! Just put it on the card and we will talk about how to pay for it later!

        • Well Badger, I see you have been a LAD fan much longer than I, and I respect my elders, so I call a truce as well. I mean that. I have been a LAD fan since 1974 when I can home from grade school and watched them lose to the A’s in the WS.
          I don’t like McCourt either…..can’t wait for him to sell the team. he is a disgrace. MLB should be ashamed, and I have a feeling they won’t make this mistake again, here or anywhere else.
          Thus, I think MLB will allow someone with deep pockets to buy the team within the next year or so.

          • Badger says:

            We all want the same thing ray………

            and we seemed to be so close. But, alas, the truth comes out and the truth is…we might be drifting into the ethos.

            I don’t see how MLB can step into a legal wrangling, certainly not until there is judgment rendered. And that could be months in the making, what with the possibility of appeals and all. There is a maybe on the horizon – maybe Frank will find a short term investor to keep the payroll around $100 million until the t.v. deal comes through. But, who would want to work with this swindler? And, at what cost?

            and…..sorry about the lips on ass comment… heat of the moment.

  18. Michael says:

    You are absolutely right [as I noted a couple of days ago] that the Dodgers need a clubhouse leader but perhaps even more importantly we need a leader. The O’Malley family coming out in the public ends the voting. Its just you Mark, and Frank for and everyone else against. Just like your company Mark, the buck stops with you. You could replace the entire roster but it would still be led by a snake.

    On a lighter note, we are still in a dogfight of a race for bragging rights of teams that have Los Angeles in their name.

    We are so bad right now that I propose the second d in Dodgers is bow silent, Dog-ers.

  19. Jared Massey says:

    I don’t know how much of a clubhouse leader Beltre would be, but he’s been one of the best players in MLB this season. However, I doubt the Dodgers could unload Blake AND take on the salary Beltre would command.

  20. Jared Massey says:

    Wow, Kemp with a game-tying double!

  21. Badger says:

    I have never heard of Beltre being labeled a “leader”. But, I have never heard he was a clubhouse problem either. It’s a contract year for him, there will be another Seattle-like offer out there for him, and it won’t come from the Dodgers.

    Mark is on an island. I have not heard anyone else come to the McCourt’s defense.

  22. Mr. Optimism, aka Badger, how did you like that come from behind win today? No word from you yet. I guess because the result was a positive outcome.

    • Badger says:

      Here’s a word for you Little ray….. sof’nwhat?

      The Dodgers and their cheesey owner continue to be an embarrassment to the people of L.A. and Dodger fans world wide. Go ahead, join Mark and put your lips around their ass and money in their pockets if you like. I prefer the view with my head out of the colon and above the sand.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    After reading all of the above I have only this to say. Glad I was out all day today.

    And one other thing. I included Loney in my comments way above. I didn’t include Kemp because he wasn’t included in the proposed trade. But regarding suggestions that Kemp be traded, it had better be for an awful lot. He’s no someone the Dodgers need to unload. Do so and they will regret it. The talent is clearly there. All that’s needed is more focus and a better approach at the plate. I am willing to take my chances that that is what we will see next season. In spite of opinions I’ve read to the contrary, Matt Kemp is not a loafer, and hustles as much as anyone. This season I believe will be his wake up call, and we’ll see a different player next year. I could be wrong, but so could those of you who want to dump him. Keep this is in mind. Kemp came to the Dodgers following a year in A-ball. When the Dodgers called him up the first time he had barely played any in AA. His background was primarily as a basketball player. He was brought up too early, had some early success, and seemed primed for a breakout after the second half of last season. But the foundation on which that breakout was built was flimsy at best. I’m willing to bet that this years adversity will translate into the motivation that drives him to future success. Again, I could be wrong. I just don’t think so.

    Got home just in time to see the bottom of the 11th today. It’s only a few games, but A.J. Ellis may well be opening some eyes. I wonder if his recent performances will have any influence on whether or not the Dodgers non-tender Russell Martin. I have no problem with the Dodgers doing that if the money saved is actually utilized to strengthen the team.

  24. Long Live Vin says:

    Have to agree with Mark…it looks pretty grim (unless something changes in court this week)…that McCourt will own this team for a long, long time. And I thought Georgia Frontiere was the anti christ? I’m still recovering from that one.

    We don’t have enough power to keep Loney (who’s NOT Keith Hernandez) and his sad looks when he walks back to the dugout after ANOTHER whiff. Although, I don’t see anyone wanting him..but, remember when the Marlins demanded the Tigers also take Mike Lowell when they so wanted Cabrera?)

    Kemp? I don’t like him, but that’s my problem, I guess. I’ve said I don’t care if he improves with another team…he plays “for himself”…and, that cannot be “uncoached”. His constant waving at the outside slider reminds me of another former Dodger, also with a “closed-stance”….Beltre…when he finally pulled himself out of it, he bolted for Seattle…

    And for what it’s worth…I like Lilly…I hope he resigns. Hey, bring in Beltre, Dunn, Pedroia…I just want the Dodgers to win. I’m sick of Miller, Krukow, and Kuiper, and I wait for the day when they (Giant’s announcers) shut the hell up.

  25. Dodgers Suck says:

    I love it!

  26. Badger says:

    Kuiper and Kruk are homers, but they are entertaining to gint fans as they both know the game and are kind of funny. It ain’t so entertaining when the gints are winning.

    Have to agree with Vin’s take on Kemp. I would like to think he cares enough to work on his weasknesses but at this point, I don’t think he will do it here. He has become a celebrity and his ego is now in his way. He needs to be humbled, and I just don’t know that a .250 year will do it for him.

    I like Lilly too. He reminds me of Randy Wolf. Lilly will take the ball 30+ times a year and give you a 4. ERA. He is getting older, 35 in January, but I think he still has a 3 year deal in him. I wonder who will give it to him.

    I am fine with Loney. Sure I would rather have Adrian Gonzalez, but we don’t. On the right team Loney is a .290 hitter with 40 doubles and 90 ribbies. This isn’t the right team.

    Today the trial kicks up again. My prediction of a settlement was erroneous. The battle goes on. From DodgerDivorce this morning:

    Nobody wins for a while. But, like Josh says, maybe McCourt’s ability to survive and thrive under impossible circumstances will get him through this. It is how he bought the Dodgers in the first place.

  27. Roger Dodger says:

    Being away for five plus days and out of touch with box scores, tv, etc. and reading the above — when a team is having a terrible season, all teams and their fans respond is similar ways.

    I said about 10 days ago I was embarrased being a Dodger fan and wore a Baltimore hat one day. Some of you jumped all over that and said you were never embarrased to be a Dodger fan.

    Believe me, if this field lineup does not have a few major changes for next season, it will most likely be much of the same.

    Mark declared Kershaw as the true ACE of the staff 5 days ago — well yesterday when we finally could hear the game on the car radio, Kershaw has whip lash some of those ball being hit on his golden arm. Reality. But even Sandy had a bad day or two early in his career.

    I agree with Brooklyn on Loney and his glove.

    I believe a winning team can have 1 or 2 weak hitters or having off years — but not like this Dodger season with: C, 2b, SS, 3b, lf, cf, and even rf — all in-effective most of the season. I keep Loney out because of his doubles and glove — and I am more disap-pointed in the others because they should have been better.

    Mark will throw numbers about the pitching staff with ok stats. But ok stats with terrible hitting from the rest of the team has made a lot of losses. For Sept. the guys are 5-12. Without looking that has to be the worst in the majors.

    Bring in a key leader on the field, yes. Bring in a pitching coach and hitting expert. Donnie boy did not help these hitters, so hiding him in the managers office will help.

    Nice win comeback yesterday.

  28. Badger says:

    This team is a tale of two halfs. The first half of the year everything was going good for the hitters, and not so good for the starting pitching. On July 1st we were 12 games over .500. The second half was flipped. But the fact still remains, we have undisciplined younger players and holes in our starting staff. And it could get worse over the winter.

    It was just that kind of year. And with the owners locking horns, all Colletti could do to help was to gamble on a couple of older arms and older position players, and that didn’t help worth spit.

    Who knows what next year will look like. But, at the risk of being accused of being negative, my early prediction is more of the same. If we keep them, guys like Kemp and Ethier need to have complete seasons, guys like Furcal and Blake need to contribute all year, we need Gibbons to continue his miracle comeback, and Kershaw and Bills will both need to win 20.

    Stand by to stand by. We should know more soon. If anybody wants to they can get updates from Josh at twitter@DodgerDivorce.

  29. SpokaneBob says:

    Ah, America. Don’t have the money? NO PROBLEMO! Just put it on the card and we will talk about how to pay for it later!

    Badger, you know we are not supposed to talk politics here.

    Before you guys write off next year, I would remind you of 1959 and 1988. Both years the team came back from worse seasons than this one. At least wait until spring training before throwing in the towel.

    A.J. Ellis is making things interesting with his improved hitting. I wonder if he can keep it up.

    I wonder how anyone cannot see the value Loney brings to the team.

    I hope Brooklyn is right about Kemp, but I fear that he will never reach his potenial this close to the Hollywood scene.

  30. Badger says:

    How can you be so sure I was talking politics? Maybe I was just talking about the American way.

    But, point taken.

    Agree about Kemp. I guess we will see this winter if the team has other plans for him. A .250 hitting average centerfielder with 20 home runs and 80 rbi’s can’t be that hard to find. Of course, if he changes his attitude, those numbers rocket upward.

    Spring Training huh? I am waiting for judgment to be passed. I might be waving that towel long before Spring Training. The NL West has become very good, and they are for the most part young. As long as S.F. wins, they draw fans. San Diego has an inexpensive roster and probably will for a while. Attendance for the Rockies is up there, so they should be able to compete for a while too. The Dodgers need to make improvements to compete, and I have doubts about their ability to do that.

    DodgerDivorce twitter is moving slowly.

  31. Kevin says:

    hahahahaha are you on crack Mark? No way in HELL the Red Sox trade us Pedroia and Beltre has already gone on record saying he doesn’t wan to play for L.A. Nice try though.

  32. Mark Timmons says:


    Since you are obviously so smart, you already know that Adrian still lives in LA and has told LA players that he would love to come back. You know that, right?

    Insofar as Pedroia, well that’s your opinion.

    OK, let’s recount a few things you have said in the past:

    2010/08/27 at 6:08 PM
    I think if we take 2 out of 3 we still keep him. Don’t forget we still get to play the Phillies 3 times, and the Giants 6 times before the season ends. We have an opportunity to sneak back in this thing.

    2010/05/12 at 2:40 PM
    Once again Mark you bring nothing to the table. I guess I need to quit reading your blog, and start reading some written by authors that actually know baseball.

    2010/04/29 at 2:40 PM
    Mark your fire Joe Torre rhetoric is getting old. The guy has been to the postseason 14 years in a row, and you want to fire him because we are 5 games under .500 on April 29th!!! Are you serious??
    I’m sure glad you’re not our GM with your knee jerk reactions. A Manager can only do so much…it’s up to the players to get this corrected.

    2010/04/14 at 3:17 PM
    what a stupid article. a bunch of crap mark really.

    2010/04/12 at 2:46 PM
    Mark your wrong on this one Broxton is our closer period.

    2009/10/20 at 3:53 PM
    Mark I for one am glad I don’t have to read your crappy dribble day in and day out anymore. I love the Dodgers but you are nothing but a hater!!
    Good riddance.

    2009/09/29 at 6:46 PM
    Mark you suck.

    2009/08/04 at 7:43 PM
    Mark we are second in the league in runs and you don’t call that “run production?” Mattingly has done wonders for this team and their approaches at the plate. Most young players don’t develop power until later on until their careers.
    Sometimes I wonder why a person who knows so little about baseball can actually have a successful blog.

    2009/06/18 at 6:54 PM
    A journeyman Mark? OK admit your wrong on that one isn’t a journeyman a player who moves from team to team? I’ll answer that for you yes it is and Ethier has only played for the A’s (which I’m not sure he ever even got called up) and the Dogers.____Save it

    I’m not proctologist, but I do know a butt-hole when I see one!

  33. Badger says:

    Wow. Kick some Kenvinass.

    Glad you don’t come after me like that when I accuse you of being full of it.

    Anybody check Josh’s site today? I think it’s being reported that the lawyer made the switch without telling Jamie. I think Frank knew she wouldn’t read it.

    Time to sell.

  34. Jaydavis says:

    Mark, Adrian Beltre what’s to come back to play for the Dodgers or wants to play in LA? I thought the contract he signed in Seattle said no trade to Dodgers.

  35. lawdog says:

    THAT’S GOOD NEWS Badge! If there is a question about whether or not the two parties understood the provisions of the contract, and the two signed the agreement without understanding what it said, then there is no contract. That means Jamie wins and the Dodgers half to be SOLD to split the “community property.”

    That means the McBastards will go away soon. :roll:

  36. Badger says:

    You should check out Josh’s site, or read Molly Knight’s twitter. There are hourly updates.

    There seems to be some conflicting information on whether or not the Silverstein character explained the new doc to Jamie.

    What a freak show.

  37. Mark Timmons says:

    OK, Lawdog said it. It;s all over.

    There you have it.

    Run the presses!

  38. Mark Timmons says:

    Look, I don’t like McCourt, but Badger and Lawdog spin everything in the worst light which reflects their own personal feelings.

    This is America and you can do that because you have the right, but this gets really too boring and too predictable.

    If the Dodgers were ordered to be sold, what would happen?

    Lawdog, you should know the answer. There would be years of appeals and the team would go down the toilet. That would solve nothing.

    If you are a Dodger fan you should root from Frank McCourt to win. Period!

    Anything else will destroy the Dodgers.

    If you don’t you are a flat-out DUMBASS!

  39. Mark Timmons says:

    Will McCourt win?

    I have no clue!

  40. Mark Timmons says:

    BTW, I read every article and tidbit about the divorce. I just don’t comment on it because it sucks and it’s not baseball. I will put my knowledge of the proceedings up against anyone, including Joshua Fisher.

    I do think Frank has the upper hand, but anyone who predicts the outcome of this is a dumbass or delusional… or both!

  41. Mark Timmons says:

    BTW, as an attorney I have the best record on this board.


  42. Badger says:

    There you have it. I am a dumb ass.

    For the record, I have been called worse.

    I don’t understand you Mark. Out of one side of your mouth you say, I don’t like McCourt. Out of the other side of your mouth you say if he goes the Dodgers go down the toilet.

    There must be a reason why you say you don’t like McCourt, but you never say what the reasons are. I have said from the very beginning, there was something about this guy that rubbed me the wrong way – and now it’s out there for everyone to see. He is a greaseball litigating bedbug in a nice suit who borrowed his way into owning the Dodgers, and lived way over his head lying to the fans. He now owes more for the team than he paid for it and there isn’t a bank in town that will work with him. There would be billionaire CALIFORNIA people lining up for the opportunity to run this storied franchise, and yet you continue to say it would get worse with the McOffal’s set out on the curb with the rest of the trash.

    I don’t get it. I know you love the Dodgers, why do you continue to put up with this crap?

    As a man with plenty of experience with lawyers, you win some you lose some. But the point you are missing is simply this – there are no winners in this mess.


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