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Rant & Rave Friday

Rant & Rave Friday
  • Charlie Haeger cleared waivers (nobody, but nobody, wanted him).  That sums it up pretty well.
  • Andre Ethier will be a starter in the All-Star Game.  Good for him.
  • Other Dodgers who should be on the team:  Clayton Kershaw, Jon Broxton, Rafael Furcal.
  • 5 – The over and under on how many games Manny misses.  Vote now, vote often.
  • Casey Blake is better than you think and he’s better defensively than LaRoche.  Maybe Ned knew something we didn’t.  Josh Bell was called up after hitting just .266 at AAA.  Maybe the Dodgers had no 3B in the pipeline…
  • I though Andy LaRoche would be much better than what he has shown.
  • Raffy makes a huge difference on this team.  If he stays healthy, the Dodgers will be hard to beat.  He’s playing as well as he ever have.  EVER!
  • The D-Backs fired Hinch and Byrnes – WOW! is all I can say…  But, what I really dislike is that Dodger Legend, Kirk Gibson is now manager.  This is just wrong…
  • For those of you who think I hate Jon Broxton:  You can think what you want.  I like the Big Guy, I just think he melt’s down on the big stage too often.  Can he change that?  Andre Ethier did.  I used to rag on Andre…  Look, I run a business.  I own my own business and I manage people, and people who have talent, I often push harder.  Jon Broxton should be so much better than he is and that’s why it upsets me when he flames out.  Can he fix it?  Yes, Andre did.  Will he?  I don’t know.  I think his personality is as such that he is a “gentle giant.”  I think he lacks a “mean streak.”  So, if it makes you feel better that I irrationally hate JB, then think it.  I think it’s just as irrational to look only at “stats.”  Maybe Jon will “evolve,” but if he doesn’t, you will figure out later what I already know now!
  • Will the real Matt Kemp please step up?
  • For whatever it is worth, Cory Wade was outrighted to AAA, which opened up a roster spot.  I can think of no reason the Dodgers would do that now, except for a pending trade…
  • Cheryl needs to go.  Now!  Ditto on GA!

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16 Responses to “Rant & Rave Friday”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    Mark you are spot on today. Raffy is our spark plug, Kemp needed a minor mental adjustment, GA and Cheryl Lynn is taking up space and Big John is unhittable one minute and not the next. I will skip the other subject as I’ve already expressed my opinion enough on that one. I often wondered about Cory Wade until I saw his name mentioned the other day in Jared’s report at the inland empire 66er’s.
    I’m heading to the beach for the weekend. Everyone have a fun and safe 4th of July. GO BLUE

  2. Badger says:

    I agree with Cameron’s assessment on the dbacks – knee-jerk reaction to fire Byrnes. The dbacks are where they are not because of him, they actually have a good core group of young players and should be better than their record shows. I said weeks ago Hinch should go, but not Byrnes. Oh well. We will see how that works out, and it could benefit the Dodgers.

    I don’t agree about Kershaw on the All Star team. There are at least 15 starting pitchers with better numbers, and they will always have a few relievers on the squad too. You are thinking with blue goo again Mark.

    I got the over on Manny. Way over. It’s a long season.

    I agree about Broxton. If he refuses to learn a change up, then he needs to pitch inside, and I don’t think he has the onions to do it. Shame really. If he had a mean streak he would be really scary.

    Bell had 10 dingers and 44 RBI’s at AAA Mark. Not bad for a .266 hitter. Most of the guys in that league that had more HR’s and RBI’s were a few years older than Bell.

    Casey Blake is exactly as good as I think he is Mark. His numbers have been VERY consistent over the years. He is extremely predictable. I have no idea about how good his defense is, but he is not named amongst the best defenders in the league.

    Sherrill needs something. Maybe a change of scenery. Include him in the deal to get Lee.

  3. Ely's Coming, Better Hide Your Haeger says:

    Mark, in regards to Broxton. You say it’s irrational to only look at stats…. that may be true, but it’s equally irrational to totally disregard them as a basis for evaluating players. It has to be a combination of both.

    Broxton blew that game on Sunday…. but he also saved the game the night before against the same team, facing the same players, in practically the same situation.

    That’s all I’m saying

  4. lawdog says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t believe you when you say you actually like Broxton Mark. If you liked the guy and felt he had value, you wouldn’t explode the day after a poor outing when he didn’t have his stellar stuff and demand we designate him for assignment. Just the other day you wanted to either throw him away completely, for free), or trade him for a moldy cupcake. Now he’s got value and those of us who interpreted your rant to mean you didn’t like him as a player are mistaken?

    Your words today must don’t ring true. I think it’s much more likely that your true feelings were expressed in your thread the other day when you described him as worse than totally worthless.

  5. lawdog says:

    that’s “just don’t ring true”, not “must don’t ring true”.

  6. Jaydavis says:

    Can somebody explain Wade being outrighted to AAA what does tha mean another team can claim he?

  7. Bootz says:

    Kemp needs to get his act together – once his “diva” girlfriends dumps him, he’ll come back to life.

    Martin and Sherill need to be packaged in a deal for simply anything, or sent to the salvation army.

    GA needs to go.

    DeWitt needs to be benched in favor of Carrol.

    Torre needs to be benched for a manager with common sense. Guys ego is as inflated as Kemps.

    Do not trade for relief help, it can be fixed in house and with coaching. We don’t want another Sherill next year, at the cost of a good prospect.

    Carlos Santana….

  8. Jared Massey says:

    Hu has a boo boo. Will undergo surgery on his left thumb.

  9. Bootz says:

    Phillies aren’t making the playoffs this year, this is the Dodgers chance.

  10. Mark Timmons says:

    Ely and Lawdog,

    Nothing would make me happier than to see J-Brox be all he can be. That’s why I am so hard on him. The more talent you are given, the more that is expected from you. If he had a good off-speed pitch and/or could pitch inside, he’d be unhittable. However, when he melts down, he melts down. Every batter hits him when he’s in that funk. That’s impossible unless you are a mental midget… and I think he might be.


    Yes, he shut the Yanks down the night before, but in the instant case, it was Sunday Night Baseball and the Dodgers were trying to take the series. There was a lot more pressure in that game than in the Saturday one. That’s when he is most likely to fail.

  11. Mark Timmons says:


  12. Ely's Coming, Better Hide your Heart says:

    Sorry Mark, the Yankees are the Yankees and Saturday’s game was on Fox in primetime… more viewers than on ESPN… remember there’s a major difference between cable and network.

    Both games were equally important and pressure filled, in my opinion.

  13. Kevin says:

    Sorry Raffy is great but he has no business being an allstar. He hasn’t even played enough to qualify as a league leader!!!!!

  14. Michael says:

    I’ll take the over. Think they’ll DL him Monday and he will be eligible to return the first game after the All-Star break. I voted for Raffy on my only ballot. Whats up with these hats? My opinion is the Sunday night game was far bigger, it was rub their nose in it.

  15. Mark Timmons says:


    The Saturday game was regional. Not on in most of the Midwest. I’d like to see the ratings.

  16. lawdog says:

    Figures may not lie, but liars figure.


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