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Dodgers Notes

Dodgers Notes
  • Clayton Kershaw had another game where he didn’t walk anyone and look at the results.  9 K’s in 8 string innings.  102 pitches.  He has a 2.91 ERA and is cementing his place as the Dodgers ace.
  • From Ken Gurnick of

Top Dodgers prospects not participating in the Arizona Fall League are likely to be found in one of the two Arizona Instructional Leagues.

There are two this year, with one being an advanced co-op arrangement. The Dodgers have 19 players on that roster:

Pitchers — Josh Lindblum, Aaron Miller, Tim Sexton, Steve Smith, Cole St. Claire, Josh Wall, Chris Withrow.

Infielders — Steven Caseres, Austin Gallagher, Dee Gordon, Pedro Guerrero, Christian Lara, Jamie Pedroza, Justin Sellers.

Outfielders — Nick Buss, Ramon Jean, Kyle Russell, Alfredo Silverio, Scott VanSlyke.

The regular instructional league roster consists of 45 players, including this year’s first-round pick, Zach Lee; the 2008 first-round pick, Ethan Martin; and the pitcher that everyone in the organization seems to be talking about lately, Rubby De La Rosa.

The Arizona Fall League is designed for players that could be Major Leaguers within the next year. The Dodgers participating in that include Ivan DeJesus Jr., Scott Elbert, Javy Guerra, Jon Link, Justin Miller, Trayvon Robinson, Jerry Sands and Matt Wallach.

  • Gurnick also reports that the Dodgers will try to sign Gibbons, Lilly and Barajas within 2 weeks of the season’s end, during that exclusive team negotiating period.
  • Mark Reynolds has seen his batting average hover around .200 this year and he could be the next Rob Deer.  I have always felt that as hard as he swings and as much as he strikes out, the pitches would soon run him out of the league.  I think they are starting to do that.  After Clayton Kershaw got done with him last night, he was at .199.   Pitiful!
  • Joe Garagiola, the D-Backs announcer, said this of Kershaw’s curve-ball:  ”It will make broadcasters out of a lot of hitters.”
  • You all moaned about losing Tony Abreu last year.  Well he’s hitting .248 with a .263 OB%  WOW!  What a steal!  ;)
  • Kelly Johnson is having a nice year in AZ.  He’ll be available, but no way he’ll ever hit 25 HR again… unless it’s in Colorado!
  • I think the Dodger braintrust believes Kenley Jansen has two ingredients missing with J-Brox:  (1) A closers mentality (i.e., the guts of a cat-burglar); and (2) No 7 million dollar contract, which is why JB won’t be a Dodger next year.  No way the Dodgers can pay him $7 mil and still field a  competitive team.
  • I know most of you who have had your minds made up about Frank McCourt won’t want to read the piece in the LA Times by Bill Shaiken wherein LA businessman Steve Soboroff bashes the McCourt bashers.  Read it if you will.  Here’s an excerpt:

“It is not just uncomfortable to watch public attempts to pour ‘salt in the wounds’ of fellow Angelenos,” the letter read, “it is bad business, bad public policy and not in the best interest of a city whose civic life depends on leaders who demonstrate a willingness and commitment to step up to the plate.”

A Times reporter obtained a copy of the letter on Friday, from a source not affiliated with the newspaper or with McCourt. Sue Horton, the Times’ op-ed editor, said the newspaper had no plans to publish the letter.

The Times reported this month that the Dodgers are $433 million in debt and that at least three parties had rebuffed McCourt last year in efforts for additional financing. In 2004, Fox sold the Dodgers to McCourt for $430 million, in a deal into which he put “not a penny of cash in,” according to his lawyer, Steve Susman.

“He is far from broke,” the letter read. “Despite what some may say, the Dodgers are worth at least $300 million more than all the debt everyone seems so excited about. …

“The naysayers are spreading rumors, lining up to snatch the team at some fire sale. Fox had the fire sale. McCourt has the equity and created real value.”

The letter saluted McCourt for the Dodgers’ on-field performance — four playoff berths in seven seasons of ownership — for spending $150 million on Dodger Stadium renovations, for his decision to move spring training “closer to home,” to the new Camelback Ranch facility in Glendale, Ariz., and for his “continued commitment to spend among the highest amounts in baseball to field a competitive team.”

The Dodgers opened the season with a player payroll ranked 11th among the 30 major league clubs. On his first day of ownership, McCourt pledged to keep the payroll figure among the top quarter of teams.

The Dodgers have put promised stadium renovations on hold since 2008, including concourse upgrades above field level and a $500-million plan to build a grand entrance plaza with shops and restaurants beyond center field. The team said it deferred the work because financing was not available amid the tightening credit market.

The letter also lauded McCourt for displaying the “spirit of Los Angeles” by purchasing the Los Angeles Marathon and revamping the course so it ran from Dodger Stadium to the Pacific Ocean.

In addition, the letter applauded McCourt for expanding the Dodgers’ philanthropic reach into the community through the marathon, the Think Cure anti-cancer initiative, a scholarship program in memory of Jackie Robinson, the construction and renovation of baseball and softball fields throughout Southern California, and a donation that helped preserve baseball and softball programs in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

“Should Frank McCourt retain his ownership of the Dodgers,” the letter concluded, “he certainly deserves every opportunity to continue making a positive impact on a city in a dire need of strong community leaders.”

Speaking of THE DIVORCE, the parties are meeting again today.  Spin it your way!

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22 Responses to “Dodgers Notes”

  1. Badger says:

    Mark Reynolds is Rob Deer?

    I love it when you set yourself up like that!

    Mark Reynolds has gone straight downhill since he got hit in the face a while back. He missed 5 days and has not been the same since the incident. Hopefully he can rebound next year. But your comparison is laughable on so many levels. Had you said Dave Kingman, maybe it could have been a reasonable comparison. But Rob Deer never hit more 33 HR in his entire career, did it once, and nver hit more 85 RBI. In his 4th year Reynolds will have hit over 40 once (he would have done it again this year if not for that beaning) 33 twice and the RBI and runs scored totals are not even close. Not to mention Mark Reynolds plays 3rd base and plays it extremely well. Deer was a marginal outfielder and not so great a 1st baseman. At 27, I would take Mark Reynolds over who we have in a freakin’ heartbeat. Yeah, I know, Adrian Beltre………. Mark Reynolds has made less in his career than Adrian Beltre made in a coule of months of doing very little in Seattle.

    Kershaw got his 200 innings, moving up to 19th in MLB. Yeah, he is our ace. But he is still 2 or more years away from being as good as he is going to be and he will likely be gone at that time. Hope his young arm holds up through all these early career innings. Nobody else on the Dodgers will get 200 this year.

    Who the hell is Steve Soboroff? Sounds like a guy who had one too many and go sleep it off. Nevemind I googled him. Ran for mayor once. Lost.

    “He is far from broke,” the letter read. “Despite what some may say, the Dodgers are worth at least $300 million more than all the debt everyone seems so excited about.”

    Sounds like a guy who may be in the upper 2% tax bracket. Yeah, let’s get his opinion. That’s like asking Fox News what they think of the Republican Party.

    The problem for those of us who actually had to work for a living is the comment above says Frankie Dimes is far from broke because he has an asset against which he can borrow more money. You see, at this point in the game, no real money of his own is a REAL PROBLEM Steevo. And in case you didn’t notice, there is a divorce hearing going in which exists the possibility of taking half those a$$ets and setting the a$$ide for the other McCourt that is involved in this a$$inine affair. Send both of these a$$ho(&s back to Boston on the first plane heading that direction, and send their legal teams with them – and make them all fly coach.

    Tony Abreu is hitting .249? Really. He is hitting higher than both Kemp and Blake. Good for him. And, for the record, Abreu, 25, has had only 339 career at bats and is hitting .259 with them. He plays 3 infield positions and plays them all fairly well. Abreu is a valuable team member.

    JB won’t be a Dodger next year because of his $7 million contract? Who takes him off our hands, how little we will we get in return, and how much of that contract will we have to swallow?

    Gibbons, Lilly and Barajas? Print the tickets.

    I need another cup of coffee…….

    • arrghhh….Badger is relentless with the political jabs….or is it like asking MSNBC their thoughts of Obama…or OTO as I call him-One Term Obama.
      Enough Badger.
      Why do you think Kershaw will be gone in two years? Don;t you think LAD will try to sign him LT this offseason? Would make all the sense in the world to me.
      Oh, he is an ace too. so you have to pay him.
      Abreu isn;t the talent that Kemp is, so lets not compare the two. Apples and oranges.

      • Badger says:

        Hey, it was just a reference about a multi-millionaire making a comment about another multi-millionaire. They probably belong to the same men’s clubs. I thought it was relevant since Mark brought it in to make a point. He had to dig to find it as most fans are saying the same thing about the McCourts. And, you must watch Fox news or you would have thought that dig was funny.

        As far as Kershaw was concerned, I believe he is under team control for three more years after this year. If he continues to improve, he will be enormously valuable on the free market. Will the Dodgers be able to keep him and the others? We don’t know and we won’t know until we see how the divorce plays out. And, if you have followed my opnion you know I don’t think Frank is going to come out of this stronger.

        That is all I meant.

    • oh-with Reynolds….no way I want him in LA…..NO WAY. He is a one dimensional player….all power, not much contact. You will be complaining about him a month after he becomes a Dodger….a big if.

      • Badger says:

        YOU would complain. I doubt many others would. You need to see what he brings to a team and the fans to know what he is worth. Did you read the OPS thing? Did you understand it?

        And, he is most certainly NOT one dimensional. Last year he had 30 doubles, scored 98 runs and had 24 stolen bases. He also plays a very solid third base. He just turned 27 so, as long as he is healthy, his best years are in front of him. If we could do better, fine, but Blake or Reynolds? That’s a no brainer.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    There is always someone to spin any side of any argument.


    Ditto. And I’m about to get a cup of coffee.

  3. Badger says:

    You know Brooklyn, I get to see this kid Reynolds everyday and the strange thing is that even at .199 he still has more home runs than any Dodger and has more RBI’s than anyone but Loney. He also has managed to score 78 runs on a team that is in last place. He plays an excellent third base. I think he would look great in a Dodger uni. Maybe Mattingly could help him put the ball in play more often. “Reynolds not only hits home runs, he CRUSHES the ball. Last July, he launched a 481-foot blast off Philadelphia Phillies closer Brad Lidge, making it the longest home run of the 2009 season, and the second longest home run in the history of Chase Field. His towering blasts (25 of his 36 home runs travelled more than 400 feet) are legendary. Last August, his moon shot against the Mets travelled 461 feet, the longest home run in the short history of Citi Field. With an average home run distance of 430 feet (longest in baseball), Reynolds is the undisputed Heavyweight Champ of the Homer.”

    Granted he is no Adrain freakin’ Beltre, for whom one of our posters has serious wood, but Mark Reynolds is really fun to watch.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I don’t get to watch Reynolds regularly, but I’ve also seen him hit some monster shots. If memory serves me correct, his poweer to the opposite field is ridiculous. Just has to touch the ball and it goes. I just checked out his stats this year. We all know about the strikeouts, but he also appears to have some patience at the plate as evidenced by his 81 BB. Despite his .199 avg., he also has a .320 OBP, which while not spectacular, ain’t bad either for a guy who provides 30-40 bombs per year. And while he has only 17 doubles, I’m guessing that would improve if he could get his average up to .240 – .250 or more, which I suspect he will. Compared to Casey Blake, it’s night (Blake) and day (Reynolds). Adrian Beltre is a great defensive third baseman, but far too expensive given his inconsistency through the years. I believe Beltre will be 32 next year, and I just wouldn’t be willing to give him the years he wants at the pay scale he expects for what I consider to be a considerable risk. It’s not the kind of risk the McLeveraged Dodgers can afford.

    I have heard some chatter in NY about moving David Wright. Whether that’s real or not I don’t have a clue. And if the Mets were willing to move him, I’m not sure what the price would be. He might be a player who would benefit from a change in scenery. Just not sure what it would cost in players. However, given the problems the Mets have had with K-Rod, maybe they would be open to a deal that included Broxton, and maybe some others. If I were to deal Broxton, that’s the kind of deal that could work for me.

  5. Badger says:

    Everything you said about Reynolds is true Brooklyn. Getting hit in the left eye really set him back this year. I hope he is all right, but you never know about those things. I have been to Chase Field about 6 times since moving here, and I can tell you from experience, when he gets into the batting cage the whole place lights up with excitement. He puts on the best batting practice show I have seen since Mike Piazza and Daryl Strawberry. The fans down here love this guy. He is a quality young man too.

    I wouldn’t get too excited about big names like Wright. I don’t see from where the money is going to come to sign anyone like him, though your trade of Broxton and his 7 mil has some validity. We would need a few million more, or be willing to part with a top tier minor league pitcher to complete that deal. I see our infield as Blake, Furcal, (both of whom are under contract) Theriot and Loney. Outfield, Gibbons/Mitchell/whoever, Kemp (maybe) and Ethier, Ellis and Barajas behind the plate. Kershaw, Bills, maybe Lilly but I doubt it, and 2 whoever wins 4th and 5th from the stable of pitchers that will be invited. We will once again come close to leading MLB in bullpen innings so stand by for a lot of competition there. We get Carroll back so there is some good news. Unless something completely unforseen happens, payroll will stay at $88 or actually drop. Also, count on deferred contracts being standard policy for any veterans.

    So much depends on what happens with the Frankenjamie Freak Show.

  6. T says:

    I’d rather take a chance on Abreu for the next few years over what we got for him. Garland was an unnecessary piece

  7. Badger says:

    As it turned out, in the end Garland was unecessary. He won 3 games for us, but we didn’t even take him to the play-offs and then had to let him walk. Probably because of the money is was owed, I believe it was around $10 mil and Dodgers can’t afford that. If memory serves, the Dbacks paid the remainder of last year’s salary for the PTBNL. Probably, as that is how the impecunious Dodgers do business these days. Howver, perhaps I stand to be corrected on that. Turned out ok for Garland though, he is having a very good year with the Padres.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Probably right about Wright. Scheduled to make $14M, $15M, and $16M (team option) in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively.

    And I agree about Abreu. Sometimes it takes some time for a young player to get his legs under him. But as it stands now, he’s a better option than what we currently have. And he’s a lot cheaper.

  9. Badger says:

    Abreu tore up AAA, both at Albuquerque and Reno – over .350 at each stop. He’s a natural hitter and I think once he gets some T.I. he will be a good MLB player..

    I hadn’t checked how much Wright was making but I am not surprised. With a contract that long, we don’t have enough goo PTBNL in our stable to pull that deal off.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This from Eric Stephen at True Blue LA:

    “Mark Reynolds saw his average dip below .200 last night, as he is now hitting .199 with 206 strikeouts. It should be noted, however, that Reynolds has a higher OPS+ (99) than Casey Blake (95) and is tied with James Loney.”

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Torre actually said something smart.

    His suggestion that Carlos Monasterios would benefit by adding another pitch makes a lot of sense. And his comment that “In all fairness to him, it’s not easy to pitch seldom and try to get in a rhythm” makes all the sense in the world. And it’s encouraging that he recognizes Monasterios’ “big-time change-up”.

    I know that Monasterios pitched winter ball last year. Based on the the broken work schedule he labored under this year, I suspect that he will be returning to play winter ball again to find the “rhythm” he has never been able to establish during this past season, and probably to work on adding to his repertoire. Whatever role he is ready for next year, I would like to see him open the season with the Dodgers, if only to keep him out of the pitching hell that is ALBQ.

  12. Mark-have you talked to anyone in the LAD front office regarding Jansen or is that your opinion/hope. I think Jansen should get the job in 2011, but wanted to clarify your statement above.

  13. Badger says:

    ray…… I was talking about the BSU Broncos.

    and yeah, ok, go Chiefs. I used to live in Raytown as a kid, right on Wildwood Lake, which I think is only a couple of miles from Arrowhead.


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