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McCourt Bashers Are Never Wrong

McCourt Bashers Are Never Wrong

I find this so crazy that I’ve got to start a new post for this.

John Tyler Photo via Baseball America

On August 11, 2010, Marc Lancaster of Fanhouse reported this:

Remember when the Dodgers were one of baseball’s most respected franchises? Yeah, it’s difficult to take them too seriously these days given some of the shenanigans in which they have participated the last few years under the auspices of the McCourts.

Well, it appears they’re at it again. When the Dodgers used their first-round pick on Texas high school pitcher Zach Lee back in June, just about everyone immediately pegged it as a cost-saving move, given that Lee was a mortal lock to attend college at LSU. The Los Angeles front office said all the right things at the time, but if this story is to be believed, drafting Lee was exactly what it seemed: L.A. picking a guy it knew wouldn’t sign, thus saving a few million this year and picking up a compensatory pick in next year’s draft — when more cash might be available at Chavez Ravine — for good measure.

Lee was one of the top quarterback recruits in the country and has been in Baton Rouge since the day after the draft, apparently focused on nothing but preparing for the upcoming football season. That probably would have been his focus anyway, but it helps that, according to Lee, he hasn’t heard from the Dodgers since draft day.

“I haven’t really heard anything from them,” Lee said. “As far as I’m concerned, I’m here to stay until something else happens. And I don’t really see it happening.”

Like lots of Frank McCourt haters here, Lancaster was castigating McCourt for taking a draft pick that he had no intention of signing.  Then out of the clear blue sky, the Dodgers signed Zach Lee for a whopping $5.25 mil.  So, there is joy in Dodgertown, right?  Wrong!  The Frank McCourt haters, who of course are the same people who said he wouldn’t spend money to sign draft picks, let alone Zach Lee, now are spinning a different story, and say that McCourt decided to overpay by $3 or 4 million as a PR move.  These people may be smart, but their hatred of Frank McCourt has overridden their common sense, and all I can say is that’s about the lamest thing I have heard in a long time. Oh, and they are saying that the Dodgers overpaid for a player who really wasn’t that good anyway – that he wasn’t Top-of-the-Draft material.  WOW!

Let me address that last part first. had this to say about Zach Lee:

With above-average to plus stuff across the board — fastball, slider, changeup — good command and tremendous athleticsm, Lee should be one of the high school arms being mentioned up close to the top of the Draft, or at least on a short list of top high school arms. If he’s not, it’s largely because of one thing: signability.

Jim Callis of Baseball America said this:

Remember, bonuses are based on talent and leverage. Lee had more leverage than just about any player in this draft, because he’s a gifted pitcher who was also a top quarterback. You could make a case that Lee was the second-best high school pitcher in this draft behind Jameson Taillon. If money weren’t a factor, I bet he would have gone 10-15 picks higher in the draft.

When asked how he compared to Kershaw and Billingsley, Callis said:

Behind Kershaw and ahead of Billingsley. Lee is a potential frontline starter. Projectable, athletic righthander with sharp stuff.

BA went on to name the Dodgers winners in the draft, not just because of Lee, but because of their other signings as well, some of which were paid significantly well over MLB slotting.

Tallion went #2 in the draft and got $6.25 mil, but he did not have the leverage Lee did.   So, if the Dodgers wanted to make a good PR move, why draft the guy who was deemed the most unsignable?  Why not draft a guy like the Angels or Giants or Rockies and pay about $1.4 to $2.3 mil?  McCheap could have saved $3 or so mil.  It was a big risk to draft Lee and it did take over $5 mil.  They didn’t draft Lee because they wanted good PR – they drafted Lee because he was a Top 10 talent who they could get at #28 in the draft.  That was a smart move, not a PR move.  Get 20 good knowledgeable baseball fans in a room and spin that story on them and they will laugh you out of the room!

But the McCourt bashers, who would have bashed McCourt if he didn’t sign Lee, now bash him because he did sign him.  You guys are just never wrong.  You always get it right no matter what Frank does.  It just find it so pathetic that everything he does has to be explained in a negative light.  I don’t particularly like the guy, but Lee was drafted to be signed and you McCourt bashers were piling on that the Dodgers would not sign Lee, and now that they have, they only did it for the PR?  Come on.  You have to be smarter than that!

The Dodgers drafted Zach Lee because he was probably the 2nd best high school pitcher in the draft and you will probably see him at a Ravine near you around 2012!

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45 Responses to “McCourt Bashers Are Never Wrong”

  1. thank you Mark! Only a few people with common sense on this board, I see.

  2. Bobby says:

    every pure baseball reason for taking lee is true, and you’re correct. it was a smart baseball move and a great baseball gamble that paid off and could hopefully pay off in the future.

    HOWEVER, just because its a good baseball move doesn’t mean it also can’t be a good PR move. hell, most good signings are great for PR!!!

    but mccourt needs good PR. part of the benefit of having lee sign is the PR it generates, and if it was a factor in mccourt signing him, well so be it.

    who the hell cares why we got him. we got him. and that’s all i care about. and hopefully by 2012 or 2013 we got another stud arm.

  3. Badger says:

    Spoken like a man who has his nose so far up McCourt’s ass he can smell what the man had for lunch!

    Listen, I will admit that my dislike for McCourt colors my opinion of everything he does if you will admit you are McCourt/Logan White butt kisser.

    Have you started those 500 yet?

    I still consider you a friend Mark, but there is no need to start a personal campaign against people who have different opinions. I can play that game if you like, but, I would rather not.

    It was a great PR move, and much needed in fact. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me. Of course they overpaid for this talent. That isn’t even in question Mark. They HAD TO. The popularity of this owner is going down in flames, this was done to keep putting BIS.

    “who the hell cares why we got him. we got him. and that’s all i care about.”

    Amen to that.

    2012? I really doubt it. More like 2014 before he is strong enough for a ML season. Look how long it took Clayton Kershaw. He is 22 and hasn’t come that close to 200 innings yet.

    We’ll see how it plays out.

    I wonder if the kid is going to rue the day he gave up playing qb for an SEC school. Man, give me that shot.

  4. Mark Timmons says:

    I might be a White-Butt-Kisser but I really dislike McCourt. I do. I just don’t know what better options we have. Don’t say Cuban. It won’t be him. This team is not nearly as bad as some people think.

  5. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, it is not what McCourt is doing now that counts. It is what he has done, his wife and done, and where the Dodgers are.


    They can hardly score a run. How many runs did the Dodgers score in that 4 game series in Atlanta — that someone drove in on a hit / fair ball????? One. Ethier in the last game with a double. Oh, they lost 3 of 4 games that series.

    Tonight, so far, zero runs.

    Be glad they signed Lee yesterday. Because I have the feeling that Kershaw will leave as soon as he can. THIS IS A VERY BAD TEAM RIGHT NOW.

    3B, SS, C, LF, CF (Kemp) all need to step it up or get out. Only 2B, 1B, and RF are playing any kind of baseball.

    Lee will not be a factor for several years.

    It is not bashing McCourt. He is just not the right guy for this team. Too much baggage. Kind of the way you feel about H. Clinton. Too much baggage.

  6. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Let me add, of late, when the Dodgers are leading — they cannot hold the lead, thus the march of the guys in the pen to find a closer.

    Maybe they should just try Loney. He was a pitcher in HS.

  7. GoNzO says:

    Wow!! My post ignited all this? I consider myself a knowledgable Dodger and baseball fan. If I was in a room with other knowledgable why would they laugh me out of the room? Isn’t looking at things objectively a trait brought on by knowledge? Listen McCourt has rarely spent money since he got the Dodgers and before someone gives me the camelback site the tax payers were the ones that picked up A LOT of the tab. Anyhow, If I am considered an idiot (no one called me that, but reading between the lines helps) for my opinion can I call out all the ones that are looking at this with blue colored glasses?

    Bottom line if a man that hasn’t put out a good product on the field or better yet invested money into making the product better how are people who look at things objectively not notice when he drops 5.2 mil on the lower end of the draft. We got him, good…no great, but don’t bash an opinion because it was thought of outside the box. Give it a couple weeks.

    McCourt could use the positive spin. I know a couple of important politicians in AZ and when talking about bad press the only way to get out of it is to do something positive and uncharacteric to make a splash.

    I hope I’m heard over the laughter.

  8. Mark Timmons says:

    Roger and Gonzo,

    Here’s where I really disagree: I listen to the announcers of the teams that the Dodgers are playing and they are always saying they can’t understand why the Dodgers are playing so poorly. I listened to the Phils and Braves announcers who said just that. Both sets of announcers said that they believed the Dodgers were one of the best teams in the NL.

    Hasn’t put a good product on the field? Again, I disagree. Now, I will say that two of the players the Dodgers signed to be offensive catalysts (and both have been) and who are making about a combined $32 mil, are on the DL. Is that McCourts fault?

    The ownership has too much baggage? Maybe, but why does that affect the teams play? The Marlins won a world series with ownership in flux and no butts in seats. The Rangers have been in 1st place all year with the team in bankruptcy.

    I put this years failures on Torre and Company! OK, since McCourt hired him – IT IS McCourts’ fault!

    Still, no one has explained why the Dodgers went after the most unsignable player. Everyone said the Dodgers just did it for a show then too. They were as wrong then as they are now.

  9. Ray says:


    These guys complain when they made the pick for Lee and now complain when we paid him what he is worth. I read yesterday that Nationals paid a 4th rounder…..FOURTH rounder…..a $2 million bonus. WAAAYY overslot.
    This is from Baseball America:

    The Nationals also added pitching depth by going over slot to sign players in the second (Sammy Solis, $1 million), fourth (A.J. Cole, $2 million) and 12th (Robbie Ray, $799,000) rounds.

    These guys who complain about paying Lee remind me of one of the owners in my keeper fantasy league. He never pays up for talented guys, leaves money on the table at the draft, and complains why his team is never in the money at the end of the season.
    The same logic works in MLB….you PAY for talent to win.

  10. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, to respond:

    1. Other team announcers on the Dodgers. It has been a very long standing approach by announcers of baseball games — to build up the other team, as almost un-beatable, great and so on —- to get their listeners to listen and stay listening.

    Like: this pitcher is one of the best in the league. This hitter always drives us crazy. So and so is having a great season. Then when the announcer’s team wins, wow, we beat a great team. They might mention that Matt Kemp is hitting terribly, and striking out at near record setting pace, but probably not his base-running blunders and all the rest. They build up Ethier as a great hitter, but not really mention that his average dropped about 100 points. It is announcers job to keep their fans tuned in.

    What do you expect them to say on like broadcasts: this has been one of the worst teams since the All-Star Game. They are terrible, our guys should take 3 or 4 or all 4 of this series. This team is really out of focus and the owner’s problems seem to be carrying over to the playing field. Many of the fans of the Dodgers want him to sell, yes, this Dodger teams is a mess.

    2. And his signing Zach Lee for 5+ million. Well that is spread out over a number of years — it is really a cheap way to go since he did not trade for a solid pitcher like Oswalt or Lee or others. Lilly is nice, but the team needed more. Also, could have used a real catcher for the rest of the way. Most of the hitter the Dodgers got are singles guys. Yes, McCourt got off easy signing Zach Lee.

    I agree with you about Torre and the coaching staff. Watching Torre on TV or live as we saw him in Spring Training — the guy never smiles. Shows very little emotion (if really none). Maybe the younger players on the Dodgers just are not motivated by Joe, maybe they would have better results under another type or style of manager and coaches.

  11. Bill Russell says:

    Well I can see both sides to the Lee signing. As a Dodger fan I’m glad that the pick didn’t go to waste. Getting a top 10 pick with the 28th overall pick wasn’t a bad move if you can sign them. Yes we over paid and it could be a PR move but at least we didn’t lose the pick. No one in here is an idiot, even the guys I disagree with. This is just entertainment for the wanta-be GM’s and Dodger fans.

    The knee jerk action statement gets me wondering about how some people think in here but again it’s just entertainment. 6 runs last night – that’s different. I hope we can at least finish up on a positive note.

    I strongly disagree about the Dodgers being one of the worst teams in the NL. We have been playing against some of the best pitching staffs/teams in the majors and playing close games. That should tell you that we are only a few tweaks away from playing with the best. It’s really hard for me to think that we’re the worst.

    The real question is – Is Bret Favre really going to play this year. I know this question will get my friend DRomo excited.

    Anyway Go Blue

  12. Ray says:

    Roger-have you listened to the Rockies or DBacks announcers? They are the worst. They don;t build up the LAD. Grace is the worst.

  13. SpokaneBob says:

    I don’t care that the team overpaid for Lee. Its not my money and I don’t care how much they spend as long as they get the best talant available.

    Some people here have always been on the negitive side of things, regardless of the topic.

  14. JT says:

    This is a smart move. Period. Spending $5MM one-time is a good investment if it gives a reasonable chance of netting an above average starting pitcher for 6 years of club control. There’s a lot more value there than, say, paying Juan Pierre $9MM per year in a multi-year contract, or trading 6 years of club control over Carlos Santana for Casey Blake.

    I’m counting down the days until McCourt no longer owns the team, and will never agree with the decision not to offer arbitration to Randy Wolf, but apparently that decision really was about a fear of Wolf accepting rather than a foolhearty rationale to save money on signing bonuses, so at least now, I can accept it.

    I’ll bash McCourt and Colleti all day every day, but this was a smart move.

  15. Harold says:

    The suggestion Lee was signed as a PR move is ludicrous. If it has PR value, great. It does for me as I simply want a good draft pick. I want another Clayton type pick. I trust Logan’s judgement on Lee, that he is a top pick they got late. We don’t often get high picks so I am pleased we have one now. To suggest this is first and foremost a PR moves casts a dispersion not only on Mr. McCourt, but on the entire staff including Ned, Logan, De Jon, Kim Ng, etc. It seems to me they have always acted honorably and would not be a part of a PR stunt.


  16. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Billy, I say that this Dodger team on the field, with no Manny, no Furcal, no Martin (or any real catcher) is not a solid, strong, play-off team.

    If the guys were having career years, yes. But they not.

    The bright side is — Kershaw and Billingsley are both pitching much better of late.

    Bad side — the complete bullpen is a mess. Spoke Bob — I just look at the past month and see the numbers of the bullpen and they are terrible. Those Yankees broke Broxton’s back, and the pen has been bleeding since.

    Since the All-Star Game:

    St. Louis – lost 4 to the Cardinals.
    Then, lost 2 or 3 to the Giants.
    Won 3 or 4 from the Mets (scoring a total of 7 runs in those 4 games)
    Lost 2 or 3 from S.D.
    Lost all 3 games to the Giants.
    Split with S.D. in four games.
    Won 2 or 3 from Washington.
    Lost 2 or 3 from the Phillies.
    Lost 3 of 4 from the Braves.

    Since the All-Star Game, the Dodgers are 12 – 20.

    Only 1 run knocked in by a base hit in 4 games against Atlanta — this team is not ready.

    Last night was a solid night and performance. Maybe they will build on that. Maybe the signing of Zach Lee has lit a fire under some of the players.

  17. Michael says:

    There is no gray area, it’s all black and white. Either you agree with me or you become one of “you guys”.
    Frank did the “right thing” by drafting and signing Lee but that is what he was supposed to do.
    I’ll give him an atta boy but I’m not going to get a mancrush on him. Signed, you guy
    P. S. Frank could really use a good PR man

  18. DRomo says:

    BRuss, Brett Favre is coming back? I hadn’t heard that yet. I am waiting for “The Decision Part Duex” on ESPN!!!

    Jim Grey: “So Brett are you ready to anounce?”

    Brett: “Yes, I have decided to take my talents to Minnesota….I think…Yeah I am…..probably taking my talents to Minneapolis, I guess”

    As for the Dodgers, This is a Dodger Blog right? The signing of Lee is great. But it is a signing that may or may not pan out or help the real team for years. I will say it is a step in the right direction. The fact is the team has spent less on scouting and development over the last 4 years than anyone. That isn’t good and it doesnt go away with a couple of signings.
    McCourt gets a bad wrap. He has been far from perfect but the record shows we have been to the playoffs 4 of 6 yrs and to the NLCS 2 times in a row in the McCourt era. Not too many teams can say that.
    We didnt sign a major free agent pitcher last year, but who would you have signed? Of the free agents no one was worth investing big dollars in when we have a young core coming up on big raises.
    We could have traded for Halladay but he had a no trade clause wanted to stay on the East coastand by all accounts the Dodger package was better but the Blue Jays already had their hearts set on the Phillies prospects.
    Ned could have gotten Cliff Lee for a package with Loney (our RBI leader) or Billingsley. Or he could have traded for Lilly and Theriot. Anyone check the numbers since Lee was traded? Lilly kicks his ass. Funny we don’t hear about that right?
    Bottom line is there is reason to not agree with the McCourts. There is reason to not want them around anymore. But it isn’t fair to say they have been horrible. The facts don’t add up. If you hate them have a reason but back the reason up with facts. In other words: have a take and don’t suck!!

  19. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    DRomo, nice post. My only comment in finishing in the post season the past several years — is the N.L. West has been weak, very weak. Now, several teams are playing great baseball. I have to take my hat off to the Padres. They are playing winning baseball.

    Heck, I had them penciled in for 4th or 5th place in the division this season. But the D-Backs and Dodgers were not ready. The Rockies stayed in for a bit, and the Giants are up there.

    You ask some good questions or make points on, just who would have been traded . . .

    . . . concern now is — just how do we make the overhall for next season? Who goes and who stays? As been posted a million times here and other Dodger fan boards — I keep (from the present 40 man roster): Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Kershaw, Billingsley, Broxton, would like to keep/sign Lilly, Kuo . . . the rest of the players are up for grabs, trades, let walk, released, hope some of them go, etc.

    Wow, that is a lot of re-loading.

    And I re-load with manager and most of the coaches. And just maybe, just maybe, Ned needs to go, because he just seems to be a bit late or short and not bring in just what happens to work. A lot of his job is luck.

    Most of us will say, if Manny were still Manny — the entire team would be playing better. But that did not happen and for well over a month, these guys have been boring, dull, blowing games, not scoring runs, looking old and tired, and just not getting the job down.

    Call it playing on their heels. Some run hard, because it is in their blood, others seem to loaf. I want good solid Dodger baseball.

  20. lawdog says:

    I think if Mark slammed McCourt his wonderful access to the reporter’s box would be gone–so he has to talk him up. I can’t believe he’s naive enough tot think McCourt is wonderful if he doesn’t have that kind of hidden motive, He’s too smart for that.

  21. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, just why do you call all that have serious questions about McCourt, or want him to sell to get get this team back on track . . . just why do you call them “bashers” ????

    Bashing in words or physical is very heavy. But maybe, when a person says that — they are bashing someone, that person is really saying, “I like this person and you are being hurtful, dangerous, an enemy to what I like and want to support now.”

    For me it is not how much he has the Dodgers doing for the greater community (that is a given, all sports teams are expected to do that) — some of the things that bother me are: the divorce deal that is so very public and in everyone face. Miss Jamie’s lifestyle needing over $600,000 a month to live on.

    Sure, the future plans for greater Dodger Stadium look great. That is not the issue. It seems he cannot afford the team and to make the moves to keep up with the competition. 12 – 20 since the All-Star Game is not acceptable. That is in the tank. Flat in the tank. If the D-Backs had their usual pacing this season, the Dodgers would be in last place in the N.L. West.

    To your original question on Zach Lee — great signing. Money spread over a number of years. I think the signing has put positive air in the team. We saw some of that last night.

  22. mark says:

    Lawdog said:

    I think if Mark slammed McCourt his wonderful access to the reporter’s box would be gone–so he has to talk him up. I can’t believe he’s naive enough tot think McCourt is wonderful if he doesn’t have that kind of hidden motive, He’s too smart for that.

    That is post that you got entirely wrong!

    1. I can bash McCourt all I want and it doesn’t affect Press Passes – No Effect! I have bashed him in the past at times. Let me say it again. No Effect!

    2. I have never said that McCourt is wonderful. Get me a better option and I’ll take it.

    3. As recently as yesterday I wrote this: “I freely admit that Frank McCourt has some problems and I think he really has taken too much money from the Dodgers and that his lifestyle is too decadent, but I don’t have all the inside info.”

    Let me break it down for you – everyone wanted to get rid of George Bush and get someone better – You got half of your wish! You got a guy who can talk a pig out of slop, but who is trying to kill America’s Future. The same thing applies with McCourt.

    I don’t call people stupid, but if you think I care what McCourts thinks of me or that I refrain from saying bad things about him for Press Passes, you DEMONSTRATE THAT YOU ARE Stupid! Tickets to 10 days of Spring Training or a few tix to regular season games are about 1/30 of the entire cost of being there.

    The difference between me and some others is that I have managed people all my life. I run companies and I know how easy it is to second guess people. Frank McCourt is not the ideal owner, but the Dodgers are in a lot better shape than they were 6 years ago.

    • Badger says:

      You actually believe Obama is worse than Bush – and you call lawdog stupid?

      You have officially entered the arena of the laughably absurd Mark.

  23. AnewBlueDay/Roger Dodger says:

    That is true, the Dodgers are better than they were 6 years ago.

    But for the past 6 months or so, the Club (office and field) have been in a rut.

    If Jamie and Frank, kissed and made up. Re-looked at themselves, placed the team before them and their lifestyle — then maybe things can get back on track.

    Think so ???

    • Badger says:

      “That is true, the Dodgers are better than they were 6 years ago.”

      I am both surprised and disappointed Roger. You of all people. I understand that some people in here will shoot off opinions without really doing any research or having any stats to back these opinions up, but you usually don’t stoop to such idiocy.

      In 2004 the Dodgers were 93-69. And you really believe they are better now than they were when the McGreaseballs took them over?

      This place is quickly losing all credibility, you better save yourself before it’s too late.

  24. Bill Russell says:

    Another night where stats just don’t tell the truth. Broxton comes in and gives up a hard hit single to center from Dexter Fowler and Kemp throws him out at 2nd base trying to take the extra base. Spilborghs replacing The injured Gonzalez off the bench strikes out and Tulowitzki hits a rocket to right field which took a leaping catch by Ethier for the 3rd out. So Broxton only faced three batters with one strikeout.

  25. ray says:

    Bill-can we take a look at what Dotel did and compare Brox’s performance to him? Dotel lost the game for LAD.

  26. Bill Russell says:

    The Drama, Where is Doctor Phil?
    Ray, I agree that Dotel lost the game.

  27. Ray says:

    Open your eyes Badger. Obama is running this country into the ground.
    What is laughingly absurd is Obama’s campaign to regulate Wall Street. He talked the talk during his campaign, but is giving into these guys everyday.
    What these Wall Street firms are doing with the market these days is criminal, and he is looking the other way. How does a firm-Goldman SAchs, JP Morgan, whoever….make money (avg=$100mm/day) in the market every single day in a quarter? Give me a break.
    Obama will have a nice cushy job with Goldman in 2012, for sure.
    The voters have already spoken loud and clear.

  28. Badger says:

    Open my eyes?

    Not another tea bagger.

    I see you are all grown up now with a big R.

    This was directed at Mark, not you. We went round and round starting back in 2001 about where this country was headed and guess what – it went EXACTLY where I said it would. Why and how did I know? Because I didn’t listen to the right wing sound machine, I read what the economists and foreign policy experts were saying. It wasn’t that difficult if you had your head above the sand. It was predictable, and in fact, predicted. And here we are.

    As for Obama, the jury is still out. So far, not sure, but I am somewhat disappointed. He needs to tell the right wing to sit on it. He has been in office less than two years. It took Bush/Cheney 8 years to get this country FUBAR, it may take that long to get us back to where we were pre-Bush.

    Now, go back to class. You have some reading to do.

  29. lawdog says:

    It’s truly amazing how many morons there are out there who believe Obama was not born in the US, has hidden death squads built into his health plan to “liquidate” all the beloved geezers who are not pulling their weight, is a Muslim and probably a terrorist. And why do they believe all these stupid ideas? Because the Tea Baggers told ‘em so.

    Do we get to go back and discuss politics again? I’m bored with this Dodger team. They remind me of McCain… :)

  30. Badger says:

    I heard about 18% of the country believe Obama is a Muslim. Is it coincidence that that number is the same as Bush’s approval rating when he left office? I don’t think so. I think the dumbing down of America is in evidence with the Tea Party.

    Baseball? It’s just about done in Los Angeles.

    BTW, I checked out of theRH because of a certain know-it-all by the handle of zn. You just can’t tell that guy anything. But, I think I can tell you this, Rams will be competing for the first pick again.

    Let the football season begin.

  31. lawdog says:

    You know Zach Neruda too Badger? You’re right about his being a know it all who will argue about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin for weeks on end, but he’s generally right on most things Ram.

  32. Badger says:

    Yeah, I know him. I am the guy who was into it with him on whether or not Bradford has ever read a defense. Zach is bright, but he is stubborn. When he gets cornered, he comes out swinging, and leads with his intellect – doesn’t always apply to topic, but it always sounds good.

  33. tea bagger? hardly. I see Obama for what he is, a FRAUD. What has he done since he got the gift Nobel Prize? NOTHING!!!
    No more classes for me OH OBNOXIOUS ONE!!!
    Stop listening to Rachel Maddow and take a look at what Obama is doing to this economy. What he needs to do is get rid of Bernanke and the Head of the Treasury Geithner who are protecting Wall Street as Obama is. He has not policed Wall Street like he promised.
    Obama is a good talker, just not a good President. He’s a total salesman.
    BACK TO BASEBALL-check out what Bryan Smith from Fangraphs had to say about OUR ZACH LEE signing.

  34. Badger-I also don’t appreciate your tone in these comments. You don’t know me and I don;t know you. I offer my opinions on things, and you start calling names. How childish.

  35. Badger says:

    Tone? You don’t like my tone? In a chat room you are talking about tone?

    OK, do you even know what a tea bagger is? And if so, is that what you were referring to? I will wait for your response before I issue my apology.

    As for what Obama has done, I think it is clear you are from the right wing, and therefor not well read on the subject so, I will refer you to a place that has kept a record of all his campaign promises and where he stands on them. Many would be further along if he would just tell the right wing in this country to go f themselves, something he is too polite to do. Anyway, read up, then we can talk more intelligently about the subject, if Mark allows it:

  36. Badger says:

    Oh and one more thing small r ray, yeah, I do watch Rachel’s show occasionally, not tonight because the LL World Series is on, but the reason I do watch her? she is smart and incisive. She was a Rhodes Scholar and has a PhD in politics from Oxford University. O’Reilly has a MA I believe, in broadcast journalism, Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh all graduated from high school, I think.

    Anyway, yes, I admittedly like to listen to Rachel. She won’t be buffaloed by right wing propoganda, of which we had 8 long years.

  37. lawdog says:

    Apologize for what Badge? This Ray kid comes out spewing all kinds hate directed at Obama strictly as his opinion and doesn’t back up any of it with anything even remotely close to factual material. I thought you were rather kind to him.

    Maybe he’s confusing you with me. I’m the one who suggested that only a moron who was felony stupid would believe all those silly lies the right wing presents as truth about Obama again, with no facts, only lies, to back up the diatribe designed to stir up peoples emotions on the dark side.. Maybe he recognized himself in the picture I painted but blamed you, not me for accurately assessing his mental abilities and the fact he appears to be intellectually challenged to the extreme based on the content of what he’s posted..

    Are we really going to be able to talk politics here? I hope Mark let’s this continue since there isn’t much to say these days about our beloved Bums.

    They’re toasty.

  38. yes, I am talking tone, Badger. Why do you even question me?
    The fact that Maddow is educated means nothing to me. She can spew whatever she wants on television. CEOs of most firms are well educated, that doesn;t stop them from deceiving shareholders and fabricating results. The same goes for the leaders of our country. They are all crooks.
    Open your eyes to it. Obama is not the answer to the woes of this country. He is making things worse. That’s MY opinion Badger.

    I don’t hide behind a moniker like you Badger. You know my name. You choose to hide behind a moniker Badger and then you have the audacity to call me names….”small r ray”. Again childish. Grow up.

    “Go f themselves”? Really Badger?? are you serious? you can’t be serious. That shows the propaganda you have been listening to loud and clear. LOUD AND CLEAR.

    Quite frankly. I think this country needs a third political party, because the clowns that we have on both sides are out for themselves and their party….and THAT IS IT. They could care less about you and I. Talk to me in two years when the economy is in a much worse state than it is now. The market is being propped by the Fed, benefitting just the Wall Street firms.
    Remember May 6th? The day the market went down 1,000 points in a matter of minutes. It will happen again. Get used to it. Obama doesn;t have a worry, he will have a cushy job with Goldman in 2012.

  39. one more thing about Maddow and FOX….I watch none of them. They all have an agenda…..why listen? Viewers tune into them to hear what they want to hear….FOX to bash the Dems and MSNBC to bash the GOP.
    Didn’t Maddow recently call all Republicans racists? Did she learn that at Oxford, or did her advertisers who pay her salary insist upon that?

  40. Badger says:

    For the record, I really don’t care if you like my “tone”. I don’t like your attitude, but I won’t ask you to change it.

    And also for the record, I agree with you about Wall Street. Ask Mark, years ago I said repealing Glass/Staegall was an enormous mistake and would lead to corruption. You can thank your Republican Senate leadership for that bonehead move. Ever heard of Gramm Leach Bliley? No it’s not a double play combination. Look it up. Can’t believe Clinton fell for that one, but, it was a Republican Congress and he was going along to get along. The recent move by the Supreme Court to let corporations buy whover they want in office is another bonehead move by the Republican corporate owned politicians. It was “a green light to a new stampede of special interest money in our politics”. Morew corruption will ensue. If you really are where you say you are on this subject, you will agree with that point.

    If you weren’t such a newbie around here, you would know my name. I am not hiding behind anything. Don’t need to, those who know me know my background.

    As for the rest of your post, not worth commenting on.

  41. lawdog says:

    My real name is I.P. Freely and I’m the first string quarterback for the St. Louis SOSARS–even though I’d been retired from pro football for years before signing with those luvable lambs.

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