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Come On Geniuses, Explain How Irrational I Am!

Come On Geniuses, Explain How Irrational I Am!

I know that’s what it is.  Roxton is a Loser

I am just totally irrational about Jon Roxton.

Even after his latest meltdown, he is the best there is.

It wasn’t his fault anyway.

Somebody blew a DP.

Not his fault.

It can happen to any loser.

After all, the stats prove it.

It must be Joe Torre’s fault!

Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Joe rested him (pick one:  not enough or too much).

Look at the stats, Roxton is great.

He is awesome.

I am just totally irrational to call him Roxton (for the uninitiated, I removed the first letter of his last name and the first letter of his title, so he is now Loser Roxton).

Yeah, that’s right – you know it all.  I’m the dummy!

I used to get ragged on for calling Andre Ethier a soft hitter.

Lots of you told me that he was NOT soft, and he isn’t now, but he was then.

You continued to argue with me that he never was soft, but I just heard him admit last week that he was a soft few years ago.  Now what?

You have been telling me that Broxton is a Closer and I have been telling you for three years that Roxton is Loser.

… but I’m irrational.

Like a fox!

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12 Responses to “Come On Geniuses, Explain How Irrational I Am!”

  1. I am a believer now Mark. You were RIGHT!!!!
    Give the job to Jansen…..season is over….

  2. Badger says:

    irrational like a fox?


    And not one word about Casey Blake’s blunder. He makes that play, and it was an easy play to make, the Dodgers win this thing.

    Yes, Broxton blew it. But he had help tonight.

    You want him gone? OK, trade him away, but I can promise you this, even bet another 500 push-ups on it, he will go someplace and become a quality closing pitcher. I think he just needs to get away from this dysfunctional organization.

    Take a real look at where the problem for this team lies Mark. I think if you can spend one minute in honest reflection, you will see what damn near every other Dodger fan nation wide is seeing.

    This team needs new leadership.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    With a good pitching coach, I think Broxton can be what he needs to be.

    See, I think for this season, the ownership problems are hurting this team.

    I have heard players interviewed and asked if it bothers the team — and the response is always, no, not really. We just play ball.

    But, I think that since it has carried on and on with the Divorce stuff — even L.A. newspapers tell McCourt to sell, now — it IS affecting the team. These guys have played like zombies for weeks and weeks.

    “Divorce of the owners does not belong in baseball.” That belongs to Hollywood movie stars and Gingrich.

  4. Bobby says:

    he’s armando benitiz.

    he’s a great fantasy closer, but not a reality closer.

  5. Badger says:

    And one more thing…….. Belisario gave up 4 earned in 0 IP. How come we have no words about his performance?

    Roger, every where I go I am reading more and more about these two creeps and if Selig had any vision, which he doesn’t, or any balls, which he doesn’t, he would step in and try to right this wrong.

    The McCourts need to go. Just sell the team and go back Boston. You are east coast grease, go back there and slime up some more parking lots.

  6. DowntownJim says:

    I just feel really bad for Kershaw. I bet he would gladly help Roxton pack his bags, maybe even drive him to the airport, too. Kershaw would have what, 15 wins this year? Once this year, and this really boils my grits, Roxton blew the save, but got the win. Just horrible. What a crap year.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Regarding both of your posts I have only one word. “Ditto”.


    You said the following:

    “I used to get ragged on for calling Andre Ethier a soft hitter.

    Lots of you told me that he was NOT soft, and he isn’t now, but he was then.

    You continued to argue with me that he never was soft, but I just heard him admit last week that he was a soft few years ago. Now what?”

    So I ask, if things changed for Ethier, why can’t the same happen for Broxton? Maybe all Broxton needs is a new approach provided by new leadership. Ethier didn’t become a new person, he simply gained experience, and in the process learned to relax in clutch situations. And the only thing I heard Ethier say about his past was that he didn’t do well in clutch situations in college. What’s that have to do with this situation?

    And wasn’t it no long ago that people on this site were calling Billingsley soft? Broxton needs time to reflect, and a change in atmosphere. If Broxton doesn’t have some hidden injury, he will turn this around. If he’s hurt that’s another matter.

    To quote Badeger, “This team needs new leadership.”

  8. Badger says:

    Well said Brooklyn.

    Broxton still has the stuff to be a dominant closer, but this group of coaches (and a certain third baseman) have let him down. I don’t know what is wrong with him but it has become clear to me Torre/Honeycutt can’t get him turned around. If they choose not to move him, I would demote him back to middle relief. And I would demand he develop another pitch. On the other thread Bill was saying Broxton was throwing in the low 90′s but he is wrong. I saw the game, and I just checked Gameday, Broxton was hitting 96-98, but it was his slider that got hammered by Ruiz. Joe went out and told him to “trust his stuff”, but, Broxton didn’t. He got beat with his second best pitch. And something that may have gone unoticed by some, Polanco did a masterful job of getting grazed by that inside fastball. He could have gotten out of the way, he barely moved, just enough for the ball to graze his uni. Good teams have players that do this kind of thing. The Phillies are a very good team.

    Something is in Broxton’s head. At this point, I move him out of the closer role and I insist he work on a change-up and pitching inside.

    If the Dodgers choose to move him, and I doubt even they are that stupid, there will teams lining up for the chance to make this kid right.

  9. Idaho al says:

    Broxton and Belisario had terrible nights. The error by Blake was at a terrible time. It was more than just Broxton. However, Broxton does not trust himself. You cannot be a closer and not trust your stuff. Kuo and Jansen need to be brought into the closing roll at this time and let Broxton be the set up man. I still think the blame belongs with Honeycutt. Joe went out and talked to Broxton in the 9th. He did not send Honeycutt. Honeycutt is the one that needs to go. I have been saying this all year. You cannot get rid of all the ball players.

  10. Badger says:

    Good points al.

    Honeycutt has had success in the past. The Dodgers are usually at the top of the league in pitching, but the wheels are coming off this year. We are currently 9th in the NL in ERA.

    Many of us said early in the year the bullpen was eventually going to be a problem because of how many times Torre had to go there. Just look at the box from last night, we used 6 pitchers. We used 5 in the first game and 3 in 8 innings in the second game. As long as our starters are out of there before the 7th inning, it is going to be like this, and maybe worse as the year goes on.

    A complete game would be nice. We have 2 this year. Philadelphia has 11.

  11. Jaydavis says:

    I ‘ve never like JB closing, but coming in 8th, he was lights out. It’s time for Jansen to take ove and The Loser can setup

  12. Jaydavis says:

    JB no longer the closer! Finally Dodgers are making the right moves. Ga’s gone, dodgers got better, now the dodgers have Jasen coming in the 9th with heart and set of balls.


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