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Think Again…

Think Again…
  • I’ll be in I agreement with Joe Torre that Carlos Monasterios is the “odd-man-out” of the rotation. He will be better served and

    Fake or Real Deal?

    better serve the Dodgers as a long-man in the pen when Padilla is activated on Friday.  The question is, who comes off the roster?  It will probably be Justin Miller, which means we will probably lose him, but it should be Garrett Anderson!  That should be a no-brainer.

  • Josh Lindblom is back at AAA as a reliever - this is what he is, folks!  Give him a few tune-up games and he’ll be up with the big club.  This kid will impact the pennant race this year.  He has 4 pitches and throws up to 97 MPH out of the pen.
  • Kyle Russell? I have no opinion.  I didn’t put him in my Top 10 Prospect List, but here is what I can tell you about him that I like:  He’s a bigger, stronger, more athletic version of Mark Reynolds with more power than Mark Reynolds ever thought about having. He may not bee good enough to play CF in the majors, but he’s close and he would be a plus defender at either corner spot.  Now, here’s the puzzling part:  Reynolds never struck out much in the minors.  Can Russell make it in the majors?  I can’t say, but I can say that is a intriguing possibility. I think he will struggle for a while and will figure it out… or not!
  • So, how do the free agents that the Dodgers missed out on look right now?  Do you still think Free Agency is great for anyone but the players?
    • Orlando Hudson was OPS’ing  .799 when he returned to the DL .  Blake DeWitt, who has not really shined as yet, is OPS’ing .737.  $8 mil more for O-Dog?  Are you an ignorant savage?
    • $120 mil would have gotten Matt Holiday – he’s on pace for 16 HR/65 RBI and a .289 BA while hitting .205 with RISP.
    • You could have gotten Chone Figgins for $36 MIL, which is more than Casey Blake, and you would have gotten a .228 BA.
    • If you had spent $82.5 mil for John Lackey you would have a pitcher who has a 4.54 ERA and strikes out 4.9 batters every 9 innings and walks 3.9 batters every 9 innings.
    • Jason Bay has 4 HR and 26 RBI… all for a cool $66 mil deal!
  • The Great Lakes Loons of the Dodgers farm system which is allegedly devoid of talent  has 7 players on the Mid-West League All-Star Team.  They are Jerry Sands (first base) and Christian Lara (shortstop), while Loons infielder Rafael Ynoa and outfielder Angelo Songco will be dressed as reserves.  The three pitchers are right-handers Will Savage, Luis Vasquez and Allen Webster. The team does not include Justin Miller who is 4-0 with a 1.36 ERA.
  • Pablo Sandoval recently grounded into his NL-leading 16th double play. Stretched out over 162 games, that’s 43 GIDPs for the Kung Fu Panda, which puts him on pace to shatter Jim Rice’s All-Time record of 36 GIDPs in 1984.   Sandoval, who is listed on the Giants’ website at 245 pounds, may be quick “for a big man,” but he’s never going to be quick enough to leg out a ball hit deep in the hole at shortstop. Last winter, the team put him on a strict diet and exercise regimen dubbed “Operation Panda,” an intense shape-up program that Sandoval started in earnest before heading home to Venezuela for a stint in winter ball. Supposedly, he weighed his portions and logged his workouts. He turned down his former staples of pizza and McDonald’s in favor of fruit plates and turkey sandwiches on wheat bread. He even passed on his mom’s famous lasagna. Yet he still showed up to spring training at 262 pounds.  He also lacks plate discipline. After a hot start, opposing pitchers discovered that, in addition to cheeseburgers and fries, Panda can’t lay off the high heat. In fact, he’s just not very selective at all. Opposing pitchers are throwing ground ball pitches to Sandoval in situations that favor double plays and he’s obliging them in super-sized bunches.  He’s at .282 (which may be close to his weight…. and dropping.
  • Great article about Chad Billingsley’s dad HERE.
  • I’ll be reporting from Cincinnati the next three games.

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15 Responses to “Think Again…”

  1. Badger says:

    Man, you can sure create stats that show you to be a genius and the rest of us as “ignorant savages”. You are the master at that.

    1. Russell has “more power than Mark Reynolds ever thought of having”. So does Chris Snee and I’ll bet he can’t hit AA pitching either. You want to dis Mark Reynolds, there are more intelligent ways of doing it.

    2. Orlando Hudson will still score more runs than anyone in our infield, even with being on the DL part of the season. Being on the DL is no dishonor. If it were, many Dodgers would be ducking in shame.

    3. Seattle has not been good to hitters.

    4. Who in here actually wanted Lackey or Holliday? Not for what they were asking.

    5. Great Lake Loons? Does it really matter? When those guys actually get into a league where future Major Leaguers are playing, then tell me what it is they are accomplishing.

    6. Pablo Sandoval is younger than Kyle Russell and probably even younger than some of those Loons. Sandoval is already a .320 career hitter in the Major Leagues. Dis him if it makes you feel better, but he is a better natural hitter at 23 than anyone we got.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Kyle Russell must be awful strong if your comment above is correct. Mark Reynolds is one of the strongest players I have ever seen. I’ve seen him drive balls very deep to opposite field with less than perfect contact.

    And Badger, in spite of what you said earlier, 7 months younger is a big deal when you also have one year less professional experience. I was talking about the combination of the two, but you thought it OK to be selective. But that’s no different than dumping on my apples and oranges comment, when you know full well what that expression means. Then again, maybe not. You apparently didn’t know a while back that I was referring to the validity of remarks you made when I said that they didn’ wash.

    Kyle Russell????? I said that I thought he was suspect. Like Mark, I simply don’t know what he is ultimately going to bring to the table.

  3. Mark Timmons says:

    1. That wasn’t a “dis” at Reynolds, just a fact. Russell can hit them further and higher and harder than Reynolds. I mean, he’s about a foot taller…

    2. But for $7 mil more?

    3. Yeah, Ichiro can’t hit there either, and Figgins is a similar hitter. ;)

    4. Agreed

    5. Of course it matters, they will be in AA and AAA soon enough – not all but some.

    6. I’ll say that Sandoval can “out-eat” Russell – he’s an Angel Pena clone!

  4. Michael says:

    Wow man, Bills to the DL. You think James reads those Joey comparisons? Hope so, mano a mano. I always despised the Reds, the little fire engine that could. Pete, little Joe AKA “Mr. Know it all”. Blue vs. Red. I bleed blue. Hope you are bringing the Karma with you Mark. Nice clip of Andre doing some work in the dugout on his bat over at Kevin Malone. Play Ball

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    Last year they messed around with Bills injury. This year they ain’t messing!

  6. Mark Timmons says:


    Russell has Kingman-esque power.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Playing the Reds. How do “they” look?

    The Reds are playing better than the Dodger, and they really have their fans excited, like it has been years for them. A good friend of mine, life-time Reds fan, came to me on Sunday to thank me and the Dodgers for taking 3 straight from the Cardinals; “because it really help his Reds out.”

    Do the Reds have better players than the Dodgers? Interesting question. So I looked at their line-up:

    1. They are second in batting average out of the 30 teams. One point below the Yankees at .279. The Dodgers are hitting 9th overall, at .265; about 15 point less.

    2. The Reds have 79 HRs. That is 4th in the majors, behind the Blue Jays, Red Sox and Brewers; they are 101, 84, 80, & 79. The Dodgers are 24th in baseball with 48, or 31 behind the Reds.

    3. The Reds are 4th in RBIs with 317 this season, behind the Red Sox, Yankees, and Rays (with 338, 338, 322). The Dodgers are 15th with 275 or 42 runs less.

    4. Slugging Average, the Reds are 2nd in baseball with .457 and the Dodgers are 19th .407 (you can do the math here).

    Pitching wise:

    1. Dodgers ERA is 4.08, Reds 4.52.

    2. Strikeouts – Reds have 436, Dodgers 486.

    3. Complete games by starter, Dodgers have zero, Reds have 3.

    4. Giving up HRs by pitchers, Dodgers 51, Reds 61.

    For individual playing, the Reds have some interesting stats –

    Rolen at 3b is hitting .313 with 14 HRs, and 45 RBIs.

    Phillips at 2b is hitting .313 with 8 HRs and 23 RBIs.

    Votto at 1b is hitting .306 with 13 HRs and 41 RBIs.

    They seem to be playing 2 catchers, one hitting .351 the other .292.

    Their pitching records show

    Leake at 5-0, Cueto at 6-1, Arroyo at 5-3, and Harang at 5-5.

    Their closer is Cordero with 17 saves and a record of 2-3.

    Oh yes, one more thing, the Reds are in 1st place in the N.L. Central, 1 game ahead of the Cardinals and 8 games over the Cubies.

    So the Dodgers have their work cut out for them in this next series. And the Giants have just tied the Dodgers and Padres with 27 losses. The Rockies are only 3 games back in the lost column – this seems to be a 4 way race all the way.

  8. Badger says:

    I wasn’t dumping on your comment Brooklyn, I was being clever and witty. It’s what I do in here. Don’t take everything so personally. This is a chat room, not a graduate school writing class.

    And 7 months is nothing. Unless of course you are talking about the difference between Pablo Sandoval and Lara, Songco and Vasquez – all those Low A Loons that are “All Stars” and are older than Pablo.

    Mark Reynolds hits them as far as anyone in baseball Mark. Maybe this Russell kid can do that too, but so far – not so much. And for the record, Mark Reynolds hit 28 and knocked in 97 when he was 24. Only he did it at the Major League level. He hit 44 and drove in 102 when he was 25. Maybe Russell will do that when he is 25. But, if he is going to do it, I would suggest he start hitting AA pitching just a tad better.

    Roger, from your stats, I would say the Reds have a pretty darn good team. Maybe even as good (or better?) than the Dodgers. This stretch, including the Cards and Angels, is critical for the Dodgers. We get to see how they stack up against good clubs.

  9. Mark Timmons says:


    I am not saying that Russell will be better than Reynolds. I am just saying that if you give both a pitch in their wheelhouse, Russell will hit it further.


    If you ever go to the Reds Ballpark, you will wonder why they don’t lead the league in hitting EVERY year! What a great place to hit!

  10. Mark Timmons says:

    The NL West is tough!

  11. Badger says:

    Mark Reynolds hit one 466′ this year. Think Russell can hit ‘em that far?

    I wonder what Ichiro would hit if he was in Boston? Moving out of that ballpark sure seems to have helped Beltre.

  12. Mark Timmons says:


    If he connects.

    That’s the problem/

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Forgive me. I didn’t know you were “clever and witty.” But just to make the point I made earlier, it’s not only the 7 months, but the FULL YEAR of extra experience. Combined they are signifiicant.

    But that’s it. No need for me to perseverate over this anymore.

    I agree with Mark. The Reds ballpark is a bandbox; the exact opposite of Dodger Stadium which is one of the toughest parks to homer in. But fear not, if he makes contact, Kyle Russell could hit it into the parking lot.


    How would you compare Russell’s power to Frank Howard? I saw him line one into the centerfield seats at the Polo Ground in NY when the Mets played there in 1962 – 63. I forget the dimensions, but anyone who’s seen Willie Mays’ catch in the 1954 Series knows how far that is. Come to think of it, you might be too young to remember big Frank.

  14. Mark Timmons says:


    I remember Frank, but I was very young. I remember he was big and powerful and I have no way of comparing.

    I can compare Russell to Dave Kingman. Pretty much the same. Russell has a BIG swing with a lot of holes, which is why I don’t have him rated highly.


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