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Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Most Rants – Few Raves…

First the Raves:

  • Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Hiroki Kuroda, Ted Lilly – that would be a nice rotation 1-4, but the last two are most likely out of the picture.  Raves to Kershaw and Billingley.  Clayton has shown that he can be the Ace and Bills has righted his ship – he’s a solid #2.
  • Kenley Jansen has “closer” written all over him!
  • Rod Barajas is a solid backup catcher
  • Kong chih Kuo is as good a LH reliever as there is in baseball.

Now the Rants:

  • Loney, Martin, Kemp and Ethier have all regressed to some small or large degree this year.  Blame them or blame the coaching staff?
  • Jay Gibbons deserves a chance to be on the Dodgers roster next year.  He has earned that with his play, but let’s not forget that he has exactly 43 AB’s this year and is putting up numbers way above anything he has ever done.  Is it possible that he has gotten his act together after being out of major league baseball since 2007?  Yes, but don’t bet the bank on it.  He has been a journeyman, at best, and it’s not likely he will suddenly become a superstar at age 34.  His career OB% is .317.  Stranger things have happened, but if the Dodgers could sign him at a bargain price, they should do it!  Just don’t overpay, because he probably is what his record says he is.  If you look at his splits, you can see some wide swings from month-to-month.   43 AB’s aren’t a large sampling.  I can’t get on that bandwagon, but it would be a great story.  It already is a great story.
  • Roy Oswalt would have been worth what we gave up to get Dotel, Podsednik, Theriot and Lilly … combined !  He is far from shot.  Re-energized is more like it!
  • The more I think about it, the more I think we need a new GM AND coaches AND Manager.
  • I’d take a new owner, but that’s not on the table… yet!
  • What are the chances that Raffy plays over 110 games next year?
  • Broxton’s value is not much right now.  Do we pay him $7 mil or trade him or what?
  • Theriot?  Bye!
  • Podsednik?  Bye!
  • Blake?  Stuck with him.
  • I told you Russ Mitchell was Casey Blake.  Yep, he can’t hit either!
  • Is it just me or does anyone else want to puke when they see Torre and Mattingly?

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19 Responses to “Rants & Raves”

  1. Michael says:

    You can add Jamey Carrol to the raves, the only thing he hasn’t done is homer. Guys like him have a spot on my bench any day of the week.
    I really expected a higher BA from Loney and am suprised with his increase in SO but 40 2B and 80 plus RBI ain’t too shabby. Since Joe is really pulling linups out of his ass of late, I hope he lets James pitch. Have him and the pitcher trade positions for an AB when you want a lefty for one hitter.
    We all know what is wrong with Matt, but who in the world would this kid listen to besides Eminem or Puff Daddy.
    A Boston owner that brings in a Giant GM and New York coaches has disaster written all over it.
    We have to get back to the Dodger Way.

  2. SpokaneBob says:

    While I agree on Gibbons, we have a club option on Podsednik and I think he would make a decent 4th outfielder. He can pinch run and cover center if needed. I guess it would depend on the cost. Ditto on Barajas and Carrol.

  3. Badger says:

    Good post Mark. It’s been a while since I agreed with everything you said, but this morning I do.

    I would hope that, just for the sake of change we get new people on our bench. Torre lost this group. Can he get them back? I don’t know, but we may need more ass kicking and less ass kissing. We need a young manager, one who is used to dealing with young players because we are going to have more of them next year.

    I still don’t see, and have had no one yet explain, how having McCursed “win” this divorce helps the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has admitted he is a con, and after paying Jamie and his hit team of lawyers, he is going to be even further than $400 million in debt. We cannot afford any long term ten figure contracts. Yes, there will be a new t.v. contract in place in a couple of years that will help, but in the mean time, everyone surrounding this team is going to be asked to work overtime – and probably won’t get time and half for doing so. If we could get a couple of guys like the Koch brothers to buy this team, they could buy Fox and throw that bogus cable deal Frankie signed right out the window. Yeah, I know – dream on.

    We need change from the top suite to the bench coach.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. chucky says:

    Let me dream:
    First we get Wallach as coach with Honeycutt as pitching coach.

    1st – Loney
    2nd – O Dog
    3rd – Beltre
    SS – Furcal (contract no one wants)
    C – V. Martinez
    LF – Crawford
    CF – Kemp
    RF – Ethier

    SP – Kershaw
    SP – Billingley
    SP – Lilly
    SP – Garland
    SP – Padilla

    Clos – Wagner
    R SU – Broxton (contract)
    L SU – Kuo (backup closer)
    R RP – Jensen
    R RP – Bellisario
    R RP – Troncoso
    Long – Weaver

    BU IF – Carroll
    BU IF – Blake (unless you can trade and get a 6 pack for him0
    BU C – Barajas
    BU OF – Gibbons
    BU PH – XPAUL (he needs to get out of the minors)

    Payroll would be around $125mm and THEN YOU ADD the $21mm in salary deferrals so this would never happen but this is the time to dream (as I can not stomach watching my beloved blue play like —-).


  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Pretty much what Badger said.

    Russ Mitchell isn’t on my list of players to be counted on. But in fairness, his limited number of ABs is also a “small sampling”. But again, he’s not someone I have much confidence will surprise me.

    Broxton has clearly melted down in the second half. He’s at the top of my list of players who could benefit from a change in manager and coaches. And he probably should spend a good part of the winter at the Athletes’ Performance Institue (API) getting himself into shape. And I would still like Broxton to remain our closer, because as good as Jansen appears to be, I think he would be best served by an 8th inning apprenticeship. Too early I think to put the full loan on his shoulders. And if Kuo remains healthy, there is no reason he can’t be a co-closer when the situation calls for it.

    I don’t have Loney’s stats in front of me, but I believe his strikeouts have risen dramatically and his walks have declined. The 40 doubles in encouraging, and tells me that he still has power potential. But first he simply needs to re-gain his patience and discipline at the plate. But his defense remains a strong point, and makes the entire infield better.

    I’m not so sure what happened to Ethier is a regression or just simply the result of a bad decsion by the Dodgers to get him back in the lineup before his injury was completely healed. As I’ve said before, I have suspected that the jerry-rigged splint the Dodgers cooked up may have contributed to Ethier developing bad habits. Hopefully, what bad habits he may have developed will be gone by the spring. Where he has regressed is in his approach to lefthanded pitching. Against those pitchers he needs to go up the middle and to left. He’ll occasionally get a pitch to pull, but it shouldn’t be his approach.

    Badger, wouldn’t a ten figure contract be a BILLION $ or more? It’s amazing what a difference one zero can make.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Full “load” not “loan”.

  8. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Chucky, pretty good lineup. But you only have 11 pitches. They will go with 12. So one bench guy goes.

    We are in Las Cruces N.M. on the way to Canyon Chelly in NE Arizona (by tomorrow late afternoon). 5 days of a photography workshop.

    I have a new photo place if you would like to see 95 photo from our trip the Baltic area on a cruise back in June-July.

    Just go to: just click on the Images by Nibos. If you make it this far, try full size to really see the complete image.

    Why Nibos? that is my last name spelled backward.

  9. Badger says:

    Let’s see….. $25,000,000.00. That’s 10 figures……..

    You are right Brooklyn….. I meant 8 figures.

    chucky is a dreamer. We have all been there before. I had visions of every year in the play-offs when we had Fox behind us. Little did I know what karma might come with that ownership.

    I still want an independent owner that understands where this game is headed and will be worthy of 3.5 million fans showing up every year. It wasn’t Fox, and it sure as hell isn’t the McCourts.

    I also believe that most, not all but most, of the Dodger players know how to read and have in fact read the voluminous accounts of what a perfidious cockroach their owner is. That could account for the depressing stats some of our better players are putting up.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “wharf rat”, “perfidious cockroach”. Keep up the good work Badger. Actually in a long term deal it could be 9 figures. Come on, do you actually think some of them can read? Well, maybe the players; not sure about the coaches.

  11. Badger says:

    Yeah, 9 figures…… like the deal we gave to Kevin Anabol Brown instead of Mike Piazza. Maybe we are paying for that one. I know it’s a business, but that deal was bad business and soured many.

    Philadelphia, San Diego and Atlanta all won today so we are one game closer to being eliminated. What… less than a week left, right? I don’t even know anymore.

    Colts lost. I am sure Mark ain’t happy about that. Not much going on in Indiana sports wise if the Colts ain’t winning.

    I got nothin’ else…………

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Maybe one of the other candidates will get the job. But be it now or later, we’re probably going to lose Logan White. What I would like won’t happen. Fire Colletti, hire White.

  13. Badger says:

    That’s not goood……. but not a surprise either. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to jump off this ship.

    The dbacks ARE getting it together. All they needed this year was for their bullpen to pitch well and they would have been in this thing. The trades they made late were good ones and they are only a few pieces away from being contenders. They get the people mentioned in that article, retain Gibson, and they are back. The gints are good, the Rockies are good and the Pads just need a bat or two.

    It could be a long couple of seasons for the Dodgers.

    Or…. get rid of the McCourts quickly and start working on a new attitude right away. We aren’t that far from being a great team either. After we get our new owner, all we need is a new manager, a new pitching coach, a third baseman, a left fielder, three more starters, a shortstop that can play 150 games, a shrink and a trainer for our closer….. I think I am forgetting something…….

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually, Logan White has interviewed in the past. But one of these days he’s going to get the job. With our current ownership he’ll willingly jump ship if given the opportunity. Instead of signing Colletti to that mysterious long term deal, it should have been White.

    I just looked at the overall MLB standings, and see that there are 17 teams with records better than the Dodgers, with a few of those teams having lost between 70-72, and the Dodgers, Mets and Angels all having lost 73. I have no idea if the Dodgers will be entering the free agent market this winter, but if they do, it would be best if they ended up in the bottom half of the overall standings, thereby precluding the need to surrender a #1 pick if they sign a Type-A free agent.

    Again, they may not get involved at all in free agency, but if they do, I would like it to be w/o having to lose a #1. So as difficult as it is for me to root against the Dodgers, I will be doing so for the remainder of this season, including against the hated Giants. I am more concerned with the long term future than any short term ego trips.

  15. Badger says:

    I understand your thinking Brooklyn, but, when it comes to the gints, the thought of them in the play-offs makes me choke. Anything but that.

    I still don’t see how the Dodgers can be real players this winter. The divorce may not be settled until after the winter meetings, or even late into Spring. These two don’t seem to be able to come to any agreements, so it would not surprise me to see it decided by the man in the black robe, then be followed by months of appeals. I know we will get the same “bidness as usual” schpeil we got before, but we now know better. At least, we should. Payroll will continue to drop, as Frankie Nickels has regurgitated in court. Note that it took going “under oath” to get the truth out of him.

    But having said all that, this is what I fear will happen…… the McCourts will settle sometime soon, with Jamie getting a future share of revenues. Neither of them want to sell the team and get a fraction of what it is worth. Mattingly will likely stay, being the only big “name” available. Wallach, who should get the job, will be offered a position with the big club – maybe as 3rd base coach or something. If I were him, I would leave. There will be some kind of t.v. deal done with Fox adding revenues immediately. The team will look very much like it does right now, with Kuroda being gone. I will say, if there is a signing, it will be Lilly and let’s hope it can get done because there is nobody going to step in from the organization that will pitch 30+ starts and get near 200 innings. We will dump Sherrill, probably give Padilla another shot and keep Theriot. As noted by Mark, we are stuck with Blake. Furcal stays and with any luck, can play 125 games next year. Kemp will be shopped for pitching, but I think we end up keeping him. We will be a 4th place team next year as the rest of the division will continue to improve.

    All of this changes if the McCourts sell. But, I think they are both too stubborn to do the right thing for the team. The right thing for them is to hang on to this cash cow and continue milking it until the fans rebel.

  16. lawdog says:

    You forgot 2B Badger. And maybe CF if new coaching doesn’t get Kemp to pull his head out of his ass.

    The Dogs are starting to look very much like the 2008 Rams–a team that’s 10 years away from being a contender, in a good decade. :shock:

  17. lawdog says:

    Methinks Ethier’s pinkie has now healed in an inappropriate fashion and his swing has been affected. The injury is probably permanent. Using Kobe’s splint was felony stupid to begin with. Kobe’s pinkie never healed properly and his out side shot was affected. Now he has arthritis in his hand. Sometimes you’re better off letting injuries heal. Ethier went from a .400 hitter to the Mendoza universe after the pinkie was broken and not allowed to heal completely before he was sent back into the fray. Thank God he still knows how to wait out walks…

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I would rather the Giants make the playoffs and the Dodgers improve themselves long term, than have the Giants not make it, and we continue to stagnate. And besides, the Dodgers can lose, and the Padres or Rockies could still make it instead of the Giants. We play the Giants just 3 more times, the Padres also 3, and the Rockies 6. So if we lose all 12 (smile), advantage Rockies.

    I understand how important the outcome of the ownership situation will be. At the same time, I want the Dodgers to be in the best position possible to do what they have to do, just in case we get a new owner, or Frankie boy surprises us all (not holding my breath).

    Maybe it will work out exactly as you descirbe, and maybe not. I prefer just to wait until it plays out, and hope that we don’t get the worst case scenario (call me naive, dumb, or whatever).

    I’m also not sure that the team would be sold for a fraction of what it’s worth. While the McCourts may be put under pressure to sell, there could also be multiple bidders who will recognize the intrinsic value of this team, and be willing to pay top dollar for what they perceive to be golden investment. While Frank may want to squeeze as much as he can out of the Dodgers, he might also be open (and Jamie too) to a deal that puts real dollars in his pocket, NOW. He might also realize that he can’t run the team as he has in the past, given his testimony and the scrutiny he can expect going forward. Selling might be his (and Jamie’s) best option. Will it take time? More than likely. Will it happen? Who knows?

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I agree with the felony stupid part regarding Ethier’s injury. I was skeptical when they allowed him to return early, and I’ve remained so. Hopefully it’s not permanent, and he’s back as good as ever come springtime. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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