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Frank: Jamie Never Wanted the Dodgers

Frank: Jamie Never Wanted the Dodgers

This just in from TMZ:

Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt claims his wife, Jamie McCourt, diabolically tried to strong-arm him into showing his love by giving her a piece of the team — at the same time she was secretly consulting divorce lawyers.

In Frank’s legal brief, obtained by TMZ, the Dodgers owner maintains his wife signed over her interest in the team, in return for getting sole ownership of more than $100 million in homes.

Frank claims in legal papers Jamie never wanted to buy the Dodgers in the first place.  According to Frank, Jamie felt buying the team in 2004 was a “risky business venture,” because the Dodgers had been losing millions and the deal was insanely leveraged.

Frank says Jamie — a lawyer who has drafted marital agreements herself — was more than happy to sign the marital property agreement that gave Frank the team and gave her all the homes.

But fast forward to 2008 … the Dodgers became profitable while the value of real estate began plummeting.  According to the docs, Jamie came to Frank with a proposal:  “If we’re going to be life partners, we’re going to be business partners.”  Frank says Jamie wanted him to give her half interest in the Dodgers but she would keep most of the homes herself.  Frank smelled a rat and said no.

Frank claims Jamie was stricken with celebrity-itus and wanted a piece of the team, calling it “her ticket to become the mayor of Los Angeles, the Governor of California, and maybe even the President of the United States.  To create the fairytale of ‘Brand Jamie,’ she recognized she had to rewrite history.”

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I think you are starting to get a glimpse of what Frank’s case is going to look like, and Frankly (no pun intended), Jamie is probably going to be toast!

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4 Responses to “Frank: Jamie Never Wanted the Dodgers”

  1. Bobby says:

    i hope it goes to trial and they spend so much cash that they are forced to sell.

    send these 2 idiots back to boston; we dont want them here

  2. Badger says:

    Nothing really new there. Frank has been making this claim for some time now. Jamie has been saying it was a partnership move to keep the Dodgers separate from the houses.

    There was this too……..

    Since there is so much alleged “confusion” over the details of this MPA, I wonder if it’s possible the judge might throw the whole thing out and just split the assets 50/50. That would be more in line with California law, and would serve both of these people right.

    And, what Bobby said. Go back to Boston people.

  3. Antagonisttotheidiots says:

    Oneofmyidiots, you better hope either side would just accept a split, but the reality is, this thing could be appealed for years to come in California. There is going to have to be a clearcut winner or this thing is not going to go away anytime soon. If a split occurs, then the fun begins as one side will basically be forced to buy out the other side, which requires money or some type of sales of assets to raise the money. Since both are heavily leveraged, it actually has the potential for some real trouble, including bankruptcy to solve this thing. I hope you have taken some reading comprehension so your brain doesn’t explode (or as I suspect, it already has).

  4. Badger says:

    idiot, you are just repeating what I have been saying in here for months. You would know that if you actually came in here to listen instead of just showing up to be an ass.


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