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Ned Pulls The Trigger

Ned Pulls The Trigger

I really though the Dodgers would become sellers after the Dodgers dropped 7 games back, but what do I know?  The Sellers became Buyers and they got quite a lot.  In the past couple of days they have added Octavio Dotel, Ryan Theriot, Ted Lilly and Scott Podsednik, all vets, to their roster.  Let’s take a quick look at the newcomers:

  • Octavio Dotel – He is an experienced right-hander for the pen and has 104 career saves.  While not “all that” he can be another solid set-up man for the Dodgers pen.  I like his addition, and I might add, that while none of the moves are huge in and of themselves, collectively they can help the Dodgers quite a lot.
  • Ryan Theriot - I have always like Ryan Theriot.  I like his grit and style of play.  I also like the fact that he is a good shortstop – someone who can step in if Rafael Furcal is traded or goes down with an injury.  He will be the Dodgers regular 2B with Jamey Carrol becoming a super-sub and pinch-hitter, which is what he should be.  Matthew Whipps of The Diamond Cutter has this to say about Ryan Theriot:

Scouting Report: Theriot is just the kind of pesky hitter you want at the top of your lineup. In fact, he’s a perfect number two hitter as he not only makes pitchers work, he can also play small ball and move runners over. Theriot does a fantastic job working counts, making pitchers work to get him out and constantly draws walks (on-base machine). He is a shining example of a contact hitter and stays inside the ball very well which allows him to drive the ball to right and right center field. He has virtually no power at all but that isn’t his game so it isn’t a big deal. Very speedy on the base paths and a good base stealer. This really helps out the 3-4-5 hitters after him as the pitcher tends to become distracted with him. Then if they focus on the hitter, he’ll steal a base.

Theriot is a steady glove with steady hands at shortstop with a very smooth transition to the ball. Goes up the middle to track down balls in play much better than in the hole on the left side. Has the tendency to not charge in on balls which sometimes comes back to bite him on bad hops. He doesn’t have the best arm in the world but he is accurate on his throws. Not a flashy player at all, just an overall good guy to have on your team.

  • Ted Lilly – This guy is a solid #3 or #4 Starter, but he only has to be a #5 for the Dodgers.  It has been mentioned that he has given up a lot of home-runs (19) this year, but most (14) have been at Wrigley Field, which skews the stat.  He has posted double digits in wins the past 7 years, with 17 being his high.  He sported a 3.10 ERA last year.  With the awful season being produced by the Cubs, I think it’s safe to say that Lilly and Theriot could have a re-surgance by coming to the Dodgers.
  • Scott Podesdnik – At first blush, I wasn’t excited to get him, but he’s speedy, as great base-runner, and has a career OB% of .341 (not bad, not great).  He is capable of better and has posted better numbers on a given year (.379 was his best year).  I also know he has a hot wife (Lisa Dergan).    I think the Dodgers got him in case Manny can’t come back, or if they trade Manny.  He is a very good LF on defense but has a Juan Pierre-sque arm.

Here’s what I think:  It’s likely that Manny will be traded after he comes off the DL – he will clear waivers and someone like the White Sox will pony up a good prospect for him.  Has it ever occurred to anyone that the Dodgers might move their best hitter (Rafael Furcal) to the #3 spot?  What about this lineup:

  1. Podsednik – LF
  2. Theriot – 2B
  3. Furcal – SS
  4. Ethier  - RF
  5. Kemp – CF
  6. Loney – 1B
  7. Martin – C
  8. Blake – 3B

Finally, the Dodgers gave up some decent prospects to get these players, but that’s the price you have to pay.  I hated to see Blake DeWitt go, but when you hit with no power, you better be able to steal 30 bases and DeWitt wasn’t that guy.  Chicago will be a good place for him – he’ll hit with more power and he’s closer to home.  Good Luck Blake!

And As I write this, I tend to lose all hope, because we still have Jon Broxton, who is the biggest choke artist in the NL!  Ned, you blew your chance to trade him.

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14 Responses to “Ned Pulls The Trigger”

  1. Michael says:

    You really hit the nail on the head Mark. All the moves in the world can be undone by one fat pitch from the arsonist. If he is in the game in the 8th inning, it’s dire straits. Oh course Chad M will fall on his sword for him but it doesn’t matter, we know.

  2. DRomo says:

    This team is circlng the drain!!!

    I am a huge Chad Bills critic, BUT Chad showed heart today going on short rest. Broxton killed us again.

    Lets get serious here fellas, we play SF tomorrow and then see SD at home. Unless we sweep them all we are toast. And with ATL and Philly on the road next week our chances are slim and none and slim is waiting at the station.

    With a whole month to play anything can happen but I will be shocked if this team can make it happen in 2010.

    Money says Manny hits the waivers tomorrow.Who will buy our broken dreams?

  3. Mark Timmons says:


    Yeah, according to that blog’s writers, I have an “irrational hatred of Broxton.” Dudes have no clue!

  4. Badger says:

    I think that description of Theriot could have been written about Jamey Carroll. While I like Theriot, I don’t see him as an upgrade over what we already have out there.

    Lilly will help. What also helps is, he is bringing some $ for the cash strapped Dodgers.

    Dotel? uh…. ok. Over 4 ERA and WHIP that is average. I don’t know what happened to McDonald, but, the Dodgers couldn’t get it figured out. And now that Lambo is out of the organization, maybe somebody over there can get him figured out as well.

    Management has sent a message to the players on the field – THIS is the year. What must happen now to make the play-offs? Manny, Kemp, Martin and Ethier must show up. If they don’t, the Dodgers won’t.

    On a 3-2 count Broxton throws a fastball right down the middle. Gee, couldn’t see that one coming.

    I;m on record, the new guys won’t make the difference. It’s up to the guys who have been here.

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    Carroll doesn’t have the speed and is 6 or 7 years older than Theriot. Carroll has been great filling in, but at his age he will hit .245 if he get 550 AB’s.

  6. Bobby says:

    good post mark.

    from a totally objective point of view, all these guys can help a team. they arent impact guys, but they for sure can help. they wont send us on a 10 game winning streak, but they’ll help with it as role players. i also wont cry about losing anybody, except maybe wallach, as he had a good 1st half. i never cared for dewitt, lambo is gona be avg at best, and jmac is useless.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I didn’t see the game (blacked out in NY), but from the description I read elsewhere, and what Badger said, Broxton predictably threw a fastball down the middle. This has nothing to do with choking. It has to do with a pitcher who no longer throws the nasty slider he used to have, and is unable to throw anything but the fastball for a strike.

    Broxton doesn’t choke. Let’s get this right. Broxton throws a fastball that is as straight as an arrow, and which is eminently hittable if the hitter is looking for it in a specific location. Why these issues haven’t been addressed by Honeycutt and company is anyone’s guess.

    And by the way, why was Broxton bought in in the 8th? Hasn’t Kenley Jansen shown enough to be trusted to get one hitter? And keep in mind that Burrell has never seen Jansen. Doesn’t that count for anything? Torre finally has depth at the back of the pen, and yet he still planned to use Broxton for a 4-out save.

    I’m not sure the new guys won’t make a difference, but how much of a difference is another question. And yes, unless the guys that have been here begin to step it up, we ain’t goin’ nowhere. However, chances are that the Dodgers didn’t give up a whole lot, at least nothing that can’t be replaced by younger players in the farm system’s pipeline, and offseason moves.

    From what Coletti said today, it appears to me that he is willing to move Manny, but is not willing to give him away. It’s probably possible that he will be moved in August, especially if the Dodgers don’t make any appreciable progress in the standings. Things may get clearer as we move further into August.

  8. Ely's Coming, Better Hide Your Haeger says:

    I’m one of the biggest Dodger homer’s on this board. I love this team and I’ll continue to love them. I also think there’s a really small chance we can overcome and make the playoffs, even though I’d be shocked.

    We have a weak farm system, that only got weaker with these trades. Trading for Lilly would’ve been fine if he wasn’t a rental. Ryan Theriot is the exact same as Blake DeWitt except 6 years older and his stats have declined every year. Blake DeWitt hasn’t reached his potential yet. He could end up being a really good player in his career. He’s only finishing his 2nd full season.

    Octavio Dotel is decent, but we gave up too much for him. Last year James McDonald was our number one rated pitcher in the minor leagues. He’s been better than Dotel in the bullpen and we gave them Lambo as well. We gave up a cheaper, more effective reliever and a prospect for someone worse.

    I’m okay with the Podsednik trade. Pimintel is up and down in AA… it’s way to early to tell about him…. and Lucas May never projected to be a starting catcher…. so I can live without him. I like Scotty Podsednik.

    As far as the game went today, Broxton blew it, but if we can’t score more than one run a game…. we have no business winning anything anyways. Our issues right now aren’t pitching.. we don’t hit…. and since we can’t afford to trade for any hitters….

    We should’ve either done nothing or sold.

    We didn’t and unless we can replenish our farm system in the winter… we’re going to be in trouble…. regardless of who the owner, general manager, or field manager is.

    I’m very lucky I root for the logo on the front of the jersey, instead of the one on the back. I can shake off my disappointment in five minutes after something I don’t like happens

  9. Badger says:

    “Carroll doesn’t have the speed and is 6 or 7 years older than Theriot”

    True, but Theriot has been thrown out stealing 6 times this year. Carroll? None.

    “at his age he will hit .245 if he get 550 AB’s.”

    Maybe. Maybe not. But I still say what I read up there about Theriot is describing EXACTLY what Carroll is doing this year for us. Where would we be without him? We might be 8 games back and in fourth place if it weren’t for Jam….. nevermind.

    Broxton threw a fastball on a 3-2 count and it caught most of the middle inside – right in Burrell’s wheelhouse. It was a 96 mph fastball with a 3″ break. If that pitch had been an 86 mph change-up?

    We scored 1 run people. 1. We were 3 for 29. We did not deserve to win this one.

    We got no impact guys and we didn’t get them for obvious reasons. We cannot afford them. I just read from Olney we added $3 million in payroll, which frankly surprises me.

    Who knows, maybe Ethier comes back and hits .350 to end the season the way he started it. Maybe Manny comes back and finishes with a .500 slg. % and .300 average. And maybe Kemp gets his head out of his ass. If these things happen, we have a shot.

  10. Harold says:

    I expect we have improved in the short term with Lilly and Dotel added to the staff. Lilly will probably be gone next year as a FA and Dotel will be 37 so they don’t project much for the future.

    As far as Podsednik is concerned he is like two peas in a pod with JP. Many didn’t like JP in our lineup but seem to think we have added a lot with Podsednik. Check their career stats in Baseball and you will find JP leads Scott in almost every category batting and fielding. With Manny gone, if that is possible, we have a JP type player back in LF. I’m not saying that is bad as I always liked what JP could give – his all. So does Scott. I’m just saying I don’t think we have upgraded much with a light hitting outfielder.

    I also don’t think we have improved much with Theriot over Dewitt. Defensively perhaps but I can’t see that we have improved much going into next year with Theriot at second base. Dewitt was like a rookie at 2B so his fielding and I expect his power will improve. Neither Podsednik or Theriot are difference makers.

    I’m not sure we have hurt our farm system much as question marks surround most of the guys traded. We have not traded our best prospects. I think Lambo definitely cooked his goose with his drug situation so a new setting might be best for all. McDonald can also use a new setting which offers some stability.


  11. SpokaneBob says:

    There are a couple of factors that may come into play. Each of the players we got came from teams out of contention. They are vets which is what Torre and Ned seem to like. They may step up their game playing for a contender.

    Also, I expect that if he can, Manny will play the rest of the season for a new contract. I think he will be more motivated than he has been and I would just keep him and see what happens. If we are going to do anything we need him as well as the rest of our starters to play at the top of their games.

  12. mikec says:

    Wow, lotsa dumbness here.

    Theriot does not walk a lot. His offensive value is mediocre and entirely dependent on hitting gobs of singles.

    He is a bad shortstop. He only played it for the Cubs because of a bad choice betw him and the execrable R Cedeno, and no one else emerging after Cedeno was sent away. Theriot has limited range, a weak arm, cannot make a play in the deep hole, cannot make the charge-and-throw play either. He is barely okay defensively at 2B.

  13. Badger says:


    I don’t see it, so, it must include me.

    Theriot is by the accounts I read, not a “bad” shortstop. He is decent, but not great. I think he is better than DeWitt, but, that much better? I just don’t know. I do know that it seems bats seem to go to sleep once they reach the laid back Los Angeles Dodger dugout. I look for both Podsednik and Theriot’s averages to drop now that they are Dodgers.

  14. Idaho al says:

    I agree with most of you on the trades. We gained a little, but not enough to make the difference. Collectively they will help some. Lilly could be a good surprise. I do not think DeWitt was ever given a chance to be the full time second baseman. We lost some pretty good prospects.

    However, the main problem is that ownership does not have any money. Almost all of the reports on TV said that the Dodgers could not take on any more salary. That is why we received some fringe players and no impact players.

    I do not understand the use of Jansen. If you are going to bring him up, then play him. He pitched twice and looked good both times to me. I know Joe does not like rookies, but what the heck. Anything has to better than Sherrill.


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