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What’s Next for the Dodgers?

What’s Next for the Dodgers?

Of course, anything is possible, but being 11 games out of first place on August 17th is not a good position to be in.  It’s highly unlikely that the Dodgers can advance to the playoffs for the third straight year.  There are a variety of reasons for this, but the not the least of which is the disconnect between the coaches and the players.  Joe Torre and Company are not known for being brilliant strategists, and that issue was readily exposed this season.  In my opinion, none of the coaching staff should be back.  There needs to be a clean sweep.  I would give Ned Colletti one more year.  I think he has learned a lot, but I still think giving up James McDonald for Dotel was a bonehead move.  I believe that James McDonald IS BETTER RIGHT NOW than Octavio Dotel.   Giving up Santana was a little more understandable (and the jury is out on that one – I’m not saying it was smart), but McDonald was boneheaded!  I liked Blake DeWitt, but that wasn’t a big deal.  The Dodgers do have to decide what to do with Theriot and Lilly however.

Now, since the Dodgers are effectively out of the race, what happens over the next two weeks will help define their future.  Contrary to the naysayers, who said McCourt wouldn’t spend big on the draft, the Dodgers did just that and broke the bank to sign Zach Lee.  As Jared mentioned, those of you who doubted Logan White’s veracity should be ashamed!   If the Dodgers had offered arbitration to Wolf or Hudson, and one (or both) had accepted, there would have been no Zach Lee signing, and to those who said that they would not have accepted arbitration, I say:  ”You also said McCourt would not pay money for draftees – you have no credibility!”

Now, I freely admit that Frank McCourt has some problems and I think he really has taken too much money from the Dodgers and that his lifestyle is too decadent, but I don’t have all the inside info.  That’s not something anyone has.  I also see all the things he has accomplished and I believe Dodger Fans have an owner who is in it for the long haul.  ”The Divorce” looms large and will go a long in determining the Dodgers future.  It will be interesting as to what happens, but I believe Frank is in the “drivers’ seat.”  That is speculation on my part and I won’t spend much time saying much more because speculation is not worth ZIP!  We just have to wait and see what happens.

  • Casey Blake has cleared waivers and it would be nice if someone took him, but I doubt it.  He has slipped badly this year and really can’t be counted on to be a starter next year.  He’ll be an expensive sub!  The Dodgers need a new 3B.
  • As bad as Dodger Fans felt Russ Martin was playing, he looks like a Superstar compared to Ellis and Ausmus.  Dodger fans do need to realize that Martin may not be back next year.   Add a catcher to the shopping list.  AJ Ellis probably isn’t even a backup.  Add a catcher to the Dodgers’ shopping list.
  • We all know that Manny will be gone after the season.  Let’s hope that he comes back strong and clears waivers, so that some AL team can absorb a little salary to give the Dodgers some relief next year.  Add a left fielder to the shopping list.
  • My biggest hope is that Raffy come back and burns up the league and can be traded before August 31st.  I was against his signing because of his injury history and “all out style of play.”  The Dodgers can’t count on him to help much next year.  They should cut bait, if they can!  Add a Starting Shortstop to the equation, although I doubt he can be traded without eating half of his salary.
  • As much as the relief pitching has sucked this year, the nature of relievers is that they frequently have off years and then bounce back with stellar seasons.  I believe that the Dodgers are OK in this area, regardless of what the stats say.
  • Kuroda, Padilla and Lilly are all Free Agents.  No way the Dodgers offer Kuroda arbitration – maybe Padilla, and if Lilly wants to stay, they might opt to sign him top a 3-year deal.
  • Kershaw has shown that he can be the Dodgers ace and Chad Billingsley has been excellent since the end of April with an ERA near 3.00.  I think Lilly fits nicely in the Dodgers rotation – it’s just a question of whether he is affordable.
  • As crazy as you think it might be, Charlie Haeger may play the role of the 5th starter next year.  Think RA Dickey!
  • Jon Broxton’s star has waned, but he still has good value and the Dodgers just need to trade him over the winter.  He’ll command too much for that position.  If I were the Dodgers, I would not pay it.  Kuo and Jansen can close.  If Belisario gets his head screwed on straight he’ll be an asset too, and Cheryl falls off the books (I hope).
  • I have to wonder about the entire coaching staff in the minors and I think that has to be re-evaluated.  We have too many youngstersunderachieving (McDonald, Lindblom, Withrow, Martin, et al).  It’s time for a fresh look.  The Dodgers minor league system is under-preforming with regards to some very good prospects.  Nothing is sacred or off-limits.  The right people are not in place.  Heads must roll.
  • I predict Matt Kemp will figure it out and be a Bison again in 2011!
  • The Dodgers have a big “re-tooling job” to do in the off-season, which starts now!  C, 3B, SS and LF are wide open!

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22 Responses to “What’s Next for the Dodgers?”

  1. Idaho al says:

    I agree with almost everything you say Mark. I cannot believe you are still hanging on to Charlie Haeger as the fifth starter. Giving up James McDonald was a terrible trade.

  2. Badger says:

    It was never about Logan White Mark. Why do you insist on saying that? That’s just dumb. It was, is, and will be about Frankie NoNickles.

    And what is next for the Dodgers? Who the hell knows for sure. So much depends on what happens in court. But several things can be said with relative certainty:

    the Dodgers need a new LFer

    the need a new 3b

    they need a healhty SS

    they need more better SP

    they need a full time shrink for Matt Kemp

    they may need another shrink for whoever is left as closer on this club

    they may need a new C

    they may need another 2b

    they will need to pay Clayton Kershaw a helluva lot more money

    and they FOR SURE need new ownership.

  3. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, most of your points have been posted here for the past several weeks by some of us. Nice review. You took pretty good notes.

    Haeger is not even on the table. Forget him.

    Your comment about Martin as a Superstar to Ellis and Ausmus — well, duh.

    Ausmus should have totally retired last winter. Ellis is not better than AAA to begin with. Now, they are the combined catcher. The Dodgers were not prepared for that part of the season drama. No one thought that thought last winter.

    I think that unless some really big changes are made in the present Dodger family (front office, coaching, and players) — that some of the key players are already talking to their agents about leaving this organization as soon as they can. To get on with their careers in a positive way. I think of Ethier for one. He could be great in Chicago (with either team), Atlanta, the Reds, etc. Kershaw and Billingsley might be in that same boat, wanting to row to a different shore.

    1. If almost all of the major and minor league managers, coaches, instructors were gutted — it will take sometime before new ones get in-sinc. And get their new system down together.

    2. If the Dodgers continue to play the way they have been since the All-Star Game, then maybe McCourt as owner should really take the bull by the horns (that is Texas talk for getting things done) and fire Ned now or the day the season ends — and put in a new GM to start the revised L.A. Dodgers.

    Ned has had his time. The McDonald trade to Pittsburgh has not gone down well. Another sign of moving the deck chairs before the ship sinks.

    Finally Mark, your statement above “you have no credibility!” Is another of your your total blow-off other others. Fans are having fun. Posting good and bad points. Some research, some just knee-jerk respond — please quit calling people stupid, no credibility. Say those words to your wife once or twice in an argument — and — and what kind of flowers would you like at your funeral.

    3. Matt Kemp needs a coach on his butt all day long. He has proved to his manager and coaches, and to the fans — that he does not take this game seriously. That his work habits are sloppy. That he does not know the basics. That he does not think and react as a player of his ability should. Example, you hit the ball, you run hard until you are safe or out. You do not stand and watch the ball bounce, or to see if it is fair or not.

    When do you start your 500 for Badger.

  4. Mark Timmons says:

    Roger said:

    Mark, your statement above “you have no credibility!” Is another of your your total blow-off other others. Fans are having fun. Posting good and bad points. Some research, some just knee-jerk respond — please quit calling people stupid, no credibility.

    I say:

    They have called me stupid for saying what they don’t believe for several months. Now, I did not call them stupid. I just said they have no credibility – and they don’t. That has been proven. It’s a fact, and now I an having FUN! If they want to dish it out, they had better be prepared to take it.

  5. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    I agree, totally.

    They are trying to get your goat (or goat-tee), but you only prolong the name calling. Oh well, Fox News likes to name call to sell newspapers and get people to watch. “Because they are right and the others are wrong.” Say did you see where Fox News just gave the Republican Party $1,000,000 . . .

  6. Badger says:

    He actually was prepared to do a “double or nothing” for the Dodgers making the play-offs – but I let him off that hook. Mark has been wrong repeatedly but it was out of his wishing and hoping and planning and dreaming and praying that he made those outrageous predictions, so, we’ll just take the 500 and let him off those other hooks too. I wouldn’t stoop so low as to call him a moron though. Moronic statements? Well yeah, sure, but again, he is a Dodger fan. A certain amount of denial is requried.

    I am still waiting to see the reports that had Zach Lee as a Top 5 pick. Everything I have read does not show him anywhere near the Top 10. Yeah, I know, Logan White had him up there – but I don’t want to see what he thought. His job is on the line, he has to be a strong believer.

    Fixed News Roger? You know Mark is a fan of that too.

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    I am Fox!


  8. Dodger Observer says:

    Timmons says: If they want to dish it out, they had better be prepared to take it.

    You have been laughing in the mirror looking at yourself. YOu have banned and censored any real complaints or expressions since you started this site. Don’t run the BS, especially since you are blatantly lying or unable to cope with any “real” disagreement in here. You see, YOU LACK CREDIBILITY in this matter.

    Since you can dish it out and others better be able to take it, let’s see if that really is a two way street. I suspect this post will be censored, as it is your M.O.

    Inactivity leads to atrophy (you were warned but didn’t heed it, now you got it in this site).

  9. Michael says:

    Oh brother I can hear it now. You little weasle wait til I get my hands on you.
    I have no problem expressing my thought here and have never felt otherwise. If you don’t believe them it just means you are not as smart as I am. Haha

  10. Michael says:

    Back on topic, I think you got everything about right Mark except the owner thing. I would much prefer to clean house from the top. You know the buck stops here. Mark Cuban along with a few Dodger investors[ ex-players{i.e. Nolan Ryan}, coaches or lovers] would be ideal.
    I knew we were in deep but with your stark analysis you are indeed the Grim Peep-er. P. S. Is that $14 mil he is putting on the books as rent his pocket money or his per diem?

  11. Mark Timmons says:

    Dodger Observer,

    I lack credibility? I have always posted as Mark Timmons. I stand by what I say. On the other hand, you use various names like Richard Lotz, Blue Haze, Original Dodgerman and several other names.

    You fly in and usually unleash some profanity-laden tirade and leave. You can say whatever you want as long as you stay away from the profanity, but you usually can’t!

    I don’t ban and censure anyone unless they can’t speak in a civil manner. So, speak in a civil manner and tell me how I lack credibility and how you have it to spare. Enlighten me!

    There is absolutely no substitute for a genuine lack of preparation.

  12. GoNzO says:

    I just wanted to comment on something I said on a previous thread, to Harold and Mark. I do believe and many others as well that the spending on Zach Lee’s contract is more PR than anything. Look I’m as happy as the next guy, but 5.2 for the kid is a little too steep.

    McCourt is in love with himself and he decided to kill two birds with one stone; better the the organization and look like an interested owner that is soley focusing on the organization while trying to put the messy divorce and other dirty laundry on the backburner. just my opinion. You don’t have to like it but again thats what are opinons are for, right guys?

  13. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Hey Mark, remember, sometimes he just forgets to take that little green (or blue, or pink, or yellow) pill. Let it roll off your back.

    Lawdog, I had seen that article or one just like it.

    Point taken, but Joe Torre does not get the ax with 50 games left. Not even the coaches, unless Donnie walks into McCourt’s office and says he needs to go home, have someone else finish out the year.

    See, the Dodger season is not over. Every game does count. Not for the post-season, but for who is and who is not here next year.

  14. Badger says:

    I happen to agree with your take Gonzo, not that you need my approval or anything, but I have questions about this signing that nobody seems to be able to answer. Looks like a PR move to me. And to have Logan White compare this kid to Roy Halladay AND Nolan Ryan? Are you kidding me? Isn’t that just a tad over the top? Lee’s name isn’t mentioned in the same sentence with several of the top pitchers picked in this year’s draft, so, if Lee is Nolan Ryan how good are the other 6 or so pitchers that were picked high in the order?

    OD is back?

    Nice article ldog. By the way, you haven’t weighed in on Lee yet. What do you think?

  15. lawdog says:

    Lee was a top 5 prospect in this draft who fell to us because he was going to be over priced. Do I like the signing? I do. We’ve given away so much minor league talent, and opportunities to acquire more top rate prospects by being too cheap to offer arbitration to players who’d most certainly turn it down (i.e. Wolf and our second baseman with the bum flipper and all star game), it required something drastic to begin the rebuilding. So we overpaid for this kid and McCheapness will probably use the signing as an excuse to pass on top players who become FAs this off season. But it is a start.

    The kid has 3 “A pitches and will probably get faster and slicker with experience and weight training. I think he’ll add a yard to his heater, develop a cutter and perfect his already excellent curve and change. He should be a good one. The second coming of Bob Gibson? Please! Stay serious. But he’ll probably turn out to be better than C-Bills and Padilla.

  16. DRomo says:

    Hey Mark, you mentioned Haeger being a 5th starter next season. Did you forget Ely? The kid had a bad stretch but has shown he can grind. Is he not in the mix at least for the #5 in your opinion?

    I absolutley agree about the entire coaching staff getting pink slips. I would like to see someone with fire like Bobby Valentine or Wallach get a shot here. But my gut says that Mattingley is the guy. He is getting to manage the AFL team, I doubt they let him walk after that.But who knnows?

  17. lawdog says:

    I guess Lee’s breaking ball is being called a slider but when I saw a tape of his stuff it looked more like a slurve. Too much break to be a mere slider…

  18. Badger says:

    He had a 2.15 ERA in high school. Hell, I had a 2.15 ERA in high school. Andy Messersmith, who went to the same school I did, had a 0.67 ERA if I remember right.

    I hope this kid is all we want to be, and he doesn’t soon regret letting go of a BMOC scholarship offer. Like I said before, if it’s me, I go to a big time school and play qb. But then, I gave up my dream to serve my country. I often regret that move, but, it’s history.

  19. Scott says:

    I mostly agree here, Mark, but IMHO, you’re way too easy on Colletti. I was a mild supporter of his, until this trade deadline. Rather than admit the Dodgers had little chance at the postseason and just roll the dice with what they had, he traded the one viable catching prospect in the organization at a time where we keep hearing that Russell Martin is going to be too expensive to resign, and then outdid himself there by making the most inexplicable trade in recent and unrecent (is that a word?) memory. I’m not saying it will be the most damaging (though I think it’ll do far more than most Dodger fans realize), but in terms of what the Dodgers got, what they gave up, and what was at stake, it truly was the most ill-conceived one could imagine. Though it’s highly, highly doubtful that J-Mac will be close to the pitcher that Pedro Martinez was, at least you could explain that trade, as the Dodgers really needed a second baseman at the time. (As a sidenote, have you ever noticed that J-Mac kind of looks like Pedro Martinez? Just a thought.) This trade was the baseball equivalent of talking to someone at a party, thinking they’re fairly intelligent, then hearing them say, “Ya know, I think the CIA brought down the World Trade Center.” Doesn’t matter what they said or did before or after- that sentence alone compels you to stand somewhere else.

    I could go on, but I won’t. There will be plenty of time for screaming about it in the years to come. Ned’s done SOME good, but I think it’s time for him to go (even though he probably won’t).

  20. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Kind of the WWII feeling, of service to country.

    I have mentioned this before, like a year or so ago . . .

    In WWII hundreds of players in MLB left their teams and joined up to go to war.

    We have been at war now for eight or so years. One football player I know of signed-up, and was killed, is all I know from professional sports. There may be others . . .

    But if things really got serious with some new major action (big bombs in the Middle East) — maybe a few players might think of serving — but so many players in the majors and minors are from other countries — see the difference.

    Plus, I just wonder how many of our players today would leave baseball to serve. Only if there was a new concept of “the draft” I guess.

    Then there is also football, basketball, olympics, and other sports.

    Badger, you are really one of the last of the serving kind. Thank you so much; and this is from a Chaplain, Lt. Col. USAF retired saying it.

  21. Mark Timmons says:

    Scott, You may be right!


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