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Fish or Cut Bait?

Fish or Cut Bait?

A week ago, the Dodgers were dead and buried.

Are They?

Everyone said it.  I said it!  That didn’t make it true.

There was one difference:  I have always maintained that this team had the talent to win it all.

I felt that they were dramatically under-performing.  It too much to ask them to win the division, but the Wild Card spot is realistic.  This team has too much talent to have played so poorly.  Sometimes baseball is a game of streaks and these guys have shown they are nothing if not streaky!   I may have thrown dirt on their grave too soon.  Not only do I think they can win the Wild Card, but I think they could be very difficult for other teams in the playoffs… providing they stay healthy.

  • Jon Broxton looks better with the 9th inning heat off.
  • Belisario is getting it together, not a moment too soon.
  • Kuo is amazing.
  • Jansen has the “swagger” of a closer!
  • Lilly, Kuroda, Billingsley and Kershaw are about as good as any 4 in baseball and Padilla (if healthy) makes a nice staff.
  • Rod Piazza may just get his 6 weeks of fame.

It’s a lot to ask!   Manny needs to stay healthy and Raffy needs to stay healthy.  Raffy was on his way to a career year.  Can he keep injury free?  I would doubt it… but you never know!  They could be helped by some call-ups in September, namely RDLR, AJ, IDJ2, Flash’s kid, X-Man and another one or two role players, and they would have to be really, really lucky, but it could happen.  Again, I will assert that the team has the talent.  Now, all they HAVE to do is win, Baby!

What happens against the Rockies will determine the Dodgers season.  They have until Tuesday to decide what to do with Manny.  If they sweep the Rockies (anything short of that won’t work), then it’s on, and Manny will stay in LA the rest of the season.  This team has some vets who have been there, done that, and can deliver in the clutch – Theriot, Podsednik, Belliard, Johnson, Ausmus, Barajas, Blake, Manny, Raffy, et al.

Factor in that Kemp, Ethier and Loney are due to get hot and the Dodgers could become an offensive juggernaut!

The fat lady ain’t singing!

It’s time to fish, not cut bait!

Will it happen?  I don’t know!

Can it happen? Yes, it can!

Could these be Destiny’s Dodgers?

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15 Responses to “Fish or Cut Bait?”

  1. MichaelPG says:

    STILL dead. As I wrote a long time ago, even if they go to the playoffs they are DOA, so who cares?

    DUMP RAMIREZ NOW. Save the 20 mill for prospects or a good catcher for next. 20 MILLION DOLLARS, FOLKS.
    Save Podsednik. Take him off waivers. That guy is a stud. He can fill that spot for next year.

  2. Ray says:

    Manny is not due $20mm this year….his contract is up after this year, and is owed around $4mm till the end of the season.

    I hope you are right Mark. This weekend is key. Everytime you think they are done, they pull you back in…..or something like that.

  3. Mark Timmons says:


    No matter what you think, the Dodgers MIGHT save $4 million, not $20 million.

    What lunatic would pay $20 mil for a 5 week rental of Manny?

    No one.

    Think about it.

    You are mis-informed!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Its not just this weekend. Tonights game could very well set the tone for the whole series and beyond. Their ace aginst ours. We win and we get the Mo.

  5. Michael says:

    Before we hope to keep Raffy healthy we have to get him that way.
    Manny is signed, sealed and all but delivered. Just get something in return.
    Just might be a blessing in disguise with the realization that he’s gone, time to stop waiting anymore for him and man up and carry a bigger load.
    It’s been a lonely ride but if you all want to jump back on the ship with me that would be cool. Never say die.

  6. Kevin says:

    I think if we take 2 out of 3 we still keep him. Don’t forget we still get to play the Phillies 3 times, and the Giants 6 times before the season ends. We have an opportunity to sneak back in this thing.

  7. Jim D says:

    SELL BABY!! Lets get something we can build on for next year. This team has proven ALL YEAR that they cannot beat WINNING, CONTENDING teams. They swept a sub .500 team, lets not forget. No one has stepped up to lead this team all year, and I don’t see anyone stepping up now either.
    How hard it is for a 50+ year Dodger fan to have to feel this way for almost an entire season. Hope it does not happen again, as my years are dwindling. It won’t if they get something in return by selling.
    Let’s go Colts, Mark !!

  8. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    I agree Mark, they are starting to play like they believe in themselves.

    This is just what it can take. Now Ethier, Kemp, Loney have to pick it up and be the players they can be. A slump now, can mean stopped rallys, less runs, more loses.

    The pitching seems to have found itself.

    So let’s sit back and watch.

  9. GoNzO says:

    I’m with Jim D. We beat the Brewers and mathematically we may have a shot but we have not beat the good teams. If the sweep was against ATL or CIN I’d believe, but I am not getting on the bus.

  10. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Great blast by Casey. If the Dodgers win tonight . . . watch Ned bring in a piece or two to make the team BETTER.

  11. Mark Timmons says:

    Board the bus Gonzo!

    Casey Blake is driving it tonight!

  12. SpokaneBob says:


    I made the post at 5:23 pm and was identified as Anonymous. I never changed anything. Whats up?

  13. SpokaneBob says:

    Whats up with the Rockies Mascot behind home plate trying to distract Kuo.

  14. coloblue says:

    We are done for playoffs…but glad we are making a run.. trade Manny cuz he isn’t going to do much anyway for us…for us he will head to DL sometime early sept.. and that’s it.
    Pods is doing a good job for us in Of…and I’d like to see TRob get some time in oF in sept.


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