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It Could Happen to Anyone…

It Could Happen to Anyone…

Before this season started and “The Divorce” was in full swing, many readers and fans held Arte Moreno up is as an ideal owner, and held FrankMcCourt up as a “scumbag owner.”  Now, on August 24, 2010, both Dodgers and Angels fans find themselves in just about the same predicament:  The Dodgers are one game over .500 and out of the pennant race (and wild card race), and the Angels are one game below .500 and out of the pennant race for all practical purposes.

It could happen to anyone.

The Yankees have spent over $2 billion on payroll since 2000 and have only one World Series Championship to show for it.

It could happen top anyone.

The Red Sox, whose GM is touted as among the smartest in baseball and have a payroll of over $160 million are also out of it for all practical purposes.

It could happen to anyone.

That’s what losers say.  I prefer to say that while it can happen to anyone, the good teams make sure that it doesn’t happen to them again.

Nothing is so constant as change and unless the Dodgers are insane (insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results), they need to make some big changes.  While those changes can’t all me made immediately, the white flag needs to be raised and the purge needs to begin.  12 games have been overcame in less time, but not with this team.  This is a team whose biggest question going into the season was lack of starting pitching.  Even the naysayers who predicted a .500 record said they didn’t doubt that the team would score runs.

Well, they haven’t scored – at least on the field!  Since the All-Star break the Dodgers have averaged about 3 runs a game.  That in itself, is horrible, but then the bullpen imploded and blew nearly every winnable game.  Surprisingly, the starting pitching has been solid.  The lack of hitting and lack of a bullpen has killed the Dodgers.  I also think there is one other factor:  The Manager and Coaches Have Lost This Team!

When it happened, I don’t know.

How it happened, I don’t know.

Look, Joe Torre is nor a cerebral manager.  He is a Hall-Of-Famer, but sometimes being a Hall-of-Famer is just being in the right place at the right time.   Maybe Joe Torre was the perfect manager for the Yankees and their big contracts and big egos and the bigger pressures of playing in NY.  I am not going to take away his HOF status, but this team has quit on him.

Speaking of being in the right place at the right time, I wonder if we would look at Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks differently if Dan Mario had played for the 49′ers with All-Pros 2 or 3 deep at every position and an offensive genius as a coach, and Joe Montana had played for the Dolphins with no running game and few All-Pros.  Time and place are everything.

Ned Colletti is part of the problem.  He has done some very good things and also some very bad things in his tenure.  I believe he deserves another year, but the last time the Dodgers had such a disappointing year, both the GM (Paul DePodesta) and the Manager (Jim Tracy) were shown the door.  That’s possible here as well, but I would give Ned another year, because he seems to learn from his mistakes, James McDoanld and Blake DeWitt notwithstanding.  In my opinion, this year is a bigger disappointment, because of the level of talent on this team.

Joe Torre and Company need to be shown the door.  We don’t need a manager who is ineffective as a hitting coach, and our pitching needs a fresh approach.  The new manager needs to be a younger guy (in my opinion) and needs to be someone who can “work a room.”  He needs to be a motivator, a disciplinarian and a tactician.  Could that guy be our backup catcher?    Maybe.  Maybe not!

I just know that change must come.  How sweeping it is needs to be determined soon.  At this juncture, Ned should make sure that Manny, Blake, Kuroda, Lilly, Theriot, Podsednik and Broxton are all on waivers.  The Dodgers could get lucky on one or two of them.

Russ Martin may never return and Loney, Kemp and Ethier have not blossomed as they should have.  It could happen to anyone is something that I will not accept as an excuse.

It’s time to turn the page!

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27 Responses to “It Could Happen to Anyone…”

  1. Badger says:

    Well said my man.

    The only real surprise to me is how badly our starting field players actually were. Manny has become worthless, Kemp faltered, Martin continued his slide, Furcal was hurt, Blake was even worse than I predicted. We needed everyone of those guys in and playing well, and for a time, early in the year, they actually were. As for pitching, well the starters have done better of late, but still Kershaw is our best at 26th in MLB in IP. Kuroda and Bills show up on the list, but they are way down it. We need to do better.

    As you know, I thought our fate was sealed when we let a couple of last years best players leave without compensation and without replacing them. Turns out, it was indeed a costly move. But who knew Manny, Matt, Raffy, Casey and Russell would all have off years?

    Will they bounce back? Kemp might, I don’t hold much stock in the rest of them. Too much baggage and too many scars they are carrying around.

    We will see where the ownership lands after the dust settles. Who knows, maybe once Frankie dumps the ball and chain he can do some of his best work. I admit I still want him gone. I don’t believe he is the right man in the right place. But as Mark so eloquently put it – it could happen to anyone.

  2. Jaydavis says:

    Torre quit first, then the team followed

  3. Antagonisttotheidiots says:

    Sounds like your take on Colletti is just an outsider speculating on what he has or hasn’t done. You better back up your claim so that you can have some credibility. Just because you having seen the results on the field does not mean that Colletti didn’t do a good job with what he was handed him. I guess the Colletti as a good GM argument could be looked at as you speculated on the “what ifs” if Marino was 49er or Montana was a Dolphin, you just got no proof of what has really happened. Since you are such a stickler for details and seem to have no room for someone to speculate, then you better get some facts in order on what Colletti really was, in reality, dealing with. Come on, where is your credibility to make those statements, just give us the facts? Unless you have behind the scenes direct knowledge, you are not allowed to speculate or give an opinion, otherwise it is just a load of timmons.

  4. Badger says:

    I don’t know idiot, sounds to me like Mark is saying the Dodgers suck, and they do. Don’t need a lot of credibility to figure that out.

    But they don’t suck as bad as some teams with higher payrolls, Cubs and Tigers are worse, so, the Dodgers got that going for them.

  5. Antagonisttotheidiots says:

    Not the point, credibility is always called into question when “I got to take a timmons doesn’t agree with someone.

    Antagonisttotheidiots loves to get under your skin, because I am the antagonist and you fit the target audience of my posts.

  6. Mark Timmons says:

    Antagonisttotheidiots or Original Dodgerman (whichever name you happen to be using),

    In case you didn’t read what I wrote, let me print it again:

    Ned Colletti is part of the problem. He has done some very good things and also some very bad things in his tenure. I believe he deserves another year, but the last time the Dodgers had such a disappointing year, both the GM (Paul DePodesta) and the Manager (Jim Tracy) were shown the door. That’s possible here as well, but I would give Ned another year, because he seems to learn from his mistakes, James McDoanld and Blake DeWitt notwithstanding. In my opinion, this year is a bigger disappointment, because of the level of talent on this team.

    Now, if you read what I wrote, I said that I thought Ned deserved another year. He made some bad trades and some good ones.

    I don’t have to back anything up. Everyone knows which ones are good or bad. I think he’ll be back, but he has made mistakes and that has contributed to the Dodgers season.

    Other than his issue with Matt Kemp, there is nothing else requiring inside information and the people in the know on that aren’t talking.

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    .. and who don’t I agree with?

    I think a lot of people don’t want Colletti.

    Me? I’m neutral on that.

    I don’t see what there is to disagree on.

    You want him? OK!

    You don’t want him?

    OK, too!

    I think you are looking for a disagreement when no one exists,

  8. Badger says:

    “Antagonisttotheidiots loves to get under your skin, because I am the antagonist and you fit the target audience of my posts.”

    I think you got it backwards there idiot – you are actually the idiot and you antagonize yourself. Nobody here seems to be taking you seriously at all.

    Keep trying though, we need more entertainment around here.

    And Mark, you know I am not a Jed Confetti fan, but I think maybe I could go with another year of him because I agree much of this isn’t his fault. The wheels have come off the go-cart he is driving, and I believe that is the owners fault. Well his fault and Rihanna’s fault. Matt was fine until he met her. And who knows, maybe Frankie Flatwallet would have done better without Jamie dragging his sack through the dirt.

    I think they all should just fold and go back to what they were doing before 2004.

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    I’m willing to look at this as a “season” in the McCourt saga. The court will determine a lot and if this continues, then I will get on the “DUMP McCOURT BANDWAGON.” But I am not there yet – it’s a knee jerk reaction. Time will reveal character.

  10. GoNzO says:

    Well somethings gotta give cause the DBacks are supposedly going to interview Logan White for the GM position. Granted there are others with good track records as well that are being interviewed, but Hall and White have history together so we may end up losing him, which would suck.

    If it was me I don’t give Colleti another year. The Dotel trade was the straw that broke the camels back. I say give the reigns to both White and Ng as Co GM’s and work from there.

    Hollywood Joe needs to go. I remember telling my friends back in the 90′s that the team was going to make him a superstar. He is overrated. He is one very charismatic dude, don’t get me wrong but a lot of the times he does something that makesyou scratch your head.

    Honeycutt he should of been fired when Joe arrived period. Honey cutt should be in jail for stealing the Dodgers money fraududently working as a pitching coach.

  11. Michael says:

    Just saying that if indeed it is true that there is a mutiny on board, then the skipper should walk the plank. Lou, Bobby and Joe makes the trifecta.
    I believe Managers get too much credit when they win and too much gruff when they don’t. Case in point; Johnny[Dusty]Baker is suddenly a genious while Mike Sciossa,I’ve read, might be available.
    Todays generation certainly is different[kids nowdays]and may be difficult to reach but “That’s the way of the World” and has been going on since before even my[60s]generation.
    We may need a bunch of rappers to get through to these whippersnappers.:} P.S. That might be quite entertaining, picture Bowa rapping over in the 3rd base box

  12. Mark Timmons says:

    If Scioscia is available – there should be no question who the Dodgers next manager will be.

  13. Mark Timmons says:

    Think money makes all the difference? Think about this: Since 2001 the New York Yankees have spent $1.57 Billion on salaries. The Florida Marlins have spent $329 million on salaries in the same span! They both have the same number of World Series Championships. I mean, the Yankees have spent 5 times what the Marlins did and you can’t win more championships? How great is that?

  14. Antagonisttotheidiots says:

    Dang Badger, you have great comebacks, wow, you really blew me, away! AS I thought, you fit my target audience to a T. Thanks for the entertainment, you are fresh and quick, gotta love it. Please respond with some other great comebacks, I love em. Also, that reading comprehension is still a major roadblock for you, Teacher. Man did I peg you so very long ago (in everyway, not just your “extraordinary background” in, well let’s just amuse ourselves and call it, education. You are a beaut and you never, ever, ever disappoint. Hey, how is that line you are standing in? (yeah, you know the line I am referring to, the stupid fools line).

  15. Badger says:

    The Yankees win every year. The Yankees are in the play-offs every year. The Yankees are exciting and always have a chance. Damn Yankees.

    Take your meds OD. You haven’t changed a bit. You never brought anything to the conversation and it’s worse now.

  16. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, you have come full circle on the Dodgers this season. I think that reality has set in on the major reporters, commentators, bloggers, folks here, and most fans everywhere. The Dodgers have gone backward.

    Any promise prior to Spring Training 2010, just went the other way. Except that Kershaw and Billingsley have improved. Ethier has held his own. Loney is on the line; I think we hoped for more from him, but he has been above water most of the season. A real doubles hitter.

    Most of the rest of the team has indeed gone backward.

    And the ownership problem, manager and coaching concerns — there is much work needed to be done.

    When I said above that Mark has come full circle, back in Spring Training he was really up for the Dodgers chances. I guess we all should be positive at that point in the season — to get the team started off on a good foot.

    But Mark now says: “they need to make some big changes.”

    That is hard, to make a bunch of big changes all at once or even in one season.

    Just how many trades can a team make, just how many FA signings can a team make — in one season???

    My wife and I have been away since last Thursday morning to Northern N.M., returning tonight. In the USA Today sports section, I looked at the Top Ten N.L. Leaders. In all of the categories, the Dodgers only had 4 names (as of Saturday):

    Ethier is #10 for batting average.

    Loney is #4 in doubles.

    Broxton is tied for 8th in saves.

    Kershaw is 4th in strikeouts.

    That is it. No heros this season. No real stars. Three players are really totally out because of injuries: Manny, Martin, and Furcal. All counted on —

    There is much to be done.

    Oh yes, back at Spring Training — I did post that the Dodgers would be about .500 for the season. Mark laughed at me. 1) there was not enough starters then, 2) I did not see the spark in the regulars at Camelback, they were mailing in their workouts there. Even Mark agreed about that.

    Hey, this throwing out a quarter of the team on the waver wire — is only to save money. I am conservative in this way — the Dodgers need to put the best team on the field for the rest of the season. This team can say who goes and who does not go to the post season.

  17. Antagonisttotheidiots says:

    Oneofmyidiots, I guess the same should be said of you, but you couldn’t comprehend it if you read it.

  18. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Hey Anta . . . garbage in garbage out mouth — go take one of your little pink pills.

  19. Badger says:

    I think you are right on the money Roger. I felt early that this team had the potential, but something just didn’t feel right. As you know, I figured the divorce would do to the Dodgers what John Moores divorce did to the Padres. They had to split everything, the Padres went from division winners to last place, but did things right and came back quickly. They could be a model to follow, but since neither of the McCourts is backing down, this could drag out.

    If it were me, I would waiver all the aging vets and see what happens. Kershaw, Loney, Ethier and probably Bills are keepers, but if the price is right, I would let Bills and Loney go too. Ethier might leave on his own first chance he gets, and it could be Kemp’s agent was right – time for him to find new pastures. Kansas City would serve him right, but they likely wouldn’t pay him.

    I do think it’s time to reload. We need to get younger, stronger and faster. It can be done if the right people are in place. I don’t know if Colletti is the guy, as his trades seem to be all about geezers, but, maybe if given the directive he could do it. I would fine with him leaving too frankly. Give the job to White or Ng They are more in touch with “what’s happenin’ now.”

  20. MichaelPG says:

    One of the first commenters’ comments reminded me about the Russell Martin predicament.
    His contract will expire at the end of this season.
    Obviously I think that they will boot him. However, who will replace him?
    No catcher in their farm team is talented enough to play consistently in the bigs, and I can’t think of a big name catcher who will be available next year. Ugh.

  21. Idaho al says:

    I do think we need to clean house. I think Joe and his entire staff and Colletti need to go. I would keep most of the starting pitchers. I would let Blake, Manny and some of the older relief pitchers go. I would keep Broxton. With a different pitching coach, he may do very well. I do not know what to do about catching. We have nothing in the farm system to fill that position. I would certainly keep Kemp, Either, Loney, Theriot, and Furcal. The Dotel trade makes me want to get rid of Colletti.

  22. SpokaneBob says:

    In 1987 the team sucked worse than they do now. There were not wholesale changes over the winter, but a few key moves, Gibson for sure along with a new closer. Several of the existing players bounced back in ’88 and we had a great year. Maybe we need to go after Gibson again.

    I think we are stuck with Blake and Furcal for one more year. We need to address left field, second base and probably catcher. I like Theriot more than Dewtii because of his speed and could live with him at second if there were no better options. Podsednik should be the fourth outfielder as we need a big bat in the middle of the line up …..Carl Crawford?..Jason Worth? Catcher is probably the hardest call. We cannot live with the current situation. Joe Mauer would do just fine.

    As far as Neds tendency to trade for geezers, could that be because Torre perfers veteran players over the kids?

  23. lawdog says:

    ’88 was a fluke. We played way over our heads with Mickey Hatcher and his squad of part time players. Plus, Orel had his career year. This year we just plain stink, and we have a skinflint owner who will not pay for star caliber replacements. That plus the fact that the idiot GM has traded all the promising projects down on our farm for geezers, wannabes and never weres.

    Sorry folks, unless we totally remake this, starting with new owners, a new GM and new manager/coaching staff–we will continue to stink for the forseeable future. I’m canceling my subscription to MLB Extra Innings. I refuse to pay that kind of jack just to watch this motley crew of losers go through the motions.

  24. Badger says:

    I think Joe does prefer veterans Bob, but I also believe Ned does too. He is Sabean schooled, and that is what they did up in S.F. for years. Now that Balco Bonds has retired, they are going a different route, but aging vets for cheap is how Ned was trained.

    I hear ya ldog. I am on a boycott too. As long as McMooch is in the drivers seat, he gets none of my $. Let him borrow it from others, but I am done.

  25. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Spoke Bob, I agree. The Dodgers do need a Gibson type of person next season. Johnny Damon is a bit like that, but he is “a Tiger.”

    Some of the present has to stay. Some part of the frame. But key new pieces need to be added.

    A new Gibson, a new Manny, and three starters.

    As for catcher. I would look to see which teams do have a hot-shot catcher in AAA that looks to be ready next season, and see who there present catcher is now.

    For a catcher, I would rather have a top notch receiver and give up average and power, hit them 8th, and look to the rest of the batting order from runs.

    But until a new owner comes to town, no series free agents will sign here. The Los Angeles Dodgers have become a waste land, not to go.

  26. Badger says:

    Gibson might be available. He and Kemp wouldn’t last 10 minutes on the same bench. But, that could be a good thing.

  27. lawdog says:

    Maybe we can trade half our farm system and a couple of starter and get Santana to catch for us.


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