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Everyone seems to use the W.I.N. philosophy in business, in sales and motivation, but I don’t see that acronym much applied in sports.

On the way out the door?

What’s Important Now is something the Dodgers need to focus on.  Their hitting (actually the lack thereof) is the direct result of ignoring the Don Mattingly Plan which is to work the count, expose the pitcher and capitalize on high pitch counts.  Here’s what I think is important:

  • Listen to Mattingly and work those counts.
  • Quit being “homerun happy” – a string of hits can break a pitchers back JUST AS QUICK AS A HOME RUN.
  • Find something to do with that sloth in LF – The Dodgers Cannot win with Manny Ramirez in LF – PERIOD!  I tried to tell you all that the Dodgers should not have signed him. I think he can still hit – as a DH in the ALNed can move him because his salary is low, but he will have to “eat” the deferred money.  The Dodgers simply have to move him.  I think the Yankees would give up a decent prospect for him – shoot, I’d take Javier Vasquez for him.    They could use a DH like Manny and I think that might be just the ticket.  I would not be opposed to using the X-MAN and Reed Johnson in RF.  I think we would be a better team.  It’s time to cut bait!

Justin Miller has been a nice addition to the pen.  He’s a guy who can pitch 2 innings in the 6th or the 7th and do a credible job, leaving Beliasrio and Kuo for later.  Sherrill and Padilla pitched well last night at IE (see Jared’s Minor League Report).  The Dodgers pitching is in great shape right now and Kuroda pitched well enough to win… and might have without that sloth in LF.

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5 Responses to “W.I.N.”

  1. Badger says:

    Yeah, you told us. But he sure did change the team for a few months didn’t he? Then, the roid bust. Now why didn’t that happen to Bonds? No, he gets to stay on the field, pumped up like Hanz & Franz carrying the Gints to a WS. Oh well.

    But, you are right. Manny is now a .270 hitting 20 HR guy. Not exactly $25 million worth of production is it. And, not exactly deadline trading bait either – unless of course we do Pierre/Jones deal and swallow his contract.

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    I don’t think we can win with him in LF. The glove outweighs the bat.

    You are stretching it to think that he can his 20 HR. I’d say 15 Max!

  3. Jdavis says:

    Bla bla bla bla we can’t WIN with ManRam whatever dude I wanted the dodgers to sign CC but onething Manny changes the lineup maybe a move in the lineup might change things. I enjoy watching ManRam play it’s not the same as two years ago though
    If Casey Blake is out does that mean We’ll see DeWitt at 3b?

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m already on record that the sloth in LF appears to be showing his age or is in need of his chemical cuisine, or both. I agree that we should trade him, if possible. However, at this stage I would be happy to do it for a bag of balls and whatever is left on this years contract. Furthermore, if that’s not possible, then I say release him, because he’s ultimately, if not already, going to become a cancer on this team. As for the deferred money, we eat that whether he goes or stays. Paul and Johnson would at least give us defense, and very possibly more offense. At least we wouldn’t have either one of them killing the cleanup spot in our lineup.

    I agree that the hitters have to start working the counts. I’ve seen an awful lot of swings lately on pitches out of the strike zone, by multiple hitters. How dumb is Russell Martin? You would think by now that he would have figured out that he is a far superior hitter when just trying to hit the ball through the middle. Doing that would allow him to hit the ball to all fields, depending on where the ball is pitched. Instead, he’s extremely pull conscious, and swings overly hard. Makes no sense, and until I see him doing otherwise, I’m going to maintain my opinion that he’s just plain dumb, or stubborn, or both.

    Last year Loney drew 70 walks in 576 ABs, and struck out 68 times. This year he’s drawn 13 walks and struck out 34 times in 210 ABs. The numbers speak for themselves. Throw in a continued lack of power, and I’m beginning to believe that we could use an upgrade at first base, even though I expect that at some point Loney will get hot, because he usually does.

    DeWitt is in a slump at 2B, but I have hope that he will eventually come out of it. Over the long haul I believe he’s OK, but if something better comes along, that’s OK too.

    Have Furcal’s injuries over the last several years taken there toll? Maybe so. I think we’ll have to wait and see with him, but I would like to see him replaced ASAP. Gordon is a big question mark for next year. He didn’t start playing baseball until high school, and is still pretty green at this stage. Also, I’m not sure how he’s progressed defensively. He’s got the rest of this season, and winter ball to grow as a player. Maybe he’s ready next year, maybe not.

    Blake has done OK at 3B, but I would definitley like to see an upgrade there. Also, he’s been getting injured a bit more this year, and perhaps his age is beginning to show.

    Kemp and Ethier are fine, although Kemp still needs refinements in his game to take him over the top.

    I would love to see us get a Lee or Oswalt (depending on the price), but if there is an impact bat out there at the trading deadline, that could be just as important.

  5. Mark Timmons says:


    The Dodgers could have CC instead of Manny, but everyone was begging for Manny. Bad move. I said it then and I am telling you I told you so.

    I took a lot of heat from a lot of young punks who though they knew it all. I said it, I meant it and I was here to represent it and now they are gone with their tails between their legs.


    I did not like the Raffy signing either, but he may be OK the rest of this year. He looked excellent this Spring. I worry about next year.


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