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Top Ten Things Wrong With The Dodgers

Top Ten Things Wrong With The Dodgers

I will preface what I am about to say, by stating that the Dodgers are capable of reeling off a 15 game winning streak!

Matt Kemp's Addiction

  1. Jon Broxton can be a great closer, but he just lacks the “C” in closer, which makes him a loser.  According to some pin-headed bloggers (Jon Weisman not included), I have an irrational hatred of Broxton.   You are entitled to your own opinion and you are just as entitled to be a moron.  ”Broxton is great, look at his stats, la,la, la, la.”  You are fine.  Take your Prozac, Carry on!  Dig this:  Broxton needs to be traded.  NOW!
  2. Rhianna!  The sooner she dumps Kemp, the sooner he heads to superstardom!  No explanation necessary.
  3. Manny Ramirez needs to just go away.  He doesn’t want to play the field.  Even Ray Charles can see that!  Trade him to the Yanks or Tampa Bay.  Do it now!  X-Paul in LF makes us better. Live with it.  (I TOLD YOU THE DODGERS SHOULDN’T HAVE SIGNED MANNY, DIDN’T I?)
  4. Cheryl and Anderson. They must go.  End of story!
  5. Russell Martin needs to quit being a slugger and just be Russell Martin. Don’t be an idiot, Russ.  Let me re-phrase that:  Stop being and idiot, Russ!
  6. Will the real Ronald Belisario Stand Up?  If he can’t come back strong, the Dodgers are screwed!
  7. Can Ramon Troncoso re-discover his outstanding sinker?  (See Ronald Belisario)
  8. Kenley Jansen needs to be in the Dodgers bullpen.  End of story!  What are you waiting for, Ned?
  9. Joe Torre needs to be sipping Mint Julips at the Kentucky Derby and taking his Geritol with his Bigelow Tea.  His fire is gone.  Stick a fork in him, he’s done!  Ditto on Mattingly, Bowa, Schafer, Pentland and Honeycutt – It’s time for a new perspective!
  10. If Frank McCourt doesn’t allow the Dodgers to get a  #1 or #2 Starter, then he has to go.  I have defended the fact that he would spend to get an arm, and with Broxton as a trading chip, he should be able to get Roy Oswalt.  If that doesn’t happen, then I hope Jamie’s argument is ruled upon favorably and the Dodgers will be sold.


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7 Responses to “Top Ten Things Wrong With The Dodgers”

  1. Badger says:

    If Broxton is the loser you claim him to be, who would want him trade?

    Answer: about 28 ML teams, that’s who. They have pitching coaches that could make him unhittable. We obviously don’t, so, go ahead and trade him.

    I have little problem with the rest of what you said.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Broxton does NOT need to be traded. He needs an effective second pitch. Will he get it? It’s anybody’s guess, but he used to have a swing and miss slider. I don’t know where it’s gone, but it’s probably in there somewhere. A third pitch wouldn’t hurt either. You can’t win without a closer, and I believe Broxton is one. And don’t think that Kenley Jansen can arrive just like that and be the closer. The big leagues are a lot different than AA. And as I’ve stated before, this team lacks a truly reliable 8th inning guy. That might be just the place to break Jansen in. Or have you forgotten how the Dodgers shut down opposing teams when they had Broxton and Saito in the 8th and 9th?

    I’ll skip Rhianna. Besides, I’m not sure she has anything to do with it.

    Manny does need to go. Ditto Cheryl and Anderson.

    Russell Martin is the moron you’re talking about above. I’m not sure how much of it is him, and how much is a manager and coaching staff that refuses to address his issues. The talent is in there, someone needs to get it out, or he needs to be gone.

    Belisario. I don’t have a clue. But when he is around, it’s clear that he also needs an offspeed pitch. Even with movement, it’s hard to get by with just a fastball, unless you’re Mariano Rivera, and your fastball is a natural cutter.

    Troncoso might be the victim of Torre’s bullpen abuse. But then again, so was Cory Wade. Can he come back and be good again? My guess is as good as yours.

    While Torre is the manager I don’t want to see Kenley Jansen anywhere near Dodger Stadium. See Ramon Troncoso and Cory Wade above.

    Torre needs to be gone, and the same for McCourt, no matter who the Dodgers acquire. This is about more than acquiring a pitcher or two. It’s about having an owner willing to invest heavily in every aspect of this organization. That includes spending on both the big league roster and on the acquisition of amateur talent.

    Nice game by Billingsley tonight. I don’t recall ever seeing him keep the ball down as well as he did tonight.

  3. Long Live Vin says:

    I have the unfortunate perspective of watching my beloved Dodgers on the Giants network. So I have to sit through 9 innings of homers Kuiper and Krukow. As much as I can’t stand them, the night Broxton blew the save, they (Giants) were salivating at the speed gun and Broxton’s decreased speed. All of the Giants in the dugout were lined up on the rail and smiling…like they knew some secret scouting report. They (announcers) called it before he even through a pitch…I was beside myself. My question is: if the opposing team knows Broxton’s down to 92, 93 mph…why in the hell are we sending him up there? Either he needs to rest, or he’s losing his stuff. Please advise.

  4. tarball says:

    The Dodger pitching philosophy does not help Broxton out! The entire world knows that Dodger pitchers come “outside”, especially with two strikes on the hitter.

    If I’m throwing 97MPH plus, I would be “inside” 85% of the time.
    It’s the same story for all the “hard” throwers. Koufax, Drysdale, Gibson Seaver, Ryan . . . . . they never did the hitters a favor by pitching “outside”, especially with two strikes.

    A “junkball” pitcher, yes. . . . . go “outside”! Guys like Broxton, Kuo, even Billingsley, should be “inside”.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I agree that Broxton needs to pitch inside more, but not 85% of the time. I prefer he mix it up. And he also needs to pitch upstairs more, and change the eye level of hitters. But as I’ve noted ad nauseum, he needs something to complement his straight as an arrow fastball.

  6. Badger says:

    Thank you tarball. You are absolutely right! I have said before and I will say it again – high and tight low and away. The big guy needs to establish the inside. The league is on to him right now. And why his velocity is down is anybody’s guess, but 93 might be enough if he had a cutter, change-up and pitched inside.

    Guys, the reason Torre has had to use the bullpen so often is because our starters can’t go 7. Remember early on when Kershaw and Bills both had 100 pitches by the 5th inning? And the rest of the staff is a bunch of “who knows how many innings tonight” throwers. I don’t see the bullpen use as all Torre’s fault, though some of it is. And as was noted yesterday, Broxton is on pace for 69 innings this year. You can’t say that is overuse. I can say I don’t like using him for two innings, but some games need to be closed in the 8th. I have no problem using him then, but only for one inning. And Kuo is certainly and effective 8th inning guy.

    This is a team that has the people to get it done when they are all on the field and all playing to their potential. We have only seen that for stretches this year, and who knows, we may not see it for the rest of the year. We need Manny back, we need Kemp and Martin to play well, and we need Casey Blake to hit his 18 home runs, get his 75 RBI’s and reach his .265 career average. It wouldn’t hurt to have another Randy Wolf or Jon Garland to eat up some 4.0 innings either.

    I haven’t given up, but I have no problem with getting an infusion of young talent in this organization. Whatever we do, it had better be done soon. 1 week to go.


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